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Stacey Merritt-Baker , PNP-PC

Stacey Merritt-Baker

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Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate


Stacey Merritt-Baker earned an associate's degree in nursing in 1997 at Allegany College of Maryland, a BSN at West Virginia University in 1999 (while working as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit at Ruby Memorial Hospital), and an MSN in 2002 at Duke University, becoming a certified primary care PNP. Her global nursing journey has continued, from the cardiovascular surgery department at Washington DC's Children’s National Medical Center and as a clinical instructor at George Mason University to the pediatric primary care clinic at Heidelberg Army Hospital in Germany, the U.S. Embassy Health Unit in Madagascar, and to her most recent overseas stop in Bahrain. In 2019, she return to the U.S. and began pursuing an acute care degree, which led her to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and its Post Certificate Acute Care PNP Program.