In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Evelyn Bumstead Dole ’32
Esther King ’32
Louisa Hooker Bourne ’38
Bertha L. Moore ’38
Mary Deubler Belmont ’40
Bertha Johnson Bogart ’40
Elizabeth McNamara Greenlaw ’40
Sara Allison Stump ’40
Elsie Jane Young Tipping ’41
Ruth Harnar ’42
Margaret Hughes ’42
Bessie Lynn Brazier Sittler ’42
Anna Kline Slegel ’43
Elizabeth Hulings Booker ’44
Doris Dodds Day ’45
Frances Payne Bouton ’46
Helen Ameen Cleaver ’46
Kathleen McCarron Coombs ’47
Sara Hamilton Meigs ’47
Virginia Moyer Rentschler ’47
Miriam Buchaca Stockbridge Deming ’48
Jane Haggart Kaiser ’52
Laurel Gene Long ’53
Margaret (Peggy) Jackson Brown ’54
Mrs. Minnich, mother of Marjorie Minnich Lamb ’56
John Lamb, husband of Marjorie Minnich Lamb ’56
Julianne Dilley Moon ’56
Dorothy Sheffer Shumaker ’56
Stella Stamas Webber ’56
Patricia Balag Schillaci ’60
Veronica Thomson Swain ’60
Verne Maraist Bienvenu, mother of Anne Bienvenu Broussard ’67

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Mary Mitchell Graham ’45


A Tribute to Carolyne Kahle Davis ’54


Carolyne Kahle Davis, PhD, RN ’54, was among the most distinguished and compassionate alumni of Johns Hopkins Nursing. Throughout her career, Davis was active in both academics and politics, acting as teacher, mentor, administrator, and innovator.

In 1973, Davis became the Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan and soon moved on to become the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Here, she gained experience in international health care and initiated new exchange student agreements with universities across Europe and Asia. During this time, she also served as the University of Michigan’s Congressional Liaison for Education and Health Services, participating in the development of legislation with members of Congress and their staff.

In early 1981, Davis received a telephone call from the White House. “I thought my secretary was putting me on,”” she once recalled in an interview. But it was no joke–President Reagan appointed her the Administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). She held this position for four years, managing a budget of more than $100 billion.

After leaving the HCFA, Davis became the National and International Health Care Advisor to Ernst and Young and also sat on the Board of Directors of organizations such as Merck & Co., The Prudential Insurance Co., and the American Red Cross.

Throughout her lifetime, Davis demonstrated exemplary commitment to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She sat on the Board of Trustees of the Johns Hopkins University and was Chairman of the School of Nursing Development Committee. She delivered the Isabel Hampton Robb lecture at the presentation of her award as a Distinguished Alumni of the Johns Hopkins University in 1981 and the keynote address at our centennial celebration 15 years ago.

Carolyne Davis exemplified the best of Hopkins Nursing. The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and the School are proud to have counted her among their dedicated and loyal alumni.


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