Johns Hopkins Nursing Launches Executive Mentorship Program


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Posted: 10/6/2008

A new Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) leadership mentoring program will combine the best practices of business management and nursing administration education to provide unparalleled experiences and learning opportunities for selected Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students.

The Executive Mentorship Program, established through a gift from JHUSON Professor Maryann F. Fralic, DrPH, RN, FAAN, offers exceptional DNP students financial support aimed at building a year-long relationship with executive mentors from a variety of non-health care disciplines and industries, including the worlds of business, finance, entertainment, media, politics and government, science, and technology.  Each year, three selected students will receive support of up to $5,000 in expense reimbursement to enable them to experience mentorship opportunities that enhance their expertise and understanding of the techniques and tools of highly successful leaders.  The grants are intended to defray expenses which normally would prohibit a student from taking advantage of this type of opportunity, including travel, lodging, conferences, books, and conference calls.

According to Fralic, “Linkages with distinguished mentors are the essence of the program.  The learning experiences derived from these relationships will guide these emerging leaders in the development of their own executive leadership skills and their future career endeavors.”  Fralic also sees benefits for the participating volunteer Executive Mentors and notes, “The experience offers today’s leaders avenues not only to share expertise, but most importantly to engage and positively influence the professional health care leaders of tomorrow.”

Students who are entering the second year of the DNP program are eligible to apply for the mentorship experience.  Participants will be selected based on their educational and professional credentials, endorsements, and references.  Each will have demonstrated competency and accomplishment in their chosen field of nursing. Additional emphasis will be placed on their proposed mentorship learning objectives and their ability to work productively with an executive mentor.  For more information about the submission process and deadlines, visit