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Keyword: salivary bioscience

America’s children and teens are gaining…weight. As many as 16.9 percent of children ages 2-19 are obese; another 14.8 percent are overweight, placing them at risk for later, chronic problems ranging from diabetes and sleep apnea to depression and heart disease....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolAnywhere it wants. OK, they don’t really expectorate. So Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) saliva expert Douglas Granger has done a bit of improvisation....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolStudies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing are on the cutting edge of community-based research addressing healthcare and health disparities among African Americans and other medically underserved groups....Click here to read more.

ResearchHopkins Nursing researchers focus on stress, parenting programs, diabetes, and more in the January issue of research news....Click here to read more.

Collection deviceResearchers are constantly finding new ways to figure out what makes us human beings tick, and one of the newer methods makes you want to spit—literally....Click here to read more.