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In this forum for discussing the important issues facing the nursing profession today, we welcome your thoughts and opinions. Check this space in each issue to see how readers answer the questions we pose.

Our question this issue:
How did receiving your nursing education in Baltimore shape you as a nurse?

The results:
(A) I ended up settling in Baltimore and now live and work here. (21.8%)
(B) The community health work I did in the area has led me to work with underserved populations. (23.1%)
(C) The diversity of the city’s population prepared me for nursing practice anywhere. (25.6%)
(D) I made great professional contacts in Baltimore that I continue to maintain. (17.9%)
(E) The plethora of hospitals in the area made my job hunt easier. (11.5%)

Total Responses: 78

“I went to school in Baltimore because I grew up in the area. Being in Baltimore, I was exposed to a number of world-class medical sites. I did my practicum work at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I believe that when you can train in one of the best hospitals in the world, it is a great opportunity! I would not have received that experience anywhere else. Also, since Baltimore is in the proximity of both Washington, DC and Annapolis, MD I had professors and friends involved in the policy and government level of nursing. This helped me to become aware of the policies and governmental implications in nursing, instead of just focusing on direct patient care.”

Marian Grant, MSN ’05, BSN ’00
Program Coordinator
Palliative Care Consult Service
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

“I’ve been able to participate in community outreach programs including WIC, which is a Women, Infant, and Children’s Nutrition program. Being in Baltimore has also made me more conscious of community health, as I had no previous desire to work in this area, but now have had great experiences working in the community.”

Courtney Conrad ’08

“In my mind, there’s just something about Baltimore that made it the perfect place to learn about how to be a savvy, confident nurse who is ready for anything. Author Anne Tyler said she likes Baltimore’s ‘gritty, comically feisty personality’-and I think it is this character, together with the many experiences the city has given me, that has helped me grow as both a nurse and a person.”

Megan Hoffmann, BSN ’04, MSN ’09
JHUSON Senior Research Nurse

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