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Class Reporter – Maravene Deveney Hamburger503 Brightwood Club Drive,Lutherville, MD 21093, (410) 828-4008. Only one classmate, Jo Rodgers Fielder,wrote to me since February. She had recovered from surgery and was looking forward to a trip to Las Vegas. No longer driving, but is fortunate to have a friend who can take her shopping. Jo wonders how classmates are doing. Classmates, if you are unable to write, please ask a friend to write for you. Let us know how you are. Amy King, sister-in-law of Esther King ’32, whom I adopted, notified me that Esther died in January. She wrote that Esther had not been able to write for several years, but enjoyed news of Hopkins and classmates. Your class agent, Maravene, is still a gardener. Twenty-five bags of string beans and eight packages of stewed tomatoes in the freezer for next winter. Lots of cucumbers and peppers. No longer driving, but enjoying activities here at Brightwood.


Bonnie Keaton Hensley reported that in 1971 Anna Buchko Flatley spearheaded The Class of 1940 Scholarship Fund, urging classmates to become the first class to establish an endowed scholarship fund. Their first scholarship was presented in 1984. Since that time, there has been an annual award of approximately $4,000. The amount of the fund is $132,000. At their 65th reunion, their class totals less than 30 and three attended this year’s activities. One of their shining stars was Bobby Johnson Bogart in whose memory their donations have been given this year.


Weezie Frock Miller reported that a small but lively contingent of five classmates attended the 60th reunion. Returning were Martha Moore Bradley, Lorraine Harris Humer, Jean Brownley Hunt, Mary Fallon Kattus and Weezie Miller. They thought about you, talked about you and wished more of you could have made it back. Lily Pinneo was moving in Nov. to a retirement village in Sebring, FL.


Class Reporter – Laura Brautigan June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. Please keep in mind our 60th reunion will be next September. HR 2193 entitled U.S. Nurse Corps Equity Act introduced in Congress 5/4/05 has ended up in the full Veterans Affairs Committee for deliberations as of this writing. If the bill becomes law, it affects those of us who were in the Cadet Nurse Corps—in effect from 7/1/43–12/15/45—and our services would be deemed active military service. No benefits would be paid, but we would be entitled, up to one year after enactment, to be honorably discharged provided we have proof of service. Information on Google and Yahoo; if interested contact your congressman. Mignon Emmart Hawkins has a second home in Elk Grove, CA. Otherwise she is in NYC. This change was to be near her son and family after he accepted a position in Sacramento as Director of Plans for the state. Astrid Johnson Reiley has a new grandson, Thomas Reiley. Her older daughter and husband were in London just a short distance from the July bombings. Johnny and I both finished training late due to illnesses but were reinstated with our class of 10/46 and were able to take the state exam with them. Winnie Wyncoop Carter e-mailed that her property in Morongo Valley, CA was not damaged in the summer fires. I talked with Elizabeth “Putty” Putnam Mann who plans to attend the 2006 reunion along with Johnny and yours truly. I hear from Mona Staska Riley who is doing well.


Class Reporter – Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Woodbridge Ct., La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601June Glaser Hanson learned she had “hydrocephalus” and ended up with a programmable “shunt” and a lump in the back of her head near one ear. She had two brain surgeries in one week. The programming is placed externally under the skin behind her right ear. There is a catheter from the programmer into the abdomen. People say she is walking better. She is taking PT. Someone comes twice a week. Mid-May June said her first surgery had to be repeated. Unfortunately, in her July 24 talk with me, she said she was “not much better.” Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban’s husband had several operations and spent numerous days in the hospital last November/December. Later they traveled to Sarasota, spending three relaxing weeks together in a warmer place. The Dermatology Program her husband started now has 15 full-time staff. He reduced his activities and was able to do some good organizing in his specialty area, and it sounded as if he was on the mend. At the time of this writing both Helena and her husband were doing well. Anna Caracillo Peck spoke in late March with Paula McLychok Satterly who broke her foot in an accident where she lost her balance and her foot got caught beneath a cabinet. She also has a cataract in her right eye which gives her a vision problem, and her left eye has some degeneration. A steroid injection has improved vision. She can drive during the day. Her son Chip lives nearby and is very helpful. Annie is still enjoying the library where she lives. Donna Honsowetz Simanton reports that she and Kathy Heller Saugen-Erickson spent Memorial Day weekend together. Kathy now has her house up for sale, and Donna might be selling her Scottsdale, AZ home. Maddeline Angelone Schuldes has a useful left hand now after several months of healing, and I’m back in an exercise program that helps by keeping me moving. The water exercise program at the local university has been popular with ladies of different ages and abilities; graduate students with lifesaving background are our teachers. My “inner ear” problem still plagues me from time to time with an episode of dizziness, but it is a workable situation and I can get needed help from a specialist in physical therapy. There is much for which to be thankful.


Class Reporter – Betty Borenstein Scher7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. Well, Homecoming has come and gone and for our 55th we had exactly three of us together: Janey Shutts Pinkerton, Jo McDavid Hubbard and me. Anna Clair Junkin had expected to be there, but some big dental surgery kept her home. At the last minute Lolita Beidelman from DC could not make it. Neither could Annette Theriault Preston who had hurt her shoulder and could not drive the distance. Ginger Groseclose David has added to her vision problem with some lower back restrictions, so she could not come either. Mildred “Bunny” Barnardhad to bow out because of aching joints and advancing age. Ruth Stilz Whitmore was coming until the morning of the day to travel when hubby Marv was feeling so punk they canceled the plane tickets. Eleanore Summers Kaschel could not make it (just as we feared) because she has a lot of health problems. Helen Wheeler Wetzel now lives in NC near her daughter, and she could not make it although she has no new ailments. Cora Jane Lawrence also responded with a note, but could not join us because her travel monies now have to go to another need for a while. And Gerry Bodie still is not well enough to have come either. But Janey, Jo and I had a good old time together. After picking them up at the airport, we got them checked into their hotel and then all three of us were so hungry that we got a bite at the hotel deli. We also shared grandchildren photos. Janey has 12 of them! Ginger couldn’t make it, but she sends lots of photos of her adorable brood of grandchildren, too. Doris Benjamin Carroll could not join us either, but she sent a recent photo of Dick and herself, and one of the dog, all of whom are featured on her page in the Memory Book (such as it is). So we had photos to share a bit. Saturday was the continental breakfast followed by the annual meeting and a delicious luncheon that kept us so full that we did very little eating at my place that evening. But we sure “chewed the fat” a lot, and I insisted that Janey and Jo look through my 2” thick photo albums of my Australia/New Zealand trip last year. On Sunday, we had brunch over at my place. Then I took them to the airport and off they went home. Both Pinky and Stan were still alive and remembered to take their pills, etc. So all went well! And, although only three of us were together, we had a great time! No one knows what the next five years will bring, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to get someone here every year.


Class Reporter – Jackie Shaka, 2100 Pheasant Lane, Holladay, UT 84121Trish Walker Kirkland moved from the farm to Camden, SC, “full of history and horse races.” She would love to show classmates the sights. Trish gets the blue ribbon for being first to send news. Olga Cutler in Jeffersonville, NY has loads of wildlife around her home—foxes, skunks, raccoon, woodchucks, deer, and of course always birds at Olga’s! Condolences on the death of her brother. Wilma Shapiro retired in 2000 from the University of Maryland Department of Oncology. She is an 18-year breast cancer survivor and in 2004 had both knees replaced. In that same year her husband died. Her daughter is carrying on the health tradition as a graduate nurse. Jan Bankert Wagner has been resettling her 101-year-old mother from PA to a care facility near her in TX. She is Chairman of Community Landscaping in Sugar Land, sings in a 100 voice choir and enjoyed sailing on the Queen Mary-2, visiting Edinburgh, Scotland and London, then going to Managua, Nicaragua where husband Don had some business. Ruth Sidisin has improved since her 2002 stroke She valiantly attended the 50th reunion. She now can dial the phone and talk with friends, likes movies and dining out. She takes in the Christmas shows at Myrtle Beach. Marian Greifenstein Nash and her husband volunteer at the nearby hospital. She teaches an adult women’s Sunday School class. She and Jack have enjoyed cruise/bus trips to Boston, Canada and the Caribbean. Their son has a PhD in chemistry; their daughter is a piano/music technician for Baltimore County Schools. They have a 10-year-old granddaughter. Bette Bloom Winyall is having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Libby Derr keeps busy with church work, volunteers with the Literacy Council, a local soup kitchen and Zonta International and planned to attend a family gathering at Sunset Beach, NC in August. Mary Ann Carr Wendorf lives in a retirement community in San Antonio, TX near her son Tom. She uses a walker but gets along just fine. As for me, I am still enjoying our little piece of paradise out here in Holladay, UT. Jim and I get a five-mile walk in almost daily (some days we substitute gardening or skiing). Our three children and their families (four grandchildren) are all in CA. We manage to see them about twice a year.


Class Reporter – Margaret Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Rd., Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479Sachi Fukuhara, a regular reunion attendee from CA, had been dubious about making the trip due to walking difficulties, but two of her dedicated sisters insisted on making the journey with her to assist her through the airports, etc. and to keep each other company while Sachi was occupied. (They had a good time shopping.) Thanks gals. I’m sure you saw how grateful we all were that Sachi did not miss our BIG ONE. Although time together was all too short for us to catch up on a half century since graduation, the 28 of us who attended at least a portion of reunion had a wonderful time. We missed those of you who because of health problems or other circumstances were unable to join us. For those of you who did not get in the booklet, please give us an update of your activities. I’ll add details to news notes later. And to all, do keep in touch. If like some of the rest of us, you conquer e-mail, do send your addresses.


For four years now, Carolyn Pope Boitnott and a neighbor have thrown an annual community event called a “fignic,” that celebrates the fig. The fignic, located in the 2100 block of E. Baltimore St., usually occurs around Labor Day as a way to consume the excess figs and to bring the community together outdoors.


Class Reporter – Meredith Fawcett Kooyman, 209 Harvard Road, San Mateo, CA 94402, (650)348-7918, [email protected]. It will soon be a year since our 45th reunion! The memories continue because it was such fun visiting with all who attended as we turned back the clock and remembered “old times.” I would love to hear from all my classmates—any news is welcome! Contact information is above, but don’t forget the dot between the d and kooyman if you are sending email. I hope you are all well—save your pennies for our 50th in 2009 because it will be a great experience! Dianne Dye Cotterhad no idea that her thoroughbred riding horse would become a breeder to one of the contending horses, named Bellamy Road, in this year’s Kentucky Derby. Dianne and her husband, Julian, of 48 years, own and operate a 340-acre farm in Aluchua, FL. Now small breeders, they say it was “more than a dream come true to have bred a horse that had a chance of winning the Kentucky Derby.”


Phyllis Cossaboom Burrows reported that 25 members of the Class of 1960 from all over the country joined in the various homecoming activities and everyone had a great time. It all started on Fri. afternoon when seven or eight found each other in the hotel lobby and all started talking at once. They enjoyed the Homecoming Cocktail Party at the School of Nursing on a very rainy evening. Several of the current students were dressed in uniforms from their era which brought back many fond memories. At the Annual Meeting on Saturday morning, they found out that they are really not very good at counting. Remember ladies, next time it is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This was followed by the Annual Luncheon where the 50th Reunion Class received their medallions….and the class of 1960 took notes. Saturday evening found them at their own class get together (the crab cakes were great — thanks, Kay). They had a wonderful time reminiscing, sharing old stories, and visiting. The sailing adventure for the spouses on Saturday was unfortunately rained out as the remnants of tropical storm Tammy kept pouring on Baltimore. Sunday morning, they all met at Nancy Liskey’s house for a wonderful brunch and more time to visit, look at old pictures, and share memories. It really isn’t very hard for 25 women to talk non-stop for close to three days. There was a sad note to their festivities. Marie Ardison Gahs passed away on Thursday, October 6th, just prior to the start of the reunion. They were very saddened by her loss, but truly felt she was with them in spirit. Phyllis since learned that Marty Male White’s granddaughter, Ashley, passed away the beginning of the same week. The weekend was a wonderful time to visit with old friends and to share memories, joys and sorrows. They share an amazing bond with each other that has lasted over the years, that has enriched their lives in so many ways, and which they joyfully celebrate every five years. They left with the promise to contact those who were not there and meet them at their 50th. Phyllis promises all a letter with a full update sometime in November.


Class Reporter – Genie Lipa Wessel, 10517 Catterskill Ct., Columbia, MD 21044, 410-799-1105, [email protected]. Once upon a time, a long time ago in a world called Johns Hopkins, a group of young maidens came to be forever changed. They came from many places near and far and were 126 strong. They came right from high school (103), with one year of college (3), with two years (19) and with three years (1). None of them left unchanged, and they entered lives that took them in many directions. But one thing forever binds them together, a phrase uttered as they wore brown lab coats, again as they wore blue and were capped and even when they put on their whites and graduated. It comes to mind now as they share where they are… “You will be better women for the lives you lead here….” Katie Bramlette–Family: Jennifer Bramlette-Price (married to Duncan Price) lives in London, England; Neil Bramlette (married to Shannon, son Spencer) lives in Bristol, VA. Career: Years in pediatric offices now two days a week as community health nurse in a low-income housing area helping the indigent get and understand medical care, providing links to social services, and everything else that helps the very poor understand today’s world. I really love it, and am very thankful for the opportunity to use my nursing skills this way. Activities, Interests, Volunteer: Much of my work is volunteer! Otherwise, love to read, travel, visit friends and family, especially my wonderful grandson! Peggy Collingwood Crooks–Family: Husband Ken; daughter, Jessica Mitchell; son, Andrew; granddaughter Maureen Eileen Mitchell, 5. Career: BSN 1963; Acting HN Osler, Baltimore Health District; refresher course 1986; Critical Care; 1988; present—part-time staff nurse Med-Surg Pittsburgh Medical Center. Activities: Care for Maureen two days a week; Bible Study Fellowship International; pastoral care and other volunteer efforts, garden, spectator sports. Still connect with Cynthia Parker, Susie Davis and Joanie Jordan (our granddaughters are best friends!). Sandy (Horst) Durkovic–Family: Husband Russ and a 100 lb. German Shedder (note a Sandy pun here) Shepherd. RETIRED!!! Activities: Love working out five days a week, travel, miniatures, crafts and reading. Sara T. Fry–RETIRED!!! Family: Three children and three grandchildren RETIRED!!! and love it. Nancy Silva Hicke–Family: Bought a home in Idaho and plan to retire once our two state marriage (Me-San Diego/ Bob-Idaho) is over. My father died last year, and my mother has advanced Alzheimer’s so I have kept busy managing affairs. Career: Working for Sharp Healthcare with majority of time at an MRI center. Keeping my license active just in case retirement becomes boring. Activities:We hope to travel maybe even make a reunion. My education at JHH has never let me down and opened many doors to a rewarding career. Doty Small Jackson–Family: David and I fend for ourselves with our daughter and family now in a beautiful new home. They are close enough to visit and babysit when David and I travel without Katherine. Attended the Biennial Med-Surg meetings at Hopkins. David continues on the adjunct faculty at Hopkins and on the Med School admissions committee. Delighted to see the great job Martha Hill is doing as Dean of the School of Nursing. Career: Working (mostly at home) taking care of David’s healthcare consulting business. Occasionally I consult doing quality monitor work in nursing homes. My favorite job is being a mom to Katherine. One of our long-time friends is a senator from FL and we are involved with his re-election campaign. Cynthia Parker—Long engaged to a wonderful guy next door and Englishman David Butler, a retired English professor. Career: Two years in London in OR/ER, private nursing and travel; six years at JHHCJ (Employee of the year 1997) on the geriatric team and now co-run the anticoagulation clinic at JHCP/Wyman Park. Activities: Love to garden, bird watch, read, music and random acts of kindness. Frequent JH Alumni activities where I often run into other classmates. Judith Roth Piercy–Family: Husband of 41 years Chris, and two children (Scott and Krista) and five grandchildren ranging from 13 to 5 years of age. I love them all. Career: PRN nurse JHH ’63-’64; Head Nurse A2 and A4B4 ’64 – ’67; Night Shift Coordinator ’77 –’81 and Nurse Educator GYN-OB ’81 -98 now RETIRED!!!! Sylvia S. Putt–Family includes husband Les, two sons William and Terence. Career: Retired and sold my Home Care Agency in 2004. Activities: Currently catching up on vacation and travel that was missed while working. Donna Abramson Rudick–Family: I am the lady who married her childhood sweetheart at 4:30 p.m. after our 11 a.m. graduation from JHH. Two fantastic sons; one in Tokyo (wife and my one and only granddaughter) and the other son in LA which has a lot to do with why we now live there in almost perfect weather. Career: First a family planning clinic (way before anyone had abortion clinics), gave my last class on birth control on my due date. Right after delivery of my planned baby, I resigned from my job. Second career: Raised my boys (completed a BS and MS in math education). Third career: Son #1 left for college, worked as a high school math teacher. Ended up teaching health to the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade; that was really great. Both boys got master’s degrees and then I quit working. Presently, retired and making sure my sweetheart keeps ticking with his metal valve and his CHF. Shirley Bonser Schlender – Family: Husband Keith will retire in December. Daughter Krisleah Kate Passaro is a music teacher, son Todd is a computer tech writer. Two wonderful grandguys Michael and Maxwell Passaro (2004). Career: RETIRED 2004.Activities: Am a miserable housekeeper so looking for things to do outside the house. Roberta Hudson Thompson (Suds)–Family: Daughter Kirsten and son-in-law Jeff Rose, granddaughter Sonya, 6, live in Minneapolis so I make that trip often. Son Rick and daughter-in-law, Vanessa live in Jupiter, FL—I try to arrange trips in the winter, of course. Career: I left nursing for industry several years ago, but kept my hand in working in ERs and trauma centers. Now Vice President of Clinical, Regulatory and Quality for a medical device company in NH. I love it! Prior to moving here, I worked in Minneapolis for Medtronic, NJ for Johnson & Johnson and in CA for a start-up device company. So nursing has been a great beginning and a wonderful stepping stone for other opportunities. Toni Jongs Villard–Family: Bruce and children Bruce Jr; Elizabeth and Michael Snyder with grandsons Joshua and Thomas. Career: Retired 2000 after working with addicted clients (15 years) and then for a Family Med Center (10 years.) Activities: Love to golf, do handwork, read and do short-term volunteer work at church. Toni writes that classmate Liz Brooks Walker recently had a kidney transplant. She encourages everyone to become a kidney donor. Let’s wish Liz a quick and complete recovery. Barbara Todd Wells–Family: Husband Sam is faculty at Duke, daughter Sarah married with two children, Susan married with three children. Career: Have not worked as a nurse since 1970 in Peds. I am a weaver working on commissioned works. Activities: Sam and I garden, collect art and crafts. Just completed being on Board of the American Craft Council and am now on Board of the Museum of Art at Duke and North Carolina. Genie Lipa Wessel–Family: Still married to John (met him at a mixer at Hampton House in 1961), one daughter, Keri and one granddaughter, Josie. Lucky enough to have been able to give child care since Josie was born and will be missing her when she goes to kindergarten in the fall. John is retired so he is also a caregiver and loves it. Career was a blast—from teaching at JHH in ’60, back again in ’72, worked for the School of Health Services, then for the hospital we opened, moved to community health at the local and state level (state consultant for School and Adolescent Health, two years in the Governor’s Office for Children and Families), three years at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. List me among the still employed at the local community college, managing a HUD grant to bring people into nursing. I can mentor and teach for two days a week (also has provided travel to AZ, CA, FL, and NY all in the name of presentations). Never dreamed how far my Hopkins education would take me. Activities: Working again with the Alumni Association, volunteering at the Aquarium, Parish Nurse for the Interfaith Center and writing poetry that even has been published. All of you, contact someone who is not listed here and get them to send me info for the next magazine. Let’s fill all their space. Mary Bier Wilson–Family: WONDERFUL time at our 40th, still have the photos posted Chairperson for our 45th high school reunion in May and am now hoping to delve into my and my husband’s family history. I’ve been working on it for 10-15 years and hope to finally get it organized. Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances caused great havoc, still cleaning up but the house is intact! Our daughter, Jenny, had her first baby (a girl) by C-section at age 37. Have a total of four lovely granddaughters from 16 down to four months. John’s father died in early June and my mother died this summer. So, my news is both good and bad. Career: I continue to be “retired” from nursing but stay VERY busy with many outside activities. Miss working in the OR but realize that I’ve become our worst fear, “the Marburg special!” Activities: John and I are healthy and enjoy traveling. Ireland in 2004. Looking forward to Barcelona and Rio in November. And so the maidens became a little older (literary privilege) and their lives became a fairy tale of change and growth. They battled dragons, loved princes, gave birth to genius children and were as predicted “better women” for the lives they had at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. THE END (or just a new beginning depending on how you look at it!)


Class Reporter – Gerry Pignato Peterson, 7517 Westfield Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817, 301-229-0538, [email protected]. I hope that by now everyone has their copy of the wonderful memory book and CD Diane Demarest Becker put together for us. (If you haven’t, drop me a note.) Sue Gormley Buchanan reports that after 30+ years in the same house, they are moving! Downsizing from three bedrooms with garage and attic to two bedrooms is causing a bit of stress as they seem to have had fertile junk—and it has reproduced to enormous proportions. The move to Harford County is scheduled for November. She has officially retired (not even in the float pool) from Hopkins, does collections for a court reporting firm from her home, and runs video conferences for the same firm every now and then. Sue and Ray now have three grandsons, Dylan, 8, Jared, 4, and Nicholas, 6 months, who keep them busy and laughing. Eileen Sweetland Leinweber has been retired a year now but does some independent consulting. She and Tom will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary this fall. Son Ross is married and lives in Highland Park, IL with wife Sarah and daughter India. Daughter Erin is the head Women’s Soccer coach for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Her team will travel to Baltimore to participate in a tournament at JHU. Tom’s mom is 95 and in an assisted living facility. So they are truly in the Sandwich Generation. Sound familiar? Ron and I celebrated 35 years together in August, caring for my Mom’s affairs, hoping to become grandparents soon, and thinking about cleaning the basement so the eventual move will be easier. Let’s keep in touch.


Fran Keen reported that the class of 1970 enjoyed a get together with 11 of their classmates. Various homecoming events were attended by: Linda Cade Haber, Geri Hirsch Fitzgerald, Mary Ann “Bicki” Thompson, Terry Lavell, Cecelia “Lorraine” Schieve, Eileen Timms Doll, Jane Riegel Haberkorn, Fran Keen, Sherry Sye Kolbe, Nona Lyvers McNatt, and Lori Knaub Snyder. Saturday ended with dinner at Velleggia’s in Little Italy, and a few even went salsa dancing after that!! The class is looking forward to seeing even more classmates at the 40th in 2010!!


Class Reporter – Joan Monchak Lorenz, 3323 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629, 813-972-2000, [email protected]. I’m working at Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL as the Patient Safety Manager. Daughter Nika is a sophomore at University of Florida (Gainesville). Send me your news, personal or professional, for the next magazine. Also, 2006 will be our 25th reunion! It’s never too soon to start thinking about coming back for reunion.


Laura Bradford Darden lives in Grayson, GA with her husband David and daughter Briana. Since leaving Hopkins, Laura received her MSN from Emory University and her JD from Georgia State. She worked in acute care for eight years and two years as a nurse practitioner. She is about to begin a position as on-line faculty for Indiana Weslayan University SON BSN program, but her favorite job is being Briana’s mother. Adrienne Felcher Bannon is married to Desmond and they have two children: Liam, 5, and Maura Yu Lin, 2. She is Executive Director of Tova House/House of Hope, a non-profit organization which runs half-way houses for recovering drug addicts/alcoholics. Monica Laws and husband Rick have two children: Kara and son Brian who is married with two children. Monica works at the Allergy and Asthma Association in Arnold, MD. Chip Holmes and his partner, Dr. Raymond Thornton, live in NYC. Chip worked at Hopkins until 1996, first on Osler 5, Research, then Osler 7, MICU. He then went to CA where until 2004 he worked as an ICU nurse in Fresno, Palm Springs, San Diego, and San Francisco. He is now Assistant Nurse Manager in the Medical ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center in NYC. He enjoys travel, music, food. Christine Rodick unfortunately couldn’t make Homecoming but says things are going fine with her. Kathy McFillin Lozano lives in CA with husband, Christopher, and four sons, Matt 14, James 12, Charles 5, and Sam 2. She is a per-diem RN in two different ERs. Lisa Nevara is a Family Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care, living in OR with life partner, Larry. She enjoys gardening, windsurfing, and hiking. Although she missed Homecoming, she encourages anyone to visit her if they are in OR. Kelli Kidwell Garber lives in MD with husband Ken, and son Chase. After leaving JHUSON, she received her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Maryland. She works part time as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the Pediatric Center of Fredrick, LLC.

’90 Accelerated

Pam Klein reported that she attended Homecoming for the first time and was glad she went. She caught up with Nancy Bolan, saw the new building (which made her kind of want to enroll again, it’s so beautiful and functional), and got inspired by nurses who were there for their 50th reunion and some for their 55th. They turned out in great numbers, and in comparison the accelerated 1990 representation (2) was quite small! She was reminded that those nurses dormed together 24/7 while in school for a number of years, so she felt better about that. She did, however, decide to try harder to get all of the accelerated 1990 class reconnected in the hopes that more of them will come to reunions in the future. Expect an email before too long. On a more personal note, Pam is currently in Cambridge, MA with a husband, two daughters, and working in Boston with HIV+ homeless people. She looks forward to hearing what everyone else is doing.


Class Reporter – Jeffery Baldwin, 4278 Haws Ct., Orlando, FL 32814, 407-629-1808, [email protected]. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard from many of you. I’ve been delinquent in sending email or making phone calls myself, so I have no room to talk! As for me, I was offered a permanent position with Amgen as a Manager in the Clinical Field Operations Department of US Development! Our department is the clinical monitoring department of the Development group. We monitor the Phase I – III clinical trials that are in process in the US. Please let me hear from all of you.


Leslie Wirth Kemp reported that their 10th reunion was a huge success! At the cocktail party on Fri. night, their group included Barbara Blanchard Spielman, Melanie Heath, Jennifer Whitehead Smith, Nancy McAleer, Michelle Chadwick Dressman, Stella Sochima Atikpoh, Karen Ball, and Leslie Kemp! There were others who came in by car, plane and boat (some had to drive through blinding rain to get there) to participate. On Sat. morning, several alumni turned out for the Annual Meeting, including Alicia Mezu, Stella Sochima Atikpoh, Karen Ball, Mary Fosu, and Leslie Kemp. Those who were able to attend the party at Joe and Leslie Kemp’s house went away relaxed, as massage therapists Alice and Erin provided massages for the guests who wanted them! What a great 10th reunion! In attendance at the party were: Linda Deveau and family (husband and three children) drove down from MA. They had driven nine hours the previous day to be able to join in the festivities. Mike and Penny Behrens, Harford County; Bernadette and Dr. Trujillo, Harford County, with Bernadette sporting a broken kneecap and crutches; Maureen Fitzpatrick and husband Martin; Courtney Burnes and daughter Megan flew in from MA. Michelle Chadwick Dressman with the twins, Nancy McAleer and daughter Julie, Karen Ball and granddaughter Madison, and of course Leslie Wirth Kemp, husband Joe and son Joey. They also had babysitters Melissa and Brittany helping out. Everything was wonderful: the food, the conversation, the reminiscing. The children all behaved splendidly, playing in the family room, watching movies, and hanging out. Everyone looks really great and seems genuinely pleased with their careers, family and lives as nurses. Great to see you all!

’95 Accelerated

Linda Harrold-Blake reported that the Accelerated Class of 1995 had their 10-year reunion party at her home. Although they missed a lot of their classmates, it was great to reconnect with those who were able to come. They all still are working as nurses. Andy and Margaret Corcoran brought their two darling boys with them. They have moved back to MD from FL, and Andy is an NP doing clinical oncology. Andy Wolanski, also doing oncology, came down from MA with Kathleen Fareri and Christine McCarthy. Kathleen is the mother of three and three-month-old baby Sarah Mae was a delight to have around. Christine was their big worker, getting the reunion plans off the ground. She is compiling update books for them with the information that those who couldn’t make the reunion have provided. It was fun to see Debra Marblestone who has the cutest little boys. They didn’t come with her, but she had great pictures to share. Marci Ricenbaw came in from NE. She works for a medical device company and handles the accounts for the whole country! She’s happy to be back home among family. Molly Getvyan is now living in CO. She’s married to a TV chef, but stays just as slim as ever. Jenepher Piper also is a local family practice NP in Cockeysville and loves her work. Anna Sam is still in the DC area working as a family NP for Kaiser Permanente. They were all pleased that their favorite teacher, Sue Appling, was able to make it to the party. She has left the SON to go to Mercy Medical to do breast cancer research and care. Lynda has just left 10 years in the pediatric OR to go into clinical research for pediatric stem cell/bone marrow transplants, still at Hopkins. Anyone who would like to share their information please email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Mike Cooley is an NP in the Burn Unit at Bayview Hospital here in Baltimore.

’96 Accelerated

Ben Laughton (MSN ’00) recently took a position as the lead NP at the R. Adams Crowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.


Paulette Anest is the Nurse Manager at Cedars-Sinai Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Maternal Fetal Care Unit. Julie MacPhee received her master’s in Forensic Nursing in 2002 and found the world of legal nurse consulting in one of her internships. She works full time on medical malpractice cases. She is the only nurse in the firm and quite busy. She says it is a great job, and lots of opportunity to grow. (Watch your documentation!). She also works part time as a clinical instructor for an LPN program. She has taught now for several years and with each batch of new students she gets “flashbacks” of rotations at Hopkins! Guess life can run full circle!

’97 Accelerated

Maeve Juran Watkins, husband Stan, and their three children Hannah, 6, Isabelle, 3, and Alexander, 8 months, moved to Anchorage, AK in July. They are enjoying the clear fresh air, cool temperatures and incredible mountain vistas. Maeve is taking a break from working labor and delivery, staying home with her children the past few years.

’97 MSN

Tracie Kirkland resides in Murphy, TX north of Dallas. They recently relocated from CT where she worked in family practice with one physician and two NPs. They did literally everything from their own phlebotomy, radiology, and many office procedures and covered one nursing home and three assistant living facilities. Her collaborating physician was awesome. Tracie is an occupational health nurse practitioner in an Employee Wellness Center. Quite different from her last experience.


John Christ finished his MSN at Georgetown as a CRNA and has taken a job at Sinai. David Herman is living in CO and working at North Suburban Medical Center in the Emergency Department. He is definitely enjoying life on the ski slopes in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer.

’98 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Penny Ackerman, 3656 Hickory Hill Road, Bethlehem, PA 18015, 610-867-9606, [email protected]. Thanks to everyone who sent along info about themselves and fellow classmates. Keep it coming! I am still living in Bethlehem, PA with husband Dean and our two children, Emily 5, and Gregory 18 months. Lisa Johnson has been working in Seattle for the past seven years. She is an ARNP (graduated from U of Washington in 2002) and works in the emergency department of Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. Sam Whitney sent along a picture of herself, Kora Smith, Heidi Bray, Susannah Herrmann, and Lisa Johnson taken in Olympia, WA after a mini reunion to celebrate Heidi’s December marriage to Steve Swanson. Cherene Saradar, after working as an NP in Baltimore for several years, decided she needed a change and moved to South Beach, FL to work in critical care. She’s at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the Ryder Trauma Center as a critical care RN in the trauma ICU and LOVES IT!!! Traci Cronin Doherty announces the birth of her second daughter Layne Elizabeth in May. Layne joins older sister Anna 3. Traci will return to work at Suffolk University Health Services as an NP in November. Lisa Frehafer lives in Cambridge and is an oncology RN at a local hospital. Darryle Steinberg graduated from a nurse-midwifery school in 2001, got married around the same time, and for three years has been a midwife in a private practice with an OB-GYN in NH. She and her husband expected a baby in October. She recently spent a week in San Diego with classmates Tammi Massaglia and Meggin Griffin. Doris Thomas works at Shady Grove Fertility Center in Rockville, MD as an IVF coordinator nurse. She has been there for three years and loves what she does on so many levels. Her children are ages 21 and 13+. Kyle will graduate from U of MD class of 2006 and Merissa will begin high school this fall. Kyle wants an MBA from NYU. Her husband received his master’s in Telecommunications and Info Tech this spring from Hopkins. She started a family tradition! Christina Boreale is a nurse practitioner in the cardiology division of the Scripps Clinic in CA. Cynthia Thurlow is a cardiology nurse practitioner at Inova Fairfax Hospital and manages a diverse inpatient population as well as a large cardiology group in VA. She and her husband Todd welcomed their first child in August, Jackson “Jack” Henry Thurlow. Her baby shower was attended by fellow alums Sarah Holton and Christina BorealeJulie McClellan Torsone was on bed rest (in July) for preterm labor. Her baby girl was due in August. She completed the MSN program at UNC Chapel Hill in 2002 and is a PNP for the Wake Med Neonatology department in Raleigh, NC. Christie Cade Smith has a one year old boy and recently moved to Annapolis, MD. She is a case manager at Children’s Hospital in DC. Juliet Tonjes Hirsch lives in Charlotte, NC and has a 2½-year-old daughter and a four-month-old son. She works PRN at a small hospital there. Gina Polidoro gave birth to Alexander Ciro Mundaca in January. Lauren Matukaitis Broyles lives with her husband John in Pittsburgh, PA and is working on her PhD in Nursing and her master’s in Bioethics at Pitt. Their first child, Zoe Elizabeth was born in May. Jennifer (Riddle) Keady is working with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, which she finds heavenly! She says it is the “ultimate nursing job.” Meggin Griffin is running the Breast Oncology clinic at the local county hospital in Houston. She loves her job. She married Brian Crawford in August in Micronesia.


April Wyman Fulks and her husband Joe report the birth of Phoebe Heather Fulks in February. Phoebe was named for the first of many “Noted Women” described in a book Dr. Ada Davis used in her history of nursing class, “The Dimensions of Professional Nursing,” chapter one, pg. 13. The same Phoebe is mentioned in the Bible, Romans 16:1-2.

’99 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Alisa Linde, 1920 N. Pebble Beach Drive, Show Low, AZ 85901, [email protected]Mary Carlsen works for the Trauma Service at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City as a nurse practitioner and plans on starting a PhD program this fall. Mary married (second time is the charm, right?) a wonderful man this August, and will travel to Costa Rica to surf. Stacie Stender writes “I live in South Africa and work for Columbia University as a clinical advisor for an HIV/AIDS care and treatment program.” She planned to visit Marni Sommer in Durban. Marni’s at Columbia getting her PhD and has a project about 1½ hours from where Staci lives. Tim Struna is in Bethel, AK working as a public health nurse with wife Jen. Uta Brandstatter is still in Asheville, NC working in an ED. She bought a house! Astrid Lizotte is in OB at Aspen Valley hospital and thinking of doing travel assignments in northern CA before the ski season. Brian Wahl is at Bayview ED working nights. He joined a four-week relief mission in Indonesia to aid tsunami victims where he assessed needs, helped organize a measles vaccine campaign, and set up workshops for Indonesian nurses so they could care for patients and give vaccines after the aid workers left. Veda Orlova Yonehiro gave birth to her third child, second boy, Maximos Yonehiro in May. All are doing well in northern CA. Missy Kornmesser Cirii added baby girl Grace Lee Cirii to the family in July and mom and baby are doing well. Tarah Somers is working for ATSDR at the EPA headquarters in the Washington, DC area doing environmental health and emergency response work. Isabelle is now 18 months old and a typical toddler-she is fearless and has very specific opinions on what she wants. Life is very good! Tammy Nissly married Jay Cougnet in July in Baltimore. Other Hopkins alums in attendance were Kristen Danzo, Kelly Joffe, Angela Gronlund, and Rebecca Gardner. Jennifer Hamner works at the University of Iowa Student Health Clinic. Husband Everett is about to start his third year of work toward his PhD in English Literature, and their baby is growing up and has been replaced with a very busy, nearly 2-year-old boy! They spent a month in Buenos Aires, Argentina while Everett worked on research for his dissertation. Katy Mendoza is a full-time mom of 2½-yr-old girl/boy twins, Mia and Brandon. She expected number three in September (gender unknown) and continues to work per diem one night/week at UCSD doing labor and delivery. Joanna Mitrega is working as a CNM for Phoenix OBGYN at Broward General Medical Center, doing hospital births only and seeing OB patients at the 7th Avenue Family Health Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Baby Jacob is now 2 and going through the phase of the terrible 2s. She and family are enjoying the FL lifestyle. Kelly Rogers graduated from Cal-State, Fullerton and received her master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia in August 2004. She works as a CRNA at the Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles, is getting married in October in Hawaii, and bought a house in Woodland Hills,. My dog and I (Alise Linde) moved to Show Low, Arizona in July, 2004 to be closer to Mom. I work as an OB RN and am hopeful to find a midwifery job soon. I bought my first home in December and am enjoying it (although the weeds are trying to take over the yard). Please keep updates coming.


Sharon Bachman was in northern Uganda last March where she managed feeding centers in 16 different camps. Sharon is applying to graduate school to become an FNP. Kisten Nolan is a technical officer at Family Health International, a non-governmental organization working in HIV/AIDS related programming in low-resource areas and developing countries. She enjoys traveling, doing yoga, and watching movies in her spare time.

’00 Accelerated

Nicole Lauer Applehans and husband, Denver, had their first baby, London, in July. Nicole is an RN in the Family Birth Center and a fill-in lactation specialist at the Creighton University Medical Center. Felice Felser lives in Marietta, GA. and received her MSN from Emory University in 2002. She is an NP in an emergency room. Laura Keels is in Danville, CA working in the L&D unit at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. She completed the FNP program at UCSF in 2005 and is looking for a full-time NP position. Melinda (Mindi) Shaner Dixson, husband Ray, and son Aidan live in MD. She is at CSICU and working toward her NP and Expert Nurse Witness. She enjoys playing with her son, being with her family, and spending time outdoors. Tonya Starr Hightower is the Emergency Department Assistant Unit Director at the Athens (GA) Regional Medical Center. She is married to William and enjoys hiking, running, and photography. Banafsheh (Bashi) Vorachek Ratterree lives in OR and is an Oncology Research Nurse at the Oregon Health Sciences University. She enjoys art, photography, music, baking, and anything outdoors. Lara Ho is a project coordinator for a feasibility study for a community-based diabetes prevention program targeted at improving diet and increasing physical activity among First Nations. She is a PhD candidate and doing research for her dissertation in remote northwest Ontario. Elizabeth Childs Bartrum is living in VA with husband, John. She is an NP in neurology at NIH and a volunteer NP at Bread for the City in Washington, DC. Kathy Carmody is applying to midwifery schools, while living with husband Greg in MI. She is doing labor and delivery at Sparrow Hospital and enjoys running, gardening, kayaking, and fishing. Danielle Carrico lives in Idaho with husband Tony, and daughter Mia. She is a circulating OR nurse at the Northwest Specialty Hospital and is busy spending time with her daughter, hiking, playing volleyball, cooking, water sports, and getting together with friends. Anastasia Pharris-Ciurej lives in Sweden and works on research with a European Union funded collaborative research project regarding quality of care for people with HIV/STIs in Zambia and Uganda. She is planning for PhD studies regarding health system responses to HIV in northern Vietnam. Melissa Ashby Fought is an NP in sports medicine at Orthopedic Surgery Palo Alto Medical Foundation in CA. Vivianne Hipol Gantous is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist at the Cleveland Institute of Acupuncture in OH. She is married to Anthony and is busy adjusting to the Midwest and to new in-laws. Jill Bates-Matulonis works as a Nurse Clinician IM, CVIR, at JHH, department of Radiology, and lives in MD with husband Anthony. They just bought a new house and stay busy cooking, reading, listening to music, and working on their house. Jamie Veleber Calhoun lives in MA with husband Aaron and son Noah born earlier this year. She is a staff nurse on the general medicine floor at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.


Class Reporter – Cindi Bode, 9 Trenton Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, 410-836-8617, [email protected]Eboni Clark Prince welcomes her second baby this December. She finished her master’s in Health Systems Management in 2004 at JHU and is a clinical manager at Washington Hospital Center. Mike Cox and wife Amy expect a child in January. Heather Dougherty is the stroke program coordinator at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She spent four years working at Hopkins on the NCCU. She married Christoph in January and they expect a baby girl in November. Emily Downing still works agency—peds, nursery and ER—and lives in Houston. Stephanie Felton expects a baby girl in October. She and her husband live in Bel Air and she works at the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Christine and Neil Fulinara expect a boy in October. Their first child is Taylor. Heather Hack and husband Pete live in Denver. Heather works in a family practice/internal medicine clinic and her husband is at an environmental law firm. Alison Livingston is at the Hopkins AIDS unit. She recently had a little boy. Tonia Moore is engaged to a civil engineer from Nashville. She will leave her job in KY and move to TN where she will join the Vanderbilt University Faculty Nurse Midwife practice. She also will teach at the University’s midwifery program. Paul More is a traveling nurse in the Baltimore area again and lives with his girlfriend and fellow rock climber, Michelle. Michelle Nolan married Joseph Kamnikar in August. They live in Santa Monica where she is a travel nurse for the Children’s Hospital of LA. Tina Schofield Tolson was one of her bridesmaids. Taquoa Shamberger lives in Santa Clarita, CA and works in the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. She purchased her first home. Julie Simpson married in September. Tina Schofield Tolson is an NCIII at Hopkins ED. She finished her master’s in Health Systems Management/Clinical Specialist in December. Nicole and Drew Turner had their first baby, Ella. Drew is finishing his MSN at University of Tennessee and will graduate in December. Niki is working in the PICU at a hospital in Memphis. Amber Zupancic began law school in San Diego in August. She has been doing triathalons for the past three years. John and I expect a baby girl this fall. John is a full-time physicians assistant student at Essex. Emily Seay works in the ER at Bayview and took four weeks off to help with the tsunami relief effort in Indonesia. She did public health work, disease control and planning, health assessments and data collection, and transported measles vaccine to villages where she observed the vast destruction.


Class Reporter – Grace Carter, 23 Dutton Ave Catonsville, MD 21228, 410-719-9434, [email protected]. Please contact me with corrections from the last edition of the Vigilando as well as with updates. I am having trouble contacting some people from our class; drop me a line if I haven’t contacted you! Please remember you are alumni and pay your dues ($20/yr) and participate in the upcoming events. As of May 2005 the new graduating classes had no pinning ceremony! The alumni board decided to pick up the cost of the pins for the students and would love to have more help from us! Please contact Melinda Rose, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, for more information on how you can help. JHUSON, 525 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205, 410-955-4285, [email protected]. Stephen Anderson moved into temporary housing in August so he could become a travel nurse in HI in the fall. Shannon Browher Gennaro quit her job at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to work closer to the home she and husband Matt purchased in Dover, NH. She now is an adult med/surg RN at York Hospital in ME. Eva Chen Tai married Eric in March, received her MSN from JHUSON in 2004, and works for a pediatric private practice in Columbia. Michael Dutton and Sarah are proud parents of Liliah Rae, born in August. Megan Gridley lives in CA and works per diem in pediatrics at both UCSF Children’s Hospital and Pacific Medical Center, a schedule that allows time for her Ironman training. She ran the Ironman in Brazil and qualified to return to Ironman world championships in HI this October! She also is applying to work with Doctors without Borders and hopes to travel with them in 2006. Jessica Haines Cramer is in Cape Cod for the summer working as a camp nurse. In the fall both she and husband, “Cramer,” will be traveling in Africa until December. Once she returns, she will work as a family nurse practitioner at the Pediatric Center in Catonsville. Stanley Koleszar married Laura soon after graduation, and they have a son, Caleb, 2. Laura expected another boy in September. Stan achieved his Family NP from University of MD in December and worked as a student teacher throughout his schooling as well as in area ERs. He started as an NP at People’s Community Health Center in July. Rhett and Ana Toribio Leibecke married in 2002; both completed their Family NP at University of Cincinnati and are looking for jobs through the National Health Service Corps. They have put their house in OH on the market and are hoping to move back to the Baltimore/ Washington area. During graduate school they both worked at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Rhett worked in Med/Surg and Ana in OB/Maternity. Kirsten Peruzovic married Martin but kept her maiden name. She is recovering from a broken foot and will be attending Loyola in the fall for a master’s in Pastoral Counseling. Karie Puopolo Siljamaki lives in CT with her husband, Kyle. They expected a baby girl in September. Karie received her Adult Primary NP from JHUSON in December 2003 and has postponed an NP job due to her pregnancy. She works as a home care RN in CT. Anna Trinkhaus Sutton moved with husband Steve to Detroit in 2003 and works in the Henry Ford Hospital ICU. Steve made his dream come true and is a firefighter/EMT, studying to be a paramedic. Geliza Del Toro Herrera has been working in the ED at Mercy Medical Center since graduation. She starts the business of nursing program at JHUSON in the fall. Geliza, husband Julio and daughter Natalia expected a new bundle of joy “Corina Isabella” in August. Jane Hannon is working on a maternal health project with Doctors Without Borders in Angola where she conducts her work in Portuguese and runs a mobile clinic treating women and children with TB, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. She received her MPH in May. Prior to Angola, she volunteered on the US naval ship “Mercy” for Project Hope and was in Indonesia for a month helping with the tsunami relief.


Class Reporter – Colleen Thornton, 325 Homeland Southway, Apt. 2A, Baltimore, MD 21212, 410-464-1152, [email protected]Joni Dellenback married John C. Ricketts, Jr. in May and they are living in their newly built home in Glen Allen, VA. Joni hopes to start the PNP program at Virginia Commonwealth University SON in the fall. She is looking for a pediatric nursing job, and her husband is a senior financial analyst for the Circuit City Headquarters in Richmond. Amy Haimovitz and her family, including two dogs and two cats, live in Estrella Mountain Ranch, AZ in their dream home with a swimming pool. Amy has held some great nursing positions such as a health services coordinator at the Arizona Baptist Children’s Services and a nursing supervisor at Devereux of Arizona, both centers for emotionally disabled youths, and has worked with the rich and famous at the Meadows, a treatment center dealing with trauma and addiction. She now is a triage nurse at a hospice where she feels respected, valued and practices autonomously, and is also a school nurse at her daughter’s charter school. Her children are doing remarkably well. Erica, 20, is studying pre-law at Towson University, Derek,17, is a senior and enjoying his new job, Dana is in Gifted and Talented at her school and Aaron will be starting high school this year. Amy loves AZ but misses the Baltimore crab cakes! Colleen Herten Thornton lives in Baltimore with husband Patrick. She is at the JHH Surgical Intensive Care Unit and loves it. Colleen is also back in school earning her master’s in the JHUSON Adult Nurse Practitioner Program. She will graduate with her master’s in December 2006 and hopes to find a job in a primary care setting. Carina Sonberg recently moved to Los Angeles after working at the University of Maryland Medical Center on a cardiac/telemetry unit since graduation, and has started a new job in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at UCLA Hospital Center. Carina is engaged to Chris Sterling and planning a fall 2006 wedding in MD. Sam Badger recently resigned from a nursing job at the JHH Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit and started a full-time nurse anesthesia program at the University of Maryland this fall. Lisa Meek Purdy got married a month after graduating from the JHUSON. She and husband, Mike, purchased a house in Abingdon, MD this past spring and have two puppies that keep them very busy. Lisa is a NCII on JHH Nelson 7. She also is working toward her master’s in nursing administration at the University of Maryland and will graduate in December 2006. Kelly Wong has moved from San Diego to Philadelphia and is studying for her MSN in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Pennsylvania. Jhodie Garcia reports that life has been good to her! She resigned from Hopkins in January after working at Weinburg for a few years and is now a travel nurse with NursesRx and loving every minute of it! The flexibility, the freedom, the pay. And there’s no better place to do her first assignment than in our nation’s capital! She is working at Washington Hospital Center on a med onc unit and also does volunteer work with the homeless and victims of domestic violence. She and her family just came back from a one-month vacation in the Philippines. It was pure paradise. Allison Caufield has worked in the Newborn/Infant Center at Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital since graduation and just recently started back to school full time at the University of Pennsylvania. She is studying to be a women’s health care NP and hopes to finish in June! She is dating a captain in the Army, whom she met while on a cruise. He was living in Germany at the time but is now stationed in Arlington, VA. They get to see each other more frequently since they are living on the same continent. Kathleen Smith Gabriel graduated from the MSN program at JHUSON in May as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and works at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA in pediatrics. Kathleen is also a naval officer. After graduation, Sutay Berman (formerly Nicole Massengill) worked for 1½ years in the JHH high-risk OB department, during which time she met and married fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and travel writer, Joshua Berman, with whom she now is traveling in South Asia. The couple’s year-long, round-the-world honeymoon was planned around several health-related volunteering stints, including their current assignment assessing malnutrition among out-of-work tea pickers in India. You can follow Sutay’s adventures on her husband’s travel blog: Cayley Martin graduated from the JHUSON MSN program in May and works in Bakersfield, CA as a family nurse practitioner. She is fulfilling her National Health Service Corps obligation in a community health clinic serving farm workers. She is engaged to her college sweetheart Alex.

’03 Accelerated

Erika Hiefer moved back to CA and is working as a psych nurse at Berkley’s Alta Bates Medical Center. Ellie Duplass Tsikalas, after gaining two years of cardiac nursing experience, has taken a new job as a clinical instructor for the Pensacola Junior College ADN program in northwest FL. Ellie’s rotations are in the telemetry and critical care areas. She is very excited to be working with students and is looking forward to beginning an academic career. She and her husband Manny are stationed in FL’s panhandle while he completes Navy pilot training.


Class Reporter – Nicole Ventura, 2707 St. Paul St., Apt. #3. Baltimore, MD 21218, [email protected]Nyree van Maarseveen started a midwifery/women’s health NP program this fall in San Diego. This past spring Nyree went to Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia to do tsunami relief. Jennifer Rock joined the US Air Force as a nurse and moved to San Antonio, TX this fall. Sharyn Boissevain married in August and Elizabeth Babin married Labor Day weekend. Aimee Maxted moved back to Baltimore to start an MSN program at JHUSON this fall. John Kerr’s wife is pregnant with their second child. Please e-mail Nicole with any updates you would like to have included in the next Hopkins Nursing magazine.

’04 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Diane McFadden, 3925 Beech Ave. Apt. 117, Baltimore, MD 21211; [email protected]. It has been over a year since our graduation, and there is much exciting news to report! Congratulations to Alisha Clinger and Christy Thiessen Bullock! Alisha and her husband welcomed a baby girl in September. Alisha enjoys working at the JHH Neonatal ICU. Christy married Toriano Bullock in 2004. They now live in Denver, CO, where Christy works in the Critical Care Unit at Swedish Medical Center, a level one trauma center. Christy and Toriano expect their first child in December. Jillian Murphy returned from her tour of duty in Afghanistan in July. She had leave time for some well-deserved R&R. Welcome back, Jill! Becky Allen lives in New York City and works on a Med/Surg floor at New York Presbyterian Cornell. Lindsay Heberling Grenier finished the MPH program at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health in May. She spent the summer in Afghanistan consulting for JHPIEGO on safe motherhood issues. Lindsay will begin midwifery school at Oregon Health Sciences University this fall. Kate Barry lives in San Diego and works in the telemetry Cardiac Care Center at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Kate begins a new ICU position in October which will cover the MICU, SICU, and CCU. Michael Marino also lives in San Diego. After working on a med/surg floor, he accepted a position as a hospice RN case manager. He and his children have enjoyed trips to the beach, Disney Land, Knotts Berry farm, and Mexico. Megan Challinor lives in Bethlehem, PA and works in the ED at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Kelly Meagher married Jeff Thurlow in July. Kelly works as a clinical transplant coordinator for the liver and small bowel program at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. Marguerite Baty lives in Baltimore and is midway through the MSN/MPH–Family Nurse Practitioner program at Hopkins. She plans on staying in Baltimore and has been accepted into the SON PhD program. Marguerite will examine “the intersection of gender-based violence and HIV transmission among refugee populations.” She will begin some of the doctoral classes while completing the MSN/MPH program this year. As for me, I’m in Baltimore wrapping up my last semester of the MSN/MPH – Public Health Nursing program. I’m in an Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing program, and have enjoyed working at the International Association of Fire Fighters in Washington, DC.


Bridget Arbour has accepted a job offer out in the Bay Area (the other bay) and thanks the alumni office for the printout of CA alumni contacts that provided information to help her choose a job. She got a lot of response and a lot of positive encouragement and guidance. She will be in the PICU at Oakland Children’s in Oakland, CA. After moving to southern Vermont, Hannah Neff now works in a four-bed birthing unit of a small community hospital.


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