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12/01/1999 - Low-Income Black Women Need Information About Menopause
A Johns Hopkins study of more than 200 low-income African American women suggests that their low use rate of hormone replacement therapy after menopause is closely linked to their health care providers’ failure to bring up the subject.
10/05/1999 - Hopkins Professor Named 1999 Women's Health Hero
On October 5, Martha N. Hill, PhD, RN, professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, was named one of Reader’s Digest 1999 Women’s Health Heroes.
09/01/1999 - Nursing School Begins Graduate Program in Nursing Care and Health Systems
The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing announces the graduate-level Nursing Care and Health Systems Specialist program.
06/01/1999 - Stress and Surgery May Increase Development of Cancerous Tumors
Stress and surgery may increase the growth of cancerous tumors by suppressing natural killer cell activity, says a Johns Hopkins nurse researcher.
06/01/1999 - Risk Factors for Women Remain High One Year After Heart Surgery
Sue K. Donaldson, dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing for seven years, has announced she will step down at the end of the academic year to return to research and teaching.
03/12/1999 - Hopkins Study Shows High Prevalence of Domestic Violence
Researchers at JHUSON and other institutions report that nearly 4 in 10 female emergency room patients have been physically or emotionally abused sometime in their lives, and 14 percent have been physically or sexually abused in the past year.
03/12/1999 - School of Nursing Graduates First Doctoral Student
Karin Stutzmann Coyne is the first PhD graduate from The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing’s doctoral program.
02/25/1999 - Doctoral Student Wins Poster Competition
A doctoral student at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, was awarded first place among graduate posters by the Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS).
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