nursing schoolTo celebrate Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine’s 10th birthday, we’ve assembled a decade’s worth of covers and asked readers to vote on which they liked best. It’s your turn.

Please take a minute or two to check out the whole batch on Page 34 of the new Issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine (nice cover, eh?) and then use the url or the QR code featured there to get to the virtual voting booth. Or view the covers online and vote at the same time. The idea is that we will use the most popular cover or covers in a special anniversary project. That part’s a surprise for now. (We can tell you that it will be fun.)

Go ahead, whether you're a student, alumnus, faculty or staff member, or just grabbed an issue from the newsstand because it was pretty: Take a look back with Johns Hopkins Nursing and then vote. We’ll let you know how it all turns out.