Faculty Publications June 2006-2007 Section I

Compiled by Susan Barlow, Class of 2007

AACN Advanced Critical Care
“Donation after Cardiac Death: Ethical Implications and Implementation Strategies”
Cynda Hylton Rushton
July/September 2006
IBM Systems Journal “The Health Record Banking Imperative” J. Gold and Marion J. Ball December 2006
“Respect in Critical Care: A Foundational Ethical Principle”
Cynda Hylton Rushton
April/June 2007
Intensive Care Medicine “Quality of Life after Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis” D. Dowdy, M. Eid, Cheryl Dennison, P. Mendez-Tellez, M. Herridge, E. Guallar, P. Pronovost, D. Needham
August 2006
“Building Trustworthy Relationships with Critically Ill Patients and Families”
Cynda Hylton Rushton
January/March 2007
International Doula “A Doula’s Unique Experience in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program” Recent JHUSON graduate Erin M. Wright November 2006
“Defining and Addressing Moral Distress”
Cynda Hylton Rushton
April/June 2006
“A Doula’s Unique Experience in a Baccalaureate program” Elizabeth Jordan July 2006
Advanced Studies in Nursing
“A Managed Care Look at Insomnia, Diabetes, and Chronic Constipation” Kathleen White
June 2006
International Journal of Cancer “Cigarette Smoking, Elevated Fasting Serum Glucose, and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Korean Men”
J. Yun, I. Jo, J. Park, Miyong Kim, N. Odongua, E. Kim, S. Jee July 2006
Addictive Behaviors
“Factors associated with lifetime history of drug treatment among substance dependent women”
Benita Walton-Moss, M. McCaul February 2006
International Journal of Nursing Studies “Predictors of psychological well-being amongst Korean immigrants to the United States: a structured interview survey”
H. Shin, Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim
March 2007
AHA/ACC Guidelines for Secondary Prevention for Patients with Coronary and other Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: 2006 Update “A statement for healthcare professionals from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology” S. Smith Jr., Jerilyn Allen, S. Blair, R. Bonow, L. Brass, A. Gotto, S. Grundy, N. Miller, A. Jacobs, D. Jones, R. Krauss, L. Mosca, I. Ockene, R. Pasternak, T. Pearson, M. Pfeffer, R. Starke, K. Taubert, G. Fonarow, H. Knimboltz
May 2006
The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice “A Content Analysis of Patient Centeredness in Hypertension Care after Consultation Training for Nurses” E. Drevenhorn, A. Bengtson, Jerilyn Allen, R. Saljo, K. I. Kjellgren May 2007
Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing “Neonatal Transport” Mary Terhaar, W. Price-Douglass February 2007
Joining Forces, Joining Families “Abuse of active duty military women: An interview with Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell” Jacquelyn Campbell October 2006
American Journal of Evaluation “Challenges in the Evaluation and Implementation of School-Based Prevention and Intervention Programs on Sensitive Topics” L. Jaycox, D. McCaffrey, B. Ocampo, G. Shelley, S. Blake, D. Peterson, L. Richmond and Joan E. Kub
September 2006
JONA “Organizational change strategies for evidence-based practice” R. Newhouse, S. Dearholt, S. Poe, L. Pugh, Kathleen White December 2006
Journal of Addictions Nursing “Occupational Health Hazards to First Responders from Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs” Diane McFadden, Joan Kub, and Sheila Fitzgerald August 2006
American Journal of Hypertension “Underserved Urban African American Men: Hypertension Trial Outcomes and Mortality during 5 Years,” Cheryl R. Dennison, W. Post, Miyong T. Kim, L. Bone, D. Cohen, R. Blumenthal, J. Rame, M. Roary, D. Levine, Martha N. Hill. February 2007 “Innovative Roles Clinical Nurse Specialist in Private Practice: An Interview with Martie Boulton”
Joan Kub
December 2006 


American Journal of Nursing
Drug Watch Column
Diane Aschenbrenner
January 2003-Present
Journal of Advanced Nursing “Using conceptual model in nursing research-mitigating fatigue in cancer patients” Victoria Mock, C. Ours, S. Hall, A. Bositis, M. Tillery, Anne Belcher, S. Krumm, R. McCorkle June 2007
American Nurse Today “Meaningful recognition: Make it happen!”
Cynthia Rushton January 2007
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma “Changing the way people think about intimate partner violence: Changing Public Attitudes as a Prevention Strategy to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence Jacquelyn C. Campbell, J. Manganello November 2006
Annals of Emergency Medicine “Intimate partner violence and Emergency Department screening: Computerized screening versus usual care” D. Trautman, M. McCarthy, N. Miller, Jacquelyn Campbell, G. Kelen
April 2007
Journal of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners “Cost-Effectiveness of Nurse Practitioner Management of Hypercholesterolemia Following Coronary Revascularization” Kathryn Paez, Jerilyn Allen
September 2006
Annual Review of Nursing Education “An Innovative Approach to Quality and Safety Education for Baccalaureate Nursing Students” Kathleen White, Jo Walrath July 2007 Journal of Asthma “Asthma numeracy skill and health literacy” A. Apter, J. Cheng, D. Small, C. Albert, D. Fein, I. Bennett, Maureen George, S. Van Horne November 2006
BMC Nursing “Pain, psychological distress and health-related quality of life at baseline and three months after radical prostatectomy,” K. Ene, G. Nordberg, Fannie Gaston-Johansson, B. Sjšstršm November 2006 Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing “Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Older Adults” Jerilyn Allen, J. Berra (ed.) Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins September/October 2006
“Coping strategies, stress, physical activity and sleep in patients with unexplained chest pain” M. Jerlock, Fannie Gaston-Johansson, K. Kjellgren, C. Welin October 2006 “Constructing and testing a self-help intervention for high blood pressure control in Korean American seniors” Miyong Kim, Hae-Ra Han, Hyun Park, Hanju Lee, K. Kim March/April 2006
Clinical Transplantation “Prospective pilot study of living kidney donor decision making and outcomes” Marie Nolan, Benita Walton-Moss, Joan Kub, M. Hughes, P. Terry, A. Astrow, C. Carbo, J. Thompson, D. Sulmasy
January/February 2007
Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management “Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Post-Operative Hospital Acquired Pneumonia in Patients who Receive Invasive Diagnostic Testing, and Ventilation” David Thompson, D. Needham, and P. Pronovost
December 2006
Criminal Justice Studies “Seeking Help from the Police: Battered Women’s Decisions and Experiences” K. Davies, C. Block, Jacquelyn Campbell
March 2007
Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology “Correlates of depression in the Korean American elderly: Focusing on personal resources of social support” Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim, Hanju Lee, Gina Pistulka, K. Kim March 2007
eNeonatal Review
Mary F. Terhaar
February 2007
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology “An Investigation of Dust Lead Sampling Locations and Children’s Blood Lead Levels” J. Wilson, S. Dixon, W. Galke, Patricia McLaine January 2007
Environmental Research “The Effectiveness of Low-Cost Soil Treatments to Reduce Soil and Dust Lead Hazards: The Boston Lead Safe Yards Low Cost Lead in Soil Treatment, Demonstration and Evaluation” Patricia McLaine September 2006 Journal of General Internal Medicine “Beliefs about Asthma and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Low-Income Inner-City African-American Adults” Maureen George, K. Birck, D. Hufford, L. Jemmott, and T. Weaver December 2006
Ethnicity and Disease “Recruitment of African American and White Postmenopausal Women into Clinical Trials: The Beneficial Effects of Soy Trial Experience” Kathleen Lindenstruth, Carol Curtis, Jerilyn Allen October 2006 Journal of Healthcare Information Management
“Patient Safety: A Tale of Two Institutions”
Marion J. Ball November 2006
“Effects of stressful life events in young black men with high blood pressure” Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim, Linda Rose, Cheryl Dennison, L. Bone, Martha Hill August 2006 “Personal Health Records: Empowering Consumers”
Marion Ball, C. Smith, R. Bakalar
Winter 2007
Health Education Research “Evaluation of the training of Korean community health workers for chronic disease”
Hae-Ra Han, K. Kim, Miyong Kim
August 2006
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health “Barriers to and strategies for recruiting Korean Americans for community-partnered health promotion research” Hae-Ra Han, J. Kang, K. Kim, J. Ryu, Miyong Kim December 2006
Hospital Engineering and Facilities Management “The Role of Health Information Technology in Improving Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety” Patricia Abbott, Laura Taylor
February 2007
Journal of International Nursing Studies “Predictors of psychological well-being among Korean immigrants in the United States”
H. Shin, Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim
March 2007

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