Need another reason to take prerequisite courses through the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON)?

Here you go: The deadline for summer prerequisite classes has been extended through May 13th and the registration for fall classes is now open.

The popular 10-week online courses, Nutrition and Human Growth and Development Through the Lifespan, run May 28 through August 2 and September 3 through November 8. The classes introduce prospective health professions students  to the excellence of a Johns Hopkins education. They’re competitively priced, provide great flexibility, and now offer the advantage of no “You are waited-listed” messages. 

Due to the popularity of the courses, the School has created  a system of enrollment that adds classes as soon as one fills up and with a pool of “faculty in waiting,” assigns an additional faculty member when necessary. “We’re looking for the sweet spot of effectiveness,” said David Newton, executive director of professional programs at JHUSON, who says each class will be capped at 35-50 students, with class size adjusted as final enrollment figures are reached.

Newton reminds interested prospective students that the classes are not restricted to those expected to enroll at JHUSON. “We have no hard numbers on it, but we’re pretty sure that a lot of people who take our online prereqs want to get that Johns Hopkins name on their transcripts, and that’s great,” Newton said. “They might never come here, but they can take that wherever they go. It opens doors, because other schools respect the Hopkins brand.”

JHUSON prerequisite courses are offered in the summer, fall, and spring, with a new Biostats course offering planned for this autumn.

Learn more about courses and requirements, or register.