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Hopkins Nursing Events Share Discrimination Journal Club

Share Discrimination Journal Club

Thu. Oct 17, 2019 9:00am - 10:00am
525 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore MD

The objective of this journal club is to facilitate an open space for discussions regarding relationships between racial discrimination and health outcomes. Journal article topics will include experiences of racism across the lifespan for different racial and ethnic groups, and different levels of racism (e.g. interpersonal, institutional, structural). 

This meeting's article: Association of Race/Ethnicity With Emergency Department Destination of Emergency Medical Services Transport Hanchate et al. JAMA 2019 2(9)

Location: SON Room 510

Zoom link: HTTPS://JHUBLUEJAYS.ZOOM.US/J/472025581

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Email: for future meeting notices and PDFs of journal articles.