Biennial Report Assess Hopkins Nursing

By Karen Haller, PhD, RN, FAAN
VP of Nursing and Patient Care Services, Johns Hopkins Hospital

The first biennial report on the state of nursing at The Johns Hopkins Hospital has been published. The report is organized into three areas, each reflecting strategic initiatives that have been and continue to be our focus. These strategic foci are: (1) Demonstrating excellence and discovery in patient care, (2) promulgating collegiality and respect, and (3) promoting a positive workplace environment.

Our strength could be reported in statistics and graphs, but we chose to reflect it in the faces and stories of those who stand behind the numbers. The report celebrates the talents of Hopkins nurses who have contributed to our successes in patient care, teaching, and research.

Hopkins Nursing stands for the discovery of knowledge; its application at the bedside; and excellence in the delivery of safe, quality care. We have among us experts who specialize in the treatment of illnesses and whose aim is to prevent common problems such as falls, delirium, and infection—using the latest scientific evidence.

Hopkins Nursing promulgates collegiality and respects the diversity among us. It takes all of us to stand in the forefront of health care and nursing practice.

Hopkins Nursing promotes a positive workplace environment; because we know that in such a climate, nurses can cultivate their professional growth, individually and collectively. Hopkins nurses step up and out to lead efforts that create positive patient outcomes. They advance nursing locally, nationally, and internationally.

You may find a copy of the Johns Hopkins Nursing Biennial Report, 2007 on our website at

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