Spring 2005

Spring 2005

Vol. 3|No. 1 On the cover: Members of the first Alumnae Association, formed with 38 members in 1892. Photo courtesy Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives. Photo of the Anne M. Pinkard Building by Will Kirk.


Letters from the Front
Compiled by Ming Tai
Since the Spanish-American War, Johns Hopkins nurses have traveled to the frontlines of battleto provide care to soldiers and other victims of war. A sampling of their letters home.

Looking Back: Looking Forward
By Greg Rienzi
Find out just how far nursing education at Johns Hopkins has come since the school’s founding, when dust was public enemy No. 1 and “cocoa cordials” were a part of every good nurse’s arsenal.

Uniform Measures
Adapted from the exhibit
“A Century of Changing Fashions”
Despite changes like rising hemlines and the advent of easy-care fabrics, the school’s nursing uniform has fostered a vital “esprit de corps” among Johns Hopkins nurses of every generation.

Milestones Timeline
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Hill’s Side

News from the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association


President’s Message Church Home Class Notes In Memoriam Alumni Profiles

Homecoming 2004
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Annual Meeting Minutes
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