With three new courses debuting and the addition of a virtual laboratory component, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing prerequisite courses just became even more of a must-have.

The virtual laboratory component is part of the new courses Microbiology (Summer 2014), Anatomy, and Physiology (both Fall 2014). The virtual labs are designed to complement lecture topics and feature innovative software that offers a you-are-there (in the lab) experience.

This further enriches the value of prerequisites that offer:

  • An introduction to the excellence of a Johns Hopkins education from instructors of a No. 1-ranked School of Nursing
  • Competitive pricing within the marketplace
  • Health-focused perspective delivered through a facilitated teaching approach (participatory, interactive, engaging)     
  • Online convenience.

Registration is open. Summer 2014 prerequisites run May 27-August 1; Fall 2014 courses will be September 2-November 7.

The new courses:

Microbiology with Lab, Summer 2014-- Introduces the core concepts and basic principles in microbiology, examining micro-organisms and how they interact with humans and the environment.

Anatomy with Lab, Fall 2014--Introduces components and structures of the human body at the level of gross and microscopic anatomy. Students will learn organ localization in the body and structural features comprising the different body systems, including the skin, heart, lungs, and brain.

Physiology with Lab, Fall 2014--This course will introduce the functions of several human body systems. Students will learn organ function and how each part within a body system works together. The physiologic processes covered include cardiovasculature, lymphatics, and digestion.

For a full list of required courses for our bachelor's in nursing program, . Virtual labs are acceptable at Hopkins Nursing, but not everywhere, so check your university requirements for prerequisite courses.

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