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Louise Jeffreys Morse was head nurse #3 at Phipps, at Osler 4 for two years, and at the Queens Hospital in Hawaii for one year. She is 96 and has five children, 15 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren! She’s slowed down a bit, but still drives her car around town, going to lectures, music and lunches. Her daughter lives with her, and they do a little gardening together. She hopes to visit JHH and see all the changes. She really loved those six years at Hopkins!
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Margaret Caughman Cathcart has one daughter, three granddaughters, and two great granddaughters. After she graduated, she became the chief nurse of the ER of Columbia Hospital in SC. She was also an office nurse in SC for three years. The class memory that stands out for her is the turtle races, when her class won the race and won $50. Virginia Taylor Marsteller writes that she is very proud of her Hopkins nursing degree. Her nursing experiences were valuable training for life in general. She is sorry she cannot get to reunions but her mobility is limited.


Doris King Avery lives in HI with her husband and has two daughters and a son. She was a USAAF flight nurse in 1943-45. She supports the “Friendly Foursome” scholarship fund at JHUSON. It was established to commemorate the lifetime friendship of four ’42 graduates: Doris King, Virginia Watson, Elizabeth Eldredge, and Ann Leffingwell (the last two are deceased now). Barbara Reisner Grossman lives in WA. Her husband and daughter are deceased. She has two other children and four grandchildren. She has an M.A. in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. Currently, she stays active by keeping up with family, doing occasional counseling and church activities. Her class memories include an unparalleled nursing education, a wonderful group of classmates, dedicated faculty, close friendships, grilled cheese sandwiches at the corner drugstore to break up study times during exams, Dr. Howard Kelly speaking to our Christian Nurses Fellowship group. Harriett Stech Sloan has been a partner with her daughter in an Heirloom Antique shop for 21 years. Her husband is a retired radiologist. She has three granddaughters and one grandson. She is interested in historic preservation and has restored three buildings in her small town. Her class memories include being one of the last classes to start nurses training before WWII. She also remembers being the last class to wear white aprons and to receive the organdy Hopkins cap at the end of six months of training. She remembers The American Red Cross recruiting many of the class of ’42 and eight of them signing up for the Army Nurse Corps together. She also believes the Class of ’42 was one of the last classes to have to go to prayer in the main nurses’ home. Ruth Holmer Friberg sends warm greetings to the class of 1942. She says it has been 65 years since those three happy, profitable, memorable years in training. She is so grateful for the time spent with such a special class and excellent instructors. Her health, especially her macular degeneration, kept her from coming to the reunion but know that she was thinking of everyone. God bless.


Eloise Griffith Rice has three children and was a stay-at-home mother. Once they were in school, she volunteered at the Walk-In Clinic at Harborview Hospital, and at the Seattle Art Museum. She began to travel seriously and has loved her life of travel to every continent.


Class ReporterLaura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Most members of this class were in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Cadet nurses were the largest and youngest group of uniformed women to serve their country during WWII and the early postwar years (1943-1948). Also eBay often has Nurse Cadet Corps items to be bid upon-mostly posters and badges but occasionally a uniform. Your Reporter still has a retired Army Major working on trying to get Congress to give us Cadet nurses an honorable discharge. The Register, a periodical published by the Women’s Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc., in its summer 2007 edition, had a Navy nurse picture and quote of Luella Dickerson Preston (Budgie) stating she was a LTJG, NC USN 1952-1955: “While assigned at the Corpus Christi Naval Hospital, I delivered a baby in a car between the brake and the clutch, in front of the hospital at five in the morning. When the doctor arrived, the baby was already born. I was a wreck!” Pat Vicinus Cote is probably the most traveled of our classmates. Mona Staska Riley is retired from school nursing and is active in several organizations. Astrid Johnsen Reiley has moved and is near her two daughters in NY. She’s been hospitalized twice this summer but with no after-effects. Winnie Wynkoop Carter e-mails, mostly jokes or good information. This summer your reporter flew to MT, her home state, where the forest fires were rampant. She returned to CA only to find much of the state, though not in her area, was also afire. Note: Expecting to hear from classmates at Christmas.


Rose O’Gara Bell and her husband have six children. She is retired from nursing and enjoys volunteer work, church activities, Irish American club, crafts, gardening, and family gatherings. Her class memories include her many friends, Goonies Restaurant, visit by Eleanor Roosevelt to students at Hampton House, and graduation day activities with parents and friends. Mary Webb Browning and her husband have one son and a daughter. She worked 15 years as a school nurse and 15 years in Public Health. She is retired and enjoying her family. She is very active in her church and a member of a ukulele band of 25 members. They put on an hour vaudeville show for nursing homes, church groups and clubs. Edith Felner Friedman and her husband have one daughter. Edith is retired and enjoys the theater, ballet, concerts, travel, volunteer work, reading, and keeping in touch with classmates and friends. Helen Charlet Frisk has a son and daughter and one grandchild. Her husband passed away in October of 2006. She remembers her time at Hopkins as three of the best years of her life. She says that nursing is a proud profession and that one must never forget the patient. Jessie Lehman Hague has two sons. She is a retired school nurse and is a Meals on Wheels volunteer. Her class memories include bathtub follies and Goucher College pre-clinical. Elsie Peyton Jarvis has recently gained a new daughter-in-law and will soon have a new grandchild bringing the total to four. She currently enjoys her work in the restoration of the old family home in VA. She says that it is fun, challenging, and that the main requirements are a good sense of humor and lots of patience. Her current position is caretaker and gang foreman! Her class memories include: 1) accepted and accomplished challenging responsibilities at an early age; 2) the principles learned that have served well over the years and 3) the friendships made have grown stronger over 60 years. Thank the good Lord for Hopkins! Margaret Ann McClaren has three daughters and three grandchildren. She is anticipating moving to live with her daughter. She’s been active in the United Methodist Women’s group and the garden club, is the owner of an antique quilting business. Her most wonderful Hopkins memories are meeting her husband, being a hostess at USO, and spending time with Jimmy Pananes and Carolyn McDonald. Mercina (Jimmie) Pananes McSwain spends the summer and fall in NC and winter and spring in FL. Her son and his family live in NC. She had some debilitating hand surgery in 2006 but is able to write again, play tennis, shuffle cards at Bridge and Poker, and enjoy life. She says she will always remember the “statue” at the entrance. Whenever she comes to Hopkins, she always checks to see if it’s still there. Ilah M. Miller is living in TX. She volunteers at Cook Children’s Hospital and participates in business and professional women’s clubs. Corrine Reinert Perkins reports that life is good. She and Bill have begun their 9th decade of life. They celebrate their 59th anniversary this year after meeting at JHH on Marburg. She is lucky to have several children and their families nearby and attends recitals and sporting events frequently, cheering for her grandchildren. They do volunteer work at church and local charities. They thank God that they are healthy and happy and say that laughter is of prime importance. Mary Lou Watrous Pugsley has two children and eight grandchildren. Her last occupation was opening an independent bookstore in OK. She sold it in 1992 but the bookstore is still going strong. She enjoys reading, cards, and her grandchildren. Her class memories include public health, trips to the cabin on the Severn, and some really special instructors and classmates. Martha McFarland Robinson has two sons who live nearby. She got her NP certification at Cal State. She was an associate professor at Rio Hondo Community College in CA. She is now retired and enjoys golf, fitness activities, and lunch with friends. Her class memories include dear friends, and her instructors Miss Hill (wonderful, caring, and warm) and Miss Struve (very strict). Vera Grace Clocksen Schrag has four children. She did missionary service in India and Mexico as well as voluntary service in CA. She is doing church work, and helping her autistic son. Her time at Hopkins was the most enjoyable 3 years and remembers her life-long friends. Donna Honsowetz Simanton has two sons and one grandchild. She enjoys gardening, reading, poetry club, and caring for the park that her husband designed. She is chairman of Church Circle, and Deaconess at U.C.C. Church. Her class memories include Goucher College days, moving to Wilmer and then to Hampton House, the turtle derby, and the morning prayers. Anna Mary Stull Snyder has two sons and three grandchildren. Her husband and one son are deceased. She volunteers at church and at the local retirement center. She remembers the summer classes at Goucher, wearing brown lab coats, hose, and shoes; and living in Nurses’ Home and then Hampton House. Dorothy Brooks Stafford has five children, five grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. She is the president of Stafford Funeral Home. She remembers being just 17 when she arrived at Hopkins and being elected president of the Feb. class of 1947. She also remembers leaving for six months to work at the Indian hospital in Tacoma, WA. Alice Baxter Tuegel has two sons, five daughters, one stepson, and 17 grandchildren. She worked for 17 years as an L&D nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in FL. She volunteers for Meals on Wheels and hospice. She enjoys quilting and traveling. Her class memories include standing on a stool in surgery and watching Dr. Blalock perform “blue baby surgery” and his taking suggestions from “Vivien Thomas.”
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Class ReporterBetty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. First, we have “lost” two members of the class. Mail sent and phone calls made to Nancy Stagg and Mildred Barnard were returned or phone number no longer good. So, if Nancy and Bunny are still around, please get in touch with someone!! There is only a little bit of news this issue, but at least a little. I talked with Mary Agnes Hull Stewart on the phone. She feels fine, she sounds fine, she enjoys her little house on one of the twin’s farm. She called me because she said she was looking at her photograph album and decided she wanted to talk a bit. I am delighted she called! Cora Lawrence is still in Seattle doing all her usual activities. She had received an invitation to the alumni Leadership Dinner here in town, but will be unable to come to the east coast to attend. Her other good news is she recently went to CA to help her brother Bill celebrate his 80th birthday. She also wishes to see us all and hopes “life is treating” all of us well. Marion Bee volunteered to drive over 100 miles to check up on “Bunny,” but the JHNAA office and I decided to wait until after this issue of the magazine and our appeal. Marion reports she is fine, her “retirement home is perfect” with a big yard, trees and flowers and birds, a nephew four miles away and a sister 10 miles away. She brought her cats from her previous home, but the horse had to stay there. She also plans to get a dog to take the place of her old one who died before she moved. Good thing she has all that yard, etc.! As to me, Betty Borenstein Scher, I will have moved by the time you receive this issue (please note new address above). I am moving to a rental apartment without steps…I am tired of the responsibilities of owning! I would mention how much I am enjoying packing up, etc. except they insist that I keep my language “clean.” And that’s all for this issue. Write me everyone! And, once I am a bit more settled, I will be calling or writing you.


Class Reporter–Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396, or email or call Rosie Ghysels at [email protected] or (616) 475-4677. Class news is due to me by Jan. 1, May 1 and Oct. 1. Please send me your information. Pris Gray Teeter and Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte have lunch together every few weeks. Pris’s spring letter was full of plans for varied and interesting trips including one to Russia. Jane Boice Turnbull seems to be doing better with her cancer in remission. Gradually her energy level is increasing. Jane, Betsy Boggs and I spent some time at Rosie Ghysels‘s cottage in early July. Rosie and I intend to meet in Kalamazoo in Nov. for a one-day nursing seminar. We will meet up with Jane after the seminar. Jane is preparing to sell her house and eventually move into a retirement community. This is an emotional and physical chore. Adele Sparks Birx and husband Don drove to TX and then NM for a grandson’s high school graduation and then to Minneapolis for a 50th anniversary celebration of an amateur radio missions group. They had a wonderful tour of our great country as they made their way back to PA. Lucia Cabot Cipolla says her mom died recently at the age of 106. Lucia loves living in CO. For the past 11 years, she has enjoyed doing volunteer work with second and third graders in the public school system. This summer Lucia had two cataract surgeries. Gerry Waybright Settle and her husband have 22 grandchildren and a first great grandchild. Fran Signorelli Peeler and her husband have 11 grandchildren. I have only three grands!


Bette Blome Winyall supports her church, worthy charities, and the Polycystic Kidney Foundation. She has family members who suffer from this life altering and life threatening disease. However, the foundation is exemplary and making tremendous research strides, including some clinical trials of potentially helpful drugs. Thinking back to Hopkins, she says that in 1949-1952, as a nursing student at JHH, her education was superb, her experiences in “clinics” were outstanding, and her love of nursing and her school was unsurpassed (and still is).


Carolyn Louise Cousar Pattison died on May 24. She was a certified RN in Medicine in ’56 and had a CRNA. She is survived by her husband who graduated from the SOM in 1959 (they met at Hopkins), her six children, and 15 grandchildren.


Class ReporterMargie Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Pat Bennett Nicholson visits her husband in the nursing home, walks at the heart health center, attends a support group, and keeps up with activities of the grandchildren. Carol Kealey attended a reunion in Oregon in May of a group in which she participated at the Multnomah School of the Bible 50 years ago, and while in the vicinity was able to attend a family gathering, both very enjoyable. Laura Lyman Brecher had cataract surgery and can read without glasses now. She continues to assist twelve of her former patients on a volunteer basis so that they may continue to stay at home. Her son performed his annual vocal presentation with the Cincinnati symphony this July. She says Jeanette Smith Klein is back at work following brain surgery and admits that you can’t keep a good lady down. Charlotte Lockner is taking Italian classes once a week. Mary Rahman Hartay livens nursing home life by feeding birds and watching the night sky with the help of Star Date magazine. Our sincere sympathy goes to Rosemary Mach Downs whose husband died this past July.


Reported by Carolyn Pope Boitnott. Our 50th reunion (I still can’t believe it has been 50 years) was a wonderful event. The sun shone the entire weekend as just over 50 percent of our classmates returned to receive their gold medallions. For the record we had 38 classmates back for some part of the weekend. In addition to the medallions, we received gold beads, gold flowers, gold ribbons and even gold chocolate covered goodies—the beads and gold goodies were presents from our Church Home alumni affiliates. Most unbelievable to me was the fact that some of our classmates could actually sing, with no help, the nursing school song. We were so inspired we performed it at the annual luncheon. While some of us remembered the song, sung last 50 years ago, a number of us had a conversation about how we did our personal laundry, and those six or more classmates and I could not remember ever doing laundry. Thanks for making the reunion so wonderful go to the Alumni office staff and committee who did the major part of the work; 50th reunion classes get a one time extra special effort. Sue Buckson Crowder and I served as advisors and Marilyn Smith Wilson, Shirley Kendrick Bennett, Sheila Bowman Noel, Marge Heinbockel Groppe, Joanne Sides Watson and Judy Eaton Switzer helped us make calls to classmates getting updates and urging them to come. A postscript to our memory book: Barbara Salyers Cleveland is alive and well, she and her husband had just returned from a vacation in their motor home and missed the memory book deadline by a few days.
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Class Reporter-Lois Grayshan Hoffer, 904 Whispering Ridge Lane, Bel Air, MD 21015, (410)836-4198, [email protected]. The 45th reunion has passed and a wonderful time was had catching up with old friends. We all knew each other-no wrinkles or gray hair!! Ha! Ha! In attendance were Ellen Weltman Ambroziak, Maxine Brand Brinkman, Barbie Cannan (who traveled the farthest from Hawaii), Barbie Glennon Carter, Jeanne Gardner Coffer (first time to be back), Karen Hamasaki De Maio, Bev Kinsman Eanes, Sue Butler Gaintner, Mimi Crane Hankal, Kathy Hopkins, Lil Freund Jansen, Nancy Chapman Kircher, Suzanne Wheelan McInerney, Pat Hargest Moore, Judy Ross, Linda Roth, Carol Freidlein Schelz, Emily Todd Slunt, Jan Stivarius Smolinski, Lee Redfield Snow, Betsy Lee Schwartz, Sue Klein Wright, Judy Bostwick Zafft and yours truly, Lois Grayshan Hoffer. Kathy Hopkins has returned to Nevada to work on our reunion booklet and perhaps a website for our class! We are in a new age! Plans are afoot for our 50th—be there!! And after all these years, Bev Eanes has agreed to be our class correspondent. She can be reached at 1009 Boom Court, Annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 757-6212 or [email protected]. Thanks for all the memories. If you couldn’t attend, you were missed!


Leslie Nesin had Mary Farr as an instructor, and was so terrified of her that one day she accidentally spilled a whole basin of dirty bath water on her! She worked at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, where she was in the first group of nurses to be sent for CCU training, and worked in the new ICU-CCU. Later she was a night supervisor, and then went to Lincoln as Director of Nurses in the new little hospital there. Later she married a widowed doctor and moved to Howland. After her husband died she stayed on at the hospital for a while, and then retired. But she was not done. She ended up attending U Maine and the Bangor Theological Seminary, where she obtained her Master of Divinity. She was ordained priest in 2003, and began work in Houlton. She loves it. She also does chaplaincy at the Penobscot County jail in Bangor, working with the women there. She has found that a nursing background works well in ministry.


Deborah Fitzgerald Barrows passed away at her home in WI in February. She is survived by her husband and two children. She also had four granddaughters: She had been an RN in surgery and psychiatry and worked at both Mount Sinai and Memorial Hospitals in WI.


Reported by Barbara Glynn. The Class of 1967 had 40 classmates participating in various Homecoming events. Classmates came from Canada and from 17 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We were delighted to have three classmates, who were attending for the first time. We had lunch at the Rusty Scupper where each person spoke about their life since leaving Hopkins and gathered at Robin and Jerry Vahle’s home in the evening. A variety of favors were made for the celebration, including a homemade pillow of our class pin with the Maltese cross which was made by Mildred Rogers and a shrink art ornament of our student uniform made by Brenda Schwaab. Linda Sabin plans to make a memory book and is requesting photos and information about your personal and professional lives since graduation. Please send photos, histories, memories to Linda ASAP.
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Tricia Clancy, Judy Cannon, Susie Sell, Arlene Znosko, Linda Guthiel, Ellie Fischer Baker, Maureen McDonald, Denise Jackson, Grace Campbell Jubb-Bichy, Maureen Parkhurst, Judy Jones Sisk, Esther Johnson Piantadosi, Patricia Clancy Stowens and Debra Reis Case attended the various Homecoming events. Saturday evening most gathered at Maureen Parkhurst’s home for lots of catch-up and reminiscing conversation and great food (the best crabcakes!). Thanks Maureen for hosting the fun evening! We missed those of you who could not attend, and hope to see you in five years.


Patricia Gonce Miller Morton is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland SON and is responsible for BSN, Master’s, PhD, and DNP programs. Muriel Richardson is grateful for the nursing skills she obtained at Hopkins since she had to care for both her husband and her son. Her son is doing very well and back at work. She and her husband are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Muriel passed the state boards for professional counseling and assists her pastor in caring for the mental health needs of her church family.
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Lila Aguto works for an Anesthesia M.D. group providing services to two hospitals. She resigned from the Army in 2003 and is a CRNA at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver and North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton. Her class memory is of the crazy class party at the row house that she shared with Lorraine Verderaime and Karen Horowitz. Pamela Barretto has a 16-yr-old son. She got her MSN from JHUSON and a PhD from Clayton College in Natural Health. She works full time as a Human Subject Protection Scientist/IRB reviewer for the Office of Research Protections. Her class memories are of the quality of teaching and small class size. She also remembers getting over her computer phobia (thanks Kay), Dr. B and Dr. Shiber’s class, and Sue Appling’s enthusiasm. Colleen Frei Chmelik is married and has eight children: 17, 15, 13, 11, 8, 5, 2, and 6 mos. She is busy being a full-time mother, bookkeeper for her husband’s cabinet business, and parent volunteer for her kids’ school. Colleen lives on beautiful wooded acres where “we are trying to focus on changing the world one diaper at a time.” Her class memories include how she felt the professors really cared about how the students were doing and if they understood the material. “That was really a bonus. I have very fond memories of JHUSON.” Maria Boyd Fazio lives in CA with her husband and two children: 14 and 12. Maria received her MSN from UCLA in 1990 with a clinical specialty in oncology. Maria volunteers at both children’s schools and with the American Cancer Society. She is a member of the JHU Board of Trustees. Her class memories are of the small cohesive class sizes, the amazing professors and instructors, and fun class parties. Who has the fish???? Catherine Lux is in TX with her husband and two sons: 8 and 6. She is a PNP working part time at a community oriented primary care clinic run by Parkland Hospital. She is the president of the PTA. She remembers peds with Maureen Maguire, her summer job/internship on NIH floor, and learning about HIV/AIDS at the height of the epidemic. She says when they finally get a practice doctorate program in her area, she plans to go back to school.
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’92 Accelerated

Leslie Anneliese Christopher has one daughter. Leslie is a major in the USAF in a Women’s Care Center in Landstuhl, Germany. She enjoys studying foreign languages, travel in Europe, and quilting. She has two published articles concerning pregnancy and women in war. She is always so proud to say that she is a Hopkins graduate and believes that it was a wonderful opportunity and experience. Tina C. Rush Czopek is with husband and three children in VA. She is currently staying at home, but is considering returning to nursing and changing careers. She remembers school being really hard for her. Anne Schlater Pearson and her husband have three children. She works on the hematology/oncology unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She enjoys spending time at the soccer fields watching her kids play. Her class memories include Veronica’s inspirational speech at graduation.

’94 MSN

Sharon Earley Reeves retired in the summer of 2007 from the Kennedy Krieger Institute with the position of Chief Healthcare and Nurse Executive. She made significant contributions to managing the professional development of the nursing staff, along with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Pediatric Rehabilitation Care. During her 20 years of dedicated service, she was a pediatric nurse specialist, educator, scholar, and humanitarian. She also held a faculty appointment at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing since 1979.

’96 MSN

Jennifer Powers-Weidler has a one-year-old son and a daughter who is 2. She works part time as an L&D nurse at both Stamford and Greenwich Hospitals.


Marlo Hardy Eldridge has two daughters 4 and 2 years old and is expecting her third baby in the fall. She is currently working as an NP in pediatric urology at Hopkins. She is the co-director of the Voiding Dysfunction clinic. She enjoys running, mostly after her children, and remembers school as a lot of work and little sleep. Susie Wallace Fournier is married and expected a baby in August. She works at the Sharp Grossmont ER in CA. Carolyn Ross-Friend‘s family includes her husband, son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. She received her ACRN certification in AIDS and is currently an HIV case manager at Johns Hopkins HealthCare.

’97 Accelerated

Reported by Kimberly Alva. For those of you who could not make the Homecoming festivities, I must say you missed a great time. The accelerated class of 1997 had four representatives: Anne Putnoky Williams, Erin Prokop, Reggie Bannerman and me. We started the weekend on Friday evening at the SON cocktail party. It has been 10 years since I have been to the JHU School of Nursing and what a difference 10 years makes! We were given a tour by current accelerated students, which was a throwback to 10 years ago. The nursing school has done an outstanding job on updating the school with all the newest technology while making it very student nurse friendly. On Saturday we attended the Annual Alumni Business Meeting with over 150 representatives from other classes dating back as far as 1936. It was very touching to see that the Hopkins tradition is still alive and well. During the lunch hour, Anne, Erin and I tried to run through our class list and place names with faces. We tried to fill in information we knew about various classmates. We had some good laughs thinking back to that 13-month period in our lives. On Saturday night, we went to dinner at Pazo Restaurant in Fells Point. This was the best part of the weekend. We talked, ate and talked some more about what has happened in our lives on a professional and personal level. Our classmates are doing amazing things! I cannot say I am surprised, as I remember going to school with some pretty remarkable individuals. When we parted, we all agreed that we were glad we had attended all the events. However, we did wish that more of our classmates had attended. Anne and I have made a commitment to try to organize some events on the west coast, as we realize that getting to Baltimore is not feasible for many. So keep Melinda Rose informed of your whereabouts, and we will be sure to send you an invite. Kimberly Alva is an ACNP in liver transplantation at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. She loves to travel and has been to lots of interesting places like Europe, Ireland, Tahiti, China, Australia, and Brazil. Her class memories include studying with Ray, Joni and Melissa, Bruce too! Joni Buechler-Price, MD graduated from the University of North Dakota SOM in 2006. She is a radiation oncology resident physician at the University of Iowa. Her fondest memories include study group with Melissa, Kim, Bruce, and Ray, her classroom with its particular view from her seat, knocking out “those horrible nursing care plans,” and parking downtown and catching the bus to Hopkins campus. Mary Faltynski and her husband have two boys. She is the clinic director for Clinica Campesina (a clinic for low-income families). She is so grateful that she had the chance to learn from Marion D’Lugoff, and so sorry that she is gone. Wendy Greenwood and her husband have a seven-year-old son. She’s working in the ER/PACU and is on the Hospital Chairman VIPeds Committee. Lisa Lynch Jones and her husband have two daughters. She is a part-time clinician at an international travel/infectious disease clinic and is working on her FNP degree. Her class memories include her amazing study group buddies: Lisa Grimes, Chris Chang, Jeannine and Naomi. Also that AmeriCorps was exhausting but amazing and there was a great Returned Peace Corps network. She also remembers spending way too many Saturday nights writing care plans. Melinda James Kiely is in Canada with her husband and two sons. She is a full-time mom, advocating for Kevin (he was diagnosed with autism in 2002), and working per diem nights in the maternity/nursery floor at a community hospital. Her class memories include coffee at the Daily Grind, making copies of articles (for care plans, of course) at the library, being pals with Katherine Schulke. Rachelle Michelon and her husband are expecting a baby in January 2008. Her specialty has been in ED for 10 years. Michael Nixon is married with one baby girl. He was an RN in six different hospitals from 1997-2004, a surveillance officer (CDC) from 1999-2002, and is currently an ACNP. He claims 10 years is too far back to remember, but he guesses he remembers Fells Point and Harry’s the most. Kristine S. Nuccitelli and her husband have two children. She expects to graduate in 12/08 with her oncology NP/MSN. She is an adult oncology/transplant nurse. Her class memories include Daryl’s convertible. Melinda Porter is an NP in NICU at Natividad Hospital in CA. She’s published in “Pediatrics,” Nov. 2006 on sucrose use for neonatal analgesia (co-author). Her interests include medical mission trips. Erin Dettmar Prokop and her husband have a 2 -year-old son. She is a clinical NP in a family practice. She is very interested in primary prevention. She has a lot of fond memories hanging out with her friends in Baltimore. She also recalls some crazy clinicals, and how her class scared off a few instructors! Maeve Juran Watkins has four children. Her specialty is OB nursing although she is currently at home caring for her family. She loves living in Alaska and encourages anyone passing through to look them up! Mary Sinden-Stalls and her husband have a son. She is a family NP. Anne Putnoky Williams and her husband have two sons, ages 2 and 6 years. She works in adult critical care and informatics. Her class memories include bus rides from Henderson House to SON, studying with Erin at City Cafe, and typing Care Plans on her old Mac II E computer. Karen Swanson is in a role reversal – helping with her aging parents. Her career is in the acute multicare unit, like Progressive Care. She is on the Adverse Drug Event Committee.

’98 Accelerated

Traci Cronin Doherty works at Suffolk University Health Services in Boston (5th year) with a great team of NPs and PAs. She has two little girls ages 5 and 2 who keep her very busy when she’s not working!
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Class Reporter: Sarah Gauger [email protected]; 1518 Redmond Drive, Durham, NC 27712; Hello Everyone! It has been a long time since we have heard from each other!! Here is the latest on a few classmates, and hopefully we will hear from the rest of you soon! Linda Brigode Katstra is working per-diem at her hometown childbirth center. She enjoys time with her husband and kids (6 & 4). She is preparing for a mission trip to Haiti in Jan. Kim Connolly works for the International Rescue Commission. She is stationed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a primary health care advisor. And small world that it is, Kim is neighbors with Kate Wetherbee Kotopoulos. Kate’s husband is running Food for the Hungry International in the DRC, and she was managing a nutritional feeding center for 60+ children. Kate has just had her second son, and is back in the states for awhile. Kate also has her FNP degree. Megan Dills Gulotta works as a women’s health NP in NY. When not at work, she’s busy with son LJ. Anna Gorsuch Duttera is married and has a son. She works in the NICU at Hopkins and is an NCII & PICC line nurse. She is looking forward to hopefully running a permanent day charge position soon. Marian Grant is an NP at JH Bayview in palliative care. Ivy Howland Thoman completed the MSN program as a clinical nurse specialist in adult health. She is working in Ohio in an ER doing program and staff development, helping to create practice changes based on evidence-based research. Kelly Maier is a PNP, working on the bone marrow transplant team at Children’s Hospital of NY at Columbia. She has a one-year-old son and is expecting her second baby in April. Jeff McFarlane is married and working as an ARNP in the ER and part time in an ENT office. Meredith Anthony Strachan works as an RN in a high-risk antepartum unit. She is expecting her first baby. Jenny Patton Fury left Hopkins BMT and works from home for United Health Care as an organ transplant case manager. She had a little boy in May. Jen Rapp Kurian is a stay-at-home mom with her three children, ages 5, 4, & 2. Bill Roberts is working on the Medicare Health Support pilot program for Healthways. He has developed a model for teaching people about hospice care, which has resulted in dramatic increases in utilization of hospice services. Tricia Angulo-Bartlett is an NP practicing adult internal medicine. She is expecting a baby in December-their first child. Laura Keels is an FNP in Family Practice in CA with a large Hispanic population. She enjoyed volunteering for the Red Cross Disaster Services after 9/11 and also at the Houston Astrodome for Hurricane Katrina. She is the membership chair of the East Bay CA Assoc. of NPs. I (Sarah) have been working at Duke for two years as an inpatient NP on the diabetes management service. I was recently promoted to team leader for a group of three NPs that is responsible for covering endocrine services throughout the hospital. I have also been working for the Duke SON as a clinical instructor in both the BSN & MSN programs.

’00 Accelerated

Melissa Fought has a four-month-old son and a husband in grad school. She is working in sports medicine in Palo Alto for an orthopedic surgeon if that would help any other alumni who may want to network.

’01 Accelerated

Rana Lozani was married last year and has been working as a PNP in pediatric neurology at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for the past three years and is on the board of her local NAPNAP chapter.


Laura Hostovich has two daughters, 3, and 1, and is employed full time as a Hematology/Oncology NP. Jennifer Madsen is an RN at JH Bayview. Kelly Sloan Warlow is working in the CVICU at Delray Medical Center (for recovering open heart surgery patients).

’02 Accelerated

Kristina E. Bergstrom is working at Union Memorial in the orthopedic OR. She enjoys traveling and learning to speak Spanish. Elizabeth (Beth) Bradley is a clinical level II nurse, team leader, and research committee chair at the Newborn/Infant center (neonatal intensive care unit) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Maureen Paula Ritcey DeGrange and her husband have two children (2yrs and 3 mos.). She received her master’s in science as an FNP at the U of MD. She fondly remembers eating lunch outside in the courtyard, and Lori’s CAM class. Erin Dean Houlihan is married and pursuing an MSN at the University of New Hampshire. She is working as an infection control nurse at Exeter Hospital. She says that the accelerated program was one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences that she’s ever had with some of the most amazing people she’s ever met. The lifelong friendships she has made are something that she will always remember. Jessica Marie Grones Maxwell is a nurse midwife at Kaiser Permanente. She remembers her amazing classmates. Karen L. Schloeman is living in Zambia with her husband and son, who was born this past June. She volunteers in a pediatric HIV/AIDS treatment program. Lorie Ridgely Shora is enrolled in the FNP program at Georgetown. She is a full-time clinical transplant nurse there and a part-time student. Her class memories include great times with Sarah, Cherie and Tom as well as outstanding lectures by Dr. Feroli and Dr. Brager. Karen Capen Stearns is graduating in Dec ’07 with her MSN in anesthesia. She is an SRNA at the U of MD. She remembers the extra large classes at Hopkins and always having someone around to make you smile. Allison Purvis Tran and husband have a son, 3 years, and a daughter, 4 mos. She is completing her master’s for CNM and WHNP at the U of MI and is working full time as a staff nurse in L&D. She is busy working, being a wife and mother, trying to complete school and prepare for her boards. Her class memories include great friends, life in the city, cramming everyone into the auditorium, and care plans! Joy Larson Wade and her husband have a son. She works casually as a nurse clinician at St. Paul Heart Clinic. She is home nearly full time with Elijah born in February and enjoys motherhood.


Julianna Kim Malak was married last summer and works in the neonatal ICU at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. She enjoys running 5/10ks and half marathons.

’04 Accelerated

Marcy Kalogiannis works as an ER/Trauma nurse at John Muir in CA. She also works per diem as a PACU nurse. She is active in the Junior League and as the treasurer for the East Bay chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association.


Hadassah Gorman worked for a year in a medical ICU in NY, and has recently moved to Israel. Deb McKelvey Sexton is married and working at the SICU at Baptist Hospital in TN.

’05 Accelerated

Class Reporter-Bonnie Benjamin, 734 Cole St., San Francisco, CA 94117, (415) 215-2217, [email protected]. Julie Kasallis has been working at San Francisco General Hospital for the last two years in the surgical ICU-mostly trauma and neurosurgery patients. Sonia VanDyne is a certified nurse midwife. Beth Leonard-Boak Felan works at the L&D at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. She and her husband are expecting their first child in May. Alison Vrem works in the float pool at the University of Utah. James Emerton works at the ICN/NICU at UCSF Medical Center, and has applied to some adult critical care training programs. Sunny Park is an NP with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Hopkins. Ngozi Nwangwu earned her title of ACRN and works on the renal-metabolic unit of Alta-Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkley. Caroline Tobin and her husband have a son born in July. She is on maternity leave from the surgical unit of Lynchburg General Hospital. Erin Abu-Rish is working on a new project for NYU’s College of Nursing. She is helping revamp a nurse-managed mobile health program that is going to provide primary care to a student population. The van is delivered, and Erin is busy writing policies and procedures. She would love to talk to anyone with experience with this type of project ([email protected]). Shannon Kistler works for Sentara Healthcare and moved from the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit to Outpatient Cardiovascular Therapy. Shannon is engaged to Joshua. They plan to stay in the Virginia Beach area while Joshua completes his doctoral studies. Martin Taxera continues to work as a public health nurse doing home visits on the Navajo reservation. He plans to move back to the Lake Tahoe area in the next year to work with the Native Americans, and begin advanced practice studies. Chrissy Von Seggern Daniel graduated with her master’s in May, moved to Boston in June, and married Chris in August. She works as an NP in peds at the Joslin Diabetes Center. Laura Tison took some time off to travel and spent three months in South America. Sarah Marshall was able to join her for one of those months. She is now working for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Kathleen Visnick and Van Au are both working on a transitional unit at UCSF. I, Bonnie Benjamin, am in my final year of my master’s at UCSF to become a CNS in Critical Care. I enjoy athletic adventures and work on a telemetry floor at UCSF. We in SF enjoyed the company of Becca Cordes as she did travel nursing in SF for many months and was last headed for an assignment in Portland. I spotted Kim Linck in NH at a triathlon we were both watching. She had just finished a travel assignment in NH, and was heading to Salt Lake City. As always, great to hear updates. Your stories and accomplishments are inspiring! Join our Yahoo groups for future updates, or send an email to [email protected].


Susan Austin has recently started a new job with Genentech working in their drug safety department.

’06 Accelerated

Jeanne Hsu is working at a community hospital in CA. Claire Parker moved to Philly with a few other SON alumni. She works at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the PICU. Sara Silberschatz works in general medicine at Stanford. She is a staff nurse II and a member of the nurse education committee on her unit. She is also a member of the hospital-wide Nurse Practice Council, putting evidence-based practice into action. She has found a mentor in Hopkins nurse, Elizabeth Taft ’60, who also works at Stanford.

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