AgingA seminar series focusing on issues related to intervention and implementation science in aging is the latest interdisciplinary initiative at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. 

The series, informally known as “The Issue Is…,” serves as a forum for faculty, predoctoral, and postdoctoral students to explore issues related to behavioral intervention and implementation research or emerging intervention ideas and issues.

“The focus of each seminar discussion varies; however, the series as a whole will provide exposure to the full range of substantive topics related to intervention research in older adults,” says JHUSON professor Laura Gitlin, PhD, director of the Center for Innovative Care in Aging.

“The range of specialty areas, expertise, and professional backgrounds of participants assure exposure to rich discussion, diverse knowledge bases, and unique insight.”

The sessions, which began in March, take place each month through the end of 2012:

May 3: The Issue is: “How should we handle non-compliance in randomized trials?” Explores selection factors and non-compliance.

June 7: The Issue is: “How to use large-scale population-based data to develop interventions?” Explores population-based research.

July 12: The Issue is: “What is the role of biosalivary markers in intervention design?” Explores mechanisms of action.

September 6: The Issue is: “How do we recruit and retain older men in intervention studies?” Explores feasibility.

October 4: The Issue is: “What interventions need to be designed for older adults aging with HIV?” Explores special populations.

November 1: The Issue is: “How do we look at multiple family members caring for older adults?” Identifies the unit of study.

December 6: The Issue is: “Is this the best approach for translations?” Focuses on conducting practical trials.

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