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Class Reporter – Maravene Deveney Hamburger, 503 Brightwood Club Drive, Lutherville, MD 21093, (410) 828-4008. My two daughters, Karen and Judy, engineered two 90th birthday parties here Nov. 20, 2004. The first one at noon was in my apartment here at Brightwood. There was lunch and chatter attended by friends in book club, a few cousins from PA, friends from Baltimore, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. At 5 pm we had cocktails and appetizers for my Brightwood friends followed by dinner, cake and “that song” in the Brightwood dining room. I enjoyed several birthday gifts of flowers, using them at all three events and enjoying them for a week afterward. I enjoyed Christmas cards from Mary Mosher Callahan, Jo Rodgers Fielder, Isabel Harris, Mary Reiter, Jean Fairhurst Roberts, and Florence Moffett Snell. No news from Julia Farrier Drake and Ruth Tanner Monroe. Jo Fielder had abdominal surgery in Oct., but has recovered well. Jean Roberts had a rough time during the three hurricanes in FL. She and those in her area were without electricity for a whole week. She was surprised, but appreciated the call from JHNAA asking how she was surviving the hurricanes. Jean is looking forward to her grandson’s graduation from high school in May and another grandson’s wedding in Boston in July. Mary Reiter has been having some balancing problems. Florence Snell continues to enjoy her retirement community.

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Class Reporter – Harriett (Hattie) Stech SloanP.O. Box 1225, Raton, NM 87740, (505) 445-2875, [email protected]. I still work in our Heirloom Antique Shop with Cathy and go to “Curves” for a workout several times a week. Bob gets the mail and does shop errands for us. We are in relatively good health. Our grandson, Ned Naylar, is in the first year of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy. Before he returns to Washington, DC for the next year he is going to the American University in Cairo for a crash course in Arabic for two months. His sister Holly has just finished her BA/MA at Boston University. She is looking for work in China where she has studied for two summers. Doris King Avery (Dee) and Ginny Watson Skeens still see each other yearly in HI where Dee lives or VA where Ginny lives. Dee’s son Mark went to Oman in August where he is with the embassy as he was in Jordan. The family all love living there. The three children go to a British Academy. Dee and Ginny miss their “Friendly Foursome.” They have gotten some wonderful letters from students who have received grants from their scholarship fund. Alice “Pug” Wise Jeffers broke a bone in her wrist but still writes better than I do. She has a wonderful caring family nearby. She is active in her church and goes to the “Y” for water aerobics. She keeps urging me to go to the next reunion at Hopkins. Stasha Antoniak Simpson’s husband died several months ago. She said her husband was so proud to live to be 90. She is going to move to an assisted living north of San Diego very shortly. Ruth Holmer Friberg’s family is literally all over the world. She and her husband are in relatively good health. Their son Joe and his wife live nearby in Minneapolis. Their sons live in the area but daughter Debbie is studying in New Zealand. Daughter Margaret lives in WA where her husband pastors a CMA church. She is a part-time nurse. Their oldest daughter, Margaret, teaches English in China while working toward her master’s from Wheaton College. Mary and husband Fred are teachers living in Vancouver Island, BC. Son Pete and wife Marilyn live in WI where he pastors two congregations. Son Steve and family live in Tanzania where he is a physician. John, Joy and 2-year-old Andrew live in Tibet where John is an engineer bringing water and electricity to rural villages. Ruth Dale Ogilby lives in a wonderful retirement home in Carlsbad, CA. She does have some health problems but has good care. Margaret Taylor Courtwright loves her small college town in the hills of western PA but enjoys visiting her sister in Phoenix, AZ. She still works with her church group of nurses but has recently acquired a paid parish nurse job on the church staff. Margaret’sbrother Carl and son Dan work in communities in China, Judea, and Afghanistan with Hopkins Public Health in development. Jane Loughrey Huckestein is involved with a music club and volunteers with the Salvation Army. Barbara Reisner Grossman lives in WA. She is still involved with consulting with referrals from the Wycliffe Bible Translators. She and her late husband worked with this group for many years. She had a wonderful visit with her daughter in ID at Christmas. Mary Morton Sexton’s husband passed away. She moved to an apartment where she can get assistance if she needs it. Her twin grandchildren are now in college. Jill Duskey Hoeper’s FL home escaped the fury of hurricane Ivan. She is still on the staff of a boys’ camp in WI. Elizabeth Donovan Mamrack lives in assisted living, reads a lot and enjoys outings with her son and family. Peggy Hughes died peacefully in Oct. 2004. Bessie Brazier Sittler died in 2003. Her daughter said that she had wonderful memories of her experiences at Hopkins. Ruth Harnar died Nov. 2004. She was the daughter of missionaries and made it her life’s work to train Indian nurses and village health workers for work in mission hospitals. She served as nursing superintendent and director of nursing education at the Jackman Memorial Hospital in Bilaspur; and as director of the Graduate School for Nurses at Indore. In the early 1970s, Dr. Harnar worked with the Voluntary Health Association of India in Delhi, where she co-authored a curriculum for training village health workers which is still used today. After retiring from the mission field, she served as a visiting professor at the SON at UCSF. She served on the World Council of Churches in Geneva and received a Lifetime Achievement in Nursing award from the IU School of Nursing. Her life was one of passionate engagement in medical ministry. Her understanding of Indian culture and the Hindi language enabled her to be extra responsive to the needs she encountered. Clara Anthony Hetrick passed away March 29th of this year. After a lifetime of nursing, including service in the European theater during WWII, and at the VA hospital in Bedford, MA, she retired to Hamilton, PA where she lived as a child. Until her last few years of life, she continued to volunteer with the Red Cross and serve at clinics in her area. She moved to NH her last year to be closer to her sons and grandchildren.

’46  June

Class Reporter – Peggy Brezina Pielou, 1277 Shadow Way, Greenville, SC 29615, (864) 676-1277, [email protected]Pat Dunbar Fleming and her husband Bill survived the FL hurricanes, but Jeanne left their home “uninhabitable.” They are leasing a house until theirs can be rebuilt on the same lot—Barefoot Place. Don’t you love that name! Jean Webb Bergold sounds very interested in our 60th reunion and implied that she would help with the plans. How is that for spirit?! Betts Weller is doing well and manages to keep very busy. She writes wonderful long, newsy letters. Sally Carton Mitchener called me from her daughter’s home here in Greenville, SC, and we finally managed to get together. Her husband Jim was with her, and we all had a pleasant gab-fest about the old days. The next day we had a chance encounter at a grocery store and continued our reminiscing. Imagine that! Two meetings in two days after all those years.
Bill and Dottie Ford Krieger continue to do all the right things, such as serious exercising daily and eating well, although Dottie doesn’t always appreciate Bill’s culinary efforts.

’47 June

Class Reporter – Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Woodbridge Ct., La Crosse, WI 54601. I am still involved in rearranging my life to some extent. My hope is to give as many items as possible to my family and primarily keep the things I will need for day-to-day living. I am hoping to have reduced my belongings to the extent necessary for daily living and to decide where I really want to live. It is possible I might share a home with my younger son until I see my way more clearly. So I will see where time and circumstance take me. There is no hurry at the moment. I am still exercising three times a week in a university pool where very fine young people give us direction and take good care of us. We have a wonderful pool group. Judith Simms Dawe stated that she and Chris “had a super trip to Sweden in July.” They visited exchange students whom they housed in the ’70s and ’80s.” They went to Montreal several times. “Goonie” talked with Judy and learned her son had his 50th birthday in Sept., celebrated in Sweden, and had a wonderful time. Kathy Heller Erickson mentioned her plan to see Donna. She volunteers at Kootenai Medical Center on Wednesday, ushers at N. Idaho College winter events and summer musicals and rides with the Spokane Bicycle Club. For “summer fun” she rode her bicycle from Idaho to Spokane, WA and back (62 miles) with an interlude for delicious ice cream cones on a hot day. She sent a photo and, as usual, looks marvelous. Jessie Lehman Hague wrote in early Dec. and mentioned that “Goonie” called her several times in the fall. She recalled Lois Opper was using a motorized assist to get around in FL. She mentioned that Bill and she “took turns in Chambersburg Hospital in June.” She “had a coronary with two stents placed for two – 95% blockages in the circumflex artery.” She “had swift and excellent treatment and feels fine.” Her Bill had internal hemorrhaging. Cause was never determined and is self healed. He is fine. She mentioned that she still does water aerobics four days a week. Both stay active on campus. June Glaser Hanson “Goonie” had been in touch with Hadley who, at the time was expecting to have cataract surgery the first of the month. A later note said that“Opper” was doing OK and that her older sister came for Thanksgiving. A later e-mail from Hadley indicated a possible thought to move to a Senior Center. Early on Bob was doing well but, at that time, “all was not clear yet.” At some point “Goonie” returned to her first neurologist for a new MRI – the lesion was the same but scar tissue had formed. At that time she could still get in and out of her car. In early December she called to let me know she had bad acute angle closure due to glaucoma. Usually it was under 20; hers was 80+. She had laser surgery but it’s OK now. She has retained her vision. Thank heavens for that! Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban has had a “nightmare” situation which began in July when her husband had a “hemi colectomy” and went through a cycle of chemotherapy for 14 days. He continued to have problems and was operated on again in Nov. and now is on the mend, hopefully. At our 50th reunion at JHU mention was made regarding a “song” that was created for an occasion long ago. Helena sent the words to us: “We are the girls of the Bathtub Follies. We all bounce like rubber dollies. All, us girls, have gone to high school. All, us girls, have been to charm school. Goucher paid a fortune for us. We all danced in the Broadway Chorus. We’ll all get our man some day! So, Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!” Annie Caraccilo Peck wrote several times, the last time close to Christmas when she was expecting one of her daughters for a visit. Intermittently, other friends and former classmates have visited. Elsa Heilbronn Epsteinwas in the States early in Nov., and she and Annie had a good visit. Elsa stays involved in her work with children following her husband’s death. When I talked with her via telephone from Annie’s, she sounded wonderful! Annie also keeps in touch with Paula McLychok Satterly from our early days at Hopkins. She had a visit from Paula last fall as she was traveling with her daughter. They enjoy the community in which they live now with all it has to offer and for opportunities to take part in activities. She is still dealing with her fibromyalgia from time to time. Bonnie Holley See mentioned her sorrow over Betsy Abel Errickson’s death in July. She was recalling that Donna Simanton, Betsy and she spent “their last six months of nursing school at Staten Island NY, at the Marine Hospital.” One day she and Betsy had the same day off and took a bus ride to Hyde Park, NY, to visit the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt. She mentioned that Jessie Lehman Hague had sent her a card with a picture of where she was born. “It was a pretty farm house with snow around.” Donna Honsowetz Simanton sent a brief Christmas note and mentioned that “neighbors had decorated the gazebo in Jim’s park with many lights – what a surprise as she drove up from AZ last week.” She was expecting to see Kathy Heller Erickson the following week when Kathy planned to drive over for the day. Mollie Stull Snyder writes that she “stays about the same – cataracts are growing.” Her “oldest granddaughter will be 18 soon and interested in Marine Biology.” Her “oldest son (53) had two stents for coronary blockages recently!”


Avis Moore Reither reports that she has moved to the health care center at Roland Park Place in Baltimore. Her arthritis has been troublesome, her eyesight is poor, but her strength is returning and she gets around fine with a walker. She is still playing bridge and enjoying activities with her many friends at RPP. Miriam Buchaca Stockbridge Deming passed away in late January. Mim was an active member of her community and church and had that special gift of reaching out to those in need. She worked at Hopkins Hospital after graduation and then as a public health nurse before her first child was born. In the 1970s and 1980s she worked for 17 years as a school nurse for Baltimore County. Mim had many friends and enjoyed gardening, painting, hiking, and traveling. She was married to her first husband, Robert Stockbridge, from 1951 until he died in 1993. In 1999 Mim married Walter Ray Deming who died in Jan. 2004 shortly after they moved to the Glen Meadows Retirement Community. Mim will be dearly missed by all her classmates.

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Class Reporter – Betty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, bbscher As we prepare for our 55th anniversary in October, I first want to thank all those who have responded already, even if you have had to say “Sorry, but no…” Those who can come, stay well and hope we can have a really great get-together at Homecoming once again. Now, to the news. Helen Wheeler Wetzel has moved to a retirement apartment (or something) down in NC near her daughter and family. She will not be joining us this year, but will be thinking of us. Mackie McCown Kolb also will just have to be thinking of us despite her wishes that she could be celebrating here in town. Eileen Meacham Watson was the first to respond to the letter, but—unfortunately—she cannot get up here either. Ditto with Marion Bee who loves retirement with the emphasis on the “three Rs—relaxation, rest, and reading…meanwhile life goes on, with animals, church activities, birding and some volunteer activities.” I spoke with Mary Agnes Hull Stewart the day after her birthday party (a year younger than yours truly), and she does not think she will be able to get up this year either…and“Aggie” is another who usually can get up. The same applies to Gerrie Bodie who cannot make it this year, probably for the first time. Gerrie has been taking trips with her sisters and their families. She also will be moving shortly to a new apartment – one on the first floor. I know how going upstairs can bother a gal, Gerrie; I am going through it now myself. Gerrie also sent me an article on William Osler as a “practical jokester,” quite a different role from the one we usually assign him! Also responding, but not being able to join us this time, is Charlie Royer who will be taking part in a massive family reunion at the same time. He, too, wrote he will be thinking of us all and missing us all too. We hope Ernie Del Signore will find a way to have his daughter in MD bring him to the reunion. Finally, Jo McDavid Hubbard has responded and will be with us if all goes well at home in KY. Spoke with Ginger Groseclose David who has added yet another grandchild, a girl, to the stable. That gives her five in about a year. Ginger and Don do plan on joining us at Homecoming! At last, a YES! Am awaiting responses from the rest of you, although I realize that at our stage in life, it is not easy to make plans this far ahead…Meanwhile, stay well or get well!


Class reporter – Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Avenue, Allen Park, MI 48101-1806, (313) 381-9396. Anne Wright Morooney writes that she quilts, knits, “and such” and works with shut-ins (nurses care). She said she enjoyed hearing of my cat rescue work. Her son and friends used to do that and how she enjoyed the stories they could tell. I have had experiences during my 12 years of rescue and placement that even my vets have not heard of. Rosemary Burroughs Schulte wrote that they were expecting grandchild #17 last October. In speaking of them all she writes “they are great fun!”Adele Sparks Birx’s husband had a painful bout of pancreatic stones in late summer which seem to have been treated successfully. They are caring for Adele’s Dad yet as last I heard. Esther Moore Clement writes of visits with children and grands, lots of tomatoes from their garden and a much enjoyed 61st high school reunion, which, I gather they wouldn’t miss! Rosie Ghysels hosted Jane Boice Turnbull and Betsy Boggs at her lovely bluff-top cottage overlooking the Muskegon River. Betsy Boggs is making plans to move into a retirement cottage in a Life-care Community. The cottage is a separate unit with rooms for living, eating, and sleeping. I expect Maggie (her kitty) will be welcome there. Jane Boice Turnbull has had a bad time recently with what appears to be severe side effects of medication. Doing better now and we are looking forward to a few days with Rosie soon. Pris Gray Teeter took a boat trip to explore New England islands, then up the Hudson River to Albany, NY stopping for sightseeing and good food, always a plus on such tours! Also, she spent several days at the shore with friends. Heard from Joan Sleeper Bandeen in Aug. telling of the death of her husband (of 43 years) Bill, of sudden death arrhythmia. Most of you will remember Bill from the 50th reunion. His consideration of Joan was mentioned to me in many letters and/or phone calls that summer. Sue Anstine Shankroff wrote that she also had missed the Baltimore Sunarticle about Ann Morooney. It made me thankful again that Rosemary had sent it. I missed sending anything for class notes last summer for the fall magazine; seem to have slowed somewhat due to cataract surgeries and bilateral inguinal hernia repair all successfully behind me. Nothing new has happened in my life which is not all bad! Dorothy McEwen Whittingham sent me a copy of her college’s magazine and a note recently which have given me much to share with you all. Her first association with Roberts Wesleyan College led to an associate degree. Later, she went out to IL to Roberts’ sister college, Greenville, earning a BS in Biology. Then on to Hopkins and a second bachelor’s the same year Roberts College granted its first four-year degrees. In 1954 Roberts was approved to offer a nursing major and that year Dorothy began a 33 year career as chair of the Division of Nursing, retiring from that position in 1986. Then she helped develop a college program for working adults until 1990 when she really retired. Now she is active in her church’s Stephen’s Ministry (Acts 6, 7), quilts, and maintains the family home which she shares with a professor (of English literature) daughter Liz, who teaches at a local university. Daughter Marlena is married and has two twenty-plus young adults. Dorothy winters in FL now. In 2004 the College of Nursing celebrated its jubilee. Dorothy was one of the speakers. Just heard from Nell Adair White. She had a bad time health-wise. The main symptom was lower extremity edema. Tests revealed CHF—surgery took care of things. She wrote of a summer of good times: their golden anniversary celebration—a family reunion and visits with relatives not seen for years.


Ellen Styles Rajacich enjoyed the company of all 10 grandchildren at Christmas. She continues volunteering in YMCA classes and Hospice. M J Beck Reynolds writes that Dick accepted a request to join the management of Boca Raton Community Hospital, in the process of becoming a teaching institution related to a new two-year medical school at Florida Atlantic University, accredited by the University of Miami School of Medicine, eventually to become a four-year school. They now live in Boca Raton. In July, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in OH with family members attending. Thus, they dispel any sense of boredom and the possible contentment of retirement.


Class reporter – Margaret Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Road, Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Our 50th reunion from Hopkins will be celebrated on October 7 and 8. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to return to Hopkins and reminisce with classmates. Please make every effort to participate in this special milestone. Betsy McGeady, Rosemary Downs and Allie Sanborn and others are working with the Alumni office to make this reunion the very best. Kathie Redding Anderson, Art and their three flying sons continue to take to the air for family get-togethers. In their home office, they still do flight physicals. A recent client told of flying supplies at night with no lights to Iraq, occasionally a harrowing experience. Kay Smith Burr’s Ted, beginning a family vacation with grandchildren in NM, fell and broke his left leg. With arthritis, though the bone has healed, this may require a built-up shoe. A second fall at home—no more breaks—instigated the building of a ramp. Ted admits that Kay’s TLC succeeded in restoring him to good spirits. She’s enjoying swimming and water exercises at the Y and continues piano lessons. Laura Lyman Brecher announced that granddaughter Audrey accommodated her father’s Labor Day concert schedule by arriving a week early. He participated in her delivery and continues to be a doting dad. The cousins, geographically nearer, give Art and Laura much joy. Art has been one of 40 chosen worldwide to discuss the impact of education and religion on one another and the influence of government there at the University of Oxford, August 2005. Art is choosing as his topic stem cell research. Carol Straub Guilbert leads prayer groups and retreats, helping out with church duties as needed. As well as recreational activities, Dick has a business, Pat Bennett Nicholson’s mother died with kidney cancer and heart failure at 96, spending her last month with Pat and Jim. Char (Lee) and Bruce Williams went on a Pacific trip last summer, including New Zealand, Australia, American Samoa, the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. Stateside treks included a visit with her daughter Carol, who will finish her PhD in spring ’05, and with Bruce’s mother, who celebrated her 104th birthday July ’04. This year they expect to go to Egypt and on a Russian cruise following Peter the Great. They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year as well. Char enjoys the DAR and her garden club activities. Bruce helps out with the church and organ trips.


Jean Barton Champness reports that Tom is still a full-time pastor. Rhonda and family are back in the Philippines, and Ruth and family continue to be involved in church music.


Ruth Barnard continues to be busy helping start a School of Nursing in Haiti. The building and dormitory are built and the dean appointed. The dean received 75 applications from all over Haiti in just three weeks. Results of the entrance exam will be available soon. They hope to admit 40 students in the first class. Ruth planned to go back to Haiti for the building dedication on January 5. Classes were scheduled to start January 10, 2005. These nurses will be able to educate people how to prevent disease and accidents as well as provide needed care. Ruth is working hard on trying to raise money for annual tuition ($800) and room and board ($400). There also are operating costs to get the school started.

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Remember our 40th and the fun we had! Here are a couple of pictures to jog your memory. Let’s do it again! Our 45th reunion committee of Pat Mazzochi Davis, Marie Ardison Gahs, Nancy Edgar Liskey, and Kay Knapp Donald have been hard at work planning a great gathering in Baltimore. The dates are October 6, 7, 8, and 9, 2005. On Friday evening a social time is planned at the School of Nursing with food and beverages being served. Current students will be available to give tours of the Hospital and School. On Saturday, the Annual Business Meeting will be followed by a seated luncheon for all alumni. The afternoon will be a time to see the sites in Baltimore or spend time visiting with old friends. Saturday evening our own class gathering will be held at the Tremont Hotel. It is planned so that everyone can mingle and mix and catch up on old times. Once again, on Sunday, Nancy Edgar Liskey will host a brunch at her home. If you haven’t already sent in your info for the Memory Book to Phyllis Burrows, please contact her [email protected] or 920-739-9620. She promises you will be included in the book. As the years pass, it is always a treasured experience to visit friends with whom we shared such an intense and extraordinary time in our lives. The years evaporate, and it seems like we are back in Hampton House sitting in someone’s room sharing our experiences and love lives. Someone once said: “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” See you in October!!



Class Reporter – Wendy Gehlbach, 1141 Nettles Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957, [email protected]Julia Gooden Bolton writes: Roger and I are enjoying grandparenthood. Mariko just turned 2 and Erika arrived on March 6, 2005. We are also enjoying our semi retirements. Missing my contact with nursing, I have started up a consulting firm with a nurse colleague, Highpointe Business Solutions ([email protected]). We do organizational development work focusing on advancing professional practice. In connection with that work, I published two articles last year: “Valuing Leadership:Transforming the We-They Dichotomy in Nursing Organizations” in Nurse Leader (August 2004) and “Succession Planning: Securing the Future” in The Journal of Nursing Administration (December 2004). Madelon Henderson Ceman states: I have been retired from Dean of Nursing at Midlands for four years now, but am keeping busy. I took the Legal Nurse Consulting Certification course in Atlanta and have done a few things, but now I am a Telehealth Nurse. I have patients with diabetes, hypertension, GERD, asthma, high cholesterol, one or all of the above. I call them once a month and send the reports to Atlanta. They get co pay on their medications, a blood pressure machine, and BS tester and other benefits. I have met a lot of nice people. They are all over the country. The farthest away is South Dakota. I SOAP the reports and send them in by e-mail. Nancy Krause Krauss says: I do not have any great changes in news. I am still working full time as nurse psychotherapist with children and families at the University of Maryland Medical Center Outpatient clinic. I keep busy singing with the Baltimore Masterworks Chorale and the Columbia Unitarian Universalist Church. I just returned from an 11-day cruise from Norfolk to the Eastern Caribbean. I needed a change of pace and a chance to rest and relax on the high seas. I sang with the Berkshire choral festival in the Canterbury Cathedral in July 2004. It was a wonderful experience and a lovely week in England. We did Puccini and Verdi works. I visited with Jay and Connie Clark in Oct. They are both retired now. Last March, I met my older son, his wife, her mom, and my 9-year-old grandson for a week trip around parts of AZ (my first trip there). It was a wonderful week and beautiful sights. The Grand Canyon is truly remarkable. The U.S. Parks people were wonderful with their attention and interest in my grandson’s work at five different parks to earn his junior park ranger badge. I was impressed with them all. My other son, Randal, is living close by with his wife and two dogs. They are wonderful helpers and support for me. He sings with a barbershop quartet as well as a chorus. They have a busy life with many friends and activities around family, boating, and music. I have now one 14-year-old Border Collie, Wondermutt, and 11 cats. Four of the cats come into the house, the others are a feral colony, which I am trying to keep at 11, but you never know with the way cats reproduce and people dump them out without spaying and neutering. I can’t say I have ever been a fan of cats, but somehow this happened with one old gray cat that arrived. She is one eyed after developing a bad infection in one eye and needed an enucleation. Judy Rothman Pochop emails: “Hubby Hal retired and has found a new love: poker. We went to Vegas again, and he took some classes, bought a couple of books and now spends time on the Internet playing poker. We are also in the process of remodeling our kitchen. It is much more involved than we thought it would be, but we hope it will be worth it in the end. We took our usual summer trip to CO to see daughter Beth and her family and then went on to CA to see Suzy and her family and wait for the birth of Charlie. We spent a month there since she usually delivers early, but Charlie had his own schedule and arrived only three days early. It was wonderful not having to rush back so Hal could start school. Retirement is great. We also had a wonderful trip to stay with Art and Wendy Gehlbach and attend a seminar at The Breakers in West Palm Beach, where we were joined by Rose Ann Rufener Taylor and her husband, Jan. The seminar was sponsored by Hopkins and was very informative. A good time was had by all. I recently turned 65, and I am looking forward to my Social Security in six more months. I cannot believe we are all this old. Remember when we used to watch all of the old grads at our reunions? Now we are the old grads! Charlotte Kunkel Taylor is still living in MO. She writes of the birth of her fifth (and she thinks final) grandchild, Richie Joe. From Virginia Null Holst in Denmark: Her major political duties for the next two years will be merging her municipality with several other smaller ones. Travel included trips to Sweden to visit several old friends; Scotland; a trip to the “farm” in Gettysburg with grandkids and NYC (Ground Zero was unbelievable); and a trip to Vienna as a reward from monies saved when Ginny stopped smoking! Lois Whipp Boor and hubby Bill spent the winter in FL with lots of other travel with family and friends. In fact they traveled the length of the Niagara River with kids and grands to see both Great Lakes and some side trips to the wineries for the grown-ups. They did some motoring with their Sports Car Club friends and even found time to do some redecorating of the home! From our favorite night nurse, Mary Ann Quink Slowick, who toils still at her rehab job. She and Jim welcomed their eighth grandchild, Kaitlin Renee, last Nov. Their oldest is 16 and giving his parents the jitters. She made the following comment about the article about Penny Miller Dvorak: “Made me feel better not to be the only relic still working.” Sydney Tally Hickey is still spending much of her time seeing or thinking about grandson, Owen, who lives close by in VA. Daughter Elizabeth suffered through the hurricanes in FL as did Sydney and Dennis traveling between Miami and Orlando. Syd is still on the Board of the National Military Family Association. As for me, we survived the two hurricanes that hit within miles of our home. Since our home had been built following the new guidelines, we sustained no damage. We did get to travel to the western part of the state for two mandatory evacuations. I continue to be happily retired while Art manages the real estate office here on our island. He did undergo a transverse colectomy in March and have prophylactic chemotherapy in follow-up. It amazes me that he is receiving 5FU. I can remember caring for a young woman with cancer on Osler nights. How she suffered with the side affects. That would have been in 1961… some 40-plus years ago. We, too, enjoyed our Hopkins evening with Judy, Roseanne and spouses. I’ve also had lunch with a delightful young man from the SON. Lucky me! Matt Haag is with the Development office, and he reminded me that we will have our 50th reunion in the not too distant future and may need to start thinking/planning for a gift at that time.


Ann Lallman Jessop is a retired assistant professor from Washburn University School of Nursing. An active member of Kansas State Nurses Association (KSNA) District 1 Topeka, she served at the state level on the Bylaws Committee. She also served previously on the Council on continuing Education. She is now an officer for the KSNA for 2005-06.


It is our 40th reunion!! Where does the time go! Please make plans to come to Homecoming October 7 and 8, 2005Linda Versic has kindly agreed to do the class memory book and Beth Snow Mitchell has graciously offered the use of her home for our Saturday dinner. We’ll start the weekend off with a cocktail party at the school on Friday evening—good food, good drinks, good music, and great friends. Saturday everything will be at the Tremont Grand—annual meeting and a seated luncheon. Come back to Hopkins and enjoy reminiscing!


Bonnie L. Taranto died on April 10, 2005, after a brief battle with cancer. Bonnie worked in the emergency room at Johns Hopkins for a year before accepting a commission as a lieutenant with the US Army Nurse Corps. She served her country at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital near Long Binh, South Vietnam, and later at Letterman Hospital at the Presidio San Francisco. After discharging from the Army, she settled in the Bay Area and worked as an emergency room nurse. She retired from active nursing to become a full-time mom shortly after the birth of her daughter Ariel. She will be remembered for her quick wit, her generous spirit, her love of nature, and her dedication to her family.

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Fran Keen, Mary Ann Bickerton Thompson, Geri Hirsch Fitzgerald and Mona McNatt want YOU to join them for Homecoming weekend –October 7 and 8. It’s been 35 years—much has happened in our lives both personally and professionally. Come back and enjoy the Hopkins experience.

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15 Years! Yes, it has been 15 years since we were students together at JHUSON. Where are you and what are you doing? Come to Homecoming and join classmates and other alumni at cocktails on Friday, October 7. Then sit back and enjoy lunch while you catch up with colleagues on Saturday at the Tremont Grand. Adrienne Forbush Bannon, Kelli Garber and Amy Margolis Hardin will be sending out more information but put the dates—October 7 and 8—on your calendar now!

’90 Accelerated

Wouldn’t it be great to have all 15 members of the class come to our 15th reunion! Please put the Homecoming dates—October 7 and 8—on your calendar and join us for a weekend with your Hopkins colleagues. Cathy Lawrence had volunteered to help out. You’ll be getting a letter and questionnaire soon. Please fill out the questionnaire and tell us what you’re doing.


Michele Cellai is temporarily living in NC. She will be moving to Boston in the spring/summer. She did not want to spend the winter in New England, so she moved in with a friend and will be working as an RN for a few months. Once Michele gets back in Boston, she will go back to NP work.

’93 Accelerated

William Everett Britt, Jr. was born on February 21, 2005, to Amy Barlow Britt and her husband, William. Big sister is Kathryn, age 5.

’94 MSN

Lisette Bunting-Perry has been accepted to the University of Pennylvania School of Nursing PhD program for the fall of ’05. She will major in geriatric nursing with a focus on palliative care in chronic disease. Lisette currently is the assistant clinical director of the Parkinson’s Disease Research Education and Clinical Center at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center.


It has been 10 years! Things have changed —both in our lives and at Hopkins. MarkOctober 7 and 8 on your calendar now and plan to join us for a great reunion weekend. Edie Sagenkahn Goldberg, Leslie Wirth Kemp, Jennifer Gregg Geise, and Karen Ball are all interested in making it a special weekend in Baltimore. Leslie has volunteered to do a class reunion booklet. If you haven’t already done so, please send your questionnaire to her as soon as possible. See you in October!

’95 Accelerated

That’s right—10 years! What’s been going on in your life? Call your friend from nursing school and come to the reunion. You won’t be sorry. It’s great to reconnect with colleagues and old friends. Mark your calendars for October 7 and 8. Come for cocktails on Friday night at the School of Nursing, and then attend the annual alumni meeting and join us for a seated luncheon celebrating the reunion classes at the Tremont Grand.


Jennifer Powers Weidler had a baby girl, Cate Verity Weidler, on December 19, 2004. Cate weighed in at 8 lbs, 12 oz. Jennifer, her husband Curt, and Cate are living in Greenwich, CT.


Eugenia Umegbolu writes that she is still in the General Clinical Research Center on Osler 5 at JHH. She now is the mother of four children and that all is well with her family.

’97 MSN

Carol B. Payne was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women recognized for professional achievement, leadership, and a demonstrated commitment to mentorship. Since leaving Hopkins, Carol became a Fellow with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Her primary focus of work is housing policy; however, she persuaded the Baltimore Office of HUD to consider health promotion activities as a significant component of community development. To that end, she was instrumental in creating a collaborative between the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, HUD and other community partners to address disparities in cardiovascular health in Baltimore’s public housing communities. Serving as co-investigator, she developed the community health worker training program and adapted NHLBI’s training manual for African American audiences. The public housing initiative and previous policy activities were the basis for the nomination.


Amy Brown Woycenko and her husband had a beautiful baby girl named Alaina Mae on Jan. 4th, 2005. They feel very blessed! Alaina is happy all the time and loves to smile. Kerri Reardon Blair had a baby boy Will in the fall ’04. She had been working L&D since graduating but will be staying home with the baby for awhile. Tracey Odachowski and her family moved back across the country and bought a home in Newport News, VA, where they plan to stay for a long time! She has a new baby girl, Emily Caron, born three weeks early on September 2, 2004. Emily is a very happy little girl and is easy to take care of. Her son, Gabe is now 4!

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It’s time for our first reunion! Please mark your calendars and plan to come to Hopkins for the weekend of October 7 and 8. Sarah Gauger, Megan Dills Gulotta, and Jen Rapp Kurian are working on making it a great reunion: cocktails on Friday evening at the School; Saturday learn more about the alumni association at the annual meeting and then sit back and enjoy lunch at the Tremont Grand. Megan Dills Gulotta is in NYC working as a labor and delivery RN at Lenox Hill Hospital and is also a graduate student at Columbia. She will graduate this December from the Women’s Health NP program there. She is applying for a position with the NYC Alliance against Sexual Assault. She plans to be a forensic nurse examiner for two city hospitals that will gather evidence from a victim reporting an assault. She is looking forward to the challenge.

’00 Accelerated

Five years have passed since we were all at JHUSON working on care plans and learning our profession in the skills lab and classrooms. What’s everyone doing now? Find out by coming to Hopkins October 7 and 8. Join us for cocktails on Friday evening at the SON and meet us for lunch at the Tremont Grand on Saturday. Learn more about the Alumni Association and hear what’s happening at the school by coming to the annual meeting Saturday morning. It will be fun and you’ll be glad you came. Laura Keels is one of the many alumni from CA. She is now in school at the University of California, San Francisco to become a family nurse practitioner. She will graduate in June of 2005. She is currently working part time at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, CA in labor and delivery. She spent her first two years out of school at Kaiser in Walnut Creek in labor and delivery. Both are high-risk delivery centers. Laura was in Quito, Ecuador, last summer doing medical volunteer work for Child Family Health International.

’00 PhD

Jane Fall-Dickson has accepted a tenure track nurse scientist position with the NINR. This will allow her to bring all of the protocols that comprise the program of research with her and move the program of research in toto. This is a pioneering role at this biomedical institution. She will remain on the NIDCR IRB and continue to work with her mentor’s lab as she transitions into the NINR lab. Bob thrives at Georgetown. Natasha remains the light of their lives and starts second grade in September. Jane’s mom had a small stroke in April and has moved in with them for an extended period of time.

’01 MSN

Veronica Barcelona is now living in Cambridge, England, as her husband is doing a PhD in political science there at the University of Cambridge. They expected their first baby in March and Veronica is taking some time off to prepare for the baby’s arrival, learning to quilt and bake scones!


Class Reporter – Grace Carter, 410.719.9434, [email protected]. Please call or email with your new address, phone number, personal and work information to make it in the next issue of the Vigilando. Anne Film King is an L & D RN at Maryland General Hospital. After graduation, Anne worked with Chase Braxton Health Service for two years. Anne and husband Todd have two sons; Jivan Pei born July 28, 2003, and Yen Kai born March 16, 2005. They reside in Catonsville, MD. Margaret Runge is a pediatric RN at Johns Hopkins. She recently purchased a home in Hampden, MD and is pretty handy in the renovating department! Jessica Haines married John Cramer in June 2004. She is working as a Med/Surg RN at Johns Hopkins. She graduated with her Family NP from JHUSON in May 2005. Jennifer Klein lives in TX where she works as an adult NP. Before moving, Jennifer was working at the Wald Community Center in Baltimore. She and husband Mark enjoy their son, Soren, who was born in August of 2004. Nancy Waxman Gorczynski is working as a Med/Surg RN at Johns Hopkins. Nancy and her husband, Erik, purchased a home in Baltimore. She graduated with her NP from JHUSON in May 2005. Laura Tiedeman Hostavich married Scott in 2003. They own a townhouse in Jessup, MD and have filled it with a happy baby girl, Anna, who was born February 14, 2004. Laurais currently working as an adult oncology NP. Mike Dutton and Sarah moved into their new home in York County, PA, in May 2005. They are expecting a baby in July 2005.Mike will continue to work in the Adult Emergency Department at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Sara Henderson Adelman married Tim in May 2003. They are building a home on the Eastern Shore of MD. Sara is in an Internal Medicine Practice in Annapolis as of the end of April 2005. Megan McMahon Coco and Paul are living in Virginia Beach, VA. Megan is working for the NAVY. They are thinking of moving west in the near future. Deanna Marks Karlstad and husband, Mark, delivered a healthy baby boy, Logan, on February 11th 2005. Deanna plans to graduate with her adult NP from JHUSON in December 2005. She has worked for the past three years as an adult med/surg RN at Johns Hopkins.Deanna and Mark are planning to move out west very soon. Jane Hannon graduated with her Public Health master’s degree and was in Indonesia with Project Hope from February-March 2005 helping with the Tsunami recovery. Currently, Jane is living out west and is soon to be traveling to Angola to work with Doctors without Borders as an RN. Gloria Chu currently lives in Athens, GA and is working at Athens Regional Medical Center in the Emergency Department. She has recently been accepted into the Medical School for International Health in Israel. She is hoping to move there in July 2006. Lindsay Blair was working at NIH after graduation. She moved to NYC in January 2004 and is working for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical research RN for the neurology department. Grace Carter worked in Johns Hopkins pediatric oncology for two years after graduation and is currently working for Howard County General Pediatric Emergency Department PRN. She and her husband, Rob, have a 2-year-old daughter, Lindsay. Rob and Grace are expecting their second child in September. They are residing in Catonsville, MD. Jennifer Haywood from Accelerated 2002 class is Lindsay’s godmother and Jen is working as an L&D RN at Frederick County General Hospital. Jessica Wolff Schumacher married Mark in March 2004. After graduating in 2002, Jessica was working at GBMC as a NICU/L&D RN. They sold their MD home and moved to NYC in October 2004. She is currently working as a school nurse at St. David’s School, an all-boys school for ages Pre-K thru 8th grade on the Upper East Side. Geraldine Vinci moved back to NY after graduating and received her family NP from Downstate Health Science Center. Geraldine is currently working on Long Island in a family practice office and in a pre-surgical testing area. Jennifer Clemo Giovannetti was married in April of 2004. She and her husband are living in Alexandria, VA. After graduation, Jennifer worked at DC’s George Washington University’s trauma center. Currently, she works for the U.S. Secret Service’s Headquarters in the Health Clinic. Katie Reber continues to work for Georgetown University Hospital in their pediatric unit. She will be receiving her FNP from Georgetown University in Dec. 2005 and resides in Falls Church, VA. Linda Fadley Fair married Ryan in January 2003. Linda follows Ryan’s Marine Corps duty assignments, and they currently reside in San Diego, CA, where she is working as an ICU RN at Tri-City Medical Center. Robin Quackenbush purchased a home in Ellicott City, MD, soon after graduation. She worked full time at St. Agnes Hospital in the CCU for a year and currently works PRN at both St. Agnes and Howard County General Hospital PACU.


Bayla Goldenberg is currently working labor and delivery at Mercy. She is also in school for midwifery at Univ. of Maryland.

’03 Accelerated

Celine Waterman is currently working on the pediatrics floor at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA. She has been admitted to the MSN program at UCSF, and will begin their program in advanced practice pediatric nursing this fall.

’03 MSN

Class Reporter – Dawn Brown, 3704 Coronado, Farmington, NM 87401, (505) 325-4501, [email protected]Mindy Crookham continues to work as an FNP in CA and was married in Oct. William Boone Campbell’s working at a clinic in Washington, DC. Sarah Gauger is still working in rural NC doing primary care and is working part time in a school based health center and part time at a family practice clinic. She continues to volunteer with the local Red Cross, teaching CPR/First Aid and helping to coordinate disaster health services (thankfully they haven’t had any of those lately). Sarah is looking forward to doing a week of medical mission work in Quito, Ecuador, this summer as part of a group from a local church. Heather Hack and her husband moved to Denver in Jan. to be closer to her family. She is working at a family practice clinic that mainly serves patients with Medicaid and Medicare. Pete is working at an environmental law firm doing a lot of Native American law, which is one of his main interests. They are buying a house in Denver, which she says is scary and exciting. A J Himmel is working for a dermatology surgeon and has two PRN jobs. One is a nurse in an ED, and the other is a CRNP at an acute/chronic care clinic. Julia Kaye Knauff works for Division of Immigration Health Services in El Paso, TX. Kristen and Erik are doing well. Susan Shafer is looking forward to getting through her NHSC commitment by Oct. She is taking the SAFE training. Jenna Thate is living in Baltimore and currently working full time as a mom. Ethan is their adorable baby who manages to keep her days full. Prior to having Ethan (born June 9, 2004) she was teaching Adult Health Clinical for the University of Maryland. “I really loved it and hope to eventually finish a doctorate and teach full time.” Dawn Brown continues to work as an FNP in Farmington, NM. She is specializing in women’s health.


Class Reporters – Nicole Ventura, [email protected] and Stacy Crane, [email protected]. Send your news to them for the next issue of the magazine. Jenn Rock writes that she will begin her training as a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Force Nurse Corps in June at Wilford Hal Medical Center, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.

’04 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Diane McFadden, [email protected]. Erin Wipff is working as a floor nurse at UCSF on 14 Long, their general medicine floor. She works alongside Hopkins grad, Alice WongKarlene Floersch is working with a great group of people at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. She is expecting a baby in July, so life is definitely going to be busy. Jillian Murphy is in Afghanistan working as part of the Sharana Provincial Reconstruction Team in Paktika Province. Surviving an ambush that killed one and wounded four, Jill received an award for valor along with a letter from a man that she treated in the ambush who thanked her for saving his life. Jill is also doing Cooperative Medical Assistance Missions. She reports being shot at with small arms fire four times, including the ambush, along with being mortared/rocketed three times. Other than the initial culture shock and adaptation to life in Afghanistan, Jill has adjusted and can see herself going back there someday because of the wonderful people and beautiful landscape. She returns to the States in July.

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