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Class Reporter – Maravene Deveney Hamburger, 503 Brightwood Club Drive, Lutherville, MD 21093 (410) 828-4008. I am sorry to report that Anne Seney Hoffman passed away May 13. Judy Farrior Drake has moved and will be living with her daughter Sally. You can call the alumni office to get her new address and phone number. Jo Rodgers Fielder keeps in touch with Iz Harris, Molly M. Callahan and Bennie Lockhart. She tried to find out how Biddie Campen Davis is doing, but the letter to Biddie‘s son was returned “not at this address.” Kitty Nichols was the only one whose letters Biddie would answer. Loretta Hicks is still enjoying activities of JHU alumni and has served as secretary of the Pittsburgh chapter for 28 years. She received the Heritage Award at a chapter dinner in November. Isabel Harris sent two colorful notes but nothing new to report. Ruth Benson Lockhart surprised me with a brief note saying she moves slower but is still getting around. Mary Reiter enjoyed the documentary about Dr. Blalock and Vivien Thomas. She mentioned how much direction Hopkins nursing had given her life. Florence Moffett Snell and her husband John made a trip to Florida in January to sell their condo. In February he became ill and in April John passed away. They had been married 63 years. She is considering selling their home and moving to a retirement community. Janette Frissell Weber‘s family is planning a reception in honor of Jan‘s birthday. Please, Jan, let us have a report of this big event. In addition to writing to classmates and sending them news of Hopkins, I enjoy my organic garden which supplies me with lettuce, spinach, beets and string beans. Classmates not mentioned above are asked to drop me a note. If writing is too difficult, dictate the note to a friend.




Jane Simons Silva wrote a little about her career. Her first job after graduation was as head nurse in the general operating rooms at Hopkins for 1 1/2 years before returning home to Ohio to get her bachelor’s degree in science at the Univ. of Dayton. Then she was an industrial nurse for Delco Products of General Motors in Dayton before joining the Army Nurse Corps and being sent to the Pacific Theater as a flight nurse. She had 1,000 hours with patients in flight and was given the Air Medal before VJ Day. She enjoys learning about today’s nursing students. She is impressed and commends Dean Hill for her vision and encouragement of these young nurses.

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Class Reporter – Madeline Jenkins Rohlfs, 830 W. 40th St., Apt. 113, Baltimore, MD 21211, (410) 243-5905. Bertie Phillips Ross of Phoenix came to Baltimore to visit Ginny Thompson MacMillan, my neighbor. She was en route to Germantown, MD, to watch her 17-year-old grandson play in the 2003 United States Youth Soccer National Championships. She is called Grandma Ross by his team and doesn’t miss many games nationwide. It was great to see her. Ginny has become a talented artist. Her paintings are on display frequently. She donated more than several to the Roland Park Place Health Center. Ginny Thuss Hamman has curtailed her travel (only somewhat). She now uses trains and planes to reach Atlanta, Morristown, NJ and San Francisco. Her children are fine, and she hasn’t missed any grandchild’s graduation! Anna Buchko Flatley reports she and John’s highlight of the summer was a family reunion at their Delta, PA cabin – attendance 34 including 21 grandchildren and four great grandchildren! Happy Wenger Senf‘s enthusiasm is catching about her retirement home living, her children and grandchildren, her bridge and her email. (Happy, please send your email address to [email protected] to get it included in our directory. I can’t read my writing of what you gave me over the phone. Sorry.) And classmates – those of you who have email, please do the same. Elizabeth McNamara Greenlaw (Mac) remains independent, does everything for herself. Of her daughter and three sons, two sons live nearby and she sees them every few weeks. She misses Sally Campbell and Bert Schmid very much. She doesn’t plan any eastern trips. Maggie Sutton Temple is fine, glad she made the move back to Belfast from Chestertown, MD. She is near family and friends and her retirement home has the BEST chef. Polly Bristol Noonan is delighted to be in her retirement quarters, no inside or outside housekeeping problems. Still in FL. A new left knee last October is great and takes lots of attention. She is dutiful about exercising – it is 225 steps to the bicycle and rides 25 minutes as often as possible! She reported Lorraine Barkhouse Sargent has moved to Waterview, ME, to be near her twins. Your address, please, Lorraine. Mary Patterson Shipley sounds fine. When she and Howell leave FL, it is only for special events. They are due in Baltimore this fall for a wedding. Elizabeth Kubler (check with alumni office for address and phone) is our link to Elise Riggs Peters. Elise has the best genes of all of us! She is 91, has been in health care for two years, gets up daily, uses a wheelchair, not reading but enjoys her meals and talking to friends. We are indebted to Mrs. Kubler for her care and love of Elise who tutored her in English on her arrival in this country. Helen Brugh Chestnut and her husband are happy in their retirement home which is the same as Elise Peters’. Their children’s visits are their greatest pleasure. Mildred Richards St. Pierre keeps most active: co-chairman of the Public Affairs Committee arranging for meetings and speeches, working in the gift shop of her retirement community, attending the fitness programs, reading many of the latest magazines, and giving her National Geographic issues to the local school. Margaret Walker Hamsher ×s happy in her retirement home. Her daughter remains in Cambridge, MA doing freelance writing. Her son is happy in southern CA, but no grandchildren so far. She keeps busy arranging concerts by a young New Yorker. Sara K. Neese reports she has been busy with family and is comfortable living in Vinson Hall, McLean, VA since the death of her husband, Ret. Colonel Walter Burk of PA. Her plans include a cruise to Italy this fall. Bonnie Keaton Hensley says she is grateful for Senior Olympics. She has five medals. Four are gold – two for bocce, one croquet, one table tennis. She is rarely home, busy with bridge, the University Women’s Club, on the board of directors of retired faculty of UNC, Chapel Hill, devoted to her church, can still wear her student nurse’s uniform! Wishes Lois Hart would write! We now number 35. I wish you ALL would write before the next deadline of February 1, 2004. Love and best wishes.




Class Reporters – Weezie Miller, 28 Thornhill Road, Lutherville, MD 21093, (410) 321-6555. Betty Brizendine, 1055 West Joppa Road, Apt. 732, Baltimore, MD 21204, (410) 823-7721. Greetings from Weezie and Betty. Things are going well in Baltimore. Spoke with Gertrude Wooddy Mitchell who reports that she and Mundy (her dog) enjoy the activities at Collington. Lorraine Harris Humer, who lives in Carlisle, PA, continues with her activities and sees her grandchildren frequently. Lorraine has had word that Maybel Hockett Vestal still lives in CA. Betty Brizendine plays bridge at every opportunity. Phyllis Wakeman Hubinger has volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House for 17 years. She likes their upbeat spirit. In her spare time, she plays bingo. Marion Derr Marquardt celebrated her 80th birthday on Dec. 28, 2002 with a party in Lake City, FL. Mary Frellsen Barraza just had a knee replacement and is recovering nicely. Her 10 grandchildren keep her active. She is a pecan grower with 640 acres to manage. Her son had a neuroradiology fellowship at JHH. Weezie had both knees replaced last year and continues to frequent the athletic center for aquatic exercises. Her slogan is “keep moving.” We enjoy contact with classmates and wish much more from all of you. Please drop us a line now and then.



’47 JUNE

Class Reporter – Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, 3484 Woodbridge Ct., La Crosse, WI 54601. Kathy Heller Erickson said it took a couple of years to get over her Bill’s death. She decided to officially be a Catholic and joined St. Pius Catholic Church at Easter time. She felt good about this. She continues with her remarkable energy and just returned from a 30 mile bike ride with the Spokane Bicycle Club. She is involved in Habitat for Humanity, was a volunteer in the bicycling area for an “Iron Man” June 29 in Coeur d’Alene. She plans to help at an “Art on the Green” and expects to be working all summer ushering for plays at N. Idaho College. Olive (Polly) Willson Fink visited Peg McIntosh. Olive feels well and has a good friend who likes to travel and still drives very well. She lives in a senior citizen complex and seems happy there. She has a granddaughter who is a physician and also has a grandson. Helen Charlet Frisk says she is fine and so are her two children. Her husband had surgery last fall and is doing OK. Jessie Lehman Hague says her arthritis bothers her once in a while, but her new knee is working fine; it has been two years now. She is enjoying life in her independent living place where they have cottages. She goes to water aerobics two to three times a week. Helena Lu-Affatt Kurban attended the marriage of her youngest son in Beirut, Lebanon in May of this year. All the family were able to attend the ceremony and they had the joy of seeing their old home again. Our last telephone conversation revealed she was feeling much better from her medical condition but must remain on medication a while longer. Anna Caraccilo Peck and her husband moved to their new residence in August. She was looking forward to a visit from Paula McLychek Satterly. She also talked with Elsa Heilbronn Epstein whose husband, David, died in early July. He was ill for four months. Elsa has seven grandchildren close by. Her daughters, Ruth and Margot, are a comfort. Her son, Burt, is in OH. David was 76. Peg McIntosh Rosett says she can’t walk without a walker but is doing pretty well. She has been getting treatments for her illness at home. There is a home health agency that takes care of it. She feels there is some improvement. Bonnie Holley See was laid up early in the summer. Donna Honsowetz Simanton got together with Kathy for the 4th of July. Donna went with her son to a presentation at Coeur d’Alene. She was presented with an award related to a children’s chorus begun a year and a half ago. Donna and her husband had donated to this group. It was said that, due to Jim’s generosity, some children have the joy of music in their lives. Anna Mary Stull Snyder went on a cruise to the western Caribbean last March. She said they toured different places, and she feels pretty good. Betsy Abel Errickson was contacted by Helena Kurban. It seems Betsy and her husband have some hearing difficulty but Helena was able to make contact. Betsy and her husband were visiting one of their sons. Judith Simms Dawe says she is fine. She just got back from Newfoundland where she has relatives. She wanted to touch base with her husband’s family again. She was out in a boat a lot and saw whales, birds and icebergs. She has a fascinating bit of history in her background. Her mother was a 1918 Hopkins graduate and went to Newfoundland in 1922 and worked as a nurse for Sir Wilfred Grenfell. She worked there for two years, and Judith visited that area while in Newfoundland. I, Maddeline Angelone Schuldes, am about six months along with my last knee surgery to repair the damage from the time the car hit me last Nov. Things are moving along as well as can be hoped for. I consider myself fortunate inasmuch as I could easily have been killed or injured in such a way that I would not be walking now. I’ve been in a water exercise program since March and hope to begin a walking program now while I wait for the next water exercise program to begin in the fall at the university. June Glaser Hanson spoke with Ruth Opper Weisheit and learned she had some surgery a few months ago so she isn’t back to bike riding yet.

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Class Reporter – Betty B. Scher, 7235 Brookfalls Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 653-4024, email: [email protected]. This seems to be the dry season for class news, but there is some to report. The sad news first: Mary Agnes Hull Stewart‘s husband Maurice died recently. They were married while Aggie was still a student, and she was pregnant (with twins!) at graduation – a happy fact not known to the Administration or else she could not have finished school. Our sympathies go out to Mary Agnes and the whole family. Ginger Groseclose David sends the good news, however, of their new grandson who was adopted from Guatemala by daughter Patty and her husband Mark. Son Andrew remains in practice in Flagstaff and finally has taken in a partner to ease his professional load a bit. Son Thomas has taken up playing in a street hockey league in Atlanta – who said parents can stop worrying when children grow up?! Jane Shutts Pinkerton and Pinky spent two weeks in FL, are now back in VA. Her only news is the April wedding of a granddaughter, also a grandson who is teaching English in Brazil. Helen Wheeler Wetzel sticks around her retirement community in DC, even gave up her car to a friend rather than fix the old buggy for very limited personal service for herself. Her daughter and family remain in NC. Geraldine (“Jerry”) Bodie will not be coming to our mini-reunion because she and her sister are going to Wales for some “digging up family history” – on their mother’s side. I (Betty) spent a weekend in Cortland, NY to see daughter Susan in summer stock up there, spent a day admiring the beautiful finger lake resort town of Skaneateles, then visited with Mildred “Bunny” Barnard in Binghamton. We had a whole day to talk about nothing much, relax, and enjoy a great home-cooked fresh salmon lunch. Never knew Bunny was such a good cook. Anyway, the day was fun and the most strenuous thing we did was take a walk. Bunny also keeps in touch with Eleanore Summers Kaschel who reports that she and Paul really are glad they moved to their retirement community because both have slowed down. Anna Clair Junkin and I will be having lunch soon to talk about the mini-reunion in early October in KY, for which Jo McDavid Hubbard has pretty much finalized plans for our visit. She sends no more news than that. My big news is that in February 2004 I finally will get my trip to Australia, for which I have been waiting about – oh – 20 years or more! But that’s another issue.




Class Reporter – Catherine Morton Bork, 15039 Harrison Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101, (313) 381-9396. email Rosie Ghysels at [email protected]. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Matilda Snelling Smith and her family on the death of her husband, Dr. Edwin Ide Smith in Aug. 2003, and to Ann Wright Morooney and her family on the death of her son earlier this year. Classmates – please send news by February 1.




Ruth Barnard heard from Ralph Scott, husband of Catherine Rice Scott, saying Catherine has been ill since the latter part of June. He asks for everyone’s prayers so that she gets well.




Gertrude Jones Hodges (Trudy) was recently given a “Risk Taker” award by the National Black Nurses’ Association.

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Villanova University has announced a major endowment by the Connelly Foundation to fund priorities in the College of Nursing. This initiative has resulted in the establishment of an endowed deanship of the College of Nursing and M. Louise Fitzpatrick, EdD, RN, FAAN, Dean and Professor of the College of Nursing since 1978 becomes the first person to hold the endowed deanship.




Class Reporter – Gerry Pignato Peterson, 7517 Westfield Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817, (301) 229-0538, email: [email protected]. Looking forward to planning next year’s reunion – anyone care to join me? Can you believe it will actually be 40 years? Who knows how many of us have become grandparents by now, but I know that Nancy Schartner McKelvey has. She wrote “Enjoying first grandchild, Connor, this year and looking forward to number two in December.” Nancy also writes: “Still working as Chief Nurse at the American Red Cross national headquarters – over the past two years, I’ve had wonderful experiences with five JHU grad students from the combined MSN-MPH program who did community health nursing/leadership internships with me. They have all demonstrated the high standards, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm that I recall of my fellow students at the School of Nursing. They give me great hope about the future of nursing.” Eileen Sweetland Leinweber is a manager with VHA Consulting Services assisting health care organizations to reduce cost in the supply chain. Husband Tom is newly retired, son Ross is married to Sarah for three years and a partner in a trading firm and daughter Erin is the Women’s Soccer Coach at North Park University. The kids come and go with visits to Oshkosh, WI from Chicago where they both live. I was treated to some terrific Texas hospitality by Helene Botta Williams when I went to a meeting in San Antonio in June. She and JJ have one granddaughter and a lovely home. Judy Hallagan is a legal nurse consultant in the San Francisco area but is returning to school to obtain her NP certification. She plans to volunteer in the international health care field if she ever retires. Judy has become active in the Palo Alto chapter of the Red Cross and is coordinating the Disaster Health Services function. Her interest in the Red Cross developed following 9/11 when she went to DC to help Nancy Schartner McKelvey at the Red Cross National Headquarters. Martha Norton Hill, dean of Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, has been selected by Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) to receive the Nell J. Watts Lifetime Achievement in Nursing Award. This is given every other year to an active STTI member who has demonstrated achievement in nursing spanning a lifetime career, has contributed to nursing in a manner that has long-term significance, and is nationally and/or internationally recognized. As for me, Gerry Pignato Peterson, my oldest, Christian, was married in September, so there’s hope for my grandmotherhood as well.




Jayne Wurstner Felgen, consultant and president of Creative Health Care Management, received the Community Partnership Award sponsored by Nursing Spectrum at the annual American Organization of Nurse Executives convention. This award recognizes Jayne for her vision, persistence, and dedication to the nursing profession.




Peg Cushman, a student in the botanical healing master’s program at the Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts in Laurel, MD, has been selected for one of the nursing profession’s highest honors – induction in the American Academy of Nursing (AAN). Established to provide visionary leadership in shaping health care policy and practice, AAN is comprised of nurses recognized for outstanding contributions to the profession as well as their potential for making future contributions to nursing.

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Class Reporter – Deb Reis Case-Cromer, 10025 Magledt Rd., Baltimore, MD 21234, (410) 256-5503, email: [email protected]. Kathleen Jones Talbot reports that she is now teaching computer, French and language arts in a K-8 Catholic school in Evanston. She is enjoying it and just got back from leading her seventh group of 7th graders on a trip to France. They go in June every year and have a wonderful time in addition to using French. She has three kids in college now and one who will be a senior in high school. Henry, her oldest is at Northwestern and will finish in the middle of next year. Eugene is at University of Kentucky and they aren’t entirely sure when he will finish, probably one to two more years. Eleanor will be starting her sophomore year at Western Carolina where she was recruited to play volleyball. She seems to like the school and loves the volleyball. Charlie is beginning his senior year in high school and plays lacrosse. Chris and Kathleen are spending some time taking him around to look at colleges. Malpractice insurance took a toll on Chris, and he is now retired from the practice of medicine. They aren’t sure what he will do next. Kathleen can be emailed at [email protected]. Maggie (Margaret) Blakey Hakala and her family have been in Michigan since 1988. They built a new home a year ago. They have two girls – Megan is 14 and will be in 10th grade this fall. Jillian is 12 and will be in 7th grade. Maggie has not done any nursing since they got married in 1986. She has been thinking about returning to nursing, but says she would probably need a refresher course of some sort. The biggest thing that has affected her family was back in February 2001 when Megan was diagnosed with a serious illness. She is doing well now, and Maggie said to look at her you would never know all that she went through. So, with all the headaches they have had with building this new house – and there have been many more than they had planned on – Maggie says she just looks at Megan and thinks these problems are nothing. Contact Maggie at [email protected]. Judy Jones Sisk is still very much in the nursing role. She finished her BSN in 1990. She left the critical care setting in 1983 and has been in oncology since then. Currently Judy manages the chemo department of a nine physician group and also coordinates their clinical trials program. Judy says she doesn’t think she will ever get to retire. Her two boys are very grown up. Graham is finishing a doctorate in the philosophy of language at the University of Pittsburgh. Matthew does sound design and production for Actors Theatre of Louisville. He will be doing a Broadway play this fall and finish the winter in Providence, RI. She still has her husband and her dogs, and she fosters abandoned or rescued Golden Retrievers for a local rescue group. For relaxation, she spends as much time as she can in her gardens and reads. Judy would welcome hearing from anyone, would love to have visitors, and looks forward to any tips on new books to read. Judy‘s invitation – if anyone comes to KY during the Derby, she can’t get you in to the track but she can make sure you get to see the sites! Email Judy at [email protected]. Wendy Peek Davis says that she had an exciting adventure when she went on a two-week medical mission to Mauritania. Mauritania is a Saharan Muslim country in West Africa and is one of the 30 poorest countries in the world. They held a medical clinic in one of the poorest areas of the capital city the first week and in the OB department of the hospital the second week. They saw a lot of anemia, malnutrition, worms, skin diseases, etc. There were some very sad cases, things that could easily be handled in America, but impossible for a person with no money or in a hospital with few supplies. They also saw TB, malaria, and even an infant with brittle bone disease. Wendy says that it was truly a life changing experience for her, and that she can’t wait to go back. She also has a new granddaughter (her daughter has three girls now), a new daughter-in-law, and her youngest son plans to marry next spring. Her family just keeps on growing! Contact Wendy via email at [email protected]. Deb Reis Case-Cromer is still at JHH and is currently the Coordinator for Education in Nursing Administration. Her daughters are 9 and 12, and going into the 5th and 7th grades. Her husband Donald teaches severely emotionally disturbed 3rd graders at a special school and grows orchids in his spare time. Deb is counting down to retirement! Ten more years and she will get a full JHH pension and her first chance to not work in 42 years. Please send your news and/or email address to Deb at [email protected].

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In the April issue of Journal of Nursing Education, Katherine Shaver (previously known at JHUSON as Kathy Miller) co-authored an article with Paula Gubrud-Howe and Christine Tanner and the Oregon Nurse Leadership Council Education Committee, about the work she and the group are doing in Oregon, redesigning nursing education. The effort and work are redesigning curriculum to a statewide competency based system and is expected to more effectively use resources available in the state and provide greater access to nursing education.

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’91 Accelerated

Michele Ardigo and her husband welcomed Sophia Lauren into this world on Jan. 25, 2003. They are having fun with her and really enjoying their new job in Big Bear. Michele spoke to Earl Dakan. He started Kaiser’s nurse anesthetist program last fall. Michele and Dion are trying to arrange for a student from Kaiser’s program to join them in Bear for a clinical rotation. So she just might see Earl this fall.



’93 Accelerated

Sue Dexheimer McDonald is living in New Freedom, PA, and has been a critical/intensive care bedside nurse in a few different areas since graduation. Most recently she was working as a flight nurse for STAT MedEvac and JHH, until unfortunately breaking her wrist for the second time. Sadly, heavy lifting is out for good because her hand/wrist are shot, so she is off now for surgery and plans to go back for her MSN in the fall or spring. She would like to be a critical care clin spec if all goes well. She has been doing everything part time since having her children. Her son, Ian, is 1 year old and adopted from Korea. Her daughter, Jessie, is 4 years old and adopted from Vietnam. Both of them came when they were six months old. Sue feels very blessed. Christi Zohlen is still in the Navy in San Diego and having fun. In May she started in the operating rooms at Balboa. Her first day was in open hearts so she was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. After orientation, she will be on the pediatric general surgery team, which she is excited about. She was a PNP for the past three years and her goal is to combine NP and OR experience and hopefully do a little of both as a surgical NP. The Navy may have other plans for her though so she is just going to take it one day at a time. San Diego has great weather and lots of fun things to do so if anyone is passing through and wants a tour, just let her know.



96 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Laura Cunningham Roth, 2858 Ashley Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107, (626) 798-9719. My husband and I recently moved to Pasadena, CA. I stopped working for a while because my husband’s schedule is crazy, and we have a three year old and another expected in December. Please send updated information to my new address. It would be great to hear from everyone.




Class Reporter – Beth Cooper, work (410) 624-2485, home (410) 276-0184, [email protected] or [email protected]. Hello everyone! For those of you who have not heard, Julie Buettner asked me recently to replace her as the class reporter. I am honored to oblige. I sent out a letter asking everyone to get in touch. Let us know where you are, what you are doing and any recent accomplishments, or basically any gossip/news fit to print! There are so many people that we have never heard from. C’mon now, write, shoot an email, call. I was honored to be invited in July to the Evergreen House to attend the Accelerated Class of 2003’s Graduation Dinner. This event was hosted by the SON Alumni Association. I was asked to arrive early and host one of the tables. I gotta be honest here. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. The students were awesome, but the other alums were GREAT. I had an enjoyable chat with the president of our alumni association, Sue Wright ’62. She expressed some frustration at how the “younger” alumni do not seem to want to be involved or active. Let me tell you, we should. It’s fun. I just joined the Homecoming Committee and plan to get much more involved in the very near future. Let’s plan some cool stuff. I sent out an email to class members whose email addresses we had. I got several responses. Holly Villepique writes: Last November I moved to NC, in short, to the beach! It was definitely a good year to get the heck out of Dodge, what with all the snow you all had. I’m on the coast nearly to the SC border, about 45 minutes south of Wilmington. I headed down this way to get away from the hustle and bustle and try something new. I love it, although I do miss all of the culture, activity and restaurants that the Baltimore-DC area has to offer. I took and passed my PNP boards last January, but I’m still looking for an NP job down here. That was a trade-off I knew I’d have to make when I decided to move. I have lots of strong possibilities, but as with most other things down here in the south, nothing is moving along all that fast. Hopefully by press time I will be working (at last!) as a PNP. Meanwhile, I am working as a pediatric RN in a 500 bed regional medical center. It’s very different from academia, but the people here are great. It’s also been a great networking tool. This spring, I became a clinical instructor for the first time. I had eight community college nursing students on the peds unit smack in the middle of RSV season and only about a month after I had started working there myself. Talk about your crazy scenarios! I love to teach, but I think I’d rather be in the classroom, and I’m hoping to do some work with the UNC-Wilmington students next spring. I just closed on a great piece of property, and once the job situation becomes something more permanent, I will be building my first home. Yikes! Very exciting. Paula Webb Dixon writes: I was working at Union Memorial as a NICU nurse until they closed the whole ob/postpartum floor. Apparently hearts make more money than babies so they will be expanding the heart program. After interviewing around town for different positions and getting lots of offers (that is always a good feeling, isn’t it?), I chose dialysis nursing as my next venture. I am currently working for a company called Gambro in an independent dialysis unit. I am working at their location on the Bayview campus right now but am hoping to transfer to the Dundalk location in September. It is a big change from the NICU! I still work three days a week but now they are about 14 hour days instead of 12 hours. Plus I have changed from night shift to day shift. My day starts at 5 am and doesn’t end until about 7pm. That extra two hours a day sure is tough to adjust to!!!! But I like the work, so I will make the adjustments. And, after six years of straight night shift, I am finding that I really do like day shift! It is nice that when I have a day off, I have a whole day off and don’t have to sleep through part of it. That is really great. The getting up at 0430 isn’t too wonderful, but it is doable. Doug’s 12-year-old son has been visiting us for the month of July. He lives in CA, and this is his first trip east. Needless to say it has been a whirlwind month with activities and trips. We have gone to DC and done the Smithsonian and monuments (had to do something educational), cookouts, Oriole games, Iron Bird games, shopping, the Aquarium and Ocean City. It has been a lot of fun, and we will really miss him when he returns home. I will look forward to reading about everyone else in the Vigilando. I didn’t get to the gathering at Bo Brooks last year, but would love to see some of the classmates. Jacoba Wilson writes: I just came back from a vacation in Ireland. Peter, Marie and I had a wonderful time. Last year, we spent eight days in London. I am still working as a nurse at Hopkins and very happy that I chose nursing as a profession. Mickey Allison writes: I just got back from Paris where I was for two weeks, business and pleasure. I am a medical liaison for Hoffman La Roche, Immunology Division, and was there to cover the International AIDS Society meeting. It was such a blast. Now that I’m home, I put together a presentation called “HIV Update” and go around and present to providers in my territory (MD, DC, VA, NC, and SC). Great job, but I travel way too much…luckily it sometimes includes places like Paris. Susan Tsu (Susan Tsu-Thai) writes: I have lots of good news for you. I’m now working part time at University of Maryland Hospital’s M/S floor. I really like it. I’m still doing agency work when I have time. My baby girl will be one-year-old in September. Her name is Kelly Lin Thai. Christy Belliveau continues to work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at JHH. She is engaged to Adam Richter and is planning a wedding in Baltimore scheduled for October 2004! Carol Webber bought a house in Silver Spring with her fiance, Eric Van Ryzin, who works for the Discovery channel as a cameraman and producer. They were married in August 2003! Carol continues to work for NIH in pediatrics and is pursuing her PNP at University of Maryland. Michelle Clark is working as the assistant manager of Perioperative Services for Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hayward, CA. She hopes to begin her master’s soon. She also became engaged to Doug this spring, wedding date TBA. They are in the process of purchasing a home in San Francisco. Julie Buettner married Ron Bolt in August 2003. I heard through the grapevine that both Marlo and Melanie had babies! Sorry for so few details. Hint hint ladies, send me the scoop! After many jobs on many floors, I have “settled” in the department of Occupational Health Services, still at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The experience of returning to the clinic environment made me realize how much I missed that! I started the Business of Nursing graduate certificate program this fall at JHUSON and plan to pursue an NP program afterward. I am still living on Patterson Park and am nearing completion of house renovations. Still dating the same fellow, Jake Britt, a boat broker/Dockmaster at Living Classrooms Foundation. I am meddling with some photography (my first “career”) again and will be having a show this coming winter. Again, I urge all of you to write and send me the scoop. If you are not already, please join our Alumni Association. Of the 83 in our class, only 32 are paid members. It’s not a lot of money. It represents us, our past and the future. No matter what we said then (and I admit I was one of the loudest!) the experience was like none other, and we should all be proud to be Hopkins alumi. Think pro-actively. I look forward to hearing from all of you. As Sue Wright ’62 said, “You can always tell a Hopkins nurse, but you can’t tell ’em much.”



’97 Accelerated

Lisa Bettina Uncles passed the certified nurse midwife exam this summer. She is living in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.



’98 Accelerated

Cynthia Henry has moved to VA, built a house, and is working at Fairfax Hospital as a cardiology NP. She married Todd Thurlow in September.




Class Reporter – Jenny Brady, 210 Thompson Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188, (757) 258-3008, [email protected]. Jenny is almost finished her master’s program and will hopefully start working as a PNP in Dec. or Jan. Her father has been very sick. Elizabeth Serva Shrader started at GBMC labor and delivery in June 2002. She is in the Univ. of MD Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program.




’99 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Debbie Herz, email: [email protected] Debbie Herz writes that she continues to live life as she always has. Tackling her current challenge with cancer with optimism and determination, she continues to strive for nothing but to live life in the moment and to its fullest. And as people who know her best say, “the fatigue has only helped slow her down, to let the rest of us finally catch up with her.” Due to her illness she put out a request to get someone else to be class reporter. Alisa Linde has accepted. You can reach Alisa at 1736 Light St., Baltimore, MD 21230, email: [email protected]. Jennifer Hamner reports that she and husband Everett are moving to Iowa because Everett was accepted at the University of Iowa with a wonderful presidential fellowship to study for his PhD in English. They are sad to leave the Pacific Northwest where they have made wonderful friends. She loves her job and the surroundings are utterly gorgeous, but they are glad to move to the next phase in their lives. They will be taking a little “souvenir” from the Northwest – their first child, a boy, was due in mid-August! Plus, they are purchasing their first house in Iowa. Kashiko Nagayama Fujii was married in 2001 and moved back to Japan due to her husband’s job situation. She has a one-year-old son and is currently working at a corporation which provides medical devices and services to help individuals and families maintain a healthy cardiovascular system throughout their life time. Joanna Mitrega currently works as a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) for a small OB/GYN practice in Jupiter, FL. She was employed for one year at the Women’s Center of Martin County in Stuart, FL, and upon the Center’s closure, joined Absolute Health Care for Women in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens where she attends deliveries at two local hospitals. You’ll be pleased to know that she had a baby boy on August 26, 2003.



’91 MSN

Class Reporter – Eileen Cordoba Tongson, 585 Shell Parkway, Apt. 5216, Redwood City, CA 94065 [email protected] Hello Friends. We are missing a number of email addresses from our classmates. Please send them and any news you would like to share to me. I can be reached at the above address. Pauline Karikari-Martin recently joined the US Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps as a nurse officer. She is stationed at CMS, Center for Beneficiary Choices in Baltimore. Kim Vaughn is working as a nurse practitioner at the Johns Hopkins Geriatric center where she is caring for rehab and wound care patients. Her three children have been busy with lacrosse. Her son Lee’s JV team at John Carroll won the MYLA division B conference. Carly is going into 8th grade and Kelly is going into 5th grade. Kim’s husband John has a picture framing business in the Bel Air area. She says any nurse practitioner students are welcome at the Geriatric Center! Congratulations to Katy Schalla Lesiak! She recently married Thaddeus Lesiak. She is working as a PNP for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in Minneapolis in a school based clinic.

^ top


Class Reporter – Megan Dills Gulotta, 1320 York Ave., Apt. 24N, NY, NY 10021, (212) 717-1361, email: [email protected]. Only three years have gone by, and many new and wonderful things are going on in the lives of our fellow classmates! I was pleased that I found a number of you, but we still need to find everyone else! Our lives are full and busy, so here is our greatly anticipated class update! Rosemary Dew reports that she stopped nursing after working at JHH, NIH and a couple of hospices. She is now a senior associate at Orion Scientific Systems, Inc. and works on a contract to the Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, where they train all military services in counterintelligence disciplines. Her big news is that she has a grandson Nicholas who is 2 1/2 years old and the book No Backup: A Female Agent’s Life in the FBI© will be out in January 2004. Bekah Frank is currently living in Decatur, GA and received her MSN in Midwifery from Emory University in December 2001. She has been working as a CNM for the OB/GYN Clinic of Gwinnett since April of 2002 and loves it despite being sleep-deprived! She is also the secretary of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Region III-5 (GA). Sarah Gauger just graduated from the JHUSON FNP program this past May and is packing up to move to NC! She has accepted a position as a FNP working in both a high school and with the local migrant farm workers. She is very excited, and we wish her luck – she will do great! Anna (Gorsuch) Duttera reports that she continues to work in the NICU at JHH which she loves! She gave birth to her son Justin Taylor Duttera on May 2. Marian Grant reports that she is halfway through the Acute Care NP program at the SON and recently transferred from the JHH Adult ED to the MICU (Medical ICU) to get more critical care experience. She has also taken a job as a clinical instructor at the SON for physical assessment and episodic for the fall. Kelly Maier continues to work at New York Presbyterian Hospital in NYC and is now in the Pediatric ER which she loves. She is attending Hunter College and anticipates receiving her PNP MSN degree this December! She is getting married September, 2004. Brandey Pruso is currently a travel nurse and living in New York City. Her assignment through this December is at New York Presbyterian Hospital in NYC on the Cardiothoracic Unit. Brooke Schlosser Schwenk reports that she is working at JHH in the EACU, a part of the Adult ED and loves it. She has been there since she graduated. She is back in school part time in the FNP program at JHUSON. She also married Brian Schwenk, her boyfriend of 7 years, on August 2nd of this year! They currently reside in Owings Mills, MD. Christen Hamilton Proffitt was married last January. In May, she received her master’s degree from U VA in Family Health. She is now working in a low-income clinic in Richmond. About myself, Megan (Dills) Gulotta, I recently moved from Boston to NY City after getting married on May 10th! We moved to NYC because my husband matched in an Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program at the Hospital for Special Surgery. I was a labor and delivery nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and have started a new job as a labor and delivery nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital. I am going back to school this fall into the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner master’s program at Columbia part time. Please help us keep in touch by emailing me with your updates. Also, tell those fellow grads to email me if you see them so that we can find out what we are all up to! Congrats to everyone on their exciting news!




’00 Accelerated

Class Reporter – Chad Eckert, 1680 Thetford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21286, [email protected]. Barb and I have a new addition to our family, Benjamin Ryan. He was born Sept. 2 weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. Amy Cate Bositis is happily married and living in the Butcher’s Hill section of Baltimore. She is working at JHUSON doing research and preparing to get her master’s in midwifery. Jessie Conrad is also working at JHUSON, and she and her husband Mark welcomed their first child, Lillian Patricia, October 6, 2003.





Ann C. Adair is the associate director of medical services with the Paralyzed Veterans of America. She is also a member of the congressional committee charged with reviewing recruitment and retention of nurses in the Department of Veterans Affairs and making administrative and legislative recommendations for change.



’00 PhD

The U.S. Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing was ranked #2 in the nation for graduate anesthesia nursing programs. This program is directed by JHUSON graduate, Colonel Norma Garrett, CRNA, PhD.




Class Reporter – Cindy Bode, 461 Mindoro Street, Morro Bay, CA 93442. (805) 771-9961. [email protected]. With deepest condolences to the family of Polly Whitmarsh, I regretfully inform our class, and all those who knew and loved her, of her death July 3, 2003. Polly added brightness and hope to our class. She will be greatly missed. Mike Cox was promoted at work. Marc Dunbar was recently engaged to Kristin Hodges while vacationing in Hawaii. They have purchased a home together in Reno, NV. Paula Eubanks is still at Hopkins working in Oncology. She is becoming more specialized in the area of wound care. This fall, she hopes to take the Oncology Certified Nursing Exam, but in the meantime she is going to start a 12-credit certificate in Thanatology (The Study of Death and Dying) offered by a local college in Frederick. Kate Fagan Dart has moved to Richmond and was married on June 21st. She is currently working in the PICU at the Medical College of Virginia and loving it. Stephanie Felton and her husband bought her in-laws’ house in Bel Air; she is still working in the ER at Union Memorial Hospital. She vacationed in San Diego and Denver in July. Christiani Guerrero has settled into a new home outside of Boston. She is living with her fiance and planning a wedding. Meghan Coates McAllister’s husband will finish up medical school this spring. They hope to return to the west coast. Mary Rackovan is leaving Denver and heading back to Baltimore to work as a traveler on a neuro floor at Hopkins. She and her boyfriend are going to be living in a row home in Canton with a rooftop deck. Jinae Selvey, Debbie Pearson and Joanna Katz graduated from the FNP program at JHU. Congratulations guys. Judith and David Harkins are expecting a child in approximately six months. Heidi Shafland is still in MN working in a PICU. She enjoys living in MN again and being closer to her family. Rene Mentore has been working at Good Samaritan Hospital on an IMC/Med/Surg floor with mainly respiratory patients and often times she assumes the charge nurse role. Tina Scholfield Tolson got married April 12, 2003. She is in graduate school at the SON working toward an MSN in Health Systems Management/Clinical Specialist. As for me, Cindy Bode, John and I have a brand new son, Jake. I am desperately seeking new contact information for: Joe Gluth, Kelly Lunnen, Alison Livingston, Ebony Prince, Danielle DiSciullo, Farrah Brown, Kim Winters, Laini Hamm, Marvell Elliot, Chuck Webb, Heather Hack, Heather Dougherty, Judith Harkins, Hillary Ittner, Clara Hilton, Amber Zupancic and any other class members you have not heard me mention in recent news. (If I have inadvertently left out your name, I apologize, and please send me your most recent contact information.) Sandra Whitmire purchased a town home in Crofton with her fiancé Rick. Congratulations, Sandy! Cathy Feldman went to Thailand in January, toured her mother’s birth place and found her mother’s siblings. She and her family plan to return to Thailand in December to see them for two weeks. Her boyfriend finally moved down to Baltimore from NYC to live with her.





Class Reporter – Colleen Herten, [email protected]. Can you believe it has been months since graduation? Time goes by quickly! I am writing to let you know I will be serving as the SON Class of 2003 reporter. So, if you have anything you want your fellow alumni to know, such as you got married, engaged, had a baby, or simply love your job, relay this news to me and I’ll submit it for the magazine. I am sure your classmates would love to hear your great news! You can email me at the address above. I hope everyone is doing well. Best of luck with all future endeavors.




’03 Accelerated

Congratulations to the Accelerated Class of 2003. We wish all of the new graduates long and successful careers. Please be sure to keep in touch with JHUSON by contacting either of your class reporters, Jen Danielson, 6 Boulder Lane, Baltimore, MD 21210, (410) 502-6293, email: [email protected] or Sandy Olvera, 9102 Thistledown Rd., Apt. 171, Owings Mills, MD 21117, (410) 902-8746, email: [email protected] with any family or career news or updated contact information.




’03 Master’s

Class Reporter – Dawn Brown, 3704 Coronado, Farmington, NM 87401, (505) 325-4501, [email protected]. Ella Weinkle moved to Columbia, SC with her husband. Susan Shafer got her certification and is working at Matilda Koval Medical Center as an FNP seeing babies as well as the elderly and patients for mental health one full day a week. Dawn Brown and her family moved to Farmington, NM. They are enjoying the sun, and Dawn is working as an FNP in a community health clinic. She received her certification the day after arriving in NM.

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