Remembering Vicki Mock

Written by Jonathan Eichberger

Victoria (Vicki) Mock, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, died November 15, 2007 after a long battle with cancer. She was chair of the School’s new Department of Health Systems and Outcomes, led the School’s Center for Collaborative Intervention Research, and directed nursing research at the Kimmel Cancer Center. She held numerous other honors and was inter-nationally known for her research in oncology nursing. On January 14, the School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center held a special commemorative program to celebrate her major contributions and the impact she had on so many colleagues, students, and trainees.

“Vicki moved the fields of oncology and nursing science forward considerably.”
-Martha L. Hare, PhD, RN, Program Director, NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research

“She gave so much. No matter how tired she was she would always ask how others were doing.”
-Jane M. Fall-Dickson PhD ’00, RN, Director of the Mucosal Injury Unit (MIU), NIH/National Institute for Nursing Research

“I could not believe it was true when I got this shocking news. I still remember the last time I met with Dr. Mock in Beijing last April. She said ‘Please send me your paper whenever you finish…good luck in your study.’ Her smile is still in my mind.”
-Xiaokun Liang, MSN, RN, visiting doctoral student from Peking Union Medical College

“Vicki treated every person she met with the same high degree of gracious kindness and respect, regardless of job title or status.”
-Wendy Blakely, PhD ’04, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University College of Nursing

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