Tell Us About Yourselves…

Tell Us About Yourselves…
Kristen Cunningham's Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand uncle was THE Johns Hopkins.

In college, every class has its own personality. Some classes are known for their intellect; others for their volunteerism; some are known for their activism on campus. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, each class is full of women and men with a wide diversity of experiences, attitudes, and stories. At the student orientation session in August, Johns Hopkins Nursing editors asked students about themselves—and got some surprising results!

Why did you decide to become a nurse?

My mother, aunt, and cousin are all nurses so I have been surrounded by many great stories of the rewarding opportunities to help.
Danielle Faershtein

I chose nursing after being a patient. I was so awed and amazed by the care and compassion that a nurse can exhibit.  —Emily McClure

I was wheelchair bound for two years, and I made the decision to pursue a career in health care during that experience.   —Genevieve Dennis

I was caregiver for my father following a near-fatal motor vehicle accident. I noticed that the nurses ran the hospital. I was enrolled at the time as pre-med and switched to pre-nursing.  —Andrea P. Nelson

After 10 years of covering medical news for major daily newspapers, I decided to jump into the fray myself and join the world of nursing and medicine.
Joelle Butler

It never occurred to me to do anything else. —M. Maureen Lal

I am called to be a nurse by God. —Su She

Why do you want to be a Hopkins nurse?

Hopkins nurses place a high emphasis on “changing the world,” whether it’s through investing in Baltimore or other countries. —Callie Hermann

It’s the best of the best! —Karen Crawford Held

The school has both global and community perspectives. —Rebecca D. Longstreth

Studying here provides opportunities to pursue community outreach and research under a world-renowned faculty. —Jenny A. Fell

I came to Hopkins to be around the most talented, capable, dedicated, and interesting people. —Daniel MacAdam

My mom has worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 30 years and everyone is so friendly. —Leslie Lipinski

My grandfather went to Hopkins and studied public health. —Malinda Murphy

Our students’ pre-Hopkins experiences have run the gamut, including:

Making 30 pies in one day for a fundraiser —Emily Adkins

Becoming a black belt in judo —Heather Alef

Bicycling over the Himalayas…in spandex —David Twillmann

Serving as a medic in 9/11 and Katrina —Pete Moreno

Re-enacting Civil War battles —Meghan Russell

Living with a buffalo herding tribe in India —Danielle Golden

Earning a bachelor’s degree in trombone performance —Ashley Kerber

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