nursing schoolNational and local professional societies and healthcare organizations are tapping Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) faculty as leaders.

Pamela Jeffries, PhD, RN, associate dean for Academic Affairs at JHUSON, has been named President-Elect of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, effective January 1. Jeffries will become president of the association in 2014, just the second nurse to hold the position.

“[At JHUSON], we want to be the leaders in making this incredible technology ubiquitous within the medical industry, so this feels like a very natural step,” Jeffries says of her election.

“And I’ve got a whole year to simulate being the president of the Society,” she adds humorously. “So I’ll be ready.”

Jeffries is nationally known for her work in developing simulations and online teaching and learning and is sought out for her expertise in experiential learning, innovative teaching strategies, new pedagogies, and the delivery of content using technology in nursing education.

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare was established in January 2004 to represent educators and researchers who utilize simulation techniques for education, testing, and research in healthcare.

Other JHUSON faculty elected to lead outside organizations include:

Assistant professor Nancy Hodgson, PhD, RN, who will serve on the Board of Directors of Roland Park Place, a continuing care retirement community offering independent living, assisted living, and comprehensive nursing care.

Associate professor Joan Kub, PhD, MA, who is President-Elect of the Association of Community Nurse Educators, which promotes high-quality community/public health nursing through the integration of education, practice, research, and service.

Associate professor Julie Stanik-Hutt, PhD, ACNP, who is serving a second term as the Maryland State Representative for the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is the Legislative Committee Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Maryland.