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The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing applauds Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was recently placed under and then released from mandatory quarantine in New Jersey after returning from treating patients in Sierra Leone....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolWhen students arrive at Hopkins Nursing, the first step is to have a photo taken for a badge—one that will be a constant companion all the way to the final step, graduation. “It’s amazing how much that one, small piece of plastic has seen,” Caitlin Dreisbach told fellow members of the Fall Accelerated Class of 2013 at the Academic Degree Completion Ceremony December 20. “What,” she wondered aloud, “would the person photographed on my badge say about the person who stands here at the podium today?”...Click here to read more.

starTen members of the Johns Hopkins Nursing community are finalists for the Shining Star Award, given each year to reward the best of the best....Click here to read more.

nursing schoolThe Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) may be located in East Baltimore, but the students, faculty, and staff participate in blogs, organizations, task forces, and conferences all around the nation and world....Click here to read more.

It was a short walk toward a handshake and a diploma at the 2013 graduating ceremonies of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. But Dean Martha Hill, PhD, RN, FAAN, urged the grads, no matter how far they go from here, to never forget what carried them: passion....Click here to read more.