school of nursingA challenge from Dean Martha N. Hill asking faculty and staff to contribute to student scholarships has raised over $70,000 for financial aid at the Johns Hopkins University School Nursing.

Through a school-wide, month-long campaign aimed at creating additional funding for incoming students, Hill offered a dollar-for-dollar match to all faculty and staff donations.  She urged prospective donors to “rise to the challenge,” and explained that no gift was too small; it was more important to participate, giving whatever amount one could.    

“This is personal,” noted one faculty donor at a recent pizza party celebrating the successful outcome of Hill’s challenge. “It feels good, it’s the right thing to do, and for me it’s simply a personal principle to support the education of our extraordinary students.”  

“And it’s all about commitment,” added Professor Gayle Page, DNSc, RN, Director of the Center for Nursing Research and  Sponsored Projects and Independence Foundation Chair.   “We’ve been challenged to show our commitment extends beyond the classroom, goes further than our mentoring and guidance, and is more than just administrative support of future nurses.  It’s a commitment that reaches to our personal core.”   

The school-wide challenge to faculty and staff was led by co-chairs Fannie Gaston-Johansson, RN, PhD,  Professor and Elsie M. Lawler Chair, and Chris Boyle, Interim Director of Admissions, with support from Chanel Newsome, Development Officer.  In her thanks to the faculty and staff donors, Newsome also noted the personal aspect of the challenge and the satisfaction earned through giving, “It’s a privilege to know that my donation can help a promising student become a Hopkins Nurse.  It’s an investment that’s immeasurable.”  

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