President's Message

Deb Baker, '92, MSN '97 President, JHNAA

Stay Connected

It is a bone-chilling February in Baltimore and while everyone is hunkered down waiting for spring, the alumni committees are planning pinning ceremonies for our two graduating classes and a host of student activities.

As many of you have heard the alumni leadership say over and over again, a goal for this year for the alumni board is to engage the students early in their studies at Hopkins to assess what they are looking for in an alumni association—now and after graduation. Recently, the board met with the student nursing leadership and this very energetic group identified three areas it would like to see addressed by the school and the alumni: 1) more opportunities to come together as a class and a  student body so they can get to know each other better; 2) an opportunity to network with alumni for  career advice, mentoring, and fun; and 3) opportunities to learn more about the history of the school, the hospital, and the legacy of nursing from those who have lived it and studied it.

While all of these things seem to be very straightforward and “at our fingertips,” we need more of you to help us make it happen. Melinda Rose has set up after school/work networking gatherings with light fare at the school. We have also hosted presentations by Mame Warren about our book, Our Shared Legacy, accompanied by a panel of diverse alumni. All of these activities have been well-received by the students, and we look forward to more. In addition, we co-sponsored alumni/prospective student receptions with the Admissions Office in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as an event for alumni in Honolulu.

The board and the committee members really enjoy all the interactions with the students—these opportunities renew our commitment to the alumni association and to the school. We need more of you to participate to make these events enduring and worthwhile. The future of our association rests on these relationships we develop with the students now. We have been very happy with the response we have been getting on the “stay connected” page of the alumni website. Send us your updated information and make a plan to attend a pinning ceremony, networking event, and Homecoming. Stay warm and stay connected. We need you and want you to be involved.

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