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In the wake of media focus on the trials and bravery of nurses in the context of the Ebola crisis, leaders in the fields of nursing and clinical ethics have released an unprecedented report on the ethical issues facing the profession, as the American Nursing Association prepares to release a revised Code of Ethics in 2015....Click here to read more.

Despite reports of hiring obstacles facing recent nursing graduates, the majority of Johns Hopkins students completing a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree in 2013 report they quickly found the jobs they wanted, where they wanted them—and with only moderate or no difficulty....Click here to read more.

Along with their licenses and spare change, residents of Carroll County can now keep health, employment, and legal resources at their fingertips. Thanks to an effort from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, handy, resourceful “Carroll Cards” for wallets, purses, and pockets list simple and basic needs for health and medical information....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolIt doesn’t take a PhD to understand the supply-and-demand forces behind the nationwide shortage of doctoral faculty. It does take a PhD—lots of them, actually--to close that gap....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolHalls of nursing schools across the country rumble with news of faculty shortages caused by retirements, budget cuts, and job competition from clinical sites and other schools. All the while, hospitals clamor for more nursing graduates....Click here to read more.