nursing schoolWho doesn’t like safe streets? Who doesn’t like free t-shirts? With that in mind, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing combined the two with a simple, safety-reinforcing event, a Road Scholars Day t-shirt handout.

Pedestrians strolling through the cafeteria area of the Pinkard Building in East Baltimore on January 22 (including Erin Booth and Jessica Jackson, pictured left to right) were greeted with a display of black tees featuring the slogan “Be a Road Scholar” and a sign assuring any and all takers of the free shirts that there were no strings attached...

Except that one about taking extra care when crossing the streets around the campuses of Johns Hopkins, and everywhere else for that matter.

The Road Scholar campaign is a Hopkins-wide effort to educate, remind, or nudge drivers and pedestrians through placards, banners, sidewalk signage, and, yes, t-shirts to “do the math” on the too-often deadly difference in mass between a car or truck and a human body.

So long as there’s a Road Scholar’s brain on top, perhaps a cotton t-shirt is all the protection you need.