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Class ReporterLaura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. It was a great alum reunion in October! We reminisced, each remembering something a little different. We remember Halsted and Osler as the tallest buildings—no longer. We enjoyed seeing the statue of Christ in the rotunda, which greeted us most days in training unless we took the tunnel from Hampton House which, incidentally, is no longer a nurses’ home. Astrid and I went on to Washington for a few days. We had been roommates and are still close friends. Our class of 100 is now down to 39 with the loss of Jean Smith Cook. Dot McGuire Bailey reminds us that Primmy used to say, “Come in and rest your face and hands” in her sweet southern way. Letty Grigsby Baxter wrote of a two-week duplicate bridge cruise in Holland, Belgium, England and Ireland and across the Atlantic to Newfoundland and St. John’s. Winnie Wynkoop Carter sent her good pictures of her past year’s events and included one of us at Dede’s dinner. Her Nick finally sold his plane. They still cruise and travel. Pat Vicinus Cote was having breakfast with a handsome guy the day we left Baltimore, and we all speculated as to who he was. She e-mailed later that he was an Iowa friend’s brother who drove from Annapolis to see her. She also had lunch with one of her students who teaches in Baltimore and with a colleague who had worked with her doing advanced placement European history. Pat is always busy. Louise Lofgren Dunn sent greetings. Kitty Keith Horsley and her husband still have a peach orchard and grow vegetables in NC. June Cutts McLean has a new great granddaughter. She and Ed travel much, and this year went in their RV to Fairbanks followed by a brief stint on Kauai. Dr. George Moore, widower of our late Connie Roberts Moore, sent an additional memoir of their time in Nepal from 1952-54 in the U.S. Public Health Service. Polygamy was a common practice there then and their quarters teemed with eligible girls. The only way out, without insulting them, was to tell them that the prestige of doctors in America forbade their marrying girls from any poor and insignificant village (which they accepted). Budgie Dickerson Preston sent a Christmas letter written by husband, Frank. She always adds comical footnotes. The only sad news was that he had to sell his beloved boat. She still takes Italian lessons! Astrid Johnsen Reiley has written a very interesting semi-autobiographical novel, The Turtle Derby, containing much about Hopkins. If you want to buy a copy, contact her at 250 Park Ave., Freeport, NY 11520. Mona Staska Riley, while in Baltimore, got to see some of her students of ’51 that she and Doris Diller had instructed. Susan Pincoffs Tippett’s daughter and family may visit Joshua Tree National Park, part of which is just one house away from ours. Hope you all receive e-mails from [email protected].

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Class ReporterBetty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. Thanks to all who sent greetings and news via Christmas cards. It has been great hearing from you. First, however, the sad news. I heard from Paul Kaschel that Eleanore Summers Kaschel died on October 20 of this past year. I guess it is inevitable that as we get older, we will begin to seek that better world with greater frequency. But it still hurts when we hear about it. Mildred “Bunny” Barnard writes that she does not enjoy her “arthritis and a memory that gets more unreliable every day.” She suffered through two floods over the spring: one destroyed stores, shopping malls, and banks; the second, with intense thunder and lightning while she was driving. She is hoping for normal weather in 2007. Marion Bee writes from new residence around Schenectady, NY where she has retired near relatives and they “do picnics, trips, game nights and more together. So retirement is fun and relaxing” for her. Good! Doris Benjamin Carroll and husband Dick are enjoying having their missionary “kids” home on furlough and “bunking with them.” Although her walking is limited a bit because of “circulation problems,” she states, “The years have been good to us!” Jane Shutts Pinkerton and Pinky are doing very well and worry about others in the class. Jo McDavid Hubbard and Stan continue to do well, as does the entire Hubbard household. One grandson is a junior at University of KY after spending the summer in France as an exchange student. Another grandson is a sophomore in high school and the other is a 7th grader. Cora Jane Lawrence has suffered through some family deaths, but she still finds joy and comfort by participating in her church, its larger parish, and—of course—her singing. She also wrote with appreciation of the eight JHSON alums reunion in the area orchestrated by Betty Stehly Cantrell ’51. The photo she sent showed her looking pretty darned good! Ginger Groseclose David called me with holiday greetings, and we spent most of the time “out-storying” each other with tales of the grandchildren. Mary Agnes Hull Stewart has moved to a new small home built especially for her by her son Tim and his wife Beth on their land. She gets great attention from the proximity to them and also because Beth is a nurse! Ruth Whitmore and Marv have moved back to Baltimore. For these new addresses contact the alumni office. Lolita Beidelman will be moving soon to New Zealand to live with her niece and nephew-in-law. Charlie Royer and Ernie del Signore also send their greetings and news. At the time, winter had been late coming to western MD, just as it has been a stranger to the Baltimore area. Charlie’s daughter Karen continues to work as an EMT with the Rescue Squad and teaches swimming twice a week. Charlie, himself, says he has been busy “doing nothing.” Ernie has been having a good year, getting things done slowly. I, Betty Borenstein Scher, have managed a beautiful recovery from my hip surgery. I got rid of my pain a week after the surgery; I got rid of my cane in December; I almost have my mind back, and I have started exercising again—without any pain! From Hattie Stetch Sloan ’42, not too far from my daughter in NM, comes greetings and news that she still works several days a week at the antique shop she and her daughter started 20 years ago. One of her grandsons was in Lebanon when war broke out there, so was forced to scamper to Jordan. In January he was scheduled to go to Syria for the NY Times. A granddaughter has been spending time in Beijing; at least one other is in school in GA. From Joanne Calhoun Flannery ’53 I received both a lovely card and an exuberant phone message. Although she has some breathing problems, you never would know it from that phone message! Keep the news coming folks—for next time!


Class Reporter–Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396, or email or call Rosie Ghysels at [email protected] or (616) 475-4677. Having missed reading news about all of you, I will resume being class reporter. I was pleased to read Betty Stehly Cantrell’s note in the winter Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine about the 55th class of ’51 gathering on Sept. 2006. The pictures of Peggie-Louise Lee Craig, Lois Coxworth Gallagher, Betty Stehly Cantrell, Pris Gray Teeter, Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte, and Til Snelling Smith were so good; eyes and smiles so recognizable! Nancy Brooks Lacy wrote that she made her third mission trip to Mexico last summer. A group from her church is involved in a program of house construction for families in need. Nancy assists in providing hydration for the workers. A granddaughter, Lacy, accompanied her this year. Esther Moore Clement and her husband Tom are still in the family home. Their lives are much involved in their three children and the grandchildren in NY, MD and CO. Pris Gray Teeter wrote me about the reunion. She has moved into a 1300 sq. ft. apartment. She drew a floor plan. It is spacious and well laid out! She appreciates the lack of encumbrances of a house (such as repairs, renovation, replacement), and I expect the services of snow removal, lawn and shrub care, etc. Adele Sparks Birx regrets “slowing down” as we become even more mature. They have acquired a puppy which she describes as a challenge. She has knee problems but gets much help from glucosamine—an OTC med which is quite effective, I have heard. Betsy Boggs has been in an apartment (or condo?) so is free of the upkeep of an aging house. (It is enough that we must deal with our aging selves!) Betsy has difficulty walking—uses a walker. She’s not traveling much anymore but keeps her spirits up. Rosie Ghysels had right knee replacement surgery in Sept. 2006 and is pretty well back on her feet now. She will be driving to FL for the month of March. She remains active as a Red Cross volunteer and was very busy during the weeks after the hurricane which devastated New Orleans. Jane Boice Turnbull is still not strong from her cancer and its treatment. She would like to sell her house, but it is a buyer’s market now. Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte wrote with enthusiasm about the reunion. She does some volunteer work a couple of times a week. She and Joe will be in FL in January. Joe has difficulty walking due to back and hip problems and is subject to falls. Jacquie Fosdick Bronson emailed her hope of seeing Rosie Ghysels when the latter is in FL.  Jacquie says her health is pretty good except for that “doggoned arthritis” but that she keeps the joints moving by attending an exercise class taught by a super lady teacher. It was 70 degrees in the southland when Bettie-Lou Hering Webster emailed her Christmas letter. The USA is demonstrating its great size and climate versatility by inundating some folks with snow and some with crocuses coming early. She says they are fine—perhaps a bit slower and more forgetful, but no new health problems. Their dog, Rusty, at two years, is still exhibiting puppy tendencies such as racing about looking for no-nos to chew on. Amazingly, Bettie-Lou wrote, he is a good bird dog. Joel takes him hunting. Perhaps a dog eases the empty nest syndrome. About me? Not much has changed. I had a colon resection 18 months ago (fistula)—sciatica this fall—but between these annoyances, work 2-3 PMs per week. More and more residents tell me I remind them of their mothers! Presumably because I am of an age of that parent as they remember her. Some also ask, “When are you going to retire?” My true answer is “I don’t know!” I spoke with Dorothy McEwen Whittingham, who will soon be leaving for FL. She has a new street address there: 5850 Moriah Place. I hope to hear from many of you. I will try to get individual letters out and hope this will encourage some to write me or to email Rosie Ghysels.


M.J. Beck Reynolds is happy to have bounced back (though somewhat slowly) from the illnesses of last year. Arthritis in her spine did cancel one trip, but the heated pool next door has been therapeutic. Dick continues at Boca Raton Community Hospital, a part-time job with considerably more hours expended, which combined with the University of Miami and the Florida Atlantic University, hopes to have ground broken for a new university teaching hospital by 2008. Time for travel has been limited, but they have worked in visits to England, et al with their young ones, who now are showing great concern and solicitousness for the decreasing capabilities of the aging parents, which while greatly appreciated, are hoped not to be fully justified as yet.


Class ReporterMargie Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Kathie Anderson and Art have sold the Winthrop house and have rented a cabin for sojourns. No more concerns regarding mice and frozen pipes, and the cleaning is done by others. The family continues to make flying jaunts for get-togethers. Laura Brecher’s son Ben is now an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay, teaching 15 voice students and directing their musicals and operas. Chicago was a great hit. He also continues to do his own gigs when available. He sang in Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Magic Flute in Nov. 2006. Daughter Sharon runs triathlons about the state, a great example for her kids, who are taking up the same. Art is following doctor’s orders, not retiring until he absolutely wants to, and is continuing his research. The four grands are a great joy, and like other Hopkins young ones, extraordinary. She writes that Lea Nichols had a family reunion with her six sibs. And Jeanette Klein, with recent health problems, has had to suspend work, at least temporarily. Sachi Fukuhara, with assistance from family, went to Hawaii in Nov. to attend the retirement celebration for a nephew. She had breakfast with Kaz Makishima. Sachi’s sister Rubie’s triplet grandsons are doing well. Carol Guilbert and Dick are planning a seven-day cruise to Bermuda in June to celebrate their 50th anniversary with family and any friends who can make it. Their son, Rick, 47, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, but thankfully stage one, which has an excellent cure rate. Joan Hootan says that Baton Rouge has picked up population from New Orleans since Katrina. In spite of favorable reports, she doubts that reconstruction will be complete any time soon. Pat Nicholson says that with increasing memory problems, Jim is now in an Alzheimer care center where he seems quite content with surroundings. They celebrated a very enjoyable 50th anniversary at a nearby historic inn with all the family. After a year on double dosage of Gleevec, Pat’s leukemia appears to be heading back into remission from 30 percent to five percent. Margie Trever and Bob, with other family members, spent a few days in rain and cloud forests adjacent to Panama City, birding with two excellent guides. A few life birds were seen, along with numerous tropical species and seasonal migrants, viewed previously at other locations. Large ships were noted going through the canal also.


Jean Champness still has after effects of the brown recluse spider bite from last year, but she’s happy to keep up with her piano students and church activities. Her family continues to be engaged in musical activities and bible translation in the Philippines.

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Class ReporterWendy Gehlbach, 1141 Naples Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 3495, 773-229-0601, [email protected]. Our class is deeply saddened by the loss of Sydney Tally Hickey. I feared that she was not in good health when she said she would not be able to attend our 45th reunion last fall. Her accomplishments on behalf of our armed service men and women and their families makes us all proud. Our love and sympathy to her husband Dennis, daughters Beth and Catherine and beloved grandson Owen. Ginny Null Holst writes of family from Denmark. Although she will no longer be mayor of the merged municipalities, she will chair the Health, Welfare and Social Services Committee. No doubt she will continue to be as busy as before. She had a nice visit with Donna Stonesifer Hargett, who was traveling in Europe. Donna is happily and busily retired now. She keeps busy with ballroom dancing, cruising and being caregiver to aging family members. Thankfully, son Gordon has remained in remission (non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma), is married and dad to two daughters. Her daughter Kim is busy with three daughters. Rose Rufener Taylor and I get together occasionally for lunch when she has business in our area. A visit from her grands prevented her attendance at our 45th. I can report that she looks the same and is still just as sweet! Cathy Peters Jones and husband Bob worked in the building of a tree house for the grandchildren between work and travels. If my counting is correct, they have six grandchildren. Speaking of counting, Cathy must be trying to shave some years off her age since she mentioned that she attended our 40th reunion last fall. No wonder she looked so good! I’m hoping that some of us permanent Florida residents can hook up with Lois Ann Whipp Boor and Bill sometime this year. After a trip to TX to visit with son Bill and his family, they will be wintering in Punta Gorda. As usual, they have traveled and kept busy with family. My husband and I also enjoyed our second visit with Ginny and Ole in Denmark and also delighted in swimming in the new pool. They are grand hosts! I wish to thank all of you who sent messages of love, care and concern during our son Adam’s 18+ month long courageous battle with cancer. He lost the fight on November 4, 2006. On a happier note, we finally joined the ranks of you proud grandparents with the birth of Carson and Jenna last May. You can hardly tell they were preemies. What a difference a few decades makes in the way neonates are cared for in the hospital! Hope to hear from all you others out there. Keep in touch… our 50th is looming on the horizon.


Joan Custer Jordan[email protected] has retired from Towson University and was appointed Professor Emeritus. While at TU she taught in the graduate and undergraduate programs and was Graduate Program Director for the new master’s program. Now that both she and John are retired, they plan to travel more—a cruise to Greece, Turkey and Egypt in May. They also plan to spend more time with their two children and grandsons who are 3 and 5. Their children live in Salisbury, MD and are 30 minutes from their condo at Ocean City. They are looking forward to some fun days at the beach this summer.


Martha Elespuru Lehlbach, RN, MA was honored with the Frances Black Humanitarian Award in Healthcare, November 2006, by the Friend’s Health Connection. This award honored her advocacy and work in delivering cancer-related screenings and services to the underserved communities in Morris County, NJ.

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Class ReporterJoan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629, 813-972-2000, [email protected]. News for this edition of the magazine comes from our class athletes. Pam Magnuson participated in the University of Washington Medical Center Seattle Marathon. Way to go Pam! Congratulations! Pam writes “Thrilling to say the least, especially after having had a stroke and a heart transplant. Didn’t set any records, but 13.1 miles of walking in the rain was actually wonderful!!” Ellen Shay Roumasset writes that she has been doing some traveling. First a cruise to Alaska with her husband and their daughter Rachel and her husband Eric. Ellen writes that was “spectacular.” She also took a trip to Tahoe for some skiing, and was “heartened that the old knees held up.” Please everyone send class news. Everyone loves to hear how others are doing. Send news to me at [email protected].

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After living for five years outside Atlanta, GA, Susan Clime Herndon has relocated to the mid-Atlantic area. Last summer, she and her family moved to an over 100-year-old house, which once served as a general store and post office in Hanover, VA. She has taken time off of nursing since January 2006 and has focused on being a stay-at-home mom (a full-time job of its own!) to Annie (6) and Wyatt (3). She recently met fellow classmate, Alex Greenlee, for a girls’ weekend in Key West, FL. They had not seen each other in six years and had a fantastic adventure despite the unusually rainy weather.

’99 Accelerated

Class Reporter–Alisa Linde, 441 W. Aspen Trail, Show Low, AZ 85901-2749, (928)532-5615, [email protected]. Rebecca Mines Paschall writes: My husband Greg and I are still living in sunny Sebastian, FL. I have been working at a Migrant Community Health Center for five years now. We have a two-year-old son, and I am expecting another boy May 8th 2007! Stacie Stender writes that she is still in South Africa working on an HIV/AIDS program through Columbia University. She also gave us updates on the following classmates. Uta is in Asheville, NC, totally happy, working for a hospice. Tim is in Bethel, AK with his wife Jen Meyers. They are working in public health and have been there for two years now. Cecilia (granted, she didn’t finish class with us but started—broken arm if you recall) moved to NY City and was working in an ER there. Deb Shindell lives in Reno, has two adorable children, and is teaching at the University of Nevada Reno. Bridget Roughneen writes: I would honestly love to hear how everyone is. Where is Suzie? Heidi? Patrick Katende? Bridget is in Hawaii on the Big Island working as an ER travel nurse. She has been there since July and is finding it difficult to convince herself to leave. Katy Mendoza writes that she and her family are doing well…just enjoying another year…to its fullest. She is currently a full-time mom during the week to twins: Brandon and Mia (4yrs in Jan) and little sister Ava (turned 1 last Sept). She, Nick and the family still live in San Diego and can never leave as she is addicted to the weather. Then on Friday nights she works 12-hour shifts at UCSD Labor and Delivery as a Per Diem RN. She is proud to say she is still married and will celebrate 10 years this August. Katy also added that Astrid Lizotte had a baby girl a few months ago—Chloe. Jennifer Holmes and Robert are still living in Mammoth Lakes, CA. They had a beautiful healthy baby boy in May—Cyrus Holmes Creasy. She is working per diem at the hospital and spending tons of time outdoors with Robert and Cyrus. Judy Kamara was working as an L&D nurse since 2000 at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis, WA. Her husband, Ousseynou, is still Active Duty Army so they now find themselves living in Vilseck, Germany. She took a brief position at the health clinic in Grafenwoehr but decided that she really just wanted to be a mom to her three kids (Sali 13, Nick 10, & Zak 4) for a while and enjoy all that Germany has to offer. She does get to see Hilkka every couple of years but has lost touch with most everyone else. She would love to hear from anyone who feels like dropping a line at [email protected]. If anyone wants to visit Germany while Judy is there, just let her know. As for me, Alisa Linde, I am still in Show Low, AZ working as a staff nurse in the OB department. My New Year’s resolution is to be practicing midwifery somewhere in the southwest by the end of 2007. I completed my first half-marathon in January 2006 (walking every other mile) and raised $4,000 along with walking 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3 Day in November. I apologize for the long time between updates and hope all my classmates are doing well. Feel free to drop an update to me at [email protected].

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’01 Accelerated

Monica Robins Mewshaw reports that she finally graduated from the MSN/MPH program at Hopkins and took a job as a clinical nurse educator at a community hospital in Annapolis, MD (no more shift work…hooray!). She and her husband Adrian have a two-year-old little boy named Caden. She still jet-sets all around the country visiting wonderful friends she met in nursing school! Tu Huynh lives in San Jose, CA where she is working full time in the ER. She worked in the CCU/ICU, a PCU, a dialysis unit and as an advice nurse/infection nurse at a clinic before taking this position. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and playing volleyball, walking, shopping online and attending temple. She says the BSN program was the most challenging two years and one of her best school experiences.

’02 Accelerated

Congratulations to Maura Doyle MSN ’05 on her marriage to Peter Belden on 10/7/06.


Class Reporter—Colleen Thornton, 325 Homeland Southway, Apt. 2A, Baltimore, MD 21212, 410-464-1152, [email protected].After graduation, Dana Traver married Chad Richardson and moved to Loveland, OH. She worked at University Hospital in Cincinnati, OH (the level one trauma center for the region) in the Surgical/Trauma ICU up until July 2006. She is now in the Nurse Anesthesia program at University of Cincinnati and will graduate with her master’s degree in December of 2008. Carina Sonberg married Christopher Sterling in August of 2006. She and Chris are living in Santa Monica, CA. Carina is working in an ICU at UCLA. She is currently in the process of applying for Family Nurse Practitioner programs. Kristen MacIntyre got married this fall and moved back to the east coast. She and her husband, Javier, live in Philadelphia, PA and Kristen is now working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I, Colleen Thornton, graduated in Dec. 2006 from the Adult NP program and am working at JHH in the orthopaedic surgical department.


Lisa Rowen, DNSc ‘04, RN, JHH Director of Surgical Nursing, has been named the University of Maryland Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services.

Master’s ’05

Renay Tyler continues to work full time at JHH in the Dept. of Surgery, managing nutrition support and outpatient needs for pre- and post-op GI surgery patients. She recently accepted the challenge of an associate editor position for a new, peer-reviewed journal entitled Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care. She and her husband love to spend time with their sons in their recently purchased quaint cottage on the Potomac River where they sell snacks and drinks to hikers in the adjacent 40-year-old general store.

’05 Accelerated

Class Reporter–Bethany Leonard-Boak Felan, 9019 Scott Street, Springfield, VA 22153, (443) 928-7661, [email protected]. Jaimie Stafford continues to work on the Psychiatric unit for dual diagnosis at Hopkins. James Emerton is working in the NICU at UCSF. Bethany Leonard-Boak Felan is still in labor and delivery at INOVA Fairfax where they just missed 12,000 deliveries this year (11,985)!! She and her husband, Christian, are still very happy in northern VA. Chrissy Daniels was engaged in December and will soon be moving to the Boston area. Erin Abu-Rish just started working days for the Visiting Nurse Service, and works all over Manhattan. She also started a Master’s in Nursing Education program, part time, at NYU. Gretchen Scheidler is also all over Manhattan working with the VNS hospice program. Janine Gately Gerringer was married in July and is working in the ICU at Hershey Medical Center. Martin Taxera was recently posted to a new position with IHS as a public health nurse dealing with perinatal issues. He and his wife Gwyn continue to love life in northern AZ. Bonnie Benjamin started school at UCSF for the Critical Care CNS this fall. Hard to get back into it, but things are going well. She continues to work part time on the cardiac floor. Her athletic endeavors have taken a sink since she returned to the desk, but she finished off the summer by swimming with a team across the Maui Channel—roughest year in 15 years they said! Amanda Morgan was married in October. She works at Georgetown University Hospital in the Neurosurgery/ Neurology step-down unit. She’s been a charge nurse for several months now and has also started new grad precepting. Mary Costello was married in August, and is working at Stanford on the postpartum unit. Sonia VanDyne is in the midwifery program at UCSF and works at a women’s clinic. Sean Braden is in the adult NP program at UCSF and works in the ED at SFGH. Miriam Sadres works at Sinai in the PICU, working on her PNP at Hopkins. She was also recently engaged, and is planning a spring wedding.

’06 Accelerated 17 Months

Class Reporter–Lisa Kowal, 1006 South East Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224, (410) 732-3808 [email protected]. Thanks to everyone who responded to the call for news. Keep those cards and letters coming. Kristy Pulaski is engaged to Josh Finan and the wedding is set for Nov. 2007. Kristy is an oncology nurse at the Hospital of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Maryan Kianmaid resides in Oslo, Norway and will be practicing as a nurse by spring 07. Rosemary Kollosch is on Nelson 6 at JHH and reports that it is everything she wanted it to be. Congrats to Brenda Blunt who is at the NICU at Bayview. She will be a grandmother in July 07. Nadia Irania Lauer celebrated her marriage to Mike in October 2006. She loves being a Peds nurse on CMSC 8 at JHH. Meg Young has settled in Charlottesville VA and is a Cardiac Nurse at UVA. California classmates Sue Austin, Cambria Fast, Erin Batton, and Jessica Foran had a mini JHUSON reunion recently in San Francisco. Sue reports everyone is great, and she loves being a Peds nurse at UCSF and will pursue graduate school in the future. Christine Gordon is an oncology nurse on the Head and Neck Unit at Sloane Memorial in New York City and loves it. Katie Lengyel loves being an ER RN at Sibley Memorial Hospital in D.C. She resides in Arlington, Va. Jen Allard is very busy with being in MPH grad school and working as a Peds Nurse on CMSC 8 at JHH. Lindsey Bischel is working as an oncology nurse at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, CA. She loves it and is working to become chemo certified. Julie Bader Fones got married on July 8, 2006. Classmates Maryan, Colleen and Verconia attended the wedding in Aptos, CA. Check out for more info. Luis D’Andrade is working at Legancy Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR as a Peds nurse. Luis reports that all is well and Gabriel is walking.

’06 Accelerated

Class Reporter–Kim Kaczmarek, (206) 953-7847, [email protected]. Greg Brynelson is enjoying his job at the Neuro ICU at UCSF. He is happy to be back in San Francisco near his girlfriend, but is dismayed at the pitiful performance of his Kings this season. Christina Cartier is working on a cardiac care/IMC unit in Idaho. She is already thinking about how to pursue hospice nursing in Jackson Hole, but is also enjoying the flexible schedule at her current position. She wishes she were able to incorporate more CAM into her present work, but absolutely loves the patients and her colleagues. No surprise, she is a full-time ski instructor during the winter. If anyone is visiting Jackson Hole, she will gladly show you around the mountain. Bryce Clark is enjoying life in NY City where he’s working at New York Presbyterian (Cornell campus) on a medical unit that specializes in HIV/AIDS and GI. Initially he was overwhelmed, but he is now more comfortable and having a good time. He and Jeff McKinney work on the same unit and enjoy commiserating with each other. His somewhat small apartment has a view of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings and plenty of sleeping space, so look him up if you’re ever in the city. Jeanne Hsu is working at UCSF on the Cardiovascular Thoracic (CVT) unit, which is a mix of intermediate and general acute care patients. She is very excited by her position and by the fact that there are several Hopkins alums at UCSF. Rebecca Lozman is currently a full-time student in the Hopkins PNP program, with a planned graduation date Dec 2007. She works part time at Wald Community Nursing Center as a community health nurse. She is currently living in Baltimore and is greatly looking forward to moving back north after she finishes school. Stella Marine is currently working at Franklin Square Hospital in the Med-Surg pulmonary unit. She is having the time of her life. “Apart from the book knowledge acquired at JHUSON, the work ethics and morals I learned are helping me keep my mind and heart focused on seeing what I do as helping others and not just a job. I also thank those individuals who made sure I was able to complete my education there.” Kristine Massey is working with Kelly Plunkett and some May graduates on Halsted 4/MPC4, a medical step-down unit at Hopkins. “I love it, the nurses are great and there is a lot of variety.” Florence Morris is working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in OH. She works on a GI transplant and ENT floor where patients range in age from weeks to 24 years old. She is currently living in Fairfield, OH. “I love, love, love my new job!” Lisa Seaman is still at JHUSON in the Pediatric NP program full time (MSN/PNP). She also plans to graduate December 2007. She is working part time at Union Memorial in the Emergency Department and absolutely loves it! Sara Silberschatz is working at Stanford University Medical Center on a general medicine unit (specializing in liver/kidney transplant, adult cystic fibrosis, and overflow cancer center patients). It was a very rough start, but it’s getting better. Maria Tsekouras is working on the post-partum unit at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. She is engaged to Michael Sage, and they are getting married Nov. 3, 2007. Kathleen Watkins is working for UCSD at Thornton Hospital in the ICU and is very happy. Erin Wright is currently attending the MSN program in Nurse Midwifery and Women’s Health at Georgetown. She will graduate in December of 2007. She and her family still live in Baltimore. “Gotta love the commute.” As for me, Kim Kaczmarek, I am finally back home in Seattle after having an amazing time in Africa for clinical and beyond. I am working on the Hem/Onc unit at Children’s Hospital and am hoping the overwhelming feeling goes away soon.

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