Church Notes

Church Notes

Class notes for alumnae of the Church Home and Hospital School of Nursing

By Deborah Corteggiano Kennedy ’73

Homecoming: Save the Date!

Susan Riddleberger ’73 and I are on the committee for Homecoming, scheduled for September 29-30, 2006. With a “Maryland” theme, it will be a not-to-miss event. I hope to double the number of the 36 CHH alums who attended last year. SEE YOU AT HOMECOMING!

CHH Pin Orders!

After numerous requests, I found a jeweler who will make the CHH pin! Mr. Fino is a master jeweler who took digital pictures and measurements of my pin and promises an exact replica for those who want to replace this precious momento. To order your pin or pin/pendant combination in 14K gold for $250, contact Mr. Vito Fino c/o Fino Jewelers; 9650 Belair Road; Perry Hall, MD 21236; 410-256-9555.


Updates Keep the updates coming. Thanks to Kathy Johnson ’52 who sent in the address of Grace Carpenter Blain ’53. I was glad to hear from Kathy Milholland ’71 who found out about the CHH merger with Hopkins through a Hopkins SON faculty member.

To ensure everyone continues to receive mailings, please send any address or telephone changes and deceased names to:

Deb Kennedy
1990 Gulfstream Court
Forest Hill, MD 21050
[email protected]

Beacon of Hope Award 1933-1976

In 1933, an unknown graduating senior presented a print entitled “First Home” to junior Emily Ruark. This was the beginning of one of the best kept secrets under the Church Home dome.

Each year, the print was bestowed upon an incoming senior who valued the art, science, and spirit of nursing, and held the vision of a true Church Home nurse. The student was permitted to tell only their family and one classmate, and was required to take the print home for the year rather than display it in her dorm room. When the time came to pass it on, the traditional signing and dating was done.

According to past recipients, the print told a story of its own. The Lighthouse represents the Nurse, a beacon of hope, security, and awareness who guides patients and gives them strength. The patient is represented by the ship tossed at sea, perhaps lost, and in need of the nurse’s guidance and reassurance. The nurse, as a “Beacon of Hope,” guides the patient to a safe harbor with the hope of renewed health and security.

When the award surfaced at the closing of the school of nursing in 1976, it came as a complete surprise to both faculty and alumnae-all those except, of course, this select group who had received the award:

Emily Roark to Charlotte Brown 1934; Charlotte Brown to Carina Williams 1935; Carina Williams to Anne Noel 1936; Anne Noel to Margaret Crevenston 1937; Margaret Crevenston to Florence Borgerding 1938; Florence Borgerding to Doris Simmons 1939; Doris Simmons to Dolly Chell 1940; Dolly Chell to Dorothy Manns 1941; Dorothy Manns to Margaret Schweiger 1942; Margaret Schweiger to Frieda Entzian 1943; Frieda Entzian to Sally Hall 1944; Sally Hall to Ethel Howell 1945; Ethel Howell to Nancy Reynolds 1946; Nancy Reynolds to Eleanor Harper 1947; Eleanor Harper to Mike Aklers 1948; Mike Aklers to Marge Willbank 1949; Marge Willbank to Joemal Slawbaugh 1950; Joemal Slowbaugh to Sally Palmer 1951; Sally Palmer to Pamela Sylvester 1952; Pamela Sylvester to Marjorie Reynolds 1953; Marjorie Reynolds to Betty Jo Hall 1954 Betty Jo Hall to Margaret Armstrong 1955; Margaret Armstrong to Patricia Ransone 1956 Patricia Ransone to Mary Anne Withow 1957; Mary Anne Withow to Tobi Ann Kemp 1958; Tobi Ann Kemp to Elizabeth A. Bassford 1959; Elizabeth A. Bassford to Dorothy Judith Schehlein 1960; Dorothy Judith Schehlein to Elizabeth A. Leitch 1961; Elizabeth A. Leitch to Rosa Reukbert 1962; Rosa Reukbert to Debbie Byrnes 1963; Debbie Byrnes to Condict Saint 1964; Condict Saint to Pat Kniffen 1965; Pat Kniffen to Donna Royster 1966; Donna Royster to Jennifer Le Gore 1967; Jennifer Le Gore to Debbie Lewis 1968; Debbie Lewis to Karen Brouse 1969; Karen Brouse to Shelia Kline 1970; Sheila Kline to Annie Simmons 1971; Annie Simmons to Karen Milwee 1972; Karen Milwee to Delores Plitt 1973; Delores Plitt to Joyce Blackman 1974; Joyce Blackman Preston to Patricia Dick 1975; & Patricia Dick to Renee Francisco 1976

This framed piece of history can be seen in the JHUSON lobby.

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