Faculty Publications June 2005-May 2006

Faculty Publications June 2005-May 2006

Compiled by Susan Barlow, Class of 2007

AACN Advanced Critical Care
“Defining and addressing moral distress: Tools for critical care nursing leaders” Cynda Rushton April/June 2006

“Donation after cardiac death: Ethical implications and implementation strategies” Cynda Rushton March 2006

AACN Clinical Issues
“Management options for angina refractory to maximal medical and surgical interventions” Julie Stanik-Hutt July/September 2005

“Surgery-induced immunosuppression and postoperative pain management” Gayle Page July/September 2005

Addictive Behaviors
“Factors associated with lifetime history of drug treatment among substance dependent women” Benita Walton-Moss Spring 2006

Advance for Nurses
“Patient Safety at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Shadyside” Marion Ball & T. Merryman Spring 2006

“Nursing: A Culture of Safety. Johns Hopkins’ initiative improves interdisciplinary communication to better protect patients and staff” Marion Ball October 2005

“SaludTo Your Health” Lori Edwards January 2006

Advance for Nurses Online
“Presence: A Clinical Intervention for Care” Online Course Margaret Haroth November 2005

Advances in Nursing Science
“Predicting immune status in women from PTSD and childhood and adult violence” S. Woods, M. Wineman, Gayle Page, R. Hall, T. Alexander, & Jacquelyn Campbell October/December 2005

American Journal of Community Psychology
“The Mediation Effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symp-toms on the Relationship of Intimate Partner Violence and IFN-Levels” Nancy Woods, Gayle Page, P. O’Campo, Linda Pugh, D. Ford, & Jacquelyn Campbell September 2005

American Journal of Preventive Medicine
“Community Health Workers as Interventionists in research and practice for the Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke” J. Brownstein, L. Bone, Cheryl Dennison, Martha Hill, Miyong Kim, & D. Levine December 2005

American Journal of Public Health
“Individual and contextual deter-minants of domestic violence in North India” M. Koenig, R. Stephenson, S. Ahmed, S. Jejeebhoy, & Jacquelyn Campbell November 2005

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
“Reduced ambulatory activity after stroke: the role of balance, gait, and cardiovascular fitness” Jeri Allen, K. Michael, & R. Macko August 2005

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
“Factors associated with depression experience of immigrant populations: A Study of Korean Immigrants” Miyong Kim, Hae-Ra Han, H. Shin, K. Kim, & H. Lee October 2005

“Mastery, burden, and areas of concern among family caregivers of mentally ill persons” Linda Rose, R. Mallinson, & Linda Gerson February 2006

Biological Research for Nursing
“Effects of Estrogen on Platelet Reactivity after Transient Forebrain Ischemia in Rats” Marguerite Littleton Kearney October 2005

“Estradiol is not deleterious to platelet reactivity in the postischemic brain” Marguerite Littleton-Kearney, J. Gaines, K. Callahan, S. Murphy, & P. Hurn October 2005

“Allostatic Load: A Mechanism of Socioeconomic Health Disparities” Jerilyn Allen, Sarah Szanton and Jessica Gill July 2005

“Biological underpinnings of health alterations in women with PTSD: A sex disparity” Jessica Gill, Sarah Szanton, & Gayle Page July 2005

“Two-Color Quantitative Multiplex-Methylation Specific PCR” Theresa Swift-Scanlan, A. Blackford, P. Argari, S. Sukumar, M. Fackler February 2006

Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention
“Depression, PTSD, and co-morbidity related to intimate partner violence in civilian and military women” P. O’Campo, Joan Kub, Nancy Woods, M. Garza, A. Snow Jones, A. Gielen, D. Dienemann, & Jacquelyn Campbell March 2006

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention
“Uptake rates for breast cancer genetic testing: A systematic review” M. Ropka, Jennifer Wenzel, E. Phillips, & J. Philbrick April 2006

Cancer Nursing
“The Effect of a Frequently Asked Questions Module on a Pancreatic Cancer Web Site Patient/Family Chat Room” JoAnn Coleman, Sharon Olsen, Amy Emerling, Deborah Baker, & Marie Nolan November/December 2005

“Postmenopausal women with breast cancer: their experiences of the chemotherapy treatment period” Maria M. Browell, PhD student, Fannie Gaston-Johansson, & E. Danielson January/February 2006

Circulation “AHA/ACC Guidelines for Secondary Prevention for Patients with Coronary and other Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: 2006 update” S. Smith, Jeri Allen, S. Blair, R. Bonow, L. Brass, G. Fonarow, S. Grundy, L. Hiratzka, D. Jones, H. Krumholz, L. Mosca, R. Pasternak, T. Pearson, M. Pfeffer, K. Taubert May 2006

Critical Care
“Study protocol: The Improving Care of Acute Lung Injury Patients (ICAP) Study: Study Design and Methods” D. Needham, Cheryl Dennison, D. Dowdy, P. Mendez-Tellez, N. Ciesla, J. Sevransky, C. Shanholtz, D. Scharfstein, M. Herridge, & P. Pronovost. January 2006

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
“Lower epidural anesthesia use associated with labor support by student nurse doulas: Implications for intrapartum nursing practice” Shirley Van Zandt, Lori Edwards, & Elizabeth Jordan August 2005

eHealthcare Strategies & Trends
“Ask the Expert…A Round Up. Question: What will 2006 mean for e-Healthcare?” Marion Ball January 2006

Ethnicity & Disease
“Barriers to Care and Control of High Blood Pressure in Korean-American Elderly” J. Kang, Hae-Ra Han, B. Kim, & Miyong Kim Winter 2006

“Cross-cultural validation of the Hill-Bone compliance to high blood pressure therapy scale in South African primary health setting” E. Lambert, K. Steyn, S. Stender, N. Everage, J. Fouire, & Martha N. Hill Winter 2006

“Effect of stress in Young Black Males with High Blood Pressure” Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim, Martha N. Hill, & L. Bone Winter 2006

“Cardiovascular Risk and Co-Morbid Conditions among Black South Africans with Hypertension Receiving Primary Care in Public and Private Settings: The HiHi Study” Cheryl Dennison, N. Peer, J. Fourie, C. Lombard, L. Kepe, N. Levitt, Martha Hill, & K. Steyn Winter 2006

“Effects of stressful life events in young black men with high blood pressure” Hae-Ra Han, Miyong Kim, Linda Rose, Cheryl Dennison, & Martha N. Hill Winter 2006

Family and Community Health
“Stories of diagnosis of rural blacks with diabetes” Jennifer Wenzel, S. Utz, R. Steeves, I. Hinton, & R. Jones June/July 2006

“Working hard with it: Self-management of Type 2 diabetes by rural African Americans” S. Utz, Jennifer Wenzel, R. Steeves, I. Hinton, R. Jones, D. Andrews, & A. Murphy June/July 2006

Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice
“Rationale for and development of the computerized intimate partner violence screen for primary care” L. McNutt, E. Waltermaurer, J. McCauley, Jacquelyn Campbell, & D. Ford December 2005

Geriatric Nursing
“Resiliency: A factor to consider when facilitating the transition from hospital to home in older adults” C. Esche & Elizabeth Tanner July 2005

Health Care for Women International
“Postpartum mothers: Disclosure of abuse, role and conflict” Y. Ulrich, S. Torres, P. Price-Lea, D. Campbell, C. King, L. Smith McKenna, L. Medina, M. Ryan, & Jacquelyn Campbell April 2006

Healthcare Informatics
“Nurses: Critical members of the IT Team” Marion Ball & W. Wieners February 2006

“Evaluation of a nursing informatics training program shows significant changes in nurses’ perception of their knowledge of information technology” C. Bickford, K. Smith, Marion Ball, G. Frantz, T. Panniers, S. Newbold, K. Knecht, H. Farish-Hunt, & N. Cortes-Comerer September 2005

“Experts Corner: Spinning the Globe” Marion Ball & W. Wieners Spring 2006

Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society
“Whose Record Is It, Anyway? Consumers Bank on Health” Marion Ball & M. Costin February 2006 (Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Meeting)

Health Psychology
“Medication adherence and diabetes control in urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes” Martha N. Hill, F. Hill-Briggs, T. Gary, L. Bone, D. Levine, & F. Brancati July 2006

Hospitals & Health Networks
Letter to the Editor: “Evidence-based infrastructure” Robin Newhouse November 2005

International Journal of Cancer
“Cigarette Smoking, Elevated Fasting Serum Glucose, and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Korean Men” J. Yun, Jo I, J. Park, Miyong Kim, N. Odongua, E. Kim, & S. Jee January 2006

International Journal of Cardiology
“Assessing risk factors of coronary heart disease and its risk prediction among Korean adults: The 2001 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES)” M. Ko, Miyong Kim, & J. Nam January 2006

International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship
“Learning from Experience: Three Community Health Population-Based Outreaach Projects for Graduate and Undergraduate Students” Marion D’Lugoff, and graduate student, Jeanne McCarter July 2005

Issues in Mental Health Nursing
“Effects of mental illness on family quality of life” Benita Walton-Moss, Linda Gerson, & Linda Rose July 2005

Journal for Nurse Practitioners
“Management of Hematologic and Neuropsychiatric Side Effects in Treatment of Chronic HCV Infection” Jason Farley, David Dial, & Marguerite Littleton-Kearney January 2006

“Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention/CE Activity” Janet Selway February 2006

“The Decision for Cesarean Birth” Mary Terhaar October 2005

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
“Constructing and Testing a Self-Help Intervention Program for High Blood Pressure Control in Korean American Seniors-A Pilot Study” Miyong Kim, Hae-Ra Han and doctorate students Hyun Jeoung Park, & Hwayun Lee March/April 2006

Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism “Estrogen restores pial artery vasoconstriction to U46619 after transient global cerebral ischemia” X. Qin, P. Hurn, & Marguerite Littleton Kearney August 2005

Journal of Community Health
“Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence and Associated Injury Among Urban Women” Benita Walton Moss & Jacquelyn Campbell October 2005

Journal of Disease Management
“Clinical features of high-risk older persons identified by predictive modeling” Doctoral student, Martha Sylvia February 2006

Journal of Genetic Counseling
“Use of video for patient education: A survey of cancer genetic counselors” L. Hamby, J. Axilbund, D. Thomopson, Sharon Olsen, & C. Griffin June 2005

Journal of Healthcare Information Management
“Banking on Better Health: Personal Records and Information Exchange” Marion Ball & J. Gold Spring 2006

Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing
“Prevalence, Severity, and Correlates of Depressive Symptoms on Admission to Inpatient Hospice” Anne Woods & Linda Smitz March 2006

“The Spiritual Care Perspectives and Practices of Hospice Nurses” Anne Belcher & M. Griffiths September/October 2005

Journal of National Black Nurses Association
“Prostate cancer among African American males” R. Jones, & Jennifer Wenzel July 2005

Journal of Nursing Administration
“The Slippery Slope: Differentiating Between Quality Improvement and Research” Robin Newhouse, J. Pettit, L. Rocco, & S. Poe April 2006

“Evidence and the Executive: Selecting Measures for Safety and Quality Improvement Initiatives” Robin Newhouse March 2006

“Exploring nursing issues in rural hospitals” Robin Newhouse July-August 2005

“Evidence and the executive: Examining the evidence on the outcomes of evidenced-based nursing practice” Robin Newhouse July 2006

Journal of Nursing Care Quality
“Quest for the ideal: A redesign of the medication use system” D. Dang, E. Feroli, C. Gill, L. Paine, K. Shermock, J. Suflitta, & Jo Walrath March 2006

“Allergy Immunotherapy in the Primary Care Setting” Michelle Charron, J. Dramer, & S. Crocetti April/June 2006

Journal of Nursing Education
“Teaching Effectiveness of Standardized Patients” Kathleen Becker, Linda Rose, Janet Berg, H. Park, & J. Shatzer April 2006

Journal of Nursing Research
“Living with unexplained chest pain” M. Jerlock, Fannie Gaston-Johansson, & E. Danielson September 2005

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
“When Patients Lack Capacity: The Roles That Patients with Terminal Diagnoses Would Choose for their Physicians and Loved Ones in Making Medical Decisions” Marie Nolan & Joan Kub October 2005

Journal of Psychosocial Oncology
“Examining the influence of coping with pain on depression, anxiety, and fatigue among women with breast cancer” Jacquelyn Campbell, Fannie Gaston-Johansson, J. Nanda, D. Ryman, & B. Reddick February 2006

Journal of School Violence
“The meaning of dating violence in the lives of middle school adoles-cents: A report of focus group data” N. Fredland, I. Ricardo, Jacquelyn Campbell, Phyllis Sharps, Joan Kub, & M. Yonas July 2005

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health
“Technical workshop on Human Milk Surveillance and Research on Environmental Chemicals in the United States” Linda Pugh, C. Berlin, B. Crase, P. Furst, J. LaKind, G. Moy, L. Needham, & M. Tully October 2005

Journal of Transcontinental Nursing
“Community Transformation through Culturally Competent Nursing Leadership: Application of Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality and Tri-Dimensional Leader Effectiveness Model” M. Shapiro, J. Miller, & Kathleen White April 2006

Military Medicine
“Domestic violence in the military: Women’s policy preferences and beliefs concerning routine screening and mandatory reporting” A. Gielen, Jacquelyn Campbell, M. Garza, P. O’campo, J. Deinneman, Joan Kub, A. Snow Jones, & D. Lloyd 2006

New England Journal of Medicine
“Clinical practice: Low HDL cholesterol levels” Dominique Ashen, & Roger Blumenthal September 2005

Nurse Practitioner
“Many Factors Needed to Solve Malpractice Woes” Julie Stanik-Hutt & Janet Selway May 2005

“Pediatric and geriatric considerations in polypharmacy” Rosemarie Brager & Elizabeth Sloand June 2005

“Spectrum of Polypharmacy” Rosemarie Brager & Elizabeth Sloand June 2005

Nursing Economic$
“Nurse Supported Breastfeeding Promotion: A Framework for Economic Evaluation” K. Frick, Renee Milligan, Kathleen White, J. Serwint & Linda Pugh July/August 2005

Nursing Management
“Can we thrive, despite the faculty shortage?” Jo Walrath & Anne Belcher April 2006

“Best practice protocols: Preventing central line infection” Kathleen White, K. Earsing & D. Hobson October 2005

“Better manage your human capital” Kathleen White January 2006

“Nursing workforce legislation” Kathleen White January 2006

“Policy Spotlight: Staffing plans and ratios: What is the latest U.S. perspective?” Kathleen White April 2006

Oncology Nursing Forum
“African American couples merging strengths to successfully cope with breast cancer” P. Morgan, J. Fogel, Linda Rose, K. Barnett, Victoria Mock, B. Davis, M. Gaskins, & C. Brown-Davis September 2005

“Spiritual Issues of Family Members in a Pancreatic Cancer Chat Room” Marie Nolan, M. Hodgin, Sharon Olsen, J. Coleman, P. Sauter, A. Emerling, R. Hruban, D. Baker, & C. Stanfield March 2006

ONS News
“Should Oncology Nurses Provide Spiritual Care?” Anne Belcher May 2006

Patient Education and Counseling
“Perceived body image among African Americans with type 2 Diabetes” K. Robert-Baptiste, T. Gary, L. Bone, Martha N. Hill, & F. Brancati February 2006

Preventive Medicine
“Does long-term lactation protect pre-menopausal women against hyper-tension risk? A Korean women’s cohort study” Miyong Kim, S. Lee, S. Jee, & H. Yang August 2005

Progress in Transplantation
“Ethical analysis of living organ donation” Benita Walton-Moss, L. Taylor, & Marie Nolan September 2005

Public Health Nursing
“Fathers club to improve child health in rural Haiti” Elizabeth Sloand, & B. Gebrian June 2005

“Profiles of Self-Reported HIV Risk Behaviors among Injection Drug Users in Methadone Maintenance Treatment, Detoxification and Needle Exchange Programs” Hayley Mark, J. Nanda, A. Davis-Vogel, H. Navaline, R. Scotti, R. Wickrema, D. Metzger, & J. Sochalski January/February 2006

Sexually Transmitted Disease
“Sex with Women as a Risk Factor for Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 among Young Men who have Sex with Men in Baltimore” Hayley Mark, F. Sifakis, J. Hylton, D. Celentano, D. Mackellar, L. Valleroy, & J. Zenilman November 2005

Social Science & Medicine
“Domestic violence against women in Egypt: Wife beating and health outcomes” N. Diop-Sidibe, Jacquelyn Campbell, & S. Becker March 2006

South African Medical Journal
“Barriers to initiating insulin therapy in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus in public-sector primary health care centers in Cape Town” M. Haque, S. Emerson, Cheryl Dennison, M. Navsa, & N. Levitt October 2005

Teaching Excellence
“Laughterpiece theatre: Humor as a systematic teaching tool” Ronald Berk 2005-2006 Essay Series

Trauma, Violence, and Abuse
“Survey Data Sets Pertinent to the Study of Intimate Partner Violence and Health” Jacquelyn Campbell, S. Martin, K. Moracco, J. Manganello, & R. Macy January 2006

Violence Against Women
“Changing public attitudes as a preventative strategy to reduce intimate partner violence” Jacquelyn Campbell & J. Manganello Spring 2006

Violence and Victims
“Risk Factors for Femicide-Suicide in Abusive Relationships: Results From a Multi-site Case Control Study” J. Koziol McLain, D. Webster, J. McFarlane, C. Block, Y. Ulrich, N. Glass, & Jacquelyn Campbell February 2006

Women’s Health Issues
“Long-term costs of intimate partner violence in a sample of female HMO enrollees” A. Jones, J. Dienemann, J. Schollenberger, M. Lawlor, A. Cottrell, Joan Kub, P. O’campo, A. Gielen, & Jacquelyn Campbell Spring 2006


Books and Book Chapters

Advancing the Nation’s Health Needs: NIH Research Training Programs Chapter: “Nursing Research” A. Hinshaw, Sue Donaldson, M. Heitkemper, M. Salmon, & M. Johns National Academy Press September 2005

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End of life and palliative care issues in critical care Section: “Principles for end of life communication and conflict resolutionProtocols for practice” Cynda Rushton American Association of Critical Care Nurses March 2006

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Interpreting Difficult ECGs “Foreword” Theresa Yeo Lippincott November 2005

Intimate Partner Abuse and Health Professionals: New Approaches to Domestic Violence Section: “Impact of intimate partner abuse on physical and mental health: How does it present in clinical practice?” Jacquelyn Campbell, Anne Woods, & K. Laughon. Edited by: G. Roberts, K. Hegarty, & G. Feder Churchill Livingstone September 2005

Intimate partner abuse and health professionals Section: “Old problems, new approaches. How is intimate partner violence experienced by childbearing women?”H. McCosker-Howard & Anne Woods September 2005

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After Student Standards: Alignment Chapter: “Test alignment and balancing with state standards: Every 6 months or 50 items, whichever comes first” Ronald Berk 2005

The medical, legal & social science aspects of Child Sexual Exploitation: A Comprehensive Review. Chapter: “Intimate Partner violence in the lives of prostituted adolescents” Daniel Sheridan & Dawn Van Pelt G. W. Medical July 2005

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The School Nurse’s Source Book of Individualized Healthcare Plans Chapter: “The Child with Spina Bifida” Maureen Maguire Chapter: “Vision Problems and Eye Disorders” Maureen Maguire & A. Biddle Sunrise River Press August 2005

Thirteen Strategies to Measure College Teaching: A Consumer’s Guide for Faculty, Administrators, and Clinicians to Rating Scale Construction, Assessment, and Decision-Making. Ronald Berk Stylus August 2006

Women’s Gynecologic Health, Book Chapter: “Intimate partner violence and sexual assault” Daniel Sheridan, L. Fernandes, D. Van Pelt, A. Alden, & Jacquelyn Campbell Jones & Bartlett June 2005


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