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Melinda Rose, Associate Director of JHNAA, visited Mary Farr Heeg in May. “Miss Farr” turned 93 in June and is doing very well. She enjoyed seeing the new history book, Our Shared Legacy: Nursing Education at Johns Hopkins 1889-2006.


Lillian Schoonover writes that she is a teacher nurse having attended Mansfield State Teachers College and JHH Nursing School and was a member of the Navy Nurse Corps from 1943-1968. Her husband, Bob, is a journalist who attended Bob Jones, Temple and American Universities.


Class Reporter Laura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Constance Roberts Moore died 2/16/06 leaving a widower, Dr. George Moore, three daughters and four grandchildren. She had been ill for the last two years following pneumonia. Five from our class visited her in White Stone, VA in 1956 and were treated to stories of their living in Nepal. There is a 2005 edition of the Public Health Chronicles telling of George’s experiences in Nepal with a picture of him and Connie with their mahout atop an elephant contributed by His Majesty for traveling through grasses 10-12 feet high and crossing rivers where crocodiles swarmed. Connie learned to heat a meal while in motion. Not wanting to deliver in Nepal, Connie gave birth to her daughter in India. Our Nurses’ Alumni Association is taking memorials in Connie’s memory. Our alumni office reports that Mary Steffy also died. Our 60th class reunion is Sept. 29 & 30 this year. Hope to see many classmates there! No news to report of HR 2193, the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps Equity Act. Occasionally our Cadet Nurse Corps uniforms are for sale on EBay. For years I thought we were taught four massage movements, but now perhaps there are only three: effleurage, petrissage and tapotement. Am I correct? Our class started with 100 members, and now I am counting 41. Georgia Rauch Athens and Jack have a garden of vegetables in Salt Lake, one dog for Jack’s bird hunting and two horses. She doubts she will be coming to our reunion and wants us to take good notes. Dottie McGuire Bailey is a telephone volunteer for the health ministry of her church and is thankful for her family members who are busy and well. Winnie Wyncoop Carter sent her usual good pictures of family and was matron of honor at her sister’s wedding in OH in Dec. She and Nick spent April in Las Vegas with Seattle friends; saw their grandson graduate from junior college in SD; took in the mummies exhibit in Los Angeles where Winnie had a heart attack and luckily got down to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach where she had once worked; was in cardiac rehab for six weeks and is OK now. Nick had hernia surgery in July and is in process of selling his plane. They have a year-old granddaughter whose father is in Iraq. They sold their Morongo Valley property which is 20-30 miles from us. Joyce Lewis McDonald from NV visited them this past March. Pat Vicinus Cote went to Amsterdam and Belgium in April; Denmark in September and Sweden, Finland, Moscow and St. Petersburg. She says driving in Moscow was a nightmare but Russia had quality clothes and plentiful food. Louise Lofgren Dunn says her kids are faring well; the oldest grandchild is at the Univ. of NC. Kitty Keith Horsely in NC loves her home site with river view on three sides, but says there is much yard work. Joyce Lewis McDonald sent a picture of herself with her seven grandchildren; has taken several trips this yearto see daughter Dale in Houston; Anne in DC and Dean in Pismo Beach, CA. She plays bridge 2-3 times a week. Jane Cutt McLean went to Sicily and says she and husband travel as much as they can; drove their van to NM, camping along the way and enjoyed an Elderhostel tour of Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque. Susan Pincoffs Tippet sees Margaret Hawkins Abbott and Dede Boyle Morrow. She enjoys her retirement community and takes several coursesforeign policy, European history and history of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. She plans to attend our reunion in Sept. Budgie Dickerson Preston also plans to attend and writes her usual clever letter. She has perhaps the best sense of humor of our classmates. Her Frank wrote the Christmas letter, and she edited it jokingly. They went again to Guam to visit their doctor son. Astrid Johnsen Reiley‘s teenage grandson’s friend was killed when the boys were bike riding to the library. It affected both families deeply. Johnny is enjoying her new grandson, golfing, helping Sons of Norway and playing scrabble. She and I will attend our reunion and then go on to DC afterward. Mona Staska Riley keeps busy with senior groups but less bridge. Said she was going through old diaries and discovered she gave her first hypo to Helen Tappan (Hine). How many of us remember Eleanor Hall’s directing us to do that in Nursing Arts class?


Class Reporter Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Wood-bridge Court, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601. Judith Simms Dawe sent a note saying she “went to Scotland last May to visit a niece for a few weeks.” She said she “loves the UK. Must be her roots.” She also said it was “strange to know she’d be 80 in June … sort of a milestone.” She remembers her mom and Gina at this age and is grateful. Kathryn Heller Erickson wrote and said she was in Yuma, AZ, for the winter and sold her Hayden home.” She sees Donna in Spokane, and they “have lunch together from time to time.” This is one of the wonderful things about enduring friendships. Helen Charlet Frisk expressed appreciation for the class news sent to the alumni magazine. Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban said she had a little density in her left lung and was trying to change her diet a little bit. They expected to be away until spring. Margaret J. McIntosh Rosett states she is “still in touch with Polly although she hadn’t talked with her since before Christmas. She said the holidays were very quiet for her with no family in Canada. Her new apartment number is A258. Bonnie Holley See wrote and gave some family news. She “has a sister in a nursing home and goes to South Point, OH twice a week for several hours to visit her.” I sent Bonnie a picture of my rascal cat, and she was reminded of one they had for 14 years before he died. Donna Honsowetz Simanton did an “abridged version” of 2005: her Scottsdale house was sold; a grandson was married at the gazebo in Jim’s park; a Honsowetz family reunion in July; a driving trip to parts of Canada and northwestern parts of the U.S. She has kept busy with church, gardening, poetry interests and a golden retriever lab dog. She mentioned both wonderful sons in Spokane where she lives now. She talked with Helena a few months ago, had a letter from Bonnie, and she and Kathy had lunch before she left for Yuma. They stay in close touch. Anna Mary Snyder (Mollie) sent a note in mid-Dec. saying she still does house and yard work but sometimes leaves tasks for her son. Her oldest granddaughter is in her first year of college and is interested in veterinary medicine. At that time she wrote that Goonie had fallen and broken her arm near the shoulder in Sept. and was living in an assisted living facility when she fell again and broke her right hip. Early in Jan., Mollie wrote that Goonie was in an assisted living facility and didn’t want a telephone. As for me, Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, I keep busy going to the old university pool three times a week to work out in the water. This helps us “oldies” to keep moving. Early in January I had surgery on my arthritic left hand. It took a long time to mend but has been a tremendous help, and now I can take part in a hand bell choir at church, which is a new experience for me. Thanks to those who wrote to share and keep in touch.


Class Reporter Betty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. Not much news from this front, but here goes. I had a long phone conversation with Mackie McCown Kolb. All goes well down Texas way with her and the family. Her son Reuben and his family spent some time with James and her; they had just departed and the quiet was refreshingly pleasant. I asked her once again what her initials “F. M. C.” stand for, and she still will not tell me. She has kept this secret for 58 yearsWow! Can she keep a secret! Also got a note from Marion Bee who is moving to a new house near her niece in the Albany area. She loves retirement so far“being home, visiting friends, and pursuing various other activities.” Go, gal, and live it up! A phone call from Jo McDavid Hubbard filled me in on her Kentucky life: Stan is doing okay as are both children and all grandchildren with the exciting news that one grandson will be spending at least a semester in France. She also had checked on Janey Shutts Pinkerton, who is doing well although husband Pinky broke an ankle just cutting the lawn. Anna Clair Junkin and I still have not managed to get together for lunch, but we will keep trying! I have resigned my part-time job with the state of Maryland as of the end of June. Then I will see how long I can take the inactivity. Only other contact has been a card from Charlie Royer who is fine and who wished me a happy holiday. I also have a frequent email correspondence with Ginger Groseclose David through her husband Don, so all goes relatively well on that front. Next issue, gals, let’s have more news to report.


It’s our 55th reunion! Watch for Homecoming information. Let’s have a good turnout.


Class Reporter Jackie Shaka, 2100 Pheasant Lane, Holladay, UT 84121, [email protected]. We in the Salt Lake valley were lucky not to have any big snow storms this last winter. However, the ski resorts received record snowfall providing us with great ski days. A recent trip to the Red Rock country of southern Utah made us wish we knew more geology. However, that did not diminish our appreciation of its beauty. My apologies for not having an entry for our class in the spring edition of the magazine. December flew right by me…must have had Angel Wings! Betsy Bivins was off to Panama for Christmas. Luckily her son-in-law returned safely from Iraq and is stationed in VA. Son Dave, in Maritime service, was to be on his ship at Christmas. Son Bill has spent long years translating the New Testament into a native dialect (Guaymi). It is now in use in Panama and Costa Rica. Betsy wrote that she is “still enjoying lifeso much to do and so little time!” Two of our class faithfuls, Libby Derr and Marian Greifenstein Nash, attended the Annual Meeting and Luncheon. They agree that “Martha Hill is certainly impressive as dean of the School!” Olga Cutler traveled down to Williamsburg during the holidays and found it to be a pretty town especially with the seasonal decorations. Jan Bankert Wagner should be given a reward for successfully moving her elderly mother from York, PA to Sugarland, TX! Her Christmas card included a wonderful photo of her smiling 101-year-old mother seated between Jan and Don. Mary Ann Wendorf is living in an assisted living facility in San Antonio, TX. She enjoys reading and watching CNN. Mary Ann spoke of her family with enthusiastic pride. Son Tom is a civil engineer; his wife works at a school in an advisory position. The oldest grandson is in college. The next grandson is in high school and plays the French horn. The youngest is “into scouts.” Ruth Sidisin answered my phone call very promptly. She does not write because the stroke (2002) affected her right arm. She said she has pain from a “disc.” She enjoys reading and says, “Thank God my brain is okay.” Ann Zack enjoyed reading about Penny Watson in the last magazine. She was head nurse on Halsted 4 or was it 5? Ann is living on the family alfalfa ranch in the beautiful eastern Sierra, north of Bishop. She worked med-surg then she worked for hospice until her husband became ill eight years ago. He died four years ago. She has five wonderful children. Her oldest son Fred is a chemical engineer for Agilent. Jane and her husband and two children live in San Mateo. She is a lawyer and works in the State Attorney General’s office in San Francisco. Daughter Kathy, her husband Peter, and their three children live in Bishop. They are partners in the ranch, and Peter runs it. Daughter Andy has lupus, lives on the ranch in her own house and is a big help here. Son Tom works for Hitachi Data Systems. He and his wife have lived in Asia since the early ’90s. Ann has been able to visit them in Singapore and Hong Kong. She is a lay volunteer with hospice, helps with a third grade reading group at the school, does some things at church, and has fun with her grandchildren. Ann’s wonderful Doberman Betsy has been with her through some hard times. She says she is busy and happycan’t ask for more than that!


Class Reporter Margie Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Kay Smith Burr enjoys her piano lessons in addition to the TLC tendered Ted. She has been doing most of the driving for routine errands. Mary Rahman Hartay decided to return to her friends at the nursing home, realizing that she was unable to manage by herself in her second floor apartment. She continues to enjoy watching the skies at night whenever it is favorable. Mary Lou Murdoch is working two jobs: five evenings a week at two adjoining group homes with 16 developmentally disabled adults, handling medications and taking care of routine cuts, bruises, colds, etc. plus all the documentation; and also as an instructor at the local community college for the three-month program for Health Unit Coordinators, previously known as unit secretaries, who now transcribe doctors’ orders, (though the current trend is for physicians to enter their orders directly into the computer as part of the Electronic Medical Record). She reported that Mary Ann Geist Harvey, after attending the luncheon with the rest of us at reunion, returned home to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary with husband Bob. Congratulations! (I think a fair number of the class have made it through that milestone!) Mary Lou and Char Lee Williams got together with Fran Wilkerson for lunch after reunion and shared their pictures with her. Mary Lou is now planning on going to Italy with the upcoming Hopkins tour. Kathy McCormick Daughtry is willing to make her cartoons available through the alumni association, but the latter would need help with the associated cost and labor factor. Does anyone have ideas as to how our class could raise funds to reproduce these? Margie and Bob Trever recently got to the midwest. His Parkinson’s does put a damper on retirement activities, but we were able to take in the Montana state capitol and courtship dances of the sharp-tailed grouse and the prairie chicken. Our young ones continue to pamper us and arrange for tickets, hotel reservations, and other vacation necessities. We’re still able to walk the 2.5 miles almost daily on our local Rails-to-Trails. I am finding that the geriatric journals have more and more things that applycoordination not as steady as formerly, difficulty in standing on one foot, etc. And a must: taking care not to fall, as many injuries of the elderly are caused by such. Do be careful!


The 50th reunion! That’s right, 50 years and we are ready to celebrate. Make plans NOW for Homecoming September 29 and 30. We want to see everyone at Hopkins for this milestone. Several of us are working with the Alumni Office to make this a truly memorable event.


Class Reporter Wendy Gehlbach, 1141 Nettles Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957, 772-229-0601, [email protected]. It’s our 45th reunion!! Who would believe that so much time has passed. Make your plans now to be in Baltimore for Homecoming September 29 and 30. Sydney Tally Hickey writes of various travels in the States as well as Europe. She continues on the Board of the National Military Family Assn. and was recently appointed to several other national advisory boards. (We are proud of your service, Sydney!) Daughter Elizabeth traded in her tennis shoes and a soccer field for heels and an airplane when she switched careers from teaching to becoming a flight attendant for Jet Blue. Catherine spends her time running… after Owen, in marathons and in her travels for work. Mary Ann Quink Slowick is still working but counting the days until retirement. Her eight grandchildren keep them hopping. Cathy Peters Jones writes from Durham, NC. Bob is still traveling a lot for an NIH study he is directing. Cathy is back in the potty-training business while caring for her grandson. Son David and daughter Natalie and their families are nearby. Daughter Julie and her family settled in Waco. From Donna Stonesifer Hargett word that her mom is still living independently in an assisted living facility. Her son Gordon is in his third year cancer-free of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He and his family as well as her daughter Kim and family live close by. Donna finally retired on September 2, 2005, after 43 years in nursing. She is filling in her time with travel and ballroom dancing. (Will we ever see her on Dancing with the Stars???) I’m sure you’ve all heard from Donna about our 45th anniversary. I know Art and I will be there and hope to see all of you. Lois Whipp Boor and hubby are wintering here in FL. They spend much time on the road traveling for fun and to see kids and grandkids. They are on the west coast. Our sympathies go out to Rosemary Cendrowski Russo, whose 38-year-old daughter Dorene Wilson died after a valiant fight with leukemia. Dorene left behind a 7-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. As for me, Mariann Wendle (Wendy) Gehlbach, must report that on a personal note, our son Adam had a recurrence of his colon cancer and had more surgery in January. He is doing well and is very hopeful that this surgery successfully removed any remnants of his disease. On a happier note, son Dan and his wife are expecting our first grandkids in June.


Class Reporter Genie Lipa Wessel, 10517 Catterskill Ct., Columbia, MD 21044, 410-799-1105, [email protected]. The story continues….As in all good stories, there comes a second chapter. This happens when more of the Hopkins Class of 1963 awakened to the call and more information arrived. These maidens who speak to you now are still from many places near and far. And while none of them claims to have kept those brown lab coats or blue uniforms and caps, they carry them still in their hearts. So once again, let us hear from some of the Hopkins women of 1963. Patricia (Pat) Hunnicutt JonesPat and husband are both retired. A son, Mark, has twins (one of each and age 6) live in Newburgh, IN, a second son, David has a four-year-old and lives in Spokane. Alison, their daughter, lives in OH and has a four-month-old son. Pat‘s Mom is 93, active, healthy and involved with the family. Recently, Pat and Dick took a trip to Spokane in their PT cruiser. They love photography (Hey, Pat send some pictures.) and gardening. Pat, true to the Hopkins tradition, remains active volunteering at the local Pregnancy Care Center, church and university. Ronnie Elwell‘s daughter, Jessica, has her master’s in Special Education and teaches autistic children in MA. Ronnie adds that Jessica’s dad died in 2000. Ronnie recently completed a stint as Acting Dean of Leeley University in Cambridge. Currently, she is Director of Human Services Professions and Social Sciences. Ronnie said maybe she should retire so she can have other activities and volunteer. She urges a Hopkins group to go to the hurricane area and help out. They need it more than ever. Interested?contact Melinda for Ronnie’s phone number. Barbara Andrews husband Raymond died in August 2005. Daughter Randy lives in OH and has four children, an 8-year-old and a set of triplets not yet a year old!!! A second daughter, Sharon, lives in New York. Barbara worked in occupational health for 25 years and with particular pride she noted that she developed the Occupational Health Program for the Boonville, NY division of Ethan Allen. Currently, she works for MetLife in Long Term Disability Unit as a Clin Spec. Barbara enjoys time with her grandchildren, volunteering at church and the library. Louise Fitzpatrick EdD, RN, FAAN says her friends are her family and she has many. Louise has a long and distinguished career including being the Endowed Dean and Professor of Nursing at Villanova University since 1978; numerous publications, presentations and awards. She has held many offices and task forces in many nursing organizations including the 2004-2005 NLN Achievement Award for Nursing Education. Her activities include consultation in international nursing, especially in the Middle East. She serves on hospital and community boards and enjoys music. Shirley Biddle Schmid‘s husband Hank is now retired, children Melissa and Joanne are both high school teachers. Shirley has two grandsons, Daniel, 5, and Robin, 3. Shirley has worked in OR at the Hospital of University of PA, assistant instructor in OR nursing at HUP School of Nursing and obtained a BSN from U of PA. She volunteers at the hospital, is a member of the Gulf Coast Needlework Guild, loves stitchery, scrap booking and digital photography. Donna Keener Schrum has three children, three stepchildren and 10 grandchildren! She has worked for 29 years at the Family Practice Residency Program at York Hospital as Coordinator of Prenatal Program. Donna is an organist and choir director, and a church council member. She enjoys gardening and babysitting. Georganne Achenbach Timmerman (Jan) has a son Jim who is a JHU graduate and lawyer, and a daughter Kirsten who is a pediatrician, JHU graduate and resident at Hopkins. Georganne has two grandchildren, Caroline, 5, and Michael, 2. Son Scott graduated from University of Michigan and is a food broker in MD. She spent 42 years of nursing mostly in pediatrics. She hopes to retire soon and spend more time in Naples, FL. She loved years at JHU Med School as Nurse Coordinator of 2nd year Medical Students Clinical Skills. She enjoys golfing, coordinating the Baltimore Metropolitan Golf Association, grandchild sitting, taking care of her 86-year-old mother, quilting, sewing, decorating and reading, beginning to dabble in digital photography and increasing her computer skills. Deanna Sue Duncan Adams‘ husband Ivan retired. They have two daughters and two stepdaughters and one stepson all in UT. She is still employed as a part-time PRN for a home health agency. She was Utah Clinical Nurse of the Year 1995 and an officer for the Sigma Theta Tau local chapter. Deanna is interested in end-of-life issues, sewing, and cooking. She is a member of several unusual groups: Classy Lassies with Purple Chasses, Saw tooth Mt. Mamas (Stanley Service Group) Banner Babes and Loose Threads (sewing groups). And so the second chapter of the Hopkins maidens comes to a close. But with all those magical lives they lead, one cannot imagine that there will not be a third, fourth who knows how many more chapters to come. We continue to be as predicted “better women” for the lives we had at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. THE END of Chapter Two but never the end of the CLASS OF ’63. Come on those of you who read this and have not yet shared your tales of life, send me your details. The rest of the maidens (OK, literary privilege) would love to hear from you. Be well, be happy and remember you will always be a Hopkins woman.


Our sympathy goes out to Judy Perley on the death of her husband who lost his bout with cancer in May.


It’s reunion time40 years! Mark your calendars for HomecomingSeptember 29 and 30. Cynthia Rousso Paget (Cindy) is a Health & Safety Coordinator, Occupational Health Nurse and Infection Control Practitioner, West Park Healthcare Centre. Having survived SARS at that facility (they cared for 14 healthcare workers from other facilities who had been infected with SARS through their work), they continue to concentrate on their primary expertise: complex continuing care and rehabilitation, especially respiratory care. They are the Ontario Regional Facility for Multiple Sclerosis and also the provincially designated treatment centre for difficult-to-treat cases of tuberculosis (TB) and other mycobacterial infections. Cindy has been in Occupational Health Nursing for 23 years, both in industry and healthcare, located in Toronto, Ontario.


Kittrin Lappin married Edward Prasil. She has a son Richard, 21, a stepson, and a grandson, Joseph, 4. Kittrin lives in Teague, TX and works for the Texas Dept. of State Health Services as a public health nurse. She enjoys gardening, quilting and her horse.


Class Reporter Joan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629, 813-972-2000, [email protected]. Plans are in the works for a great reunion this yearSeptember 29 and 30. On Saturday evening our class will have its class dinner at Bo Brooks Restaurant on the water. So far there has been a good response and family members are invited. If you have not yet been contacted, please email Joan at her yahoo address above.

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Class Reporter Chad Eckert, 9399 Wheaton Ct., Olmsted Falls, OH 44138, 440-235-1258, [email protected]. Chad and Barbara Boyd Eckert moved to Cleveland last July and work for the university health system. Chad works at University Hospital in the SICU, and Barb works at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital on a med-surg floor. Chad was accepted to the CRNA program at Case Western Reserve University for the fall. They are expecting their second child this summer. With school coming up and another child on the way, Chad will need to step down as class reporter hoping to pick it back up in the future. Anyone out there interested in filling in for a while?


Class Reporter – Cindy Bodie, 9 Trenton Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, 410-836-8617, [email protected]. It’s been five years since we graduated from Hopkins Nursing. Our 5th year reunion will be part of Homecoming September 29 and 30. Let’s plan to meet in Baltimore and celebrate our accomplishments. Watch for more information in the mail. Mike Cox‘s baby, Alexander “Xander” Dennis Cox, was born December 31, 2005. He and his wife moved to Bel Air in April. Eboni Prince Clark is a clinical manager at Washington Hospital Center. She had a baby girl on 12/2/05 named Sydni Naiya Clark. She recently moved to a new home in Laurel. Michelle Duval is working in the Trauma Resuscitation Unit at Shock Trauma. Becky Kingsbury is working in Pediatrics at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, CA. She is working on becoming a clinical nurse specialist. Amy Havrilla is still working at the University of Washington Medical Center in the Medical/Surgical/Transplant ICU. She is a dialysis nurse and a charge nurse. She has been doing a lot of work with the preceptor program. Farrah Brown is working in the Cardiac/ Neuro Interventional Labs at Central Dupage Hospital in Winfield, IL. She and her husband bought a house in Glendale Heights, IL, last year, and she gave birth to a son named Lucas Robert in March. Mary Rackovan is currently living in Canton and working at GBMC in the Alternative Staffing Action Pool. She is involved in educating nurses at the hospital about Meditech, and this summer will be teaching classes on bedside medication verification. Cindy Schuster graduated from the family NP program at University of MD in Dec.’05, and is currently looking for an NP position. Cindy is engaged and will be married in Nov. 2006. She works in pediatrics at Hopkins. Michele Nolan Kamnikar is a traveler at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and lives in Santa Monica. Cathy Feldman is still working at Bayview in the ER. She is getting married on October 21st to her college sweetheart. Christiani Guerroro-Gato graduated with her MPH in child/maternal health and Nurse-Midwifery degree from Boston University in May. She has adopted a cat named Cleo. Paula Eubanks closed on a home in the Franklin Park section of Pittsburgh at the end of April. She will graduate with her MA in Thanatology in September. Stephanie Felton is spending most of her time enjoying mommy hood with Liliana who was born in October. She works about once a week as staff at UCMC ER or elsewhere via Chesapeake Medical Staffing. Jinae Arneklev is expecting in October and has a new NP job in a dermatology practice at the U of MD. Tabitha Colclough is a nurse entrepreneur and geriatric nurse. She has two girls ages 3 and 4. Tonia Moore is still working at Vanderbilt as a nurse-midwife. She was married on May 6th. In February, Kate Fagan Dart had a baby boy, Colin Anthony. Kate is still working at VCU Health System in the PICU. Tina Schofield is working as the nurse manager in the Adult ED at Hopkins. She finished the MSN program in Health Systems Management/Clinical Specialist in December and bought a new home in White Marsh. Amber Zupancic is almost through her first year of law school. Erin Hughes Howard is working at MD General as a nurse educator. Lilliana Covey has been working as a travel L&D nurse for the past three years. She is currently on assignment at the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Paul More is on travel assignment in Phoenix, AZ, and is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and travel nurse partner. Congrats Paul and Michelle. Marc Dunbar and wife Kristin are expecting a baby in October. They live in Reno, NV. Mike Bumbach lives in Charleston, SC and was married in August 2003. He and his wife have a 5and1/2-month-old son named Avery Cole. He works as an NP for a pulmonary and critical care group at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. I am still working at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel Air, MD, as a surgical nurse.

’02 Accelerated

Since graduating from JHUSON, Shawnee Mitchell has been working in the Neonatal ICU at the University of Maryland Medical Center. She recently graduated from the U of MD SON (12/05) with her MSNspecialty Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Shawnee will now be working at an NNP position at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in the Level III NICU. Also, she was married in May 2006.


Jhodie Garcia has decided to extend her Stanford contract. She went on a solo Las Vegas tour and loved every moment of it. Her helicopter night tour of the strip was breathtaking. The Hoover Dam was quite an experience. She had one foot on AZ and one on NV. It was amazing! She also did an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Colorado River, and the Hoover Dam. Las Vegas was an unforgettable moment. In the meantime, she is still having the time of her life enjoying the Bay area, Napa, the beaches, the food, the charm of Santa Crux and Palo Alto, and cheering for the Oakland A’s.

’05 Accelerated

Class Reporter Bonnie Benjamin, 734 Cole St., San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-215-2217, [email protected]. It has been great hearing from those of you who wrote! Bethany or I will be contacting you via email for future updates, but know that you can also join the Yahoo Group called JHUSON2005 to post your updates and read what everyone has been up to. As for me, I’m living in San Francisco and work on a transitional cardiac care unit at UCSF. If not working or catching up with Hopkins nursing buddies, I can be found doing my best to train for a triathlon. This fall I will begin the Critical Care/Trauma CNS program at UCSF. James Emerton lives in San Francisco, CA, and works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery at UCSF Medical Center. He reports that he absolutely loves working with the neonates. Martin Taxera is living in Flagstaff, AZ and working in Winslow, AZ, as a clinical nurse for the US Public Health Service. He had a recent two-week deployment to Louisiana to provide nursing services in clinics serving people still recovering from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and served on the nation’s first and only mobile emergency department (an 18 wheeler turned six-bed ICU) that is called Carolina MED-1. Later this year he plans on traveling to homes on the Navajo Nation reservation to provide in-home assessments and care. Bethany Leonard-Boak Felan was married in October and currently lives in Springfield, VA. She works as a labor and delivery nurse at INOVA-Fairfax and loves the job. Sarah Ferguson still resides in Fells Point in Baltimore, and is working at the PICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is also taking some graduate courses at the JHUSON to “keep the wheels turning.” Sonia VanDyne is living in San Francisco and is a full-time student in the UCSF Midwifery program. She is a roommate of Libby Hanlein, and reports that Sean Braden is doing well and working in the San Francisco General Hospital ED. Sunny Park is still studying away at the JHUSON for the Peds NP master’s program. She works as a WIC Coordinator at the Wald Clinic, and is happy to report that she will be done with school in Dec. Sally Steinbech is in Washington, DC and is working in a special care nursery (level II NICU) and is currently being oriented to work at level III NICU at a sister hospital. Deb McKelvey lives in Lexington, KY, where horses, rolling hills and bourbon are in plenty. She works at the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital PICU. She loves the job despite its challenges. Alison Vrem and her husband are living in Salt Lake City and are enjoying the plentiful outdoor activities there. She is working at the University of Utah Hospital in a new internal medicine unit. She plans to take an ACLS course this spring and apply for a position in the ER later this summer. Long term, she also hopes to do flight nursing once she returns to AK in several years. Kerry Abraham is in Laurel, MD and is enjoying her work at Anne Arundel Medical Center’s level III NICU. She says she sometimes bumps into Megan Porter, who works nearby in the L&D. Lynn Derosiers still resides in Baltimore and reports that life is fantastic with Justin Graves as her roommate. She works in the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit at Hopkins. Gabby Rinaldi is living in Philadelphia and works on the general medicine unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She is really enjoying living in Philly though just wishes she had more time to enjoy all the recreation available. Christina Daniel is living in Baltimore, and working hard to balance life, work, and graduate school. She is studying for her FNP at JHUSON, and working at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital on the peds and adolescent rehab unit. Justin Graves is in Baltimore and working hard to save lives in shock trauma. Laura Tison lives in Baltimore and works in the Hopkins PICU. She is enjoying being able to organize her schedule such that she can travel as much as possible. Since January she has been to Dallas, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Atlanta, Bahamas, Chicago, San Diego, and Atlanta. Gretchen Scheidler is living in Brooklyn, NY, and was married this May in Maine. She is working for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, which has her walking all over New York City to see geriatric patients with a wide range of diseases and nursing needs. Emily Carroll lives in Chicago and works on the neurosurgery/neurology/endocrinology unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital. She planned a June wedding in Chicago. She has a rescue dog named “Belly.” Mary Costello is working on a postpartum/WBN floor at Stanford and plans to be married in CA in August. Come fall, she plans on working part time as a diabetes educator while she gets her PNP at UCSF. Alicia Bellamy is working on the perinatal units at Hopkins, primarily on the L&D.

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