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Lee Kirby , MSN

Lee Kirby


MSN (Entry into Nursing) Program


It isn’t exactly true to say that Lee Kirby would rather be anyplace else in the world right now than a big, urban U.S. city. But check back in a couple of years. By then, the New Jersey-born, Peace Corps-seasoned Kirby, a product of the MSN (Entry into Nursing) Program, will be more fully versed in caring for underprivileged populations, and will once again hear—and likely heed—the call for help in some far corner of the globe. “And I’ll run away again, as Momma says.” Kirby, winner of a Gurtler Scholarship, awarded to a returned Peace Corps volunteer, feels fortunate to be part of the Johns Hopkins Nursing community. As a trans man, Kirby remains convinced that empowering women and girls in impoverished communities is essential. He has seen the need, and is ready to help. (Read more about Kirby's journey.)