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Handling Confounding with Nancy Perrin


Handling Confounding with Nancy Perrin

Thu. Dec 6, 2018 12:00pm - 1:30pm
SON 401-Pinkard Bldg Johns Hopkins University
School of Nursing
525 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205
410-955-7548 View Map Link

The Office for Science and Innovation (OSI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Nancy Perrin, PhD, Director of the Biostatistics and Methods Core in the OSI, will be hosting a workshop focused on handling confounding.

Observational and quasi-experimental designs often run into the issue of confounding where a factor associated with the outcome and the treatment (or exposure) may influence the results. This talk will explore analytical approaches to handling confounding to strengthen conclusions about the relationship between the treatment and outcome. We will review propensity scores, instrumental variables and disease risk scores approaches to handling confounding. Matching, weighting, and covariate approaches to propensity scores and selection of instrumental variables will be discussed.

Dr. Perrin’s areas of expertise include longitudinal study design and analysis, clustered data, psychometrics, and handling messy data that comes along with doing research in real world settings. She is a methodologist and biostatistician with extensive experience in study design and analysis. She has been co-investigator on over 30 federally funded studies in healthcare, community, and international settings using both clinical trials and observational designs. 

Lunch will be provided for this workshop

Please RSVP to

Ethenia Whye 410-502-3685