nursing schoolFour faculty and one recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) will be presenting at the Gerontological Society of America 2012 annual conference Nov. 14-17 in San Diego, California.

The five will present novel ways of intervening to improve quality of life for older adults living independently or with their families.

In all, JHUSON researchers organized four of the scheduled symposia and will present a total of 10 papers and participate in four poster sessions.

Featured at the GSA conference are:

Laura Gitlin, PhD: Current and Future Challenges in Designing Behavioral Interventions: From Randomized Trials to Community Implementations (symposium); “A Promising Home-Based Intervention to Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Older African-Americans” for the symposium Closing the Mental Health Disparity Gap for Older African-Americans: The Beat the Blues Trial; “Translating the Tailored Activity Program in Chronic Care Hospitals for Dementia Patients: Can We Improve Standard Care With an Evidence-Based Program?” for the symposium Translation Science: Implementing Social-Behavioral Interventions for Elders and Their Caregivers in the Real World; and “How Can We Support Women in the Middle? The Evidence and the Next Steps” for the symposium Honoring the Contributions of Elaine Brody: Women in the Middle Revisited

Nancy Hodgson, PhD, RN: “Kin Caregiving—Coregulation of Neuroendocrine Activity in Persons With Moderate Stage Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Primary Family Caregivers” and “Kin Caregiving—Reflexology for Treatment of Behavioral Symptoms in Community Residing Persons With Dementia: Protocol Development for an Exploratory Controlled Trial”

Gabrielle Santangelo, ’12: “Quality of Life in Dementia: Relationship to Subjective Pain Reports by Patients and Their Caregivers”

Casey Shillam, PhD, RN: “Methodological Complexities of Using Electronic Medical Records as a Data Collection Tool” for the symposium Methodological Issues in Conducting Research with Older Adults: Challenges Faced by BAGNC Alumni and “Chronic Disease Referrals for Older Adults: How Chronic Pain Compares to Other Common Conditions”
Sarah Szanton, PhD, CRNP: “New Frontiers in Technology Use to Monitor, Engage and Strengthen Older Adults” for a symposium of the same name and “Fiscal and Policy Implications for Improving Functional Ability in the U.S.: The CAPABLE Program” for the symposium Identification and Treatment of Community-Dwelling Frail Older People: An International Perspective