Leadership Dinner

Leadership Dinner

By Kelly Brooks-Staub, Photo by Joe Kemp

Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations Fiona Newton, Felicia Robb Vargas, Carol Robb Blount, RN and Dean Martha Norton Hill '64

As she welcomed 140 guests to the 2007 School of Nursing Leadership Dinner, Dean Martha N. Hill, PhD, RN, FAAN, told the audience to “look in the mirrors around the room and give yourselves a round of applause because you are the faces of the school of nursing.”

Held in Baltimore’s Tremont Grand hotel, the dinner’s theme was “Faces of the School of Nursing.” Attendees enjoyed an evening of gourmet dining in recognition of their generous support of student scholarships, the School’s building addition, and scholarly opportunities for faculty. Kate Knott, a face from the accelerated class of 2002, appeared at the podium to thank her parents for their gift to the School, made in Kate’s honor during Nurses Week in May 2007.

Louise Cavanaro and Wally Pinkard

Provost Kristina Johnson, PhD

One of the newest faces in the room was that of keynote speaker Kristina Johnson, PhD, the new Provost of the Johns Hopkins University—and the first woman to ever hold this position. “Hopkins is known for the generosity and dedication of its donors. As you look at one another, you see the future of Hopkins Nursing just as much as if you look at an incoming student,” said Johnson. “You are the faces of Hopkins Nursing philanthropy.”

Doctoral students from China's Peking Union Medical College visit with Jan Bankert Wagner '52 and her husband Don Wagner: Zhang Ying (Jane), Jin NingNing (Ammy), Jia Yu (Alex), and Jie Bin.

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