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Class Reporter – Maravene Deveney Hamburger503 Brightwood Club Drive,Lutherville, MD 21093, (410) 828-4008. Only Jo Rodgers Fielder and Mary Mosher Callahan sent me beautiful Christmas cards. Earlier, Jo had written that she is no longer driving because of visual problems. Florence Moffett Snell sent a postcard in October thanking me for the article on China. No news from the rest of the class.
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Class Reporter – Laura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Our 60th reunion is set for Sept. 29-30. Hope to see all of you 10/46ers there. Hope all of you received the great story of Caroline Hampton (with purple rubber glove enclosed). This should bring big contributions to the SON. The story reminded me of circulating as a student for Dr. Howard Kelly in Woman’s Clinic where he did a hysterectomy once a semester for medical students to show them how it was done in his time. He did not wear rubber gloves but soaked his hands in bichloride of mercury. Congratulations to three in our class who are in the Legacy Circle: Margaret Hawkins Abbott, Phyllis Conner, and Phyllis Baker Kaiser. There was recently on EBay a WWII gray Cadet Nurse wool jacket such as the one so many of us proudly wore. It sold for around $150. There’s a new magazine out, America in WWII, published six times a year, which printed my story about the Cadet Nurse Corps in the 12/05 issue. I was flattered. Winnie Wyncoop Carter of Huntington Beach, CA, emails that she feels great now and keeps in touch with Georgia Rauch Athens of Salt Lake City, Budgie Dickerson Preston of Half Moon Bay, CA, and Joyce Lewis McDonald of Carson City, NV. Winnie and Nick will be selling their property which is between us and Palm Springs, CA. Astrid Johnsen Reiley and I write often although CA is a long way from Long Island, NY. We were roommates in Hampton House. Mona Staska Riley of North Hollywood and I call each other occasionally. So far as I know HR 2193 is still in committee. If passed, our service in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps (which was in effect from 7/1/43-12/15/45) would be deemed active military service. No benefits would be paid but we would be entitled to be honorably discharged provided we have proof of service. For further information go, type in subcommittee on military personnel, and click on “Committee information—office of the Clerk.” You may write these people your opinions. There were 40 sponsors of this bill, and it was introduced last year in May, then referred to the committee. Unfortunately, many bills don’t make it to the floor. Hope this one does.


Sallie Cook Lanier was named the Outstanding Georgia Homemaker Club Member of the Year on April 26, 2005. Her photograph of a horseshoe crab won first place in the animal photography category. Sallie’s time over the years was spent on advocacy for others. Beginning in 1961 Sallie and her husband Chandler were stationed in Israel as missionaries for 29 years. She became fluent in the Hebrew language and tutored biblical subjects in Hebrew. As a missionary she did many things including directing camps. WhenSallie and her family (she and Chandler have four children) returned to the U.S. and settled in Habersham County, GA, she focused on designing an environmentally friendly home that was built to catch the sun in winter and to block it out in summer to cut energy costs. Sallie has worked hard at her church, in her community and has been part of a number of environmental organizations. She volunteers at the Habersham Community Theatre and the local library, tutors a child at a local elementary school, and is past president of the North Habersham Chapter of AARP. She enjoys flower arranging and interior decorating. She helps manage the financial affairs of a daughter in Switzerland, a son in Beirut, a granddaughter in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and one at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She runs a retreat home for women missionaries on leave.
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Class Reporter – Betty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. Hello to all. First, here is the sad news: In Oct., our classmate Gerry Bodie died. She fell, hit her head, suffered a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, and just could not bounce back from it. We will miss her. Now for the rest of the class as gathered from holiday greeting cards and messages. Both Jo McDavid Hubbard and Janey Shutts Pinkerton recalled our 55th reunion and acknowledged the good time we had, even though there were only the three of us to have that good time. At the time of the message, Jo was busy preparing for the predicted big snow storm to be hitting KY (always fun to do…). Anna Clair Junkin had such a great idea as she enclosed a holiday card inside another card that showed that wonderful photo of her as a student nurse in the chemistry lab. Remember, it was the cover of what was formerly called the Baltimore Sun Sunday Magazine. Great idea, Ann! If I had a photo in which I looked so good, I would use it too. Marion Bee said she is enjoying retirement, does volunteer work, church activities, and lots of reading. Mildred “Bunny”  Barnard admits she is slowing down (hard to conceive for me!). She still must have her “oomph” since she wrote that a man about her age at a gas station insisted on pumping gas for her! (Hmmm!) She also says “Hi!” to everyone. Notes accompanied several of the cards. Annette “Terry” Theriault Preston said the shoulder that kept her from Homecoming is much better. She recounted visits from and with several of the children during the year. She also said that although she and Ted have slowed down, they still get out to church and other activities. Ginger Groseclose David and Don wrote that “While growing old is not for sissies, we feel blessed that we still enjoy doing most of the things we used to do, be it at a slower pace.” Amen to that! They still enjoy living in the GA mountains quoting the sign on their house “If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough.” Another Amen to that! Ginger’s eyesight is not as good as it used to be, but she still enjoys “talking books,” cooking, and finding every little piece of dirt on the floor. Cora Jane Lawrence sent her greetings to all via a wonderfully composed set of haikus for each month in 2005, adding additional personal notes in the margins—and other parts of the paper. She also wrote that she was in the lead ship that carries the choir in the Seattle annual “Ship Parade”! So she has not slowed down that much… Greetings, also, from Doris Benjamin Carroll, who enclosed an interesting piece about Hanukkah. Greetings and messages came from both Charley Royer and Ernie DelSignore. They saw each other for a visit in the summer and talk together by phone frequently. Charley has enjoyed a visit from one daughter and her family—and it included skiing; his other daughter lives in nearby Oakland, MD, so they visit together often. Ernie was going to Houston to be with one son and family for the holidays, expected to be in Rockville, MD, in the spring to visit another daughter. I hope to see him then. I also got a lovely card from Joanne Calhoun Flannery ’53 from SC. She continues to volunteer one day at the airport, another day at the hospital gift shop. Her grandchildren are 18 and 21 years old…great heavens! Heard, too, from Hattie Stech Sloan ’42, who lives in NM not too far from one of my children. Each of us resolves that at my next visit, we will try harder to get together for an afternoon. Hattie’s classmates: please write her your news! To each: Have a wonderful, healthy 2006. And to the world: Have a peaceful, friendlier 2006.


M.J. Beck Reynolds was hospitalized five times and underwent two major surgeries this past year, but since the last procedure in Sept., she’s made steady improvement, and Dick retired as a home health aide. He has completed his second year at the Boca Raton Community Hospital, working at the interface of three major institutions—a private university, a public university, and a community hospital, hoping to create an academic health center in Boca Raton, optimistic that the venture will be successful early in 2006.


Class Reporter – Margaret Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Helen Burdick Sloat continues as nursing supervisor at the local mental health center with 11- and 12-hour days. She thinks Jeannette Smith Klein and she are the only members of the class of 1955 still employed as nurses. John continues with his web site: www.beyondreligion.comLaura Lyman Brecher and Art had 16 wonderful days in China at the same time as reunion. Art lectured to medical students and cardiologists. Laura was asked to speak to staff and student nurses on how to establish a home health care agency when there four years ago, and she was shown the agency that was set up from her outline with treatments and meds given patients in their homes. Needless to say, she was thrilled, the country having a dire need for health care. They toured Shanghai, on the coast, with less polluted air in spite of 20 million people. Beautiful, with huge, magnificent skyscrapers, and Fortune 500 companies are trying to outdo each other with breathtaking architecture, all trying to get a piece of the economic pie. In June, the entire Brecher family had a reunion in PA, helping Jeannette Smith Klein and husband Jim celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was a splendid weekend. Pat Bennett Nicholson had good news from her last exam. Doubling medication is bringing her leukemia back into remission. Kathy Redding Anderson and Art attended an interesting meeting on “Heart Disease: Prevention and Reversal.” Lots of new treatments were discussed, but much credit was given eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. On Oct. 22, she and Art celebrated their 50th with the family renting a limousine and taking them out to dinner. After reunion, I, Margie, joined with members of several churches in the Easton community, and put in a half-day’s labor with Habitat for Humanity, applying the primer coat of paint on one side of a shed. It was most interesting to watch the beginning of construction of the house with the set format worked out by Habitat. In one day’s time, all walls were up, and a large portion of the joists were in place, many hands making much lighter work. Over Christmas, Bob and I, with three daughters and a spouse, spent nine days in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. Bob’s Parkinson’s has not advanced to the place where he has a great problem getting around, and he quite enjoyed visiting old ruins and places he had been before. A new digital camera got plenty of use. Reunion returnees spoke of the wonderful time we had in Oct., some mentioning that training days were among the best of their lives. Our class picture was excellent, and for any individuals puzzled as to identification of some members, do contact me for labeling. Though “we hadn’t changed a bit,” most of us had to depend on nametags occasionally. My e-mail address is [email protected].


Jean Barton Champness had a brown recluse spider bite on her leg and was on bed rest for all of three weeks. She feels blessed to have been given time to meditate and given peace to guard mind and emotions. In the fall, she was able to enjoy time with her family, and she is back giving music lessons.
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Brenda Brack Schmid, who lives in Switzerland, recently retired from working as an oncology nurse. She has published oncology books and journals as well as updating a nursing oncology medication book. Anne West has been working with the Summer Institute of Linguistics in the Philippines since 1967, except for 2 and a half years when she was in Taiwan. Even though her vocation is linguistic work, literacy, and Bible translation, she says her nursing background has been invaluable.


News from Virginia Holst: I am still mayor of Hvalsoe, a municipality about 40 miles west of Copenhagen. My term expires Dec. 31, 2006. There are structural changes on the agenda in Denmark and as of Jan. 1, 2007, Hvalsoe will merge with two neighboring municipalities. As I am now 65, I decided not to run for mayor of the new larger municipality, but ran for a seat on the new council. I was elected for that in Nov. of this past year, and as of Jan. 1, 2007, I will be chairman of the Committee for Health and Welfare—just the right job for a nurse and the political job that I wanted most. That term expires on Dec. 31, 2009, and I will then retire from politics—if I live that long!


Kathy Hopkins is enjoying retirement in NV. Recently, she volunteered for a month at Yosemite National Park. She, along with other volunteers, slept in tents near the Merced River and rotated among six different assignments—helping in a nature center, working in the art museum, manning an information center, and other activities. Kathy enjoys hiking with the Sun City Anthem Hiking and Outing Club. She loves the desert and says her golf game has really improved since moving there in 2001.


Anne Steckelburg Foltz has been living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since 1988. She is semi-retired and enjoying having time to hike with her husband and read. She worked for a number of years as manager of the nursing office at Calgary General Hospital, using her nursing background and business degree.


Class Reporter – Joan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629, 813-972-2000, [email protected]. I would like to extend a special welcome to each and every one of our class who is reading this edition of the Class News. Here’s some of my news: My husband Laird and I moved—again—to Tampa, FL, about six years ago when our daughter Nika started high school. Nika is now in her second year at U of FL, and Laird and I are still working full time. I am a nurse educator at the Bay Pines Veterans’ Hospital (a recent switch for me), and I am enjoying the new position. I do plan to help organize our reunion festivities for September 2006—can you believe it? It has been 35 years!!!!! Now, on to the other news: Karen Korade Boyle reports that she is still working full time as the palliative care consult RN at University of VA. She also does some lecturing and works with the residents and nurses throughout the hospital. Karen is still married to Bob, their kids are all out of the house, and they enjoy traveling. She regrets that she cannot come to Homecoming as she and her husband will be traveling to Spain. Janice Wright Kilby writes that she has been working at Franklin Square Hospital Center in Baltimore for 30 years. For the past 12 years she has been in the Health Education Center, doing community outreach for birth/families and general medical topics. She is kept very busy teaching and writing and receiving grants, both from local businesses and from the state. She is working on a certification in hypnosis. She writes that she and her husband are starting to think about retirement. Her daughter just graduated from Salisbury University and moved to Minnesota. Her son is studying at Univ. of MD College Park but expects to be activated again by his Marine Reserve Unit for Iraq. She also reports that she is still in contact with Cathy Kilby Lambert, her sister-in-law, who lives in Odenton, MD, and continues to work in the MICU at St. Agnes Hospital. Nancy Baer Morris works at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, as the assistant manager of pain management. She just passed the exam for national pain management certification. She reports that she plans to attend Homecoming. Roxanne Nelson Mushok writes that she was recently promoted to assistant professor in the Mercer Univ. SOM, Macon, GA, and was named a senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals of the Medical Library Association. She hopes to be able to come to Homecoming. Marcia Wilson Bassity reports that she is working as a staff nurse at a community ER and as adjunct clinical faculty for Univ. of Oklahoma College of Nursing. Marcia says that she is an example of the “sandwich generation”—her mother, turning 87 in June, is now living within a mile of her so that she can help care for her. All but one of her children is on their own. Daughter Erin is working on her master’s in communications while still working with United as a flight attendant. Daughter Leah finished her master’s last year and is working with a forensic psychologist. Son David graduated from Univ. of Oklahoma in Dec. 2005 majoring in journalism. Marcia hopes to join the class for Homecoming. Mary Brauns Rice wants us to know that she moved to the DC area about five years ago to be closer to her father and sisters. She worked five years in an ER as a staff nurse and recently switched to occupational health medicine working with county fire/rescue/law enforcement personnel. She writes that she was happy to meet up with Janet Amendt Girard one day in the hospital corridor. “I was glad to learn that I had found a friend in my new hospital.” Kris Millilo Lifari writes that she just celebrated her 20th anniversary as a medical malpractice investigator working for the defense of hospitals and staff, as well as doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. “It certainly keeps me busy!” Her husband is now retired. She has two children: Peter who lives with his wife Lauren in Panama City, FL and works as a special investigator (it runs in the family!) for the U.S. Investigatory Service; and a daughter, Laura, who started a new job recently. Please e-mail me at the address above with your suggestions for our reunion. Once I hear from you I will compile suggestions and send via email for discussion. You all know we need to celebrate — might be fun to calculate how many “taking care of people hours” we have among us.


Cathy Vincenzes Delligatti recently accepted the position of VP for Patient Care Services and Nurse Executive at Civista Medical Center, a 117-bed facility located in La Plata, MD. They are in the process of building a four-story addition to the medical center.
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Amy Margolis Hardin and her husband James are enjoying their 1-year-old son James IV. Amy is an NCIII on Meyer 3 inpatient psychiatry at JHH. She enjoys reading, Orioles games, and collecting old bed pans. Kelly Keefe Marcoux has two children—Luke, 5, and Owen, 3, with another one on the way. Kelly received her MSN in 1994 at the Univ. of PA in pediatric critical care nurse practitioner program. She is a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at UMONJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with clinical privileges as pediatric critical care nurse practitioner at Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital in the PICU. She is also the coordinator of performance improvement for Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. Kelly enjoys yoga and professional writing for publications and presentations.

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Nancy Bolan and her husband Scott have two children—Lily Claire who is 2 1/2 and Julia who is 1. Nancy received her MSN/MPH from Columbia Univ. in 1995 with an FNP specialty and her CNM from State Univ. of NY at Stony Brook in 2004. She is now working in international public health.


Michele Cellai is living just outside of Boston, MA, and is hoping to find a Doctor of Nursing Practice program nearby. She says her Hopkins MS as an NP opened many doors for her, including her current job. She is gratified to have received such an excellent education and start to her nursing career. The Hopkins years may have been difficult but were well worth the effort.


Class Reporter – Jeff Baldwin, 4278 Haws Ct., Orlando, FL 32814, 407-629-1808,[email protected]. Pssst…do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of no e-mail arriving in my inbox! I’ve not heard from anyone from the Class of ’94 this year. Is anyone out there? Take a moment to drop me an e-mail update, let your classmates know how you’re doing and share in your successes.


Melanie Heath is currently living in Ellicott City and working as staff nurse at Howard County General Hospital’s PACU. Karen Ball recently started a new position as international regulatory affairs specialist for the Center for Vaccine Development at Univ. of MD.

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Jenepher Piper is a family nurse practitioner in a large private practice in Cockeysville, MD. She works with one doctor and five other NPs. She sings with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society and has performed with legends like Dave Brubeck and Sweet Honey in the Rock. Etoile Gillam Hening lives in CO with her husband John, daughter Madison (20 months), stepdaughter Ashley (12 yrs) and stepson Evan (9 yrs). She is expecting a baby in 2006. Etoile recently became a certified legal nurse consultant. She is also an oncology certified nurse and a chemotherapy certified nurse. She had worked as an outpatient oncology nurse for 10 years but recently decided to start her own business as a legal nurse consultant so that she could stay home with her children. Etoile enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking and camping and spending time with her family. Renae Blomeier lives in Bel Air, MD, with her husband Bill and three sons: Reese, 9; Jordan, 8; and Daniel, 6. They are awaiting completion of adoption of 2-year-old daughter, Marina. Renae is working two days a week at an LTC facility in transitional care unit. She enjoys drawing, painting, volunteering in community, church, and elementary school. Jessica Reedy Lamberson and her husband live in IL with their 2-year-old son, Dalen. Jessica is working L&D and keeping busy being a mom. Rebecca Amos Perry lives in NC with husband, James, and daughters Taylor Catherine (5) and Reagan Elizabeth (3). They expected a third child last September. Although she isn’t currently working, she helped open a transplant unit at the University Health Systems in Greenville, NC. She is staying busy with her family and enjoys playing tennis when she gets the chance. Marian Batts-Turner and her son Jordan live in Baltimore. She received her MSN in the adult NP program from JHUSON in 2000 and her Business of Nursing certificate from Hopkins in 2005. She is a research associate and project director in the division of general internal medicine and a CEO of a consulting firm. She enjoys gardening, writing, and karate with her son.


Mickey Allison writes that his employer, Johnson and Johnson, won the Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership for “The Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future.” It is a very prestigious award and was presented at the White House on Jan. 5, 2006. Their website is a great resource for nurses and illustrates J&J’s commitment to nursing. Kelly Scott Davis and her husband have added baby number two as of Oct. 2005. His name is Will Pierson Davis and he joins big brother Aaron who is four years old. Kelly has found a niche in home health nursing and her schedule could not be better. She does weekends only and no “on call” time. Kelly stays very busy.

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Jennifer Moeykens Karanian has two children, Kaitlyn, 22 months, and Alexander, 3 months old. She received her MSN as a family nurse practitioner in 2002 from Yale School of Nursing. She now works full time in an internal and pulmonary medicine practice in Glastonbury, CT.


Originally from Canada, Caroline Beattie finished her BSN while working full time in the PICU at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She traveled to England in 1998 and has spent the last six years working in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. She has thoroughly enjoyed the experience in London. “It is quite interesting to see how things are done on the other side of the big pond.” She says that although the nursing structure differs, the surgical technique in regards to cardiac surgery is pretty much the same. She has discovered that the world of pediatric cardiac surgery is quite small and most surgeons travel to all parts of the world to learn new techniques, which are then shared. She recently finished her MSc in the Molecular Biology of Infectious Disease through The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.Caroline says nursing has been a wonderful career and she is hoping to combine her clinical skills with research in cardiology. She encourages anyone who is thinking about travel nursing to try overseas. It is not only a fantastic experience but a whole new culture to discover!

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Class Reporter – Penny Ackerman, 3656 Hickory Hill Road, Bethlehem, PA 18015, 610-867-9606, [email protected]. I recently started a job at St. Luke’s Inpatient Hospice Unit. So far I am very happy there. Teresa Hammond Olson says that things are going great for her. She has three children and is still working at the NICU at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD. She also started her own home-based business with a health and wellness company. Kendra Young Gibson is living in NJ with her husband and her 20-month-old daughter, Paige. She is the light of their lives. Kendra worked as an NP for five years before having her daughter, and now she works part time in clinical research for Merck. It fits her lifestyle for now, but she hopes to return to clinical practice in a few years. She attended the Sept. wedding of Pam Jolley when Pam married Michael Sagan, an attorney. Pam was a beautiful bride. She is working in the ER at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, and they get together several times a year when Kendrais visiting with her family in Maryland.


From Aimee Brown Woycenko: I am so excited to be able to give this update. My husband Nathan and I survived a busy year. It was filled with having our first baby, Alaina Mae Woycenko on Jan. 4, 2005, moving to CA, and doing ER travel nursing, and returning home to Nampa, ID. Back at home I have changed modes and am in administration as the staff development coordinator of a skilled nursing facility. I love it! Thanks Hopkins for the fabulous education. I now get to pass it on to others.

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Kashiko Fugii is currently working at one of the university hospitals in Japan as a registered nurse.
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Ivy Howland Thoman lives in West Liberty, OH, with her husband Anthony. She is currently pursuing her MSN as a clinical nurse specialist in adult health at Wright State Univ. in Dayton, OH. Ivy is working as a staff nurse in the ER at Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, OH.

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Banafsheh (Bashi) Vorachek Ratterree lives in Beaverton, OR, and is working as an oncology research nurse at Oregon Health Sciences Univ. in Portland, OR. She enjoys spending time with family and friends (including pets!) art, photography, music, baking, and anything outdoors from snowboarding to water activities.


Class Reporter – Cindy Bodie, 9 Trenton Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, 410-836-8617,[email protected]Mike Cox and his wife Amy expected a baby boy, Alexander Dennis, sometime in mid-January. Mary Cunningham is still working in a NICU in Evanston, IL. Michelle Duval has transferred to the TRU at Shock Trauma. Her daughter recently turned 8. Dana Fry has moved to Charlotte, NC. She bought a home and is working in a university hospital as a nurse clinician. Heather Dougherty was married to Christoph on 1/1/05. Their daughter, Bronte, was born on November 14. Heather is the nurse educator for Neurosciences at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and her email there is [email protected]. Anyone interested in working in a brand new Neuro ICU contact Heather. Paula Eubanks quit her job at Hopkins to complete her master’s degree in thanatology. She and Havila had a legal civil union performed in VT last Dec. They plan to move near Pittsburgh to be closer to family sometime this summer. Stephanie Felton’s daughter Liliana Grace Felton was born Oct 18. Heather Hack and Pete are living in Denver. She is an FNP working at a family practice that sees mainly low income and Spanish-speaking patients. Pete works for an environmental law firm doing Native American and land law. Tonia Moore will marry John in May ’06 in Nashville. She is trying to find Susan Eyler. If anyone knows Susan’s whereabouts, please let the Alumni office know. Paul More is busy with his second travel position at UMMS. He and Michelle are rock climbing and planned a trip to Costa Rica in Jan. Tina Schofield started as a nurse manager at JHH’s ED in Jan. She will finish her MSN in Dec. Julie Simpson was married in Sept. Jen Schnarr married Aaron Rofkahr in July. She graduated in June with an ACNP. Amber Zupancic is attending the CA Western School of Law. Cathy Feldman was recently engaged to her college sweetheart Adrian, who is also a nurse. They plan to be married next Oct. They will have a Thai wedding the following year. Drew Turner and Niki are enjoying their beautiful baby girl, Ella, born 6/29/05. Drew received his MSN at UT, Memphis, and is working as an FNP in an orthopedic practice in Memphis, TN. John and I had our second child, Leah Shea, on September 21. I would like to congratulate all of our very successful class members on their new family additions, marriages, jobs, and school successes. Please feel free to contact me any time with updates at[email protected].


Class Reporter – Grace Carter, 1172 Cemetery Rd., North East, PA 16428, (814) 725-5313Megan McMahon Coco is still in the Navy Nurse Corps, stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth working in the NICU. She will complete her service in the Navy July ’06 and plans to start the PNP program at Old Dominion University next fall. Husband Paul is getting orders to Norfolk and will be on board the Carrier Harry S. Truman. She volunteers with Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. After graduation Maggie Vaughn worked in the JHH Pediatric Emergency Dept. as a clinical nurse, while earning a master’s in public health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health. In 2004, she moved to NY City and spent a year working as a community health nurse for HIV/AIDS pediatric patients living in the housing projects of the South Bronx. Since graduating from the School of Nursing, she traveled to Haiti periodically to work as a nurse on various medical missions, and those experiences in Haiti opened her eyes to the desperate need for strengthening public health programs in underserved countries throughout the world. As a result, in July 2005 she moved to Durham, NC, to be closer to parents and to take a public health job working as a program associate at IntraHealth International, a USAID-funded international health organization. As a program associate, she provides technical support to international HIV/AIDS projects based in Uganda, Lesotho, and Swaziland. While she is not working as a nurse in this job, she does have quite a lot of interaction with nurses in the various African countries that she supports as a program associate, which she says has been amazing. She does plan on eventually finding per diem work as an ER nurse to keep her nursing skills up to date. Raji Koppoluis working as an RN in the pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. She graduated June 2004 with a master’s of science as a pediatric nurse practitioner/clinical nurse specialist from the UCSF. She is the legislative chair of the bay area chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP). Raji graduated Sigma Theta Tau from UCSF and was elected student speaker at graduation. She ran her first marathon in San Francisco in Oct. Jennifer Israel is a maternal child care manager at Future Health Corporation in Hunt Valley. After graduation, she worked in public health at the Baltimore County Health Department as a fetal and infant mortality review program director; did a stint in mother/baby at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, and worked as a community health nurse at the Baltimore City Health Dept.’s Maternal and Infant Nursing Program. She has one son, Calvin Micah Israel, born May 2001. Michaela Banagan is currently working in San Diego at the Children’s Hospital as a travel nurse. She had been in Palo Alto for the last year working at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and in Boston at the Franciscan Children’s Hospital as a traveler as well. She says it’s been fun but that it’s time to go back to full time. She plans on going back to northern CA to either Lucille Packard or UCSF. She is in the process of applying to the peds NP program at UCSF and UC Colorado for next fall. Katie King Furber is living in Fort Collins, CO, and works in the ER at Poudre Valley Hospital. Eva Chen Tai was married to Eric in March 2005. She works for a pediatric private practice in Columbia, MD. She graduated from JHUSON in the MSN program in May 2004. Susan De Leon and Richard Muus have been married since 11/03 and have lived in San Francisco for about two years. Richard worked in the PICU, and Susan worked in a cardiac SICU but for many, many reasons, they realized they couldn’t settle down out in CA. So they made their way back to the East Coast (Baltimore to be exact!). Susan is working at the CCU (Hopkins), and Richard is on CMSC 9 (adolescent IMC/med/surg unit). They’re pretty much returning to their first jobs out of nursing school. Jane Hannon says she did two years on Osler 4 at Hopkins with Nancy Waxman and Jessica Haines. She spent Feb 2005 in the Indian Ocean volunteering with Project HOPE on the Navy ship Mercy providing health care for Indonesians affected by the tsunami. Since April, she has been working with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Angola. She is in Mussende, a rural, centrally located area that had been severely affected by the 30+ years of civil war that Angola has suffered. (They have enjoyed peace since 2002, which, from all indications, will likely last as the people are exhausted from the years of war and the military is disbanded.) They have a basic health care project, which for Jane includes working in the surrounding ‘barrios’ (villages) with the rural health post nurses doing training, equipping them with drugs and supplies, and helping them deal with more severely ill/complicated patients, as well as the patients who need follow-up (TB patients, for example). She lives in a beautiful setting and says, “The Angolan people are wonderful — very accepting, eager to learn, very welcoming, and appreciative. When you look around, it is hard to believe that there was so much war, as the people are so kind, and it is incredibly peaceful. Of course, there are the destroyed tanks on the sides of the road, and the fact that you cannot go off any roads for any reason because Angola is the second most heavily mined country in the world.” No marathons, but she did play some football (soccer) with some local boys, and it felt like she had run a marathon afterward. What is a 36-year-old woman doing trying to compete with fit 19-year-old Angolan boys?! Brett Morgan got married in June 2003 to girlfriend Lindsey. They live in Germantown, MD. He worked at George Washington Univ. after graduation in the ICU and is now in his second year of anesthesia school at Georgetown. Lindsey works for the NIH/NCI as the animal use and care coordinator. Brett will be graduating from Georgetown in Dec. of 2006 and has joined an anesthesia practice in Raleigh, NC. Meghann Smith Wellard reports that after nursing school, she worked at Hopkins on the infant/toddler floor for a little over a year and then transferred to work in the Peds ED at Hopkins, where she has been for two years. She also finished the PNP program at Hopkins in May 2005, and she is currently in the process of taking her boards and finding a job. On the personal side, she was married on 8/20/05. She and her new husband live in a townhouse in Anne Arundel County. Jessica Webster says she and her son Alex, who is 6 1/2 and in first grade, are living in Columbia, MD. She worked at Univ. of MD Shock Trauma Center in the OR for three years, and in April moved to the Cardio-Thorasic ICU at the Univ. of MD. She hopes to attend CRNA school at the Univ. of MD next fall. Grace Carter gave birth to Allison Grace on Sept. 18, 2005, in Baltimore, MD.Grace and her family moved to North East, PA in December 2005. Her new contact info appears above. Please send your news to her for the next class report.

’02 Accelerated

Elissa Leopold is getting married this summer. She completed the NP program at Georgetown and is now living in Richmond, VA.


Jhodie Garcia moved to Palo Alto, CA, in Oct. 2005 for a new travel assignment. She is working at Stanford Medical Center on a medical oncology unit. Though she enjoyed living in DC and making frequent trips to VA, MD, and PA, she had to escape winter. She is enjoying San Francisco especially the warm weather, the beaches and the variety of scrumptious Filipino food.

’03 Master’s

Class Reporter – Dawn Brown, 108 E. 35th St., Farmington, NM 87401, 505-325-4501,[email protected]. (Please note new contact information.) Dawn Brown has had multiple changes this year: bought a house, had a second little girl, Emma, on 1/18/06, and changed jobs. Now working in an internal medicine office and taking care of residents at the nursing homes. Susan Shafer has just accepted a position as the new program director, Women’s Prevention and Wellness Services, for the Women’s Prevention and Wellness Center of the Peninsula Regional Medical Center, in Salisbury, MD.


Claire Whitfield is currently enjoying working at JHH in the PICU. The hours are long, the environment unpredictable with very sick kids and emotional parents, so it is a real challenge. She says she is never bored. Claire expected to go back to Ecuador the first week of February with her father and her cousin’s husband (from England who is filming the water project) for the inauguration of the water project that was started last March when a group of students went down on spring break. The new water well will provide clean running water to 750+ homes, 1,300 families, and 4,700 people in the community of Jorge Gallardo. It is amazing to watch a small seed like last year’s nine-day medical trip flourish into a successful project and service thousands of people.

’05 Accelerated

Elizabeth Boland is working on CMSC 4 (school-age pediatric med/surg) at JHH. Deborah Schoenfeld reports: “I am working with the military in Wurzburg Germany. My husband is stationed here. I work with the New Parent Education and Support Program as a home health nurse. It is part of community nursing. We make home visits and teach educational classes.” Martin Taxera: “During my Hopkins tenure, I was commissioned as an officer of the USPHS Commissioned Corps. After graduation, I was promoted to Lieutenant and now serve the USPHS as a public health nurse in the Navajo nation of Arizona. My wife and I purchased our first home and live with our two darling kitties in Flagstaff, AZ. Ironically, my wife quit her long-time government job with CMS (I’m now starting with the government!) and is pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology at NAU. We’ll be here for two to three years then both plan to serve a remote community in the Sierra Nevadas of CA.” Sonia Van Dyne is living in San Francisco and studying for her master’s in midwifery at UCSF. Libby Hanlein is also living in San Francisco where she is working in pediatrics at UCSF.

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