Maximizing the Hopkins Experience

Maximizing the Hopkins Experience

By Christoper Reed ’06

M.H. Winter, RN, CEN, with Chris Reed in the Pediatric ER. Photo by Will Kirk

For the past three generations in my family there has always been a nurse: My great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother were all nurses … now I am carrying this tradition on for a fourth generation.

Though I majored in business/economics and environmental studies as an undergrad at Randolph Macon College and Columbia University, it was my work during college as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home that instilled in me an appreciation for life, a love for people—and the passion to become a nurse.

I knew I wanted to attend a nursing school that would provide me with diverse experiences and a variety of unique opportunities.
I quickly learned that no other
school offered these qualities better than Johns Hopkins.

From the first day I arrived, I was immersed in a balanced educational experience that provided academic rigor, leadership experiences, and career-building opportunities. Where else can you find one of the world’s best hospitals, schools of medicine, public health, and nursing, and some of the best and brightest students—all within two blocks? Within this environment, the opportunities to learn, grow, and excel are limitless.

Looking back at the past year, I’m amazed at all of the opportunities that are available at Hopkins. During the first semester, I joined student government as the SGA vice-president, traveled with the National Student Nursing Association to Daytona, Florida for a mid-year conference, and helped form the Student Cultural Competency and Diversity Committee for the School of Nursing.

After winter break I started back to school and by mid-semester I was having the time of my life in my pediatric clinical rotation. I met the best nurse I have ever worked with, M.H. Winter, on the 9th floor of the Children’s Center at Johns Hopkins. M.H. taught us to look at patient care in a holistic way while serving as a dedicated patient advocate. I developed a passion for pediatric nursing and with the help of M.H., I was able to land a job in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Hopkins Hospital working 12 to 20 hours per week (including nights and weekends).

As the semester drew to a close, I traveled again with NSNA to Salt Lake City for the annual convention. This was packed with information sessions and opportunities for career networking. As I began to search for summer employment, I came across the chance of a lifetime to apply my business skills and nursing knowledge. I was offered a job at Hopkins Hospital as a senior financial analyst by one of my classmates, Lisa Katulis, who is an assistant administrator for the Department of Psychiatry at Hopkins. This made for a fast-paced summer, filled with challenges, excitement, and opportunities to grow.

I am now in my final year of the nursing program. I have moved into the role of SGA President, and I am participating in the Fuld Leadership Fellowship. Thanks to the fellowship, I have been working with Central Nursing Administration to review significant medication errors and propose solutions to improve patient safety.

I know coming to the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The unique experiences that are available to a Hopkins student lead to successful careers and enable us to be the leaders of nursing’s future. I am confident that with the skills and education I have acquired at Johns Hopkins, I will have a smooth transition into a top-ranked MBA program and later health
care administration.


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