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  • Thursday, February 6, 2020

    • How Many Subjects Do I Need for My Study? Conducting Statistical Power Analyses Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm Locations: SON 401-Pinkard Bldg Details:

      How Many Subjects do I Need for my Study?

      Conducting Statistical Power Analyses with Dr. Nancy Perrin

      Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020
      Time: 12 Noon – 1:30 PM
      Location: SON Pinkard Building, Room 401

      The Office for Science and Innovation (OSI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Nancy Perrin, Director of the Biostatistics and Methods Core in the OSI, will be leading a workshop focused on Conducting Statistical Power Analyses.

      Researchers conduct statistical power analyses to help them determine the appropriate sample size for a study.  They want to ensure the study has a sufficient sample size to detect a significant effect if one exists.  The larger the effect of the intervention the sampler the sample size needed.  But if the sample size is too small, the effect will not be significant.  If the anticipated effect size associated with the intervention is known then a power analysis is simple.  However, researcher often don’t know the effect size associated with the intervention (if they did, then why do they need to do the study!). We will talk about various approaches to conducting a robust power analyses when the effect size and other important factors are not known. The focus will be on determining and finding the relevant information to inform your power analyses and examining the various approaches to conducting power analyses to help researchers determine how many subject they need for their study.

      Dr. Perrin’s areas of expertise include longitudinal study design and analysis, clustered data, psychometrics, and handling messy data that comes along with doing research in real world settings. She is a methodologist and biostatistician with extensive experience in study design and analysis. She has been co-investigator on over 30 federally funded studies in healthcare, community, and international settings using both clinical trials and observational designs.

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