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Keyword: tuberculosis

Nursing MOOCsNo longer just a tool for free education on health-related topics, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing’s (JHUSON) MOOCs are now presenting some additional bangs for just a few bucks....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolRecent global research by JHUSON nurses is helping to build new health care programs, new knowledge, and new hope and health for people around the world—and at home....Click here to read more.

Carrie TudorHer passport is stamped with exotic locations:  Myanmar, Tibet, South Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia, as well as Baltimore, MD. But, when Carrie Tudor, MPH, RN, looks at it, she sees global battlefields in the fight against infectious disease.  ...Click here to read more.

Nursing SchoolAt home and abroad, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing faculty and students are making a mark as leaders in education, research, public health policy, and program development....Click here to read more.