On the night of September 28, a red carpet will roll out along a “Boulevard of Stars” for Hopkins nurses, their families, friends, and fans.

The annual Evening with the Stars event, to be held in the Anne M. Pinkard Building and its courtyard at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, 525 N. Wolfe St. in Baltimore, shines the spotlight on nurses voted by their peers and supervisors for a starring role as Johns Hopkins’ best.

New this year to the event is the “Boulevard of Stars” where colleagues, former patients, friends, and families can buy a star and cast their favorite nurse, faculty member, mentor, or nursing student as a member of the Hopkins galaxy of stars.

An Evening With the Stars is also about giving non-nurses the chance to walk--not a mile, but perhaps the length of a hallway--in a nursing student’s shoes, through entertaining and informative displays and simulation lab exercises. And while they do, guests can gaze upon the names of caregivers, mentors, faculty, and students placed on the “boulevard.”

Honor a favorite nurse, faculty member, mentor, or nursing student with a star in one of three categories--Gold, Silver, and Black. A Gold Star is $500, Silver is $250, and Black is $125. With the purchase of two tickets to the event, the star prices fall to $400, $200, and $100, respectively. All names will be printed in the Evening With the Stars program if received by August 15. Stars can still be purchased after August 15.

To add your favorite nurse to the list of credits, contact Sandra White at swhite68@jhu.edu or 410-614-7961.

Meanwhile, there is still time to nominate a winner of the Cynthia and Peter Rosenwald Star Nurse of the Year Award, established by the Rosenwalds to recognize critical care nurses at The Johns Hopkins Hospital who go above and beyond the call of duty in providing compassionate and competent care. It brings a personal grant of $5,000 to be used however the winner sees fit. To nominate a nurse, visit nursing.jhu.edu/rosenwald-star. The deadline is August 2.