More Than 1,000 Served

More than 1,000 underserved East Baltimore children enrolled in Head Start are now being annually screened for height, weight, hearing, vision, and blood pressure, thanks to an effective collaboration between the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Head Start, and St. Bernardine Elementary School. The Service Learning community partnership collaboration includes all Hopkins nursing students in pediatric rotations, with 240 to 300 nursing students currently participating. In addition to the screenings, the program has helped the elementary school initiate a variety of health projects, including a walking program, increased physical activity, anti-substance abuse classes, and an anti-bullying program.

Faculty members Kathryn Kushto-Reese, MS, RN, Maureen C. Maguire, MSN, RN, JoAnne Silbert-Flagg, MS, RN, Susan Immelt, PhD, RN, and Sarah J. M. Shaefer, PhD, RN, reported on the partnership in the March/April 2007 issue of Nursing Outlook.

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