Shared Legacy

Shared Legacy

“Conscious of the past, equal to the present, and reaching forward into the future—that’s the Hopkins way. That’s our shared legacy. That’s the challenge of your tomorrow.”

—Barbara Donaho ’56, to the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Class of 1988

Our Shared Legacy, Nursing Education at Johns Hopkins, 1889-2006, the soon-to-be-published tribute to Hopkins students and alumni, explores the complex history of nursing education at Johns Hopkins-from the founding of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1889 to the establishment of the School of Nursing as a degree-granting division of the Johns Hopkins University.

From candlelight ceremonies to the operating room, from the shores of the South Pacific to the presidency of the American Heart Association, and from starched aprons to polo shirts, Legacyweaves the history of Johns Hopkins Nursing through a rich tapestry of dramatic illustrations and the voices of generations of Hopkins nurses. Working with well-researched manuscripts by nurse historians Linda Sabin ’67 and Mary Frances Keen ’70, editor Mame Warren celebrates the proud traditions that are the inheritance of every Hopkins nurse.

(The book will be available from the Johns Hopkins University Press in May. For information, call 800-537-5487 or visit

Images from the book…

Photos: The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

On the occasion of the school’s 25th anniversary in 1914, M. Adelaide Nutting called for the establishment of a committee to work toward creating a $1 million endowment. The alumnae association voted in 1929 to rename the effort the M. Adelaide Nutting Endowment Fund for the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumnae Association.
Eleanor Roosevelt spoke to Hopkins nurses and students at Hampton House in 1945. She had just returned from the South Pacific and was able to report to members of the audience on the welfare of their peers.
Hospital President Russell Nelson, whose wife was an alumna, was a major booster of the nursing school. He enjoyed participating in school events, including this formal dance in 1954.
Jeanne Borowiez, Dana Cohen Dias, and Karen Shank Santmeyer, members of the Class of 1978 in the School of Health Services, found time for high jinks, even in the hospital.
The Class of 1987 gathered in the garden behind the Phipps Building for a formal portrait. Unlike most of their predecessors, these graduates were about to receive baccalaureate degrees.

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