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Dr. Cecília Tomori Speaks on Bedsharing, Breastfeeding, and Infant Sleep


Dr. Cecília Tomori Speaks on Bedsharing, Breastfeeding, and Infant Sleep

Wed. Nov 17, 2021 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Most of us are familiar with the “ABC’s of Infant Sleep: Alone, Back, Crib” and other safe sleep messaging that adamantly condemns cosleeping or bedsharing. In US healthcare, there is often little acceptance of and sometimes open hostility toward parents who bedshare. However, Dr. Tomori’s research offers a different perspective on infant sleep, its relationship to breastfeeding, and addresses the important questions: Why do so many parents fall asleep with their babies? What is the relationship between breastfeeding and sleep? Is bedsharing always as dangerous as we have been taught? What might global practices and policy approaches to breastfeeding and sleep offer the US?

Dr. Cecília Tomori is Associate Professor and Director of Global Public Health and Community Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing with a joint appointment at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an anthropologist and public health scholar whose work addresses the structural and sociocultural drivers that shape health inequities with a focus on maternal and child health as well as sexual and reproductive health. Dr. Tomori has collaborated with colleagues at Johns Hopkins and beyond on breastfeeding, infant sleep, and infectious disease prevention. She has authored three books on breastfeeding, sleep and reproduction, and numerous publications on a range of public health issues.

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