In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Anne E. Herbert ’25
Helen V. Brinson ’34
Hannah Ainsley Reppert ’36
Jean Fairhurst Roberts ’37
Adele Zeren Luchitz ’38
Helen Brugh Chestnut ’40
A. Elizabeth Peery Gustafson ’40
Elise Riggs Peters ’40
Margaret Trumbull Reed ’40
Sally Jane Shepherd Thomas ’42
Nancy Riddleberger Bunch ’43
Margaretha Milliken Swoope ’43
Nancy Gilley Byrne ’44
Florence Thompson Erickson ’45
Mary Donnan Wells ’45
Eugenia Dabney Hofammann ’46
Martha Bardenhagen Bray ’55
John Knight, husband of Bettye
Easley Knight ’55
Katherine Parr Reams ’56
Mary Jane Scott Frost ’58
Rose Marie Ardison Gahs ’60
Veronica Thomson Swain ’60
Virginia Smyth Emerson ’66
Annette Y. Coady ’94

Church Home Hospital

In Memory
A moment of silence was held at Homecoming as we remembered alumnae who have passed away in the last year.

Deceased Alumni December 1, 2004 to October 7, 2005

Irma Hemle ’31
Frances Dize Green ’38
Mary Bankert Taylor ’39
Mary Mitchell Graham ’45
Bland Mahone McCommans ’47
Shirley Veditz Watson ’48
Geraldine Vance Kent ’49
Jean Everhart Bigio ’52
Mary Carol Vasil Martelle ’55
Carol Staton Olenik ’66

We also remembered a former CHH Administrator. In July, Fred T. Wehr, retired CHH Director of Development, passed away.
Mr. Wehr’s book, Poe Died Here, is among the CHH archives.


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