Faculty Publications June 2006-2007 Section II

Faculty Publications June 2006-2007 Section II

Compiled by Susan Barlow, Class of 2007

Journal of Intrapersonal Violence “The distribution of and factors associated with ‘Intimate Terrorism’ and ‘Situational Couple Violence’ among a population-based sample of urban women in the United States” V. Frye, J. Manganello, Jacquelyn Campbell, Benita Walton-Moss, S. Wilt
October 2006
Oncology Nursing
“Spiritual Issues of Family Members in a Pancreatic Cancer Chat Room” Marie Nolan, M. Hodgin, S. Olsen, J. Coleman, P. Sauter, D. Baker, C. Stanfield, A. Emerling, R. Hruban
November 2006
Journal of Nursing Administration “The RWJ Executive Nurse Fellows Program, Part 3. Making the Business Case” Maryann Fralic, R. Morjikian February 2007 Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action “A vision for progress in community health partnerships” S. Tandon, K. Phillips, B. Bordeaux, L. Bone, P. Brown, K. Cagney, T. Gary, Miyong Kim, D. Levine, E. Price, K. Sydnor, K. Stone, E. Bass
March/April 2007
“Classic, New, and Not-so-new Readings for Nurse Executives” Maryann Fralic
February 2007
Progress in Transplantation “Evidence on spouse responses to illness as a guide to understanding and studying spouse response to living organ donation” Laura Taylor, S. Dudley-Brown, Marie Nolan June 2006
“Collaborative Synergy-Practice and Academic Partnerships in Evidence-Based Practice” Robin P. Newhouse March 2007 Public Health Nursing “The syphilis elimination project: Targeting the Hispanic community of Baltimore City” B. Endyke-Doran, R. Gonzalez, M. Trujullo, A. Solera, P. Vigilance, Lori Edwards, Sara Groves
January/February 2007
Journal of Nursing Care Quality “Quest for the Ideal, a Redesign of the Medication Use System,” D. Dang, E. Feroli, C. Gill, L. Paine, K. Shermock, J. Suflita, Jo M. Walrath
January/March 2007
“Fathers clubs to improve children health in rural Haiti”
Elizabeth Sloand, B. Gebrian
January/February 2006 


Journal of Palliative Medicine “The Turning Point: Clinical Identification of Dying and Reorientation of Care.” E. Jakobson, I. Bergh, Fannie Gaston-Johannson, C. Stolt, J. Ohlen December 2006 Quality and Safety in Healthcare “Heart Failure at the Acute Care Frontline: Barriers and Potential Solutions Identified through Focus Groups” Cheryl Dennison, K. Davis, P. Pronovost, S. Russell June 2006
“Interdisciplinary Interventions to Improve Pediatric Palliative Care and Reduce Health Care Professional Suffering”
Cynthia Rushton, E. Reder, B. Hall, K. Comello, D. Sellers, N. Hutton
August 2006
Rehabilitation Nursing
“Fatigue after stroke: Relationship to mobility, fitness, ambulatory activity, social support, and falls efficacy” K. Michael, Jerilyn Allen, R. Macko
September/October 2006
Journal of Pediatric Nursing “Psychological Adjustment in Young Children with Chronic Medical Conditions,” Susan Immelt
September 2006
Seminars in Pediatric Neurology “‘My Son Is Still Walking:’ Stages of Receptivity to Discussions of Advance Care Planning Among Parents of Sons With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy” L. Erby, Cynthia Rushton, and G. Geller June 2006
Journal of Professional Nursing “Doula Care: Nursing Students Gain additional Skills to define their Professional Practice” Elizabeth Jordan, Shirley Van Zandt, Erin Wright
November-December 2007
Touch Briefings: Nursing Leadership 2006 “Breaking the Silence-Bridging the Communications Gap Between Healthcare Professionals” Jo M. Walrath, and Cynthia H. Rushton February 2007
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment “Exposure to violence among substance-dependent pregnant women and their children” M. Valez, I. Montoya, L. Jansson, V. Walters, D. Svikis, H. Jones. H. Chilcoat, Jacquelyn Campbell
January 2006
The Lancet “A Non-invasive Test for Prenatal Diagnosis Based on Fetal DNA Present in Maternal Blood: A Preliminary Study” R. Dhallan, X. Guo, S. Emche, M. Damewood, P. Bayliss, M. Cronin, J. Barry, J. Betz, JHUSON baccalaureate student Kara Franz, K. Gold, B. Vallecillo B, J. Varney February 2007
Journal of Transcultural Nursing “Community transformation through culturally competent nursing leadership: Application of theory of culture care diversity and the tridimensional leader effectiveness model” M. Shapiro, J. Miller, and Kathleen White April 2006 US Nursing Leadership 2006 “Breaking the Silence-Bridging the Communications Gap Between Healthcare Professionals” Jo M. Walrath and Cynda H. Rushton


Journal of Women’s Health
“Ethnicity and Vasomotor Symptoms in Postmenopausal Women” Jerilyn Allen, S. Appling, Kathryn Paez February 2006
Violence & Victims “Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: Results from a multi-site case control study” J. Koziol-McLain, D. Webster, K. McFarlane, C. Block, Y. Ulrich, Nancy Glass, Jacquelyn Campbell February 2006
Mental Health Nursing “Psychiatric and physical health ramifications of traumatic events in women” Jessica Gill, Gayle Page
August/September 2006
Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing “Creating Infrastructure Supportive of Evidence Based Nursing Practice: Leadership Strategies” Robin P. Newhouse March 2007
Military Medicine “Domestic Violence in the military: Women’s policy preferences and beliefs concerning routine screening and mandatory reporting” A. Gielen, Jacquelyn Campbell, M. Garza, P. O’Campo, J. Dienemann, Joan Kub, A. Snow Jones, D. Lloyd August 2006 Women’s Health Issues “Long Term health costs of intimate partner violence” A. Snow-Jones, J. Dienemann, J. Schollenberger, Joan Kub, P. O’Campo, A. Gielen, Jacquelyn Campbell
September/October 2006
Nursing Administration Quarterly “Burdensome Situations in Everyday Nursing” Maya Shaha, F. Rabenschlag April/June 2007 Women & Health “Intimate partner violence and health provider training and screening in the news” J. Manganello, D. Webster, Jacquelyn Campbell August 2006
“Evaluating an Innovative Program to Improve New Nurse Graduate Socialization into the Acute Healthcare Setting.” Robin Newhouse, Janice Hoffman, J. Suflita, D. Hairston January/March 2007. Books/Chapters
Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century Chapter, “Skills and Competencies Needed in the Nursing Informatics Role” Marion J. Ball; A. B. McBride Weaver, C.; Delaney, C.; Weber, P.; & Carr, R. (ed.) HIMSS 2006 AACN Protocols for practice: End of life and palliative care issues in critical care “Principles for end of life communication and conflict resolution” Cynthia Rushton Kathleen A. Puntillo (ed.) Jones & Bartlett
March 2006
Nursing Management “Medical Errors: Where are we now?” M. Mewshaw, Kathleen White, Jo Walrath
October 2006
Aspects of the Electronic Health Record Systems Patricia Abbott, H. Lehmann, N. Roderer, A. Rothschild, S. Mandell, J. Ferrer, & R. Miller (ed.) Springer-Verlag April 2006
“Be a best-in-class organization” Kathleen White September 2006 Assessing dangerousness: Violence by sexual offenders, batterers, and child abusers “Predictions of interpersonal violence: An Introduction” Daniel Sheridan, Nancy Glass, B. Limandri, C. Poulos Jacquelyn Campbell (ed.) Springer Publishing May 2007
“Protect your staff by employing patient ergonomics” Kathleen White April 2007
Nursing Outlook
“An evaluation framework for faculty practice” Kathleen Becker, Joan Kub, Carol Smith, Elizabeth Jordan, Kathleen White, and Deborah Dang
January-February 2007
Current Issues in Nursing Chapter, “Health Care for the Poor and Underserved,” Sara Groves Mosby,
7th Edition May 2006
“Developing Community Partnerships in Nursing Education for Children’s Health” Kathryn Kushto-Reese, Maureen C. Maguire, JoAnne Silbert-Flagg, Susan Immelt, and Sarah J. M. Shaefer February 2007 Forensic Emergency Medicine Chapter: “Treating survivors of intimate partner abuse” Daniel Sheridan M.C. Jackson & W. S. Smock (ed.) Philadelphia, Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins
“Service Learning in Nursing”
Joanne Silbert-Flagg
March/April 2007
Human-Computer Interaction Concepts: Implications for Use in Clinical Care Chapter: “Pediatrics Informatics” Patricia Abbott, Steve Klapper C. Lehman & G. Kim (ed.) Springer-Verlag 2006

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