In Memoriam

Charlotte Minerva Fischer ’28
Dorothy E. Willson ’32
Ella Weir Queen ’36
Lois Davis Smee ’38
Lucille Graefe Embree ’39
Charlotte Overly Tice ’39
Clara Anthony Hetrick ’42
John Simpson, husband of Stella Antoniak Simpson ’42
George Sexton, husband of Mary Morton Sexton ’42
Lucille Replogle Byers ’46
N. Ruth Carter Horton ’46
Betsy Abel Errickson ’47
Marion King Kelly ’48
Charlene Howl Sanders ’48
Marguerite Nichols Goon ’49
William Bandeen, husband of Joan Sleeper Bandeen ’51
Joy Ashley Richmond ’51
B. Nell Adair White ’51
Mother of Pat Bennett Nicholson ’55
Kathryn Pitzer Trites ’56
Marie Hopkins, mother of Katherine Hopkins ’62
Bonnie Tilley Taranto ’66
Frank Barbour, husband of Sandie McFarland Barber ’73


Church Home Hospital

Bland R. McCommons ’47
Joyce Tucker O’Shea, JHH ’58


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