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Class Reporter – Maravene Deveney Hamburger, 503 Brightwood Club Drive, Lutherville, MD 21093, (410) 828-4008. Sandy Bumpus, a grandniece of Alta Bumpus wrote a very warm note soon after Amby died Sept. 25, 2003. An interesting obituary from the newspaper added much to our knowledge of AmbyRuth Lockhart Hinkley sent a brief report of the death of her mother Ruth Benson Lockhart Dec. 15, 2003. Enjoyed Christmas cards from Jo Rodgers Fielder, Isabel Harris, Loretta Hicks, Jean F. Roberts, and Jan F. Weber. Jan was caught in a 12-inch snow storm, but her four wheel drive and her experience of living in VT helped her drive home. She was planning Christmas with her family. Loretta earlier had spoken of the summer crab feast of Pittsburgh JHU Alumni Assoc. Mary Reiter wrote several times August to October, but nothing since then. She has moved to Spring Valley Nursing Center in IL. Florence Moffett Snell sold her home and moved to the Burcham Hills Retirement Community in East Lansing, MI, after the death of her husband John. She has sent several postcards and seems happy in her retirement choice.


Class Reporter – Irene Chitsey Soules, Rosewood Retirement Community, 2405 SE Century Blvd., Apt. 300, Hillsboro, OR 97123, (503) 356-0213. Virginia Taylor Marstelles reports that in spite of health problems she and her husband have, they are still active and go out frequently. She is involved in church activities and a book club. She loves to knit and has good reason: three young great granddaughters! Candace Heinly seems content in her attractive retirement center in OH. She says that many activities and local excursions are available, but she prefers to read. Marguerite Aue Rankin appears cheerful as usual! She is surrounded by water and is near the lovely San Juan Islands. Some of her family live only an hour away. She expected to go to SC in March to attend a grandson’s wedding.

’46 June

Class Reporter – Peggy Brezina Pielou, 1277 Shadow Way, Greenville, SC 29615, (864) 676-1277, email: [email protected]. Jean (Mona) Webb Bergold keeps active doing crafts for senior citizen groups. She also plays bridge—and wins. Do you suppose she learned that at Goucher in the summer of ’43? Betts Weller is a seasoned traveler and spends a lot of time with family members and dealing with two active Siamese cats. Pat Dunbar Fleming continues to volunteer with husband Bill at the local Humane Society. Lou and I vacationed on the Isle of Palms in late January. Unfortunately, Dottie Ford Krieger and her husband Bill, and Lou Noah, widower of Marjorie Demonbreun Noah, were not able to join us.

’46 October

Class Reporter – Laura Brautigam June, P.O. Box 655, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, (760) 366-8181, [email protected]. I have heard that some New York Cadet Nurse Corps members are eligible for hospitalization benefits. Perhaps those from other states can apply to their State Department of Veterans Affairs for eligibility. A CNC number is necessary and may be obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphia Road, College Park, MD 20740. I understand there is a new bill called HR476 which would grant veteran status to CNC of WWII. Please write your senators and representatives in Washington, DC, to support this legislation. We are still seeking addresses of Norma Wylie Arundale and now Mary Steffy. Georgia Rauch Athens had successful cataract surgery (not the surgery we knew years ago, she says), and has recovered from two coronaries recently. She and her doctor husband had a family reunion in OR just before the fires. She reminds us that we CNC members received $15/month the first year; $20, the second; and $30, the third. Dottie McGuire Bailey is grateful to be in Lawrence, NJ, and looks forward to time with her children and grandchildren. She recalls that she once earned $1/hour working at Princeton. Letty Grigsby Baxter has not seen Eleanor Hall (our Nursing Arts instructor) since their bridge club “expired.” Fran Payne Bouton remembers the CNC members were issued both on-duty and off-duty uniforms. Her grandson Douglas Bouton was high school valedictorian and is now at Georgetown. Her first grandchild, Jeff Bouton, will graduate from Penn State in computer engineering. His naval ROTC introduced him to submarine service. A note from Nell Banks Bowers’ husband says she is in a nursing home. Mary Boley Camp writes that she has three good kids, three good grandkids, good neighbors, and good health. What else could she ask for? She discovered that CNC graduated 124,000 nurses in five years. Pat Vicinus Cote’s brother died in November. In April she, a friend and the friend’s brother explored WWI sites, especially the Verdun area where their grandfather fought. They toured much of France. July found Pat in the hospital, but she recovered swiftly enough to spend a week in Sorrento, Pompeii, and Capri. A Christmas card came from the widower of Benita Oppenheim Davies, which was so thoughtful. Bunny Davis Faulconer sent an animated e-mail Christmas card—the kind where one puts the mouse where indicated and up comes an addition to the scene. Clever. Lynn Reed Jackson went to FL for a granddaughter’s wedding and to CA to visit daughter, Laurie. Lynn’s children and grands visit her often in SC. La Verda Berg Johnston was in Baltimore to attend the dedication of the Anna D. Wolf Chair. Miss Wolf’s nephew told La Verda that Anna D. was called the gray lady because she wore gray dresses which, I think, were silk. Emogene Fisher Martin got a new grandson in January who joins three red-haired sisters in CA. Husband Hugh has taken a web design course and is active in a model airplane club. Emogene volunteers at her church, and they have a new puppy, Toffee. They spent their Christmas in CT. Joyce Lewis McDonald gave herself a new car for Christmas and enjoys being near her doctor son and his family in Carson City, NV. June Cutts McLean and husband took a month-long 9,000 mile drive from OR to Baltimore for his 55th Hopkins reunion in May plus an Elderhostel stop in GA. She reports that JHH has changed but there are still some familiar places. They visited Bunny Davis Faulconer and husband in Norfolk, which was helpful since the McLean granddaughter will attend William & Mary College, the Faulconers’ old school. In September the McLeans took a Rhine River trip. Mary Boyle Morrow and husband have moved to Elkridge Estates in Baltimore. Budgie Dickerson Preston says she’s back on the treadmill and her Frank is back sailing. Budgie is still taking Italian courses. Their son in Guam has a medical office and is doing well. The Prestons visited Guam again last summer and evaded the typhoons which they encountered the previous year. Daughter Lisa is an accountant with the Food Bank in San Francisco and her son is currently working on a fishing boat in Hawaii. One granddaughter is active in 4H and has won several awards for her bunnies and is interested in barrel racing and dressage. The other granddaughter is in KS summers and Guam the rest of the year. Budgie reminds us of the death of Dr. William Polk Longmire in 2003, a much admired surgeon when we were at JHH. Astrid Johnsen Reiley went to Chicago in June; in September to a Sons of Norway resort in PA; in October went for her semi-annual golf week in upstate NY; later in October to Asheville, NC to visit a cousin. Her three children live nearby: Janette, a piano teacher, is married and named after our deceased classmate, Jan Sias Waugh; Laura and husband, who is a fireman and was called to NYC 9/11 to the Twin Towers site (they have boys 16 and 11); and son Tom and new wife, also in Freeport, NY with Johnny. Susan Pincoffs Tippett lost her husband, Royall, in March 2003. She lives in Roland Park Place in Baltimore. I have 8″ x 10″ pictures of our whole 1946 class in blue uniforms. Let me know if you would like a copy.


Class Reporter – Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Woodbridge Ct., LaCrosse, WI 54601. Judith Simms Dawe said she “had two great trips this year—Florida and Newfoundland.” She “hopes to go to Sweden in July to visit those rotary exchange students they housed in the ’70s and ’80s.” She also said they “have lots of snow there—beautiful to look at.” Kathryn Heller Erickson sent a lovely card which I suspect she might have created. The note on the back said “Photo-Kathy Erickson Parasailing over Lake Coeur d’Alene, August 2003” and the word “Fun!” What a remarkable classmate. Betsy Abel Errickson is back home in Winter Haven, FL. Betsy has not been well. Her husband, Harry, keeps busy taking care of her as well as the grounds around their house in FL. I recall how Betsy loved Pennsylvania Dutch history and once showed me a lovely cross-stitch piece she was doing related to that history when I visited her in FL. Elsa Heilbronn Epstein wrote from Upper Galilee, Israel. Her husband, David, died June 26 of esophageal cancer. She stated that “he suffered his disease with such grace, and the four months he was ill gave us all a chance to be a close family again.” She said the “children have been wonderful support.” She mentioned that her daughter, Margot, sang “The Messiah” with her choir there recently. Helen Charlet Frisk went to the Women’s Memorial and purchased the book regarding the Cadet Nurse Corps. She also mentioned how fortunate we were “to have received our training at JHH.” She said her husband observed his big 80th birthday and that “his garden was quite successful with lots of tomatoes. In all it was a most satisfactory year.” Jessie Lehman Hague wrote that Bill and she “feel very fortunate with their health.” Both of them were sick but are now “up and kicking.” Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban wrote in Dec that the family expected to go to the northern area of Santo Domingo and be together to celebrate a family marriage at their oldest son’s home. Before this activity Helena made two trips to Canada to see family members there. It was difficult to stay well with all that activity. She was glad for the warm temperature in Santo Domingo as, on her return to Boston, it was 19 degrees F. Her special medications were stopped the end of September. She expects her next clinic visit in March to see the status of her infection. She had to be on medication for nearly 19 months. Anna Caracillo Peck and her husband moved into their new place in Kennett Square, PA, last summer. They have found people congenial, and there are options of activities for those who wish to take part. Annie’s husband enjoys participating in more active things, including day trips. Annie can’t walk very well and, consequently does a lot of reading and enjoys book discussions. Young ones have been able to visit and like where the parents are now settled. A recent January note tells that Annie got sick shortly after Christmas. She was in a “skilled care unit” for two weeks. She mentioned “the care was excellent” but she felt “the life of a couch potato was not her style.” I’m sure many of us would share that feeling. Margaret McIntosh Rosett wrote a brief note telling me she is “about the same—walking with a walker; moving slowly; living quietly.” Pauline McLychok Satterly began her nursing program with us, but we lost her when her gentleman returned from service. She married and had a family. She is now a great grandmother. Bonnie Holley See has not had an easy time recently. In October she wrote she had fallen early last summer and suffered some setbacks in her recovery, but she is “so glad to be well again.” Donna Honsowetz Simanton wrote that she had talked with Annie and Betsy (via her husband as Betsy doesn’t hear well). Donna sounded as if she was making progress with her adjustment to Jim’s loss. A letter from early August contained information about her husband’s memorial service which took place on June 14. It sounded like a wonderful family and friends gathering with good memories to cherish. Donna wrote that during the days she is busy gardening, attending church activities (she has been a deaconess for two years), a poetry club, and tries to fill her hours in peaceful ways. Anna Mary Stull Snyder wrote when she had heard from Annie and Jessie. She said she is “doing okay. Nothing new since talking to me.” She sounded good. I, Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, am well and somewhat better this second year of Rudi’s absence. A great help was a brief visit to Big Sky, MT, with our boys. There we scattered ashes in a couple of favorite ski and climbing areas where Rudi loved to go. We had sent ashes back to Europe with Rudi’s nephew, and he placed a small vial in Rudi’s brother’s grave where other family members were buried. The last thing was a vial taken to Czechoslovakia by three of Rudi’s classmates and scattered in a favorite place where they grew up. My knee that had to be re-done due to being hit by a car in a grocery store parking lot is coming along. So there are things for which to be thankful.


It’s time for our reunion! Yes, 55 years! Put Oct. 1 and 2 on your calendar and try to come to Hopkins for Homecoming.


Class Reporter – Betty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, [email protected]. One weekend in early October, six of us enjoyed a mini-reunion at Carter Caves State Park in KY: Ginger Groseclose David with hubby Don, Jo McDavid Hubbard, Betty Scher, Charlie Royer, and Ernie Del Signore. The first night Jo hosted dinner, and we also spent that time with her daughter and husband. By the way, the food was delicious. Jo made all the arrangements; she did a perfect job. And we had a fabulous time together. But too short….Holiday season always brings news of classmates. We heard from Ruth Stilz Whitmore and Marv—the whole family was spending Christmas at son Brad’s and looked forward to welcoming home a granddaughter returning from eight months relief work in Liberia. As she writes, “It’s great to have so many nearby.” Annette Theriault Preston and Ted also wrote about medical trials during the fall, being fine in December, and eagerly awaiting some of the kids for the holidays; also enjoy having “Anne-Marie back in the states after almost a year in Saudi Arabia.” Mildred “Bunny” Barnard and I caught up with everything during my brief summer visit with her, and we hope we can do it again. Janey Shutts Pinkerton and Pinky had to miss our mini-reunion in October due to illness, but all is well with them now. They sold their home in FL, however. Ginger Groseclose David and Don wrote of loving our mini-reunion—“it was too short”—and looked forward to welcoming son Andrew home for the holiday from Arizona—his first time in 10 years. Doris Benjamin Carroll and Dick sent a photo of their pampered pet Maltese “Percie” and wrote that one daughter and family are in New Guinea while Doris and Dick stay at home and keep up with grandchildren, etc. From Geraldine (Gerry) Bodie wishes for the New Year and a long account of her two-week trip with her sisters last summer to London and Wales. Suffice it to say they saw an awful lot! Mackie McCown Kolb added in her note the name of a good friend for when I get to Fiji. Thanks, gal. Greetings also from Charlie Royer and Ernie Del Signore, with Charlie giving a month-by-month account for him and family of 2003—quite an active, interesting, and exciting life. Greetings and a little news from Anna Clair Junkin, Marion Bee, and Jo Hubbard (all our news was exchanged at the mini-reunion). Out-of-class greetings also from Jo Calhoun Flannery ’53 from SC.


Class Reporter – Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396, email Rosie Ghysels at [email protected]. My note from Dorothy McEwen Whittingham was dated 12/18 in NY, so she is either a post-Christmas snowbird or is wintering in chilly (Chile) New York. She writes that her daughter Liz, who lives with her and who earned her doctorate last year, is enjoying teaching, especially Tolkien. They saw The Return of the King and thought it the best of the three films. I got a lovely note and newsletter from Lois Pagoria Coxworth Gallagher. Her Bob died in 1989—Lois remarried five years ago; not looking, but when Jack came into her life it seemed right, she said. Lois has four children and nine grandchildren and now more with Jack’s family. I couldn’t decide with assurance which names in her letter were hers and which his but decided that in a marriage of true minds we don’t admit that impediment: Progeny become ours! They are in FL now and when they return to IL, will move into a house which is now being renovated. She will have a new address. Matilda Snelling Smith lost her dear Ide last August. She said, “He kept his smile and sense of humor to the end.” Their son, Charlie, left journalism after 25 years to attend seminary and is now an ordained pastor in the Federated Church near Oklahoma City. Daughter Sarah’s Bobby is at Stanford and her Becky at Duke. Susan’s Katie and Allison are at Oklahoma University. She wrote of the comfort to be found in the words of Zechariah in anticipation of the savior’s birth Luke 1: 67-80; comfort for the individuals and for a hurting world. She received a 1′ x 2′ collage of family pictures from Lucia Cabot Cipolla plus her new address. She remains very active with children, grandchildren, travel, and activities. Rose Mary Burroughs Schulte sent greetings just prior to heading for sunny warm FL. Each year the southern states seem more attractive to me: the JHH population in FL swells each winter. I hope they get together. I saw Rosalyn Ghysels last fall in Lansing at a nurses’ seminar, and we stayed overnight to prolong the visit. Jane Boice Turnball drove up from Battle Creek for dinner. Jane and I met on another occasion for a late Sunday afternoon supper midway between our homes for a good visit. Adele Sparks Birx wrote that their daughter came to stay with her grandpa so Adele and Don could get away for a weekend to celebrate their anniversary. They went to the ocean in DE—it was cold! We who don’t go south in the winter seem to notice the cold more and more and mind being cold! Esther Moore Clement writes of good visits with children and grandchildren this past year. Daughter Pat is in nearby Towson, daughter Sherrie in NY, and son David in CO all spent the holidays with Esther and Tom. Tom had emergency surgery in Sept. but is doing much better. Has anyone any news of Theo Hall Crabb? Lois said she had not heard from Theo in some time. Last address is San Diego, CA and is in our roster. Nell Adair White had surgery last spring; had to be off her feet for six weeks and in a special inflated boot for two months. Nell included with her letter several news clippings about nursing and how our profession is perceived and experienced in her area. I read them with great interest. She also sent an article featuring Denton Cooley concerning the successful use of the Jarvik 2000 heart pump as a possible alternative to a heart transplant or at least an interim treatment prior to a transplant. Currently there are more needing a heart than there are hearts available. Last September Joy Ashley Richmond was diagnosed with a recurrence of a previous illness after being clear for 13 years. She had surgery and is undergoing treatment. I spoke with her in late January—her spirits seemed good—she sounded strong. Prayers of the faithful and letters I’m sure would be appreciated.


This is it! Our 50th reunion! You don’t want to miss out on this very special occasion. Make plans now to come to Hopkins on Oct. 1 and 2 for a weekend you will long remember. Ellen Styles Rajacich has added volunteering with hospice to her exercise program at the Y. M.J. Reynolds will have a second residence in Boca Raton, Fl, for 1-2 years, where Dick is assisting with a hospital and combined program at Florida Atlantic University. They’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary in July, and all the family will join them in OH to mark the occasion.


Class Reporter – Margaret Barber Trever, 29504 Hawkes Hill Road, Easton, MD 21601-8646, 410-822-0479. Char Lee Williams and husband Bruce spent Jan. and Feb. in the Pacific, taking in Honolulu, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Manila, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Ten years have passed since Bruce’s accident. He has resumed playing the organ, and this past year was available to fill in for a pastoral sabbatical. Visits with their two grandchildren have been greatly enjoyed. Char has kept busy with DAR, garden club, and church choir. Kathie Redding Anderson had an operation and now is walking much better. Her family continues to fly, sharing events about the country, and she and Art do flight physicals for the FAA, enjoying conversing with the pilots, without the hassle of insurance claims. Carol Straub Guilbert and another retiree in Hilton Head spent six weeks (over Christmas) in 2002 filling in for the senior pastor who became ill. With the help of a very understanding congregation, they did survive. In Sept. of this past year, they went to ME to assist Dick’s sister in the care of her husband who then died in Oct. Laura Lyman Brecher added a third grandchild to her collection, a second girl, a year in April. Laura’s son Ben, now married to a fashion designer, continues with his operatic career in the U.S. and abroad, and the two were able to spend two weeks in Italy enjoying the sights. Art, with no urge to retire, continues teaching biochemistry and doing research. He gave two speeches in Armenia. Mary Ann Peterson writes that Carol Kealey came from MO to Boston to visit her for a week, and they drove up to Portland, ME to meet Dorothy Freeman Corkhill for lunch. They hadn’t seen each other for years. It was a lovely time. Mary Ann and Carol are still single and Dorothy is a grandmother, who brought lots of pictures to share. Mary Ann is the only one of the three still working (she works part time in a nursing home). She says trying to keep up with all the changes in the health care industry these days is a bit of a challenge. Mary Ann is also busy in many kinds of church related activities and caring for her 97-year-old mother who resides in the nursing home where Mary Ann works. She says her mother keeps her on her toes!


Jean Barton Champness and husband Tom are happy to have their daughter Rhonda’s family back from the Philippines for a year of home assignment. In August, granddaughter Hannah, 14, was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. Their prayers were answered when a cardiac catherization in October revealed that this had healed. Daughter Ruth, whose husband is a minister of music, has moved closer to Atlanta, and the extended family participated instrumentally and vocally in the choral presentation of three choirs in the area, of the Christmas portion of the “Messiah,” a wonderful experience.


Remember the duty booties, our counselor Carol Currier, the Turtle Derby, and all the other wonderful Hopkins memories? It’s been 45 years! It is time to share the memories and renew some friendships. Mark your calendars for Oct. 1 and 2. Come back to Hopkins and see what’s changed.


Class Reporter – Wendy Gehlbach, 1141 Nettles Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957, [email protected]. Donna Stonesifer Hargett writes that her son, Gordon and his family (Christine, Jackie, 7, and Justine, 5) moved close to Frederick right after 9/11, and it has been wonderful to have them near. Gordon had been ill, but he is now doing much better and being watched carefully by his doctors. The family feels very blessed that he is doing better, and Donna thanks all of you for your prayers. Christine is now working as a pastry chef (her occupation since training in Austria) for three restaurants in Frederick. She loves her job, and thankfully, it allowed for her to have a flexible schedule during Gordon’s illness. The girls are doing well, Justine singing in the Children’s Choir and Jackie swimming on the Frederick Area Swim Team. Donna’s daughter Kim and her husband Pete live about 30 minutes away and have two daughters, Rebekah, 5, and Rachel, 18 mo. Kim and Pete are in the process of buying land with a log cabin they want to “renovate.” It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s just perfect for them. Donna says she is leaving town when four granddaughters turn adolescents. Her mom is still living independently at 83. They have lunch every Sunday, and Donna tries to take her mom to FL to visit her sister every year, along with a trip or two to Atlantic City, which she loves!! Donna continues to work full time, but is giving some thought (a lot of it, actually) to retirement in the next year or so. She thinks 43 years will be enough. She still likes her job but health care is getting more and more difficult to deal with, in hospitals especially. More and more service demands… fewer and fewer resources. Lois Whipp Boor writes of a 6,000-mile trip through the U.S. and Canada. Sydney Tally Hickey says “Dennis is now retired-retired, and I continue on at the Board of Governors of the National Military Family Association and as a consultant on health care issues.” Naturally, her letter contained a lot of info about Owen, their 2-year-old grandson and his parents and aunt! Lois Messler Gustafson writes there is good news!!!!!! Kurt’s doctor says he is clear now. He just has to heal from the surgery. He is doing very well, feeling well and getting around much better. They thank everyone for all their good wishes and prayers. Mary Ann Quink Slowick sent a great photo of her seven grandchildren ranging in age from 15 years to 17 months. Their son Jeff is “finally” getting married in April. Her husband Jim closed his dental practice, but she is still working in rehab. Charlotte Kunkel Taylor still resides in St. Louis and is awaiting her fifth grandchild. Nancy Wheeler Matais writes that she and Joe have survived a year of retirement “without killing each other.” From your reporter, Mariann Wendle (Wendy) Gehlbach: Rose Ann Rufener Taylor and I have yet to get together. Several of the other FL residents held a get together but I was traveling. Finally, one of the highlights of our year was a trip to The Netherlands, Germany (where Art looked up his ancestors but we found more cemetery markers with my maiden name than his!), and Denmark. We spent several wonderful days as the guests of Ginny Null Ronnenkamp Holst and her husband Ole. It was wonderful seeing their centuries old home, Ginny’s mayoral office, and all the sites of their beautiful country. We also got to meet two of their sons and three of their grandchildren. Ginny writes that following our visit, they hosted 40 choir members (18 stayed at their home) from a partner community in Latvia! Ginny and Ole also welcomed a new grandson on November 24th. That brings their total to six.


Gerry Pignato Peterson and several others are starting to plan for the 40th reunion on Oct. 1 and 2. Watch for details in the mail.


Maureen Dodd will be working with other classmates to plan the 35th reunion. Save Oct. 1 and 2 on your calendar. Linda Andrist wrote a paper that won Practice Paper of the Year for a journal.


It is our 25th reunion. Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone, all 14 of us, show up Oct. 1 & 2?!


It is time for our 15th reunion. Mark your calendars and plan to be at Hopkins Oct. 1st and 2nd. Catch up with classmates, network with Hopkins alums. You’ll be glad you did. Michele Cootauco would like to have some volunteers to help with reunion.


Jeffery Baldwin, Becky Querry Barshick and a couple of others are working on plans for the 10th reunion. Contact them if you would like to help. Mark your calendars for Oct. 1 and 2 so you don’t miss out on the fun!

’96 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Laura Cunningham Roth, 2858 Ashley Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107, email: [email protected]t. This is my first contribution to the alumni notes since we’ve graduated. (Shameful, I know.) Thank you to Julie Javernick and Tina McNemar Moore for contacting me after reading the last alumni notes section with my new address and email. I encourage everyone to touch base with me via snail mail or email. It’s fun to reconnect a bit and find out what people are doing! So let’s start with Julie and Tina. Julie is living in Denver with her husband (married in August 2003) and has been working as a midwife in a large OB/GYN/Midwifery practice for the last four years. She wrote that she loves living in CO for all of its outdoor opportunities. Tina has remained in the Baltimore area, working as a Clinical Leader at Sinai’s Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics’ OR until the birth of her son, Reese, two years ago. She’s now at GBMC’s general OR working as their night shift charge nurse. She wrote that, “It works out great…I am home all week with Reese and still get to have a great job.” Susan Gutierrez is working at Joe DiMaggio Children’s in the NICU. She is the coordinator for her unit and the Vermont Oxford Network. VON is a collaboration of NICUs that meets biannually and works on incorporating research into practice. They each then publish what was successful for their unit and how they made it work. As a part of this work, Susan has had an article accepted for publication that will be out sometime in the next year. (But she didn’t mention who will be publishing it!) She has two children—Zachary, 6 and Sarah, 4. Her dog (and, really, her first child), Moses is 7. She’s living in Miami as a result of her husband, Manny’s, work as a forensic psychologist with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Detention Center in Miami. Jenny DeMuth also has two children. Sophie is 31/2 and full of energy and questions. Lauren turned 1 in December. Jenny stopped nursing after Lauren’s birth and is starting to think about returning. “I’m actually looking forward to getting back to nursing, and I appreciate the flexibility of the profession.” Shannon Mitchell is living in Baltimore and works at Hopkins in pediatrics. She began working in the peds ER last March and enjoys it. And, she should be done having to rotate to nights! She came out to visit me in my new digs this past October, and we had a great time. It was nice to have a friend from home come out west, and I think my husband really enjoyed dinner conversations with two nurses. I moved to Pasadena, CA last June. I had been working at Sibley Memorial Hospital in DC as a labor & delivery nurse for the previous five years. Since I’ve moved I’ve stopped working and had a second child. My first, Max, was born in September of 2000. Lucy Elizabeth was born at home on December 2, 2003. Both children were delivered by midwives, and I have to say, I heartily recommend it! I don’t know exactly when I’ll go back to work, and I’m not sure I’ll go back to staff nursing, but I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be home for Lucy’s first year. Please do write and let me know what you’re up to! Also, please remember to let Melinda Rose ([email protected]) know of any address/phone/email changes. The alumni office is particularly interested in maintaining current email addresses.


Class Reporter – Gwyn Price Reece, 6234 Manchester Way, Elkridge, MD 21075, [email protected]. On Feb. 23, 2004, Gwyn and her husband Josh welcomed Katherine Emily Reece (Kate) into their family. She was born at 6:39 a.m. weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measuring 20 inches. Congrats to the Reece family!


Class Reporter – Jenny Brady, 3900 Powhatan Parkway, Williamsburg, VA 23188, email: [email protected]. Hello everyone, I hope this finds each of you doing well. It seems we have all been busy with our work, school, and families. Thank you to Kellye Scribner who wrote! She has a new addition to her family. His name is Jalen. He was born on August 27, 2003. Kellye is still working at Highland Community Health Center and is doing well. She is living in Parkville, MD. Congratulations to our friend, Kellye! I graduated with my MSN in December, passed my pediatric nurse practitioner boards in March and will start working part time as a PNP in pediatric dermatology for a children’s medical specialty group that works with the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. I extend a very sincere thank you for all your loving support through the illness and passing of my father this December. Tracey Hearn Odachowski returned in Dec. 2003 from a nine-month tour of duty in Iraq and is living in the San Jose, CA area. She planned to start working in Feb. as a Clinical Nurse II at Stanford University Hospital in their CVICU. Don’t forget this is our 5th reunion. Mark your calendar for Oct. 1 and 2 so you can be part of the festivities. I hope to hear from you soon. We are all curious where and what you are all doing. My best to you and yours.

’99 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Alisa Linde, 1736 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, email: [email protected]. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Debbie Herz, our original class reporter, who died in February. Here is an update on what some of our classmates have been up to: Andrew Brown reports a very eventful year. “My baby girl, Arianna, was born July 15. We have had so much fun watching her grow and gain awareness of the world around her. I also graduated with my master’s degree from the University of Rochester, with an acute care NP focus. I am working as an NP in a busy thoracic surgery practice at the U. of Rochester Medical Center, primarily caring for inpatients postoperatively. I care primarily for patients with lung and esophageal cancers. I haven’t been in touch with anyone from our class in the last year or two. I’m kind of in my own little corner of the world in Rochester, NY. I do enjoy reading updates about my fellow classmates, though, so I look forward to the next edition. Take care!” Uta Brandstatter did a travel assignment in Asheville, NC that she kept renewing until she finally decided that was where she wanted to settle down! She has been a staff RN in the ER in Asheville for the past 11/2 years and loves it. In her free time she hikes, rides her road bike, and is currently training for the Big Sur marathon which she will run in April with Stacie Stender and Cecilia Nucci ’00. Mary Carlsen writes “there have been a few changes for me. I am divorced. I moved to Salt Lake City. I am now employed at LDS Hospital for the Trauma Service. I work for the trauma surgeons and respond to all traumas in the emergency department and follow the patients through resuscitation, ICU, and clinic. I love it!” Missy Kornmesser Cirii moved in December 2003 to a new home in Lumberton, NJ with her husband Sean and a new puppy. She continues to work in clinical trials, but with much less travel. Lori Grant just got engaged and is getting married in July of 2004 to a guy named Tommy Lee (not the rock star). She is also completing her last year at UCLA to become a PNP and continues to work as an RN in the PICU at Huntington Memorial Hospital. The happy couple hopes to buy a home in South Pasadena before the wedding and would love some Hopkins visitors! Dimity Lutzker traveled to Guatemala last year to do mission work in a recovery room. She looks forward to her annual jaunt to Haiti in 2004. She is working at Kaiser Oakland in the Recovery Room doing Pedi PACU and Same Day procedures, as well as putting in some time in the PICU at Children’s Hospital. She plans to compete in the Honolulu Marathon in December 2004 with Team in Training. You rock, girl! Katy Mendoza’s twins, Mia and Brandon, are now one year old. Katy, Nick and the little ones are still living in San Diego and luckily their home was spared in the Southern California firestorms 2003. Both babies are walking, and she spends the majority of her time chasing two babies, who inevitably are moving in opposite directions. She says, “I am actually considering those ghastly devices called leashes.” As of the first of the year she has been working one day a week per diem at UCSD, labor and delivery unit once again. Joanna Mitrega writes she is “living in FL where I am enjoying my new practice. I work with two physicians, and I do both OB and GYN care (see web page). They are very good to me, and I very much enjoy my work. On a personal note, we have a little addition to our family. On August 26, 2003, little Jacob was born at 9 lb. 2 oz. I am back at work. Only took five weeks off and, as you can imagine, life is pretty busy between work, breastfeeding, pumping, and taking care of Jacob and my husband, who is actually helping me a lot, I must say.” Tammy Nissly started working at Linden Pediatrics in Baltimore as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in summer, 2003. Jean Krajewski Ramos writes, “I am currently a Labor & Delivery nurse at Prentice Women’s Hospital part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I enjoy it, though I never planned to work in the field. I think I found my niche despite my apprehension about accepting a position in Labor and Delivery. I am also teaching child-birth classes, which are even more fun. I’m working in L&D part time since the birth of our son Diego in April, 2002. I am enjoying my new role as Diego’s mom. He’s a little sweetie (most of the time) and provides us with hours of entertainment and amazement.” Deb Shindell is living in NV (near Lake Tahoe) working as an ANP on the Paiute Reservation doing family practice. She writes, “Being somewhat isolated from advanced medical care, I utilize all of my skills and have learned more than I ever thought possible. My husband, Colburn, and I welcomed our daughter, Lucia, to the world in June 2003. Other than hanging out with our daughter, we spend our time skiing, hiking, and enjoying life on the Eastern Sierra. Colburn and I went to Asia (Malaysia, Viet Nam, China, Tibet, Nepal) for five months following graduation. We spent most of our time in Tibet and Viet Nam. We had the experience of a lifetime hanging out in Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. When we returned, I got the job on the Paiute Reservation and we’ve been here ever since. Now we’re looking at travel again after I finish my commitment here next year. Maybe South America this time.” Tarah Somers is working at CDC/ATSDR in Atlanta and is a commissioned officer in the US Public Health Service Corps. “I like what I’m doing and I like working at the CDC/ATSDR.” Laura McKae Sperry is back in school again! She is completing the ANP program at UCSF. She has news of Amy Klamberg who has also returned to school and started the PNP program at U of Penn. “We must all be gluttons for punishment—just can’t stay away from the books!” Veda Orlova Yonehiro has moved back home to Northern CA. She recently moved into a new home with Grant and the ever growing Sophia and Alex. Veda hopes to get back to work soon, now that the family is settled. As for me, I remain in Baltimore, working as a CNM at Harbor Hospital. My dog and I live in South Baltimore and enjoy hearing the news from all of you. Keep the updates coming and don’t forget this is our 5th reunion year. Make sure you are in Baltimore Oct. 1 and 2 to be part of the celebration. It will be fun to see everyone again.


Class Reporter – Cindy Bode, 910 LaGrange Road, Street Maryland 21154, (410) 692-5244, [email protected]. Mike Cox is engaged. He will marry in Nov. 2004. Marc Dunbar will marry Kristin in June 2004. Neil Fulinara and Christine Catbagan were married; they purchased a home in San Diego and are expecting a baby girl. Good grief they move fast. Cathy Feldman went to Thailand. Farrah Brown is pregnant. Christiani Guerrero is living in Boston and getting married to Drew Gatto, a music librarian she met in Santa Monica. She is in graduate school for public health at BU. Debbie Katz went back to school in January at Hunter College. Michele Duvall and her family moved into their new house in July. She is still working in trauma. Debbie Pearson is working as a family nurse practitioner at a community clinic in San Diego. Tonia Moore just landed her first nurse-midwife job in Madisonville, KY…she is joining a practice with three OBs and two other CNMs. Joanna Katz works for the Baltimore City health department as a full-time nurse practitioner in their healthy teens and young adults center. Paul More lives in Phoenix now. He is going to Thailand to rock climb with Cindy Bode’s uncle Steve. He and his girlfriend, Michele, recently went to Cancun. Amber Zupancic is doing mostly agency nursing now in all the hospitals around Portland. She has applied to law school. Heidi Shafland is still in Minneapolis in the process of buying a house. She is also thinking about planning a trip back to Japan this spring. Heather Duke Hack and her husband Pete are living in Salt Lake City. They moved there in Sept. They have been enjoying all the outdoor activities Salt Lake has to offer. She is working as a family nurse practitioner for the Health Clinics of Utah, family practice clinics run by the state health department. Dana Williams-Fry is at St. Bernardine’s Medical Center working as an OR nurse, and still works registry in the NICU, because she loves babies. Kristen Campbell just got a job as the bone marrow transplant coordinator and inpatient NP for the pediatric oncology division at UCLA. Melissa Parra will graduate from the Peds NP/CNS program in June at UCLA. Chuck Webb did a couple of travel assignments this past year: MD, Orlando, and is currently back at his previous job working on the transplant surgical ICU at the Mayo Clinic. He met and fell in love with a beautiful Italian nurse named Gina. He continues to invest in real estate and has bought his second property and is looking for a third. He is in the process of getting his real estate license. Judith Bilenikoff Harkins and her husband David had a baby girl, Sophia Grace, born 12/15. Judith is working at Family Health International as a technical officer for their international HIV care programs. Michelle Nolan moved to Los Angeles in October. She is doing travel nursing right now with Cross Co. Travel Corps working at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Cindy Bode—my family and I have moved back to MD so my husband can attend PA school.


Amanda Barkley writes that she worked at Hershey Medical Center’s Level One Trauma Center for about 18 months after graduation. It was a wonderful experience. From there she went to Atlanta, GA, where she worked in two small ERs in the city as an agency nurse. After six months she hit the road again and has signed on with Medical Express Travelers, where she will be working in a very busy ER in Tucson. Alaska and the Caribbean are in her plans for the future.

’02 Accelerated

Lindsay Blair has moved from DC to NY and is working at Sloan Kettering.


Class Reporter – Colleen Herten Thornton, 135 West Barre St., Baltimore, MD 21201, email: [email protected]. Micaela Klawitter-Myongo had a baby girl, Pilar Grace, in July 2003. Pilar weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. Congratulations Micaela! Cynthia Tan (formerly Macedo) married Hector Tan in Sept. 2003. The two live in PA. Congrats and best wishes! I married Patrick Thornton on Oct. 4 in Baltimore. Amanda Schwartz was named and pictured in Advance for Nurses magazine (March 1, 2004 issue) for her work with infants born addicted to drugs.

’03 Accelerated

Jocelyn Hilke is working in the SHARP health care system in San Diego in the Mary Birch Hospital for Women. It is very busy—600 to 700 births per month on average. She says it is a class act, and she has learned so much already. She gets compliments from people saying they can’t believe she is a new grad. They have told her nurse manager that if she ever has a chance to hire another Hopkins grad, she should jump at the chance. Jocelyn feels Hopkins really prepared her for work in so many ways.

’03 Master’s

Class Reporter – Dawn Brown, 3704 Coronado, Farmington, NM 87401, (505) 325-4501, email: [email protected]. I continue to climb the steep learning curve of primary care in a community clinic in Farmington. Mindy Crookham is providing primary care in an underserved area in Northern CA (Shingletown). She is the primary caregiver of women’s health and plans to develop classes and protocols for caring for patients with DMII. She is fitting in well and has been able to make some home visits. She enjoys the scenic beauty of the area, getting a daily glimpse of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Rush hour consists of a couple of deer crossing the road and a car or two. Dave and Mindy just got engaged and plan to be married sometime later this year. Mara Clamage is working at Frederick Pediatric Center as a PNP, lots of hours, but very rewarding. Sarah Gauger is working in a high school in Snow Hill, NC. She will be getting nursing students in their community health rotation over the next 10 weeks. Julia Kaye Knauff is working as an NP for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in El Paso, TX. She is living in Alamagordo, NM. Tara Morisseau-Leroy Momplaisir has been home with the new baby now for several months. She recently started taking calls as an RN for the Bayview Cath lab. In January she planned to return to per diem nursing, study for her certification exam, and seek full-time employment as an NP. (The cert exam for acute care has been closed since Sept.) Ella Weinkle is working in a family practice clinic including work in nursing homes. She will soon also see patients on the rehab unit at the local hospital. Ella and her husband spend their free time working on their 70-year-old southern home.

In Memoriam

Genevieve F. Richardson ’35
Ruth Benson Lockhart ’37
Lynn Brazier Sittler ’42
Harvey Forbes, husband of Berwyn Slaten Forbes ’44
Elizabeth Whipple Clark ’47
Ray Deming, husband of Mim Buchaca Stockbridge Deming ’48
Clara Gray Lidz ’52
Eleanor Walker Serio ’52
Carolyne Kahle Davis ’54
Sylvia Shank Clark ’58
Veronica Barczak, mother of Stephanie Barczak ’99
Deborah Herz, Accelerated’99
Shonna Diehl Sapack, MSN 2000

In Memoriam: Mary Hughes Steingass ’56

Mary Hughes Steingass, JHH 1956, died in June 2003 after many long years battling multiple sclerosis. Mary Drehs ’56 said that Mary Steingass was “like a piece of fine fabric made of love for family, friends, and our profession. Mary was an accomplished seamstress and often worked on gifts for family and friends.” Carol Trible Folio ’56 remarked on Mary’s “good nature” and that “she always accomplished her goals.” Mary Farnung Shea ’56 felt that Mary was “a special gift from God—full of life, love, and laughter.” We, her friends, admired Mary’s will to “keep on keeping on” as she lived with a chronic illness. She was an inspiration to us and we miss her.
—Jeannette Brundick Marx, MS, RN ’57

In Memoriam: Debbie Herz, Accelerated ’99

Five years is that indeterminate amount of time that can seem short or long depending on your point of view. Debbie Herz, our classmate, passed away February 11, 2004, from melanoma. We mourn her passing as she was a truly wonderful person, full of joy, creativity, seemingly boundless energy, and a zest for life that was second to none. Following her graduation she completed the post-graduate training program in the emergency room at UCLA, and demonstrated that she was a compassionate and skilled nurse, worthy of her Hopkins heritage. She later undertook several travel assignments to destinations such as New York, Hawaii, and San Francisco, where she continued to touch and invariably positively alter the course of the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path. Her diagnosis and the subsequent battery of treatments that she bravely endured did not cause her hope to fade or her spirits to flag. Please take a moment to reflect upon her and remember her fondly, as in her dying days she fondly remembered every single one of her classmates in the accelerated class of 1999. Let us attempt to enfold within ourselves some of those qualities for which she was known and admired, so that her spirit can live on within our hearts and within our profession.
— Kelly Rodgers, Accel. ’99

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