nursing schoolA band of “misfits” from Acute and Chronic Care Suite 461 took First Place for 2013 in the School of Nursing’s annual holiday door decorating contest, an effort to spread holiday spirit and understanding of how the season is celebrated around the world. They found magic in sustainability, with a splash of generosity.

On December 2013, judges Kelly Bower and Mary Donnelly merrily wandered the decked halls, stopping to sample the trays of sweets and gobs of creativity on full display throughout the school.

The judges’ full report:

First Place

Greetings to all who enter--Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Eid from ACC! The “Land of Misfit Toys” found in the Acute and Chronic Care Suite 461 uses a sustainable approach to holiday decorating--reduce, reuse, and recycle. Multiple Christmas trees were created and decorated with recycled office supplies, reams of paper, nursing textbooks, and well-loved toys. The display celebrates a diversity of holiday traditions and even shows true holiday spirit by collecting donations for the Children’s Center.

Second Place

nursing schoolThere’s nothing sweeter here at JHUSON than the Community-Public Health Suite 430. Its “Candy Land Holiday” theme earns high scores for the decadent delights found throughout the suite, including home-made cookies, candy canes, and every kind of chocolate you could imagine. The staff even dressed in their holiday best, and adorned themselves with chocolate. If you need a sweet treat, definitely stop by. And, for those who are health conscious, they have some healthy options too.

Third Place

Nasreen Bahreman shares “12 Ways to Celebrate the Iranian Culture,” all displayed on one door! Learn about the food, art, customs, culture, and architecture of Iran while you visit her office, Room 125 in the Academic Affairs suite.

Honorable Mentions

  • After their 2013 first place award, the MARCOM team challenges our IT IQ by bringing QR technology to our “door”-steps. Individual QR codes create a truly scan-able Holiday Show, including directions to the North Pole and a Gangnam Style Christmas. Bring your smartphone to the first floor of the SON House and enjoy the show.
  • Mary Terhaar and the latest and greatest DNP Cohort origami bird door take flight (Room 118).
  • There’s no hiding Julie Stanik-Hutt’s love of Maryland women’s basketball. Her holiday wreath represents all her loves–basketball, nursing, and teaching (Room 421).
  • There’s also no hiding Sharon Kozachik’s love of rats. She even dresses them up in holiday garb–check out the pictures on her door in Room 445. If you didn’t think rats can be cute, you might change your mind.

Most United Department Décor Award

This newly created award goes to the Department of Acute and Chronic Care for the unique snowflakes that adorn the doors of all ACC faculty and staff.

Most Angelic Award

This newly created award goes to Debora Mace and Renee Diodonet for their “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” hand-painted door décor. Beautiful!

The “We Almost Missed It” Award

This year’s award for the holiday door decoration that was almost missed by the judges goes to Sarah Szanton. The miniature, hand-felted holiday acorns hanging from her door handle added a small but unique festive touch.

Best Proposed Idea Award

This award goes to the IT office in Room 330 to motivate them to enter the contest next year with their great ideas for adding an element of performance art to their holiday door decorations. You can do it! �

Special Mentions

Deb Finnell in Room 463 shares the story of St. Nicolas from the Netherlands and some sweet treats (in a Dutch clog on her holiday door).

Other participants who have helped to spread the Holiday Spirit:
Marissa Wilson, Room 460
Jodi Shaefer, Room 419
Laura Taylor, Room 415
Ellen Ray, Room 455
Joan Kub, Room 451
Phyllis Sharps, Room 432
Diana Baptiste, Room 443
Natrell Darden, Room 434
Nancy Glass, Room 435
Christine Savage, Room 433
Maggie Brewer, Room 333
Anne Belcher, Room 412
Sandy White, Room 213
The Business Office, Room 336-337A
Officer Mobley, Guard’s Desk
Jay’s Café, SON Deli
511 Building Staff, 511 Washington Street Annex

Holiday Symbol Decoding Contest Winner

Ruth Hurd put her knowledge to the test and won by correctly identifying all of the holiday symbols.

A Very Special Thanks to Our Funders

Anne Belcher (a generous multi-year supporter)
Ellen Ray (donated her handmade pottery)
Mary Donnelly
Kelly Bower
Department of ACC
And a big thanks to all who donated their spare change to the Holiday Door Contest Bucket located in the SON kitchens!

This Year’s Judges:

Kelly Bower
Department of Community & Public Health Nursing
Social Committee & Director of Community-Based Elves

Mary Donnelly
Department of Acute & Chronic Care
Social Committee Chair & Primary Care Provider to Elves & Reindeer