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  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    • Faculty Presentation with David N. Hager, MD, PhD Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Locations: SON Carpenter Room-Pinkard Bldg Details:

      "The Intermediate Care Unit: Stepping up for Stepdown Care"

      A central task in triage is the assignment of patients to appropriate levels of care based on both active and anticipated therapeutic and monitoring needs.  Though there are conditions that clearly require admission to an ICU, such as respiratory failure, septic shock, and hemodynamically significant bleeding, there is little guidance for the triage of “borderline” patients, whose needs surpass what is feasible on a general ward, but do not clearly require ICU care.  It has been suggested that such patients be admitted to an Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU). Though highly prevalent, the benefit of intermediate care in terms of improved patient outcomes and reduced cost is unknown.  Interpretation of the few published studies of intermediate care is limited by very sparse descriptions of how IMCUs are organized and staffed, and what services and monitoring are permitted. The optimization of this level of care is Dr. Hager’s primary independent research interest. 

      Lunch will be provided for this workshop

      Please RSVP at

    • Voices from the Field: Travel Nursing Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm Locations: SON 140-Alumni Auditorium-Pinkard Bldg Details:

      Global Nursing Interest Group presents Voices from the Field: Travel Nursing.

      Travel nurses make a great living traveling the USA and also serving diverse populations. What a better way to see the world than by working in your specialized field doing what you love.

      Panel discussion led by a facilitator. 3-4 Panelists.

    • Dive Medicine Presentation Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm Locations: SON 320-Pinkard Bldg Details: Dive Medicine Presentation Hosted by Men in Nursing –
      March 20, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m., Room 320

      Anyone interested in diving of any type (SCUBA, Surface supplied, or Rebreather) must have basic knowledge of diving related illness and injuries. In this presentation I will cover some of the more common illnesses such as decompression sickness, pulmonary over inflation syndromes (POIS)- Arterial gas embolisms, Pneumothorax, mediastinal/subcutaneous emphysema, and vertigo. I will also cover some of the gas laws that are directly related to diving such as Boyles law and Henrys law. Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of these illnesses/injuries can be lifesaving if recognized and treated promptly.
    • Advance Care Planning Workshop Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm Locations: SON 510-Boardroom-Pinkard Bldg Details:

      Advance Care Planning Workshop

      Hosted by Critical Care and Palliative Care Interest Groups

      Have you ever found yourself at a loss of words when talking about death? Do you know how to handle your patient's end of life wishes? Join us for our workshop series to start the conversation on advance directives and advance care planning.

      In critical care settings, one finds themselves with voices lost and conversations about end of life can become a guessing game. Learn more about how to put your feelings about death and end of life in writing and give guidance to your medical team when you’re not able. Learn how to be a more holistic care giver.

      This workshop will be a two-part series presented by Dr. Valerie Cotter, focusing on the importance of advance care planning in the critical care setting. Join us for one or both sessions. Dinner will be provided.

    • Free Yoga at Cooley Center Sponsored by UHS Wellness Time: 7:15pm - 8:15pm Locations: JHU East Baltimore Campus Details:

      UHS Wellness is sponsoring a free yoga class at the Cooley Center!  Our outdoor series is coming indoors for the winter at a new time. Join us on Wednesday evenings (7:15-8:15 pm) to flow through your week with certified yoga instructor and preventive medicine resident Margarita Ramos. You do not need to have a Cooley Center membership or buy class passes to participate. This class is free to all students and trainees! Mats are provided; no registration necessary.

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