Aggressive, hard-to-manage children—a concern faced by exhausted parents as well as child health professionals—is the topic for a series of professional training workshops offered by the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, March 11-12.

In this first of a series of two-day workshops, child health professionals—nurses, physicians, social workers, psychologists, and others—will be trained to serve as leaders in a group-based parenting skills training program. Led by Deborah Gross, DNSc, RN, a nationally known psychiatric nurse researcher and JHUSON professor, the workshop will introduce participants to the tools and methods of the award-winning Chicago Parent Program (CPP). 

The CPP, developed with in-depth parent participation by Gross and colleagues at Rush University, helps parents learn new skills for raising young children. Through a combination of video and parent-group discussion, the program opens new doors for parents in addressing and resolving troubling child behavior problems. The program was specifically designed to meet the needs of a culturally and economically diverse audience, and is particularly useful for parents with low reading skills. 

One parent who recently participated in the program noted that “Before, [my son] was very aggressive, with everybody and with me. He would throw all the toys, make a big mess. He wasn’t respecting me … now he’s working and everything. He tells me he loves me a lot...and he’s sleeping by himself. And the teachers say he’s doing better.” 

Health professionals using the program agree with its success. According to Joyce Harrison, M.D., child psychiatrist, Kennedy-Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University, it “… has been an extremely useful adjunct to my work with preschoolers and their families. It is very user-friendly, well received by parents and caregivers, and it gets great results!”

The workshop is one of several initial offerings in a series of new and returning now being introduced by the School of Nursing. Special introductory pricing for this initial offering is $1,500 per person, including the Chicago Parent Program DVDs and manual.

To learn more about the workshop and to complete an interest survey, visit or call 410-614-5311.

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Under an agreement between Rush University Medical Center and Dr. Deborah Gross, Dr. Gross is entitled to revenue from sales of The Chicago Parent Program described in this news release. This arrangement has been reviewed and approved by the Johns Hopkins University in accordance with its conflict of interest policies.