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It is with great sadness that we list the death of the long-time class reporter for the Class of 1937, Maravene Deveney Hamburger. Maravene died April 5. We will miss her delightful way of keeping everyone informed about the members of her class. Our condolences go out to her family.

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Ruth Dale Ogilby is spending her retirement in CA. She has three children who are married and a total of seven grandchildren. After her education at Hopkins, she received her MA at Columbia University majoring in nursing, education, and chemistry. She also received her degree in Biochemistry at the JHU School of Public Health. Currently she is interested in music and reading.


Helen Wilcox Gordon is retired, enjoys reading the Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine, and is now reading Our Shared Legacy. She and her husband are living in a very congenial retirement community. She is amazed at how much the nursing profession has changed.


Class ReporterLaura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. I urge any of us who were in the Cadet Nurse Corps to contact our representatives to try to get House Resolution 2193 out of committee. This, if passed, would give us an honorable discharge. We have lost Evelyn Calhoon Carroll whom we knew as Evelyn Schweigert. She was a native of SD and died in MS. We have also lost Bette Miller Edwards this year. She was from Philadelphia and died in Bowie, MD. Out of 100 in our class, we are now 37. A card from Mary Boley Camp says she liked the photos in this magazine of our class at the last reunion and was sorry she could not have attended. Several e-mails from Pat Vicinus Cote say her MA home has suffered from the cold, windy weather. She went to Munich and Berlin before Easter and attends Tanglewood annually. Many letters and pictures come from Astrid Johnsen Reiley on Long Island. She wrote of her interesting Norwegian background. Hope to hear from more classmates in the near future.


Blanche Hagaman Childs lives in a retirement community in MD with her husband, Hodges. She has two married sons and three grandchildren. She is a part of the health, yard sale, and dining committees. Madge C. Clark has one son and one granddaughter and lives in VA. She’s been retired since 1991 and disabled since 2000. True Summers Coxe‘s family includes her husband, Joseph and her three children, Joseph, Margaret, and Anne Coxe Jones. She’s audited art and architecture courses for fun. Currently she is keeping house and trying (without much success) to downsize since they are over 80! She enjoys her book club, the Council of VA Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Historical Society, and spending as much time sailing as possible. Mary Webb Browning and her husband live in Houston. She worked 15 years as a school nurse and 15 years in Public Health. She plays in a ukulele band, and they put on shows at nursing homes and for church groups. Ruth Hood Knisley and her husband Bruce moved from Red Lion to York, PA, in June 2007. They have three children, eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Ruth enjoys attending the opera, cooking and entertaining, staying in Elderhostels, and doing rug hooking. They are both very proud of their granddaughter, who works on Oncology 5B at JHH since graduating from JHUSON in 2006. Ruth loves hearing her granddaughter tell about her work there and is constantly amazed at the duties of a nurse today. Ruth says thanks go to the SON for the wonderful training offered. Margaret Allan Reep of Los Alamitos, CA, says her husband and oldest son are deceased. Son Tom and family live in Long Beach. Her grandson goes to CA Univ. at Santa Barbara and her granddaughter is a junior at Manhattan College in NY. Peggy is retired and serves on the boards of Miller Children’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach. She is the past president of Assistance League of Long Beach and Casa Youth Shelter. She has traveled a great deal, has been in the same book club for 45 years, is active in the Fine Arts Associates of the university and goes on outstanding “field” trips with them. Peggy remembers Anna D. Wolf and Miss Betzold for their kindness and classmates Gert Stokes, Blanche Hagaman, Laura Kirby, Ruthie Smith truly have been lifelong friends. Millie Avera got her through chemistry. Maria Verderese and Maria Badillo warmed everyone’s heartstrings with their gifts of laughter. Ruthie Smith forced Peggy into becoming a “fair” bridge player and has been a real friend through all the years. Peggy would like to know if anyone from the October 1947 class is coming to Homecoming. Kathryn Heller Saugen-Erickson is retired and living in Coeur d’Alene, ID. She has five children, 13 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. She enjoys creative writing, bicycling (gold and silver medalist in the National Senior Olympics 2001 in Baton Rouge, LA ) and racing (gold medalist AZ state competition 2006). In 1982 she and another lady rode their bicycles from Spokane, WA, to Knoxville, TN, World’s Fair and became honorary citizens of Knoxville. Their contribution was pedal power. The fair’s theme that year was energy. Kathryn has a special memory of Eleanor Roosevelt paying a visit to the nurses’ residence. Kathryn will be attending Homecoming with Donna Honsowetz Simanton. Dorothy Benjamin Danziger is retired and living in Pompton Plains, NJ. She has two married sons and four grandchildren. Dorothy enjoys swimming, walking, reading, and volunteering at the residential home for the sick. She has fond memories of the friendships and excellent training while at Hopkins. Lois Opper Weisheit is retired and living in Moore Haven, FL. She has a stepson, a stepdaughter, four granddaughters, and two great grandchildren on the way. She enjoys oil painting, reading and gardening. Carolyn Campbell Lorenz is retired and living in Bend, OR. She has a son Richard in VA, and two daughtersHeidi and Jennifer, both in OR. Carolyn volunteers at the St. Charles Home Health, Health Ministry (Methodist Church). She recently retired after 12 years as an ombudsman for long-term care facilities. She enjoys gardening, traveling, and reading. Carolyn remembers short holidays at Sherwood. Judith Simms Dawe is retired and living in Lehman, PA. Her husband Gordon is deceased. She has two sons, William and Christopher, and one grandson, John. She is a member of the United Methodist Women and enjoys genealogy, local history, traveling, and volunteering. She has fond memories of her training days: preclin at Goucher Collegeso hot that summer; Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit; meeting Lucille Petry; lasting friendships of classmates; wonderful education.

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Class ReporterBetty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. Hello all! Well, I have proof that senility may be creeping up on your Class News Reporter: I cannot find where I put my notes on what is going on with the classmates. Although trying to locate them is a good way to get the house cleaned up a little, it has not produced any “news” results. However, I have found out some news anyway. I spoke by phone with Mackie McCown Kolb. She is doing about the same healthwise, and I did learn a lot about her childhood in Fiji. However, she still only laughs when I ask her what her initials F. M. C. stand for. Also spoke by phone with Mildred (Bunny) Barnard and Jo McDavid Hubbard who both report being older but no great news at this time. Jo has done some “family visiting” in IN, but she says “trips for the most part are out” now. From the e-mail, I can report that Jane Shutts Pinkerton had a painful bout of a muscular problem in April, but taking prednisone has made it feel better. Also from e-mail, Cora Jane Lawrence has been busy in several areas: She has been acting as patient advocate for a friend from college days who suffered a serious back injury and has been refused rehabilitation because she is 82 years old; she is writing the history of her 103-year-old church; she has been visiting elders of the church who no longer are physically able to attend the church service and activities; also has completed a quarter of clinical pastoral education, which has been invaluable education for her activities. She reports being in good health and sends “love and hugs” to us all. Ginger Groseclose David’s husband Don and I enjoy an active e-mail correspondence. Except for her continuing problem with macular degeneration and some back problems, Ginger remains her happy self, especially enjoying her grandchildren. Anna Clair Junkin and I had lunch with Ella Ruth Stilz Whitmore and hubby Marv who have moved back to the Catonsville area in Baltimore. We had a wonderful time remembering our student days and having each other fill in the details the teller of the tale omitted. We have agreed we will be doing it again—and again. Enjoying our grandchildren and their accomplishments is a big item in our lives, although Ruth takes the class prize in number of grandchildren (in competition with Janey). Other big items in my life are my continuing volunteer work with the Hopkins Medical Archives and with the local hospice. And, although my hip is doing pretty well, I still do not have my mind back, so forgive me if I have omitted anyone who took the trouble to get in touch with me. I blame it on the leftovers from the hip surgery; my daughter attributes it to my age…Take your pick.


Class Reporter–Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396, or email or call Rosie Ghysels at [email protected] or (616) 475-4677. Rosie Ghysels and a friend spent April in FL. While there, she had a visit with Jacqueline Fosdick Bronson in Tampa and then visited with Rosemary Burroughs Schulte on the other side of the state. In May, Rosie, Jane Boice Turnbull and I spent three days with Betsy Boggs at her retirement complex in OH. We lodged in one of the units—a cottage with all the accoutrements needed. Rosie is getting around quite well (right knee replaced last Sept.) and will have the left one done only when the pain in the knee becomes more painful than having surgery to correct it. Janie is cancer-free but anemia is keeping her from being energetic. We hope to get together again in July at Rosie’s cottage. Nancy Brooks Lacy writes of pulling weeds and trying to keep her garden neat. Nancy and others who garden will appreciate this bit of wisdom from Sara Stein: what we gardeners think is a perennial border, Mother Nature believes is a meadow lacking grass so she tries diligently to correct that error. Nancy will go back to Mexico in June of this year possibly being accompanied by two grandchildren. Last year a granddaughter assisted in roofing a dwelling as well as providing drinks and snacks to the workers. This Mexican adventure is a yearly thing; she only missed going one year due to hip surgery. Nancy hopes to get back to Hopkins for one more reunion. Esther Moore Clement says they miss their two grandsons who are now away at college. The whole family will get together at the beach this summer. Pris Gray Teeter writes that she is involved in many activities at her retirement community—swims twice a week, enjoys an exercise class, and walks a mile a day. A local community college offers many interesting classes to the residents. Pris has plans for travel later this year. Dorothy McEwen Whittingham spent the winter in FL again. If you would like her new address in FL, contact the Alumni office. Elizabeth Lawrence Sherman died of apparent heart problems on Palm Sunday. She had entered our class in the second year and was married to Jack soon afterward. She was my matron-of-honor in September ‘52. She had had memory problems for several years but Jack was able to keep her at home until her death. Adele Sparks Birx writes of their many blessings over the years and of a reminder of Moses that the days of our years are three score or possibly four score and that they quickly pass. We who read this are four scorers and haven’t they passed quickly? Adele and her husband are traveling to Houston and then on to NM to visit with family.


Class ReporterMargie Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Helen Sloat continues as supervisor of nurses at the local community mental health center. Having passed out while working, and spending three days in CCU, she had a pacemaker implanted, correcting her sick sinus syndrome, and returned to work within a week. The whole family, 19 in all, was together for the wedding of their second twin granddaughter, both of whom are in nursing occupations, following their mother and grandmother. John keeps busy with musical ventures and his web site: Sachi Fukuhara was hospitalized five days in December with various infections and A-fib, in spite of a pacemaker. She received excellent care, and though recuperation is taking longer than she’d like, she is taking exercise classes and hoping to get her strength back with the passage of time. Her sister Rubie was with her a while, assisting with the marketing and housework. The family is planning the annual reunion in Las Vegas, and with transportation provided by a niece and husband, Sachi is expecting to attend. The triplet grand-nephews, now 1 years old, will doubtless provide quite a show. Betty Myers Hadidian had abdominal surgery recently. An MRI came out favorably, and no chemotherapy is necessary. Daughter Gynne was able to be with her and provide post-op care. Aren’t these relatives wonderful to have on hand! Bob and Margie Trever celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary on June 5. (Some of the shower gifts you gals gave me are still in use.) Bob’s Parkinson’s continues on a slow track with the 2.5 mile walk on the local Rails-to-Rails almost daily, part of his exercise routine. Kathryn Smith Burr developed ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw) in January ‘06 and wants to warn all to avoid any dental surgery while taking Fosamax (bisphosphonates). The ONJ is very painful. She has been to many doctors to find a cure and because the disease is so new, it has been a difficult process. Contact Kay if you are interested in learning more about this disease.


Fifty years ago we were getting our white uniforms. In many ways it seems like yesterday. I do hope many of you will be able to join us in celebrating our graduation in 1957 during reunion weekend this September 28 and 29. So far we have heard from 20 of our classmates; 15 are planning to attend. We will be putting together a class booklet so please send in current information on your activities over the past 50 years so we can all share with each other. Carolyn Pope Boitnott and Sue Crowder are looking forward to seeing many of you in Baltimore this fall.

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45th reunioneers—I haven’t heard but from 10 of you!! Get those letters in ladies. We want to see you in September! Lois Grayshan Hoffer, 904 Whispering Ridge Lane, Bel Air, MD 21015-2102, (410) 838-4198, [email protected].


Class reporter—Gerry Pignato Peterson, 7517 Westfield Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817-6627, (301) 229-0538, [email protected]. First the sad news. I am sorry to report that Kay Ellen Rennard Evanson died in surgery on Friday, April 20, 2007. She had had a recurrence of her disease. Eileen Sweetland Leinweber has her husband Dave’s address if you want to send a note. As Diane Demarest Becker wrote, “It was wonderful to see her last at reunion as bright as she always was as a student.” Eileen is busy planning her daughter’s wedding for July 2007. In addition she is active in Learning in Retirement and taking sketching and drawing classes. Frequent visits to keep up with her two granddaughters are also a must. Occasional per diem consulting is slowing down and will probably be a thing of the past by the end of the year. Diane is still working full time as a professor of medicine doing research in the School of Medicine at Hopkins. Kirsten, her only daughter, is 33 and an epidemiologist and associate survey research director for the Rand Corporation and is living in West Hollywood, CA. Lew’s School of Medicine Class (‘66) is just having its 40th reunion here. Miriam Berger is married to David Richter in Lew’s class. Not sure they are coming. Diane reports she had severe zoster (shingles), with encephalitis and the virus in her CSF. ‘So my sincerest message is for everyone to get the zoster vaccine.’ Peggy Bird Solomon reports that she retired at the end of April after 20 years in the library at Sewanee: The University of the South. She writes she is looking forward to having time for all the art projects waiting in the wings and plans to take a few road trips. Who knows, she may show up on someone’s doorstep one morning. Her blog is at: Helene Botta Williams writes she has retirement on her calendar. Last day was set for June 29. She said she married for better, for worse, and not for lunch, so she will be looking for a reincarnation of self sometime thereafter. Not a homebody! Lynne Bloor Wolfe doesn’t have a plan to retire, although she may decrease her hours a bit over the next few years. She continues to work as a mental health nurse at a home health agency, and loves what she is doing! In her “spare” time, she continues to be busy with horse showing, with her sister, daughter, and granddaughter, dog showing, gardening and crafts. Lila Wolff has retired from the VA and has moved back “home” to NC where she graciously hosted me and Ron last year. Nancy Schartner McKelvey is still working as Chief Nurse for the Red Cross but the big news is that she was the Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Washington, DC this year! As for me, the only big news is that my son Christian is a father, so we finally have a grandchild, Vin, who unfortunately lives in AZ. Thanks to those who responded. FYI, we are trying to update the email list, so if you have a new one or know any, let me or Melinda Rose know.


Class Reporter—Barbara Glynn, 217 Southway, Baltimore, MD 21218-2516, (410) 243-559, [email protected]. As of May 15, it appears that we may have a turn-out of 35-45 classmates or more. Our class will gather for a luncheon on 9/29 at noon and then we will have an evening gathering at Robin Arnold Vahle’s house where spouses, etc, are welcome. Some folks who have never attended may show up. Remember, if you don’t show up, we’ll talk about you. Seriously, plan to share the happy, sad, interesting, and challenging times of your lives. I guarantee that you will laugh, cry, and be proud of the class of which you are a significant member. There are a number of people who are helping to make sure that this is successful. Contact Barbara Walsh Glynn at 410-243-5591 or at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Jeanne L. Brinkley received a BSN at U of MD in 1973, then an MPH and a certificate in nurse-midwifery from the JHU School of Hygiene and Public Health (now the Bloomberg School of Public Health) in 1977. In 2002, Jeanne returned to school to get new and different “hands on” skills and in 2003 graduated from Chesapeake College with a Certificate in Massage Therapy. She currently works at the Maryland DHMH in the position of Chief, MCH Systems Improvement and at a variety of massage therapy spas in MD.

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Class Reporter—Debra Case, 10025 Magledt Rd., Baltimore, MD 21234, (410) 256-5503, [email protected]. Mark your calendar for our Class Reunion on September 28th and 29th! In addition to the planned activities, Maureen Parkhurst has generously offered to host a casual dinner at her home on Saturday evening. We hope you can make it! What have you been doing since our last reunion? Take a moment to drop me an email update, let your classmates know how you’re doing, and share in your successes. Tell me your current address, telephone, email, and updates about your family, education, work, activities/interests, class memories, and if you will be coming to the reunion. Photos from school (scanned) or current photos (digital) would be great! Email your pictures and information to Deb Case at the above email.


Contact Pat Sullivan ([email protected]) for information about the Class Reunion, September 28 and 29. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us. We want to hear what you’ve been doing. Willa Bickham has been busy. Her family includes Kate and Dave Walsh-Little and their daughters, Maya (8), Grace (5), and Julia (3). Willa studied oil and watercolor painting for almost 20 years. After 25 years at Mercy Southern Health Center as a pediatric NP, she is retired from nursing. Now she continues to live and work at Viva House and spends a lot of time with her grandchildren. She is involved in many political activities. Her class memories include Jo Mims teaching her the art of nursing and the art of taking multiple choice tests. She was fortunate to be able to spend time with Michel Zeltzman during his last days when she learned so much more about this friend she’s known for 30 years.

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Plan to be on hand for Homecoming Sept. 28 and 29 to reminisce about old times, catch up with old friends, tour JHUSON and JHH, and enjoy being an alum of Hopkins School of Nursing. Mark your calendars to be in Baltimore the last weekend in Sept.

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Class Reporter—Joan Colwell Macallister, (508)420-2154, [email protected]. Hello long lost classmates of 1992! It is hard to believe that 15 years have passed since our graduation. I hope time has been good to all of you with regard to career and family. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our reunion in September. I would love to hear from all of you, even if you are unable to attend. I’ll start with a brief update on what keeps me busy these days. I am still married to my fabulous husband, Duncan. We have four beautiful daughters, Catherine (14), Isabella (10), Abigail (8), and Gabrielle (6). Currently, I am substituting in our school system as a nurse. Keeping up with the girls is a full-time job in itself. I also have been caring for my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring. It has been a long journey, but my nursing skills have served me well in this endeavor. This May, I did the two-day Avon walk in Boston in honor of her birthday. I think of my time at Hopkins often and fondly. Vanessa and her family were up to visit (we still live on Cape Cod) two summers ago, and we had a great time. My best to you all!! P.S. I’d love some help with planning the reunion dinner!

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Deb Baker and Anne Barker want to see you at Homecoming. There’s lots to catch up on—what are you doing, where are you working, what’s up with your family? Join us September 28 and 29 at Hopkins.


Nora Buzek is working in an oncology treatment center while going to school full time for her Master’s in Nursing for Nurse Practitioner.


Class Reporter—Beth Cooper, 7 South Linwood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21224, 410-493-9390, [email protected]. Greetings everyone! I hope this finds all of you well, healthy and happy. Mickey Allison and I are working on planning a special weekend for Homecoming 2007. You should have received a letter from us encouraging your presence to celebrate our 10-year reunion. Julie McPhee wrote and is planning to come to Baltimore for the weekend! I know that Bernadette Adams, Julie Buettner, and Carolyn Ross-Friend plan to attend. Please get in touch and help us to make plans or let us know that you are planning to attend the weekend events this fall. It would be great to see everyone. Besides the awesome Friday night cocktail party and the Saturday luncheon, Mickey has generously donated his new digs in Bolton Hill so that we can throw a soiree on Saturday night of Homecoming weekend. Please contact me to let me know where you are hiding, what you have been up to, if you are planning to attend Homecoming, etc. I am also more than happy to assist any of you with travel plans or suggestions if you will be coming in from out of town. Things are great with me! I am in graduate school—finally—and was just accepted to the Adult NP program at UMD. I plan on attending part time until I finish. Ten credits almost done—30 to go. Argh! Mickey is wonderful. I am looking forward to his return to Baltimore so that I can see more of him! Look forward to hearing from you!

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Kimberly Alva, [email protected], and Reginald Bannerman, [email protected] ask all their classmates to join them for the 10-year reunion. It will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, see the School of Nursing, and reminisce about our first steps in our nursing careers. Many of us have done exciting things over the past decade, and it would be wonderful to see how well everyone is doing. See you in September! Cassandra Anderson-Monroe lives in MD with her spouse of 10 years, Reagan. They have a 2-year-old son, Reagan III, and 8-month-old triplet girls, Avery, Bailey, and Cydney. Cassandra received her MS in Health Science Administration at Towson University in 2002. Currently, she is working part time as an RN case manager at Franklin Square Hospital after relocating back to MD from Las Vegas to be closer to family. She enjoys raising beautiful, well-rounded, happy children! Michael Frakes is living in CT and working as a flight nurse at Lifestar/Hartford Hospital and Boston Med Flight. He received his MS at the University of CT in 2005. Lisa Lynch Jones lives in MN with her husband, Matthew, and two daughters, Camille (7) and Ella (6). She is currently working on her MSN family NP degree. She’s a travel nurse clinician for an International travel clinic and also works at outpatient urgent care in family practice with the Latino immigrant population. She enjoys her family time, triathlon training, gardening, and skiing. Her class memories include the endless studying with Lisa Grimes, Chris Chang, Jeanine, and Naomi as well as the AmeriCorps fellowship and Shepherd’s clinic. Megan McLean McIntyre is living in NH with her husband, John, and three children, Jackson (6), Lillian (3), and Isabel (1). She is a staff RN at the Birth Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. She says that her kids keep her super-busy! Kristine S. Nuccitelli is in NJ with her husband and two children, Jason (7) and Jayden (3). She is now finishing the Adult NP program and expects to graduate in ‘08. She works full time as charge nurse of the multiple myeloma clinic at the Hackensack University Medical Center. She enjoys spending time with her children, reading non-fiction books, and traveling with her family. Her class memories include riding in Daryl’s convertible at 2 am in 40-degree weather and sitting with Jason in the back of the class. Melinda Porter is living in CA and is a neonatal NP at the County Hospital in Monterey. She received her MSN in Advanced Neonatal Practice. She is a co-chair of the medical missions team at church, which sends 8-10 teams around the world every year. She enjoys singing in choir, taking writing classes at Stanford, and traveling a lot. Her class memories include studying and playing hard with Erin, Allison, Molly, Jill, Anne, and Jaime. Lisa Betina Uncles is in MD with her two sons, Michael (15) and James (13). She received her Nurse Midwifery Certification from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. She also has her MSN from Case Western Reserve University. She is now a Midwife Nurse at the Family Health and Birth Center. Heather J. Watts is living in Portland, OR with her cats, Oliver, Splotch, and Roux. She has her PCCN and is currently working on her Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certification. She’s considering a graduate degree in CAM. Now she is a Critical Care Nurse Educator at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center. She enjoys traveling, gardening, education, working vacations, quilting, hiking, yoga, and assisting people and plants in the growth process. Her class memories include studying on the Stairmaster at Cooley, working with Marion D’Lugoff in the Wald Community Center (and Nancy too!), cultural sensitivity class with Phyllis Naumann, the Peace Corps group, and the belly dancing party. Kristen Suszek Williams is living with her husband, Bo, and children, Cole (5) and India (3). She is doing a pediatric telephone triage as a staff nurse II at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Her interests include her family, asthma education, hiking, and travel. Melinda James Kiely lives in CA with her husband and two boys Kevin (7) and Thomas (5). She is a full-time mom, advocating for Kevin who was diagnosed with autism, and works per diem nights. She enjoys gardening, running, jewelry making when she can find the time. She remembers coffee at the Daily Grind, Care Plans, and studying with Katherine Schulke. Julie Puyau lives in Prairieville, LA, with her husband Douglas and son Noah whom they adopted from the Ukraine six years ago. They also have three dogs, two of which are victims/rescues from Katrina. She is a certified pediatric nurse supervising the PICU at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center which is a large regional medical center and major trauma center. When they build the new children’s hospital next to the current medical center, the PICU will jump from 14 to 20 beds. Julie spends a lot of time in her flower garden and hanging out with her husband and son. She remembers Care Plans, clinicals, and the great parties with friends. She will not be able to attend Homecoming.


Mary Mitcherling Hurdle had twins last December. Kelley Elizabeth and Blake Ryan were both welcomed by their 6-year-old brother, Patrick.

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Christina Boreale married Sean Sanders in Bonnet Island, NJ, in Oct. 2006. They live in San Diego, CA, where she works as a cardiology NP at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla. Christina is a member of the CA Assoc. of Nurse Practitioners. Cynthia Henry Thurlow attended the wedding and read a poem during the ceremony. She and her husband Todd live in northern VA with their son Jackson. Cynthia works part time as a cardiology nurse practitioner for The Cardiovascular Group. The Thurlows expect their second child in early October. Padma Patel is working in an ICU setting at the VA and lives in CA. She received her MHA and MBA from Baylor. Robin Soto is currently a “lead mid-level” for Family Health Centers of San Diego. She sees patients most days, helps orient new NPs and PAs, and has some other administrative duties. She’s also the president-elect of the local chapter of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners. This organization promotes NP practice in CA. She’s a happy home owner and living the CA dream with her husband, Onell, and their sweet dog, Gloria.


Class Reporter—Jenny Brady, It hardly seems like almost eight years have passed since we walked the halls of the new SON building! Writing for the Vigilando has been a pleasure, and hearing from each of you has helped us all keep in touch. I am, however, pleased to pass the torch to Kellye Scribner Wright, 9116 Summer Park Dr., Baltimore, MD 21234, [email protected] as new class reporter. As some of you may know, Kellye continues to work part time at the Highland Community Center in Baltimore. Kellye and her husband welcomed their second child, Jaxon Antonio on 7-11-06. They also moved into a new home in Parkville, MD, last June. Please take a moment and write to Kellye so she can share your news! Ron Langlotz sent me some gorgeous pictures of his three children. He was recalled to active duty for the U.S. Navy and served for President Ford’s funeral. He is also working toward his master’s degree and working in the National Navy Medical Center ER. Tracy Hearn Odachowski writes that she is doing well and living in Newport News, VA, with her husband and two children. Tracy please write back, I have lost your e-mail. I hope this letter finds you all well, wherever your travels have taken you. Please keep in touch and know that we are all thinking of you!

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Chad Eckert has deferred graduate school in order to be home with his wife, Barb, and the boys following complications after the birth of their second son. Barb is doing fine and the boys are great. Chad expects to be starting grad school this coming fall full time. He also says there is such a huge difference between Hopkins grads and grads from other programs. Hopkins is the best.


It is reunion time. Make plans NOW for Homecoming Sept. 28 and 29. We want to see everyone, find out what each person is doing, catch up on the last five years. Watch for your Homecoming invitation in the mail in late July or early Aug.

’02 Accelerated

We, Crystal Guengerich and Julie Bylund, want to see you at our 5th reunion on the weekend of September 28 and 29. It’s the School of Nursing Homecoming weekend and our first reunion. What’s everyone doing—both personally and professionally? Come fill us in on what’s been happening in your life. I’ll start the ball rolling by giving my update but please try to come to Hopkins in September and fill us in as to what you are doing. I (Crystal) am engaged to Mike Schenk and plan to be married summer ‘08. I have completed massage therapy certification and plan to start my master’s in acupuncture at Tai Sophia Institute in the fall. Currently, I’m working as night shift clinical coordinator/staff RN at Kennedy Krieger Institute, teaching at JHUSON in P+A lab, and also have a private massage therapy business. I enjoy playing on a women’s indoor soccer league. My class memories include meeting so many wonderful people (classmates and instructors!) who inspired me every day. Camille Whelan married Michael Lineberry and they are living in NY. She is currently working in pulmonology and critical care at Cornell Medical Center in the MICU and studying for her NP at Univ. of PA. She will seek a position as a critical care NP after she gets her degree. Camille enjoys reading, going to art museums, running, yoga and people watching. She feels very fortunate to have gone to school in such a beautiful, airy, light-filled building. She felt very nurtured and sheltered there. She wonders about her classmates because she doesn’t see Acc. ‘02 news in the magazine. Rina Mendelowitz Tilzer and her husband Todd live in Superior, CO. She is working as a nurse at The Children’s Hospital in Denver. Rina enjoys skiing. Shannon Micheel is married to Michael, and they live in Eugene, OR, awaiting their first baby. She is a family nurse practitioner at a community health center working in an underserved area of Springfield/Eugene, OR. She is completing the National Health Service Corps Scholar Program. She sees infants to geriatrics, low income and migrants in particular. Besides working 50+ hours a week, Shannon enjoys cross country skiing, hiking/backpacking, cycling, swimming, fly fishing, and exploring OR. Jennifer Childrey Bond and her husband Jeffrey live in Los Altos, CA, where she works as a pediatric nurse practitioner at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. She is also an assistant clinical professor at UCSF School of Nursing and a clinical instructor at SF State. She received an MS at UCSF as a pediatric nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist. Jennifer enjoys traveling, friends, yoga, painting, tennis, and nursing research. Carolyn Rodriguez-Quddus, her husband Azfar and their children, Haseeb and Bilal, live in Oxnard, CA, awaiting the arrival of baby Suraiya, who was due at the time this class news was typed. Carolyn is currently enrolled in Cal State Fullerton MSN program. She works in the post partum dept. of the local county hospital and is a school nurse for the Oxnard School District. Her homelife is happily consumed with “Barney, Doodlebops, Naruto,” etc. She has fond memories of the amazingly awesome period of time of being a nursing student at Hopkins. There were great lattes at the Buzz, the great city of Baltimore, the friendliness of all the class of 2002, and the champagne toast to the last final! Jennifer Pelura Ghadisha and her husband David and daughter Emily live in Odenton, MD. She is half way through the midwifery program at U of MD SON. She is mostly a stay-at-home mother working as a PRN in labor and delivery at AAMC in Annapolis, MD. Jennifer enjoys cooking, reading, playing with her daughter, and seeing her husband. Jennifer is expecting her second daughter in Sept.


Amy Haimovitz writes that after living and working in AZ for the past four years, she and her children have moved to St. Cloud, FL.


Christina Lee Tom is working in Hana, Maui, at a community health center called Hana Health. She will be completing her National Health Service Corps Scholarship obligation while serving the Hawaiian community. She also successfully passed the NP Boards last September.

’06 Accelerated

Mary T. Paterno loves her job working in GYN at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She had a paper accepted for publication in Nursing for Women’s Health, along with Erin Wright, Megan Sauvager, Stacie Ebersold, and Suzanne Murphy. It’s the paper they wrote last spring in Dr. Pugh’s graduate breastfeeding course.

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